Celebrate Christmas with Your Enemies in the Final Update of 2020!

December 23rd, 2020 Update


Mission: Cataclysm

Enjoy a nice, relaxing new Challenge Quest that's fun for everyone regardless of skill level! Choose a loadout of equipment and skills from the Class Set Terminal. For the first time, Successor Class abilities will be available. Rather than decrease over time, VR Energy will instead only deplete upon player incapacitation.


Obtain the Fluxio weapon series via a Title Reward! Change the weapon category all you want with no materials required at Zieg's Shop.


The Challenge Shop lineup will now include [Grind Cap +1] and [Ultimate Booster] items.


Christmas NPCs

Share the spirit of Christmas with former antagonists Elmir, Shiva, and Mother! They'll appear in the lobby for a limited time in unique holiday attire, offering a series of client orders that reward players with their partner cards and signature weapon camos.



Merry Christmas on Ice 2020

Brave the snow and mow down some foes in Merry Christmas on Ice! The 2020 edition of the annual holiday Emergency Quest has been converted into a boss rush. Xiera will provide support during the quest, with Photon Punisher installations and holiday variants of NPCs popping up along the way.

Put on your most festive Christmas outfit for a [Costume Bonus] PSE Boost!


New items are available among the quest's drops, including the [*Ares Krieger] camo, [Vucan S] Egg, and ★15 [Halo] Talis!


Special Collection

You're guaranteed to get the [Halo] Talis when you pick it up from the Special Collection file!


Christmas 2020 Bingo

The Christmas 2020 Bingo will tie into tasks related to the Emergency Quest. Complete the Bingo to receive the [*Carol Howaisha] camo and the [Luminmech Emer Fragment].


Tenderly Electro Voice (AC Scratch)

Vocaloid Kizuna Akari takes center stage in a new collaboration scratch! Yuzuki Yukari's cosmetics will make a reappearance.



January 1st Update

Drag Rappy

Drag Rappies have risen from the ashes of the defunct SEA version of PSO2 to celebrate New Years in the JP version! They may drop the [*Akikaze Ichiyo] weapon camo.


Year of the Ox (AC Scratch)

PSO2 is starting off a new year of scratches with a collection of popular past items! A "Pounding Mochi" lobby action will be available as a scratch bonus reward.


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