PSO2 Station #5 Recap

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March 4th Tidbits

New Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase 声優界最強サクラエンド in chat to receive Mitsuhiro Ichiki's voice tickets.

Solo Profound Darkness

  • Initially, 45% of players have tried it. 29% have cleared it with 4% S-Ranked.
  • Currently, 45% of players have cleared it. 17% have S-Ranked it.
  • Clear Distribution
    • 1st Place: Bravers
    • 2nd Place: Summoners (That Maron…)
    • 3rd Place: Bouncer
    • Last Place: Techers

TMG Stance Up Ring (Lv. 20)

  • Applies +30% to Ranged and +10% to Striking

Lv 80 Cap (Updated)

  •  You'll receive 5 Class Cubes for capping lv. 80 (More Details)
  • The subclass EXP gaining cap is still set for Level 55.

Shine Units (Battle Coin Exchange Shop)

  • Red focuses on Attack Stats
  • Blue focuses on PP/HP

Battle Arena

  • Blacklisted players won't be matched up, however, this will no longer apply once "Legend" rank is attained.

Arkuma Slots

  • From Stage 1 through Stage 5, you will no longer encounter Falz Arms. It will also be a bit easier to achieve [Completion] earlier on. This is in reference to the bottom panel lighting up.

Atomizer Lovers

  • Atomizer Lovers won't apply to Shiftaride, etc.

Acquiring Doom Break (Special Ability)

  • You'll be able to get them from the Aura weapon revival.

P Weak Bullet

  • Applies weak bullet to the locked-on location.

Party Boost

  • The Party Boost will now apply a +40% Triboost with 4 players in the party.

New Collaboration

  • PSO2 will be collaborating with [Fortune Tellers Academy].
  • The rewards involve Star Gems in PSO2 and Amethysts in Fortune Tellers.

Mining Base Defense: VR

  • Mitsuhiro Ichiki will be in charge of the announcements for a limited time.

Weapon Upgrades (Ex: Ray to Union)

  • Yes, they're thinking about doing more of these in the future.

Battle Arena Changes

  • One Point was determined to be too strong, so they're making some adjustments like upping its PP consumption.

EQ Quitting Penalty Changes

  • There's been a slight change to the EQ Quitting Penalty. The conditions previously mentioned for hitting this penalty will stay the same, but the contents of the penalty itself has changed as of today's broadcast.
  • The server will instead record each instance of players hitting the penalty. Players who get hit with the penalty a certain number of times over a certain period, will see their accounts banned.
  • The penalty will target [Defense] and [Raid Boss] style EQs.
  • The penalty will not apply to people who were kicked by the Party Leader.

PSO2es Visual & Chip Collection

  • A new book containing illustrations and developer interviews from PSO2es.
  • Item Codes include: Bruno, Gene, and Annette's voice tickets.
  • It will go on sale April 3rd for 2750 Yen

More to come..






Post Livestream Update

  • Added PSO2es Update
  • Text Cleanup
  • Fixed text to say R/HP Restorate
  • Expanded more on the Party Boost Buff.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Where's The Chocolate (Appearing After the Dance Festival)
  • Feb 18 @ 22:30 (+214% Rare Drop and EXP Boost)


NieR: Automata Collaboration (Coming March 10th)

  • 2B, 9S, & A2's Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
  • Weapon Camos, Lobby Actions, Music Discs, and a Poster
  • Pod Mag Evolution Device too!



Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase ニーア発売おめでとう in chat to claim the following:

  • Emil Head
  • Free Salon Pass

You have until March 1st's Maintenance to complete this action.


Early March Update

  • Franca's Spring Cafe (~6/7)
  • Spring 2017 Bingo (~5/10)
  • Added Pasta and Three Color Dangos to the table.



Early March Update

  • Faster Slot Machine spins for Rappy Slots.
  • Added Rainbow colored balls to Mesetan Shooter.
  • Arkuma Slots is now easier to play.
  • Li~Li~Roulette gets 2 [Triple Chance] spaces and 1 [CRASH] space.


