Character File: Itsuki

PSO2 Itsuki Close-up

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Male
Class hunter_iconbraver_icon
Age 16
JP Name イツキ
EN Name Itsuki
Voice Actor Shouta Aoi
Location Shop Area

Itsuki is the character created by Itsuki Tachibana, a sophomore at Seiga Academy and the main protagonist of PSO2 The Animation. The character looks nearly identical to Itsuki himself, despite having only hit randomize in character creation.

※Itsuki was introduced to PSO2 as a temporary NPC in an update on April 20th, 2016.

Unlocking His Partner Card

  • Itsuki: Clear his 「お返し、どうしよう?」 client order.
  • Itsuki: Accept his 「はじめましてからはじまる!」 client order. (Old Method)
  • Itsuki (Avatar): Accept his 「境界を超えた力」 client order. (Old Method)



  Itsuki Face
Costume クローズクォーター
Close Quarter
Itsuki Repca
Hairstyle イツキヘアー
Itsuki Hair
Itsuki Hair GV
Eyes PSO2アニメ瞳 A 小
PSO2 Anime Eyes A Small
Eyelashes PSO2アニメまつげ B 黒
PSO2 Anime Eyelashes B Black
Eyebrows PSO2アニメまゆ A
PSO2 Anime Eyebrows A
Accessory イツキヘッドギア
Itsuki Headgear
Sticker イツキステッカー
Itsuki Sticker
Voice 男性共通イツキボイス
Male Voice – Itsuki
Male Voice – Itsuki B
Weapon *レイディアント

※Itsuki's cosmetics are primarily included in the EP4 Deluxe Package, with additional items in the Blu-ray/DVD releases of the PSO2 anime.


Client Orders

February 22nd ~ March 22nd, 2017

Client Order Objective
How Can I Return the Favor?
Deliver [瑠璃色の小さな花] x5
Drops from Dragonkin in the Skyscape field.
Event Site Security!
Defeat [Darkers] x99
Reward: Itsuki Chocolate
Finish Off the Boss!
Defeat [Gruzoras Drago] x1
Reward: *Radiant Glitter
Let's Look for Bluestones!
Clear [Skyscape Exploration] with
Itsuki only on N or Higher.
How to Make Rings
Speak to Sophia at Franca's Café.
Reconcile With SORO
Speak to SORO in Franca's Cafe
Reward: R/Friend's Protection +20

※Be sure to select the "Talk" option when interacting with the NPCs.

April 20th ~ June 22nd, 2016

Client Order Objective
Clear [Forest Exploration] with
only Itsuki in your party.
艦橋に興味あり Speak to Xiera on the Bridge.
Reward: Photon Sphere
パーティープレイをしませんか Clear [V. Cave Exploration] with
only Itsuki and SORO in your party.
カジノで勝ちたいの Speak to Alto at the Casino.
Reward: +50% Tribooster
RINAも一緒に Clear [Coast Exploration] with
only Itsuki and RINA/SORO in your party.
アークスの料理はどんなもの? Speak to Sophia at Franca's Café.
Reward: 50 Harvesting Stamina Drink
境界を超えた力 Clear [Tunnels Exploration] with
either version of Itsuki and RINA/SORO.
じっくりと見てみたい Defeat [Darkers] x99

※Be sure to select the "Talk" option when interacting with the NPCs.


PSO2es Chips

Tachibana Itsuki Chip Itsuki Tachibana [Premium]
Attacking an enemy activates an effect that greatly increases attack power. If Swords or Gunslashes are equipped, attack power will increase even more.



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