Border Break Air Burst and Sega Heroine Collection

Sakai updated with a brief blurb about PSU Japan's newest update, Border Break Air Burst. The last time we saw Border Break was when PSP2i characters and weapons showed up in their game. This time the collaboration has extended to PSU with much higher quality models.

SW – Teardowner (Sword)


LZ-Vespine (Rifle)


Plasma Cannon Neo (Laser)


Cougar Type


Sega Heroine Collection

Hobbystock is selling their Sega Heroine Collection Trading Strap, featuring popular female characters in Sega's history.

  • Honey from Fighting Vipers
  • Shinguji Sakura from Sakura Wars
  • Rin Shaomei from Shining Blade
  • Nagisa from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity
  • Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles
  • Ulala from Space Channel 5
  • Fei-Yin the Knight from Virtua-On
  • Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog
  • RaCaseal Elenor from Phantasy Star Online

Each piece costs 450 yen, but the whole box set is 4,500 Yen. The release date appears to be around  May.

 Infinity's 1 year anniversary!

Today 2/24/ marks Infinity's one year anniversary, but also PSP2 Japan Internet Multimode service has now ended.


For PSO2's voice actors we have to make a correction. The meaning behind this phrase "入れ替わる" is actually "changed places" instead of  "replaced", or in the sense, they replaced each other's positions.

Basically a voice actor who may have done a minor role in the past Phantasy Star games could do a prominent role in PSO2. Or, a voice actor who played on the antagonist side could play the protagonist and vice versa. It doesn't rule out new voice actors from appearing, but if you're expecting Rie Tanaka to return, she could possibly have one line this time or something.

Phantasy Star Online 2 @ Dengeki Game Festival

PSO2 will be playable at this year's Dengeki Game Festival which starts March 18, 2012. It looks like they'll use an Alienware Desktop machine. I wonder why..

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