Early March Update

  • Register up to 50 Shortcut words.
    • You can switch pages with chat commands.
  • Buffed the Party Boost so that it applies a Triboost +%
  • Level Up Quests will also have Weapons Badge 2017 as rewards.
  • Added an option to auto-magnify radar map for Emergency Trials
  • Level Up Quest difficulty adjusts even when there's a few players.


Early March Update

  • NT Weapon Grind Caps are now added up.
    • For example [+32 Ray Sword] + [+32 Ray Sword] = +35
  • ★10 ~ 12 weapons and ★10 ~ 11 units will no longer need a My Shop Purchase Pass.
  • Added an option to automatically acquire ★13 or higher weapons.
  • Added a preview window to Collection Sheets.
  • You can trade in Weapons Badge 2017 at the Badge Exchange Shop.
  • AC Quick Charge feature makes it easy to top-up AC.


Early March Update: PA Customizations

  • Rodeo Drive Type Zero:
    • Hold the PA button to continuously advance while consuming PP.
  • Sakura Endo Type Zero:
    • You can now quickly activate it in the air.
  • Ein Raketen Type Zero
    • You can use it to create a stationary or projectile slash attack.
  • Sacred Skewer Type Zero:
    • Now a chargeable attack that throws the spear linearly.
  • Gi Grants Type Zero:
    • Light blades spin while charging.
    • After it charges, a giant sword of light mows down the enemies.
  • Raging Waltz Type Zero:
    • You can now freely attack towards any direction you choose.
  • Na Barta Type Zero:
    • Generates an ice shield to defend against enemy attacks.
    • It can also deal a counter attack.
  • You can reset Customized PAs by trading in 4 EXcubes.
  • Revolucio Collection 2 will last until March 2nd, 2018!


Early March Update

  • New Rappy Fever Bonus Quest
  • Can be accessed by obtaining [Bonus Key Rappy F] from Featured Quests.
  • Obtain Gathering materials and weapons attached with Empe Embrace.



Early March Update

  • Dragon Altar and Kuron Gathering Spots
  • You can now unlock the [Gathering Level 25] cap.
  • R / HP Restorate
    • Gradually recovers HP when it's below a certain value.
  • R / Flame Tech S Charge
    • Reduces charging times for Fire Technics
  • L / Atomizer Lovers
    • Speeds up consumption of Atomizer type items.
    • Increases the amount recovered.
  • L / Point Weak Bullet
    • Weak Bullet will hit the target even if the location is obstructed by something.
  • L / Katana Combat Count Up
    • Increases the hit count for Katana Combat.


Early March Update

  • AC Scratch: Automata Replica (Nice Reference)
  • Fundoshi and Dark Coat layered wear.
  • Brick Walls and Open Air Baths
  • Shampoo Style from PSNOVA will be a Scratch Bonus.


Early March Update

  • Battle Arena Lobby will be coming to the Shared Ships.
  • Play [Ranked] Matches for rewards.
  • Play [Password] Matches for casual gameplay with friends.
  • 3 Stages will be selected at random: Forest, Tokyo, and Volcano.
  • Forest: A basic field with a somewhat level terrain.
  • Volcano: A tricky field where your movement becomes limited when the magma rises. Magma = Instant death.
  • Tokyo: A technical field where the terrain has great variations in height.



Early March Update

  • 12 players are randomly separated into 2 teams of 6 people.
  • At the gathering spots, you can randomly acquire a Sword, Assault Rifle, or Rod.
  • Stronger weapons will become available when an [UPDATE] occurs.
  • Earn points by acquiring emblems or defeating enemy players.
  • [Emblem Fevers] will spawn large amounts of rainbow emblems to collect.
  • Once defeated, you'll return to the starting position, and will have to mine for a weapon again.
  • You will only be able to chat with your allies during the match.



