What's New In PSO2: New Genesis Character Creator

New Genesis expands upon PSO2's character creation by giving players even more customization than before. Today we'll take a look at the new features implemented in NGS.


Face Types

You can select either the NGS or older PSO2 face models for your character.


Eye Adjustments

New Genesis allows even further eye customization by implementing sliders that change the outer corner of the eyes and the height of the eyelids. With this you can create Phaleg's signature closed eyes appearance without having to rely on getting it through AC Scratch.

The left and right eyelid sliders can be changed separately so that you can acquire a permanent winking expression. In addition, you have the option of adjusting the pupils up and down, recreating that popular… uh… expression.


Eyebrows and Eyelashes

You can now change your eyebrows to any color and adjust the distance between them.


Eyelashes have finally gained color customization. Hopefully this means Sega no longer has to spam the AC Scratch with different color variations.



New Genesis will introduce new hairstyles, and some of them will allow you to change the length of the bangs.




A new slider was introduced that lets you change the distance between the nose and the mouth. Inside the mouth, you can select the teeth and tongue style, and position the tongue to have it sticking out. The corners of the lips have their own sliders which can be adjusted individually or simultaneously.



With NGS, you can change the size of your pupils and adjust their sight line.


Ears and Horns

You are now able to choose the style of your ears and horns regardless of race and gender. Ear selection ranges from Humans, Newmans, and Cast . You can even select the single or double horns Dewmans are known for.


With such freedom, you could create a Caseal with Newman ears and Dewman horns.


Neck Angle

Adjusting the angle of the neck will allow your character to look downwards or upwards.



Makeup Pattern

A new slider will let you adjust the strength of the makeup pattern.


Body Adjustments

The shoulder volume slider can morph between big beefy shoulders to slim skinny arms. Shoulder height can also be adjusted to give your character a shrugging appearance. Forearm volume adjustments can be made if you want those bulging Popeye muscles. Additionally, you can edit the thickness and overall shape of your hands.


New sliders were added to adjust the size of the thighs, calves, and feet.


Even men can edit the size of their breasts.


Body Types

PSO2: New Genesis will do away with the gender concept of having a "male" or "female" character. Instead, your character can select a body type that could have a masculine or feminine physique. There's Human Type 1, Human Type 2, Cast Type 1, and Cast Type 2.


For example, here is a Cast Type 2 body type using a human face.



PSO2: NGS has [Basewear / Setwear], [Outerwear], and [Innerwear]. Each outfit option has color adjustment settings.




The accessory limit is now cost based, where you can put up to 18 "points" of accessories. Accessories typically cost between 2~4 points.


Animation Selection

You can select the animation or poses used for standing, walking, running, jumping, photon dashing, photon gliding, and swimming,


16 thoughts to “What's New In PSO2: New Genesis Character Creator”

  1. erm so…..

    what about the old character in pso2 ?

    from the look of it , we have to make a new character via NGS to enjoy this feature?

    1. Maybe he means about new feature ?. Like moving finger, costumize hairstyle and other. CMIIW, item all in pso can not do what NGS item do (?).

    2. Thanks for the response.

      What I mean is , can I just use my pso2 character and use the feature in NGS ? Since my pso2 character is Deuman race and I don't see any race option in NGS . By any chance we will have to remake one , or like exporting my old character to adapt into new NGS system and become 'no-race' ? Accessory wise though

    3. Cuz , my hair style , layer , accessories , etc , is basically only stick to one of my character ( not unlocking to all ) , that's why I'm having this question.

    4. Just going to put it out there. You can enter the creator again and edit your appearance. That is probably what you are going to do and you will still keep your stuff. They will probably give everyone free salon passes so you can edit freely and "upgrade" your character to the latest graphics.

  2. I really hope they will let us use the saved character data customization from the old pso2 on NGS. There's still no NGS video that shows deuman being available as 4th race in NGS. Though they have mentioned that it will be available. Hope it will be on its release. Well, cross fingers.. 😀

    1. You can see from this post that you can use Deuman horns and yes, you can also use your old PSO2 character for NGS. All of this has been covered multiple times over the last six months.

    2. The NPC they used to show the Client order System now called Tasks is literally a Deuman. Also there is a section in this very post that shows Deuman horns.

  3. Thus hast best meanst thine beaut males can be worn all thine existant female clothest non restrictant
    And same for girls too i guess… (can already see all thems ladies wearin those topless swimwear all over… urk…)

  4. im having an issue with changing my layerwear – setwear coloring. it wont let change my characters colors and not let me add any accessories, as well color them too. i even have 2 salon passes and I still cant do anything I want . any ideas ???

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