Casino Voloyal: Fever Mode



Casino Voloyal is where its at! The Vol Brothers struck it rich and created their very own casino. Each day you get 1 silver coin, this equals to 100 bronze coins. You can play the slots or the large roulette wheel in the center. The slot machines have a special mode called Fever Mode! While you are in this mode you'll pretty much win every time you play. The main goal is to get the GappoGappo Jackpot. Its the amount that scrolls on the top of the screen in the green bar.


To get into fever mode takes some serious luck. Some days I get it in about 50 bronze coins, other days I never get any. Its just the luck of the draw. I have noticed a few things so far, but we may never know if its true or not. I found that if someone gets Fever Mode on I switch my slot machine to theirs, I'm more likely to get x3 bells. I usually get Fever Mode when I play on a slot machine that no one else is playing.   Everyone has their own strategy for the Casino, but here's how to play it safe. We'll update the list when we find a pattern we can stick by. Remember!! None of these tips happen 100% of the time.

  1. On your first silver coin spend up to 50 bronze. Save the rest.
  2. The Roulette picks numbers from low then mid then high
  3. Some days the Roulette will pick more Black than Red
  4. Bet on two out of the three Middle Squares
  5. Put one coin on about 10 numbered squares. You'll gain 36x bronze for one square.
  6. In Fever Mode, bet on 3 rows around the 4th roll.

If you have your own tips, you can add it to the list, until we get some brilliant mathematician to get some hardcore statistics.

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