PSO2 Station #6 Recap

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April 1st Tidbits

~ Ichitaro and Kimura have a new look! ~

Battle Arena Skills

  • Protection: Reduces Damage & Invalidates Status Effects. Can be used two times
  • Stun Shot: Can be used 3 times.
  • PP Unlimited: Greatly Reduces PP consumption for 20 seconds.
  • Sprint: Increases movement speed for 5 sec. Can be used 3 times.
  • Cure: Completely recovers HP. Can be used 3 times.

Battle Arena Weapons

  • Gran Wave's invincibility frames will be shorter than normal.'
  • No deband for Gran Wave.
  • No shifta for Strike Gust.

Grind Cap + 1

  • Battle Rank has no effect on the chances for a [Grind Cap +1].

Rappy Suit Mini

  • Costs 100,000 Battle Coins!

Phantom Emblem

  • You get just 1 Phantom Emblem for clearing Chapter 8.
  • Enga's Weapon Camo supports Assault Rifles and TMGs.

Coordination Catalog

  • Originally called the  "Fashion Catalog," but they changed the name.
  • This catalog covers only your ship.

Scratch Content

  • Laia and Lumia's voices will indeed be coming in the PSU Scratch.
  • They plan to revive previously released SG Scratches in the future.

Mining Base VR

  • They plan to release the Mining Base VR Trigger late April.

Deus Esca Emergency Quest

  • Limited to 1 clear per ship.
  • Enemies in the quest are considered Phantom-types.
  • Angels are weak to Dark only. Deus Esca is weak to Dark and Light.

Phaleg Battle

  • This is basically Episode 4's Gaiden.
  • They believe 5% of players will finish the battle.
  • No easy mode, no half dolls/scape dolls.
  • Features the "damage cap," explained in the adjustments section.

Zeinesis Weapon  (3 Potentials)

  1. Ability Affixing Success +10%
  2. HP recovery for party members and increases the party's power.
  3. Doubles the effect of Special Abilities (ATK / DEF )

Potential 3 requires special items dropped by Deus Esca

Qliphad Series (Zeinesis Upgrade)

  • You'll need a [Zeinesis Weapon] + [Qliphad Fuse] materials to upgrade the weapon.
  • As for the weapons, the upgrade is mainly intended for looks.

14 Star Weapon

  • Takt: Waving the Takt during Alter Ego, releases a megid-like projectile. Automatically assists Pet Sympathy.
  • Wand: Increases normal attack and step attack speed. Unleashes a slash attack on the 3rd normal attack.
  • Double Saber: Changes the color of the whirlwind and extends its duration.
  • These may also drop in Defense-style Emergency Quests


  • They're aware of the Chaining Marron issue so they plan to make revisions along with other adjustments when Episode 5 hits.
  • Deus Esca is going to set a cap on the maximum amount of damage an attack can deal. (This means there's a cap towards how much damage you can deal to it through a single attack.)
  • The max damage cap mentioned above will be set to 999,999.

Other Stuff

  • They're aware that all the Operator names end with [A].

More to come…


~ ARKS Baseball ~
~ Coming April 31st ~

※You know April 31st doesn't exist right!? Happy April Fools!





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PSO2 Station #5 Recap

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March 4th Tidbits

New Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase 声優界最強サクラエンド in chat to receive Mitsuhiro Ichiki's voice tickets.

Solo Profound Darkness

  • Initially, 45% of players have tried it. 29% have cleared it with 4% S-Ranked.
  • Currently, 45% of players have cleared it. 17% have S-Ranked it.
  • Clear Distribution
    • 1st Place: Bravers
    • 2nd Place: Summoners (That Maron…)
    • 3rd Place: Bouncer
    • Last Place: Techers

TMG Stance Up Ring (Lv. 20)

  • Applies +30% to Ranged and +10% to Striking

Lv 80 Cap (Updated)

  •  You'll receive 5 Class Cubes for capping lv. 80 (More Details)
  • The subclass EXP gaining cap is still set for Level 55.

Shine Units (Battle Coin Exchange Shop)

  • Red focuses on Attack Stats
  • Blue focuses on PP/HP

Battle Arena

  • Blacklisted players won't be matched up, however, this will no longer apply once "Legend" rank is attained.

