Dengeki Playstation gets the scoop on Phantasy Star Portable 2

Shougai PSO updated information that was released by Dengeki Playstation. We're still under the confusion of bullet attributes, but at least this time we have a magazine source confirming elemental photon art bullets are gone!

  • Story Mode
    • Story is advanced through chapters, it will also contain a side story.
    • Like PSP1, ALL your characters will share an illustrative database record:
      monsters defeated, weapons, and clothing.
  • Multi mode
    • Internet Multi Mode is free!
    • Before a party is initiated:
      1) You will choose a room from a list of rooms.
      2) You can write a recruitment message for others to see
      3) Players can enter your room and join your party.
      4) However, they can not join your party if you are in a mission!
  • Ranged Weapon Details
    • Elemental PA bullets are no more!
    • A ranged weapon will drop with an element attached to it.
    • The attack power of the gun is affected by the elemental attribute percentage:
      For example
      Gun ATP of 500 (x) 50% elemental (=) ATP of 750 .
      Gun ATP of 100 (x) 50% elemental (=) ATP of 150.
    • A bullet was added that can increase the percentage of the element.
      (*note: It will not change the element attached to the gun.)
      (side note: may be possible this bullet is of "power" type)
    • Based on the type of gun you have, the charge shot's range and power will change. (see: charge shot animations)
    • "Accuracy" can alter the amount of damage given from the gun. 
  • Combat (Chain System) 
    • When you perform normal attacks, the number of attacks is tallied up.
      The higher the number, the higher the amount of damage your photon arts will do.
    • You can even perform chain combos as a solo player.
  • Combat (Just Guard and Guarding and Urgent Evasion)
    • Stated in a previous post, Just Guard can only be done through shields.
    • You can still guard with two handed weapons, except it will only reduce the damage recieved.
    • Guarding can cancel your attack animation. The time it takes to cancel will differ with Photon Arts.
    • While you are using Urgent Evasion (rolling) you will be invincible for a certain amount of time.
    • Once you complete the animation, you will not be able to move for a certain amount of time.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The amount of classes you can choose from is reduced.
      Sakai says the reason for this is for "player enjoyment."
    • Some data will be stored on the Memory Stick Duo for cache access.

[via shougai pso and mike]

Blog Updates 09/09/09

  • Rappy Kid made a poll asking if he's needed at the blog.
    991 Voters say he is needed
    64 Voters say they don't want him there.
    341 Voters say they don't know who the Rappy Kid is.
  • Rappy kid makes a comment about the collaboration.
  • He says we of course expect to see a collaboration with an in house SEGA character…
  • So he asks what  if there was a collaboration that is not from SEGA.
  • Something to be seen at Tokyo Game Show…

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