4th PSO2 Item Design Contest Winners!


The 4th Item Design Contest has come to an end. After narrowing down from almost 2,000 entries, the development team has finally made their pick. These items will be released as part of an AC Scratch lineup in the future. Until then, you can hover over each picture to view some minor details on the item.

Weapon Camos

First Place

Rhapsodian Wrath (by Brittany Brisbane)Twin Dagger / Dual Blade
Rhapsodian Wrath (by Brittany Brisbane)
Twin Dagger / Dual Blade


Second Place

Denial One (by Hound)
Bullet Bow / Assault Rifle / Katana


Third Place

Jumbo Twinder (by mittu02)Knuckle, Twin Mechs, Twin Dagger
Jumbo Twinder (by mittu02)
Knuckle, Twin Mechs, Twin Dagger


Selected Works


First Place

Type 3 Straitjacket NE (by LIKURU)Unisex Costume
Type-3 Straitjacket NE (by LIKURU)
Male and Female Costume


Second Place

Rakshasa Garment (by Puu)Female Costume
Rakshasa Garb (by Puu)
Female Costume


Third Place

Innocent Rose Dress (By Luna Maria)
Innocent Rose Dress (By Luna Maria)

Selected Works




First Place

Gothic Collar (By takamura)
Gothic Collar (By takamura)


Second Place

"Cast Eyes" (by きゃみ魂)
“Cast Eyes” (by きゃみ魂)


Third Place


Hexashield (By: NKなかざぁ)
Hexashield (By: NKなかざぁ)



Selected Works



First Place

Angel Wing Long (By フロスト)


Second Place

Cornrow (by Dell-D)


Third Place

Braided Short (by YUSA)
Braided Short (by YUSA)


Selected Works







37 thoughts to “4th PSO2 Item Design Contest Winners!”

  1. So no camos that RAs can use to cover both Launcher and Rifle? There was like 3 possibilities and not one of them gets in just shoot me.

    1. and as usual, no gunslash camos. I expected nothing else, it’s always got to be DB, Katana, or TMG camos that win, because they’re the ‘edgy cool’ weapons.

  2. M to the E to the H.
    anybody else win money off your pals, betting the stuff you liked wouldn’t get picked?

    but let’s step back in awe for a second: they didn’t pick a rappy suit for once.

  3. Holy crap. Outside of maybe three accessories (which’ll probably be FUN scratch), these are all awful. Far worse than even I expected.

    They should let us vote, instead of their dev team who clearly have poor taste. We’re the ones who are going to end up buying the stuff, anyway. If the dev team likes a design enough, they could put in something similar, of their own volition. It’s not like they refrain from copying other people’s stuff.

    1. Sadly, people use lots and lots of girl characters in PSO2 (and other mmos) the difference of prices between boys and girls clothes in User Market is so many huge

      i can buy easly some male clothes with some meseta, but buy a woman dress for exemple is so damn expensive

  4. The designs as usual are so soft, the cast looks like a generic gundam, and the designers for the cast eyes are so unintelligent that they couldn’t tell what was the eyes was for those heads. Once again no one tried making something edgy or badass or even cool but a 100% too soft is 100% too many.

  5. Now i remember why i should never check the comment section on bumped. Sure even i don’t like most of it, but it isn’t that bad. I guess “my taste>your taste” as usual, huh. “Sega please notice me and cater to my (filthy gaijin) taste”
    But, yeah, i wish they increase the amount of non-unisex male costume :/

    1. It’s not really “hey sega cater to me” but mostly rightful complaining because of how disappointing it is to see the many anti-badass or anti-cool crap that gets in. That’s all it is pal….

    2. Someones will inevitably gets their fragile feelings hurt when only a few costumes will be selected out of like hundred.
      And there was not a single ac scratch without a snowflake announcing how he won’t window shop deflated pink versions of current week’s scratch. You did it in 2013, you’re going to do it in 2029.

  6. I like a few designs, but the costumes placements lack diversity, even the selected works (though I think the Sadinian ARKS Suit is pretty unique.) I get not being able to touch every basis, but some of these aren’t really trying to be very different from the average. Feels like the contest would have been a good chance to rest and expand on that.

  7. Don’t know what’s up with most people here, but I think half of the stuff picked is pretty neat.
    Also a correction, the Gundam-looking one is Brave (ブレイブ), not Blaze (ブレイズ)

  8. What does “selected works” mean? Will those make it into the game?
    Also I share disappointment on “too much cutesy things in my space hero simulator” trend.
    But let’s not forget that majority of whales are people obsessed with cute and fashionable stuff, not “edgy kids’ things”.
    This is disappointing, but not surprising.

    1. Anything that makes it Top 3 AND anything under the “Selected Works” category gets put into the game. Example for camo, we’ll be getting 6 camos all together (Top 3 and 3 selected works) versus only just getting the top three.

  9. Meh. Some interesting (and/or amusing) ones but can’t say I’m terribly impressed by this lineup. Even more of a let-down as I distinctly remember there having been quite a few rather more engaging designs submitted.

  10. I actually like the half-braided hairstyle (if it’s gradient I’ll like it even better) and the dual blade weapon camo but other than that I agree with most of the sentiments. That suit that everyone keeps linking should have made it. Who knows here’s hoping that they will release some of what didn’t get chosen in the future.

  11. Ok, if anyone might disagree on me or would just say it’s a Japanese server and we are outisders well, just my opinion, anyway my thoughts, I think we already have too much variation of loli, revealed skin, slutty nun, Harry Potter inspired and more weird ass costume but less Sci Fi or Mecha suits, after all this is PSO2 suppose to be Sci Fi so we need more Mecha or High-Tech suit

  12. I dig almost everything here, except an accessory or two… Better save some meseta and AC for the upcoming scratches, I’m hype.

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