Arkuma Slots

  • From Stage 1 through Stage 5, you will no longer encounter Falz Arms. It will also be a bit easier to achieve [Completion] earlier on. This is in reference to the bottom panel lighting up.

Atomizer Lovers

  • Atomizer Lovers won't apply to Shiftaride, etc.

Acquiring Doom Break (Special Ability)

  • You'll be able to get them from the Aura weapon revival.

P Weak Bullet

  • Applies weak bullet to the locked-on location.

Party Boost

  • The Party Boost will now apply a +40% Triboost with 4 players in the party.

New Collaboration

  • PSO2 will be collaborating with [Fortune Tellers Academy].
  • The rewards involve Star Gems in PSO2 and Amethysts in Fortune Tellers.

Mining Base Defense: VR

  • Mitsuhiro Ichiki will be in charge of the announcements for a limited time.

Weapon Upgrades (Ex: Ray to Union)

  • Yes, they're thinking about doing more of these in the future.

Battle Arena Changes

  • One Point was determined to be too strong, so they're making some adjustments like upping its PP consumption.

EQ Quitting Penalty Changes

  • There's been a slight change to the EQ Quitting Penalty. The conditions previously mentioned for hitting this penalty will stay the same, but the contents of the penalty itself has changed as of today's broadcast.
  • The server will instead record each instance of players hitting the penalty. Players who get hit with the penalty a certain number of times over a certain period, will see their accounts banned.
  • The penalty will target [Defense] and [Raid Boss] style EQs.
  • The penalty will not apply to people who were kicked by the Party Leader.

PSO2es Visual & Chip Collection

  • A new book containing illustrations and developer interviews from PSO2es.
  • Item Codes include: Bruno, Gene, and Annette's voice tickets.
  • It will go on sale April 3rd for 2750 Yen

More to come..






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PSO2 Station #4 Recap

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Before we start, please be sure to check the New Year Carnival post to see which quests qualify for the event.



February 4th Tidbits

Solo Profound Darkness

  • Has a time limit of 20 minutes.
  • Can be S-Ranked in 12 minutes
  • Has the same drops as the regular version, but the Solo version has Union Boosters.
  • Costs 50 Weapons Badges if you plan on obtaining the Trigger version.
  • Gives you 1 Union Booster for clearing it, and another one for S-Ranking.
  • You'll get 4 through a Title when clearing it for the first time.

Neo-Japanese Weapons

  • The second potential's stats are [Power +20% / Taken Damage -40%] within the Solo Profound Darkness EQ.

4 Person Limited Quest

  • You can receive a Title for S-Ranking it while Solo.
  • Has another Title when S-Ranking it with 4 people.
  • Has great EXP for those leveling up from SH and below.

Revolucio Collection: Longterm Revival

  • Revolucio Collection will be reviving late March. Basically this will be implemented as a relief measure for people who have a hard time getting 13 star weapons. 

SORO (White Day Event)

  • Make sure to clear ALL of Rina's Valentines Client Orders.

Class Level 80

  • Gunslashes are not included in the conditions for unlocking Level 80.
  • Your Support Partners can also reach level 80 for the class that you've unlocked.

Overlimit Item (Under Consideration/Planning Stages)

  • They were thinking about an item that can force a +1 Overlimit. It would be reaaallyy hard to obtain but you might be able to sell it through My Shop.


  • There are about 22 patterns of footstep sound effects for Cast Leg Parts.

Costume Conversions

  • They'd like to make some old costumes into Layered-wear. This won't be done for all costumes though.

Names of the Neo-Japanese Weapons

  • 雪華椿 Sekka Tsubaki
  • 雪凪 Yukinagi
  • 氷柱華 Tsuraraka
  • 凍迅 Toujin
  • 双霜華 Sousouka
  • 華天狼 Katenrou
  • 想雪夜 Omoi Yukiyo
  • 針忍冬 Shin Suikazura
  • 寒覇 Kanpa
  • 斬霜 Kirishimo
  • 幽揮風 Yuki Kaze
  • 凍時雨 Ite Shigure
  • 風花 Kaze Hana
  • 斬雪 Zansetsu
  • 氷天華 Hyoutenka
  • 咲雪崩 Saki Nadare
  • 虚細氷 Kosaihyou
  • 砥氷雨 Tohisame

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