Early March Update

  • You will earn [Battle Coins] which can be traded in at a shop.
  • With battle coins you can get items like [Rappy Makeup] and [Arena Boosters].
  • You can use Arena Boosters to unlock potentials on specific weapons.
  • Initially, Arena Boosters will support [Aura] and [Revolucio] weapons.
  • Limited Battle Coin Exchange Shop Listing (until ~9/20/2017)
    • [Battle] Series Weapon Camos
    • [Rapid] Costume Series
    • [Shine] ★12 Unit Series
    • Lobby Action: Winner Dance


Early March Update

  • Regardless of whether you win or lose, you'll receive the opportunity to play the Battle Scratch.
  • You can scratch an additional slot by paying Star Gems.
  • Battle Arena Scratch Contents (Partial List)
    • Battle Coin +%: Boosts Battle Coins earned for the next Battle.
    • Grind Cap+1: Increases the Grind Cap by 1 for NT Weapons.
  • Other rewards include [Girad] Weapon Camo series.


Late March Update

  • Sakura Lobby (~4/5)
  • Sakura Nyau (~4/5)
  • Spring 2017 Bingo Reverse (~5/10)
  • Gene and Bruno from PSO2es will appear! (~6/7)
  • Clear their client orders to receive their partner cards.
  • They'll also appear in Emergency Trials.


Late March Update:

  • Koffie will have client orders set up for each individual class.
  • You'll need to obtain 2 Titles for that particular class to clear its CO.

Title Condition 1

  • Clear your Class Trainer's Skill Point Client Orders [I ~ IV].

Title Condition 2 (Excluding Summoner)

  • Grind a ★13 NT weapon category natively equipped by your class.
  • This ★13 NT weapon must have a grind value of [+35]

Title Condition 2 (Summoner Only)

  • Level up a ★13 Pet to Lv. 120


Late March Update

  • Players who were first to cancel the quest will be penalized only if the max amount of players have joined a specific EQ. In other words, for certain EQs, penalized players will not be able to participate in that quest again.
  • Orbit Collection will be revived until (~5/24)
  • Aura Collection will be revived until (~5/24/2018)
  • Weapon Design General Election winners will be released as Camos.
  • Zieg will have the [Clarissa III] in his exchange shop.



Late March Update

  • Galaxy Star Heroine (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Gene's initial outfit.
  • Bruno's Costume will appear too
  • Contains American Casual and Varsity Jacket layered wear.
  • Scratch Bonuses include:
    • Gene and Annette posters
    • Evo Device / More
    • Lobby Action: Upright Scooter


Late March Update: Mining Base Defense Training: VR 

  • The popular [Necky's Challenge] EQ will be updated into a new EQ
  • ESCA enemies, including the new "ESmoth" will be added into this quest.


PSO2es Update

  • New Story Quest Chapter 9
  • Gene's secret has been finally revealed!
  • What will be the outcome of the final battle with Lord?


PSO2es Update

  • The final stage of the Bonus Scratch has changed from STAGE 5 to STAGE 9. The amount of points consumed for STAGE 6 onward will gradually increase.
  • The chip cap will increase to 700.
  • Your Weapon:Chip Palettes will increase from 3 to 6.
  • You can now register your favorite items from the Chip or Item details screen.
  • Chip Library and Weaponoid Presents will now be sent to your Reception Box.
  • Removed the pausing that occurs when using Active Chips
  •  [Rare Chip Rate UP] has changed to [Rare Drop Rate Up], which will therefore target the Arion weapon series in addition to rare chips. \
  • UI and System Improvements


PSO2es Update

  • Guld Milla Chip (3/8~)
  • Luther [White Day] (3/8 ~ 3/15)
  • RINA & Aika [Premium] (3/8~)


PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Rig Gavel
    • Cardesta
    • Fradoll
    • Windmill
  • Il Grants Chip


PSO2es Update

  • EQ Ranking Event: Banther Ong & Org Keratos (Early March)
  • More Arion weapons
  • Queen Viera [High Ranking Reward]



~ Phantom God: DEUS ESCA ~
~ Coming Late April ~

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