Character File: RINA

PSO2 RINA Close-up

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Female
Class gunner_iconhunter_icon
Age 17
Voice Actor Ayaka Suwa
Location Shop Area

RINA is one of two characters created by Rina Izumi in Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation. This character "coincidentally" shares her likeness, much like Itsuki Tachibana's character.

※RINA was introduced to PSO2 as a temporary NPC in an update on April 20th, 2016.
※She appears in the lobby only after clearing Itsuki's 「カジノで勝ちたいの」 client order.

Unlocking Her Partner Card

  • Clear her 「バレンタインイベントの前に」 client order.
  • Accept Itsuki's 「RINAも一緒に」 client order. (Old Method)



  RINA Face
Costume RINA・レプカ
RINA Repca
Hairstyle RINAヘアー
Eyes PSO2アニメ瞳 A 大
PSO2 Anime Eyes A Large
Eyelashes PSO2アニメまつげ A 黒
PSO2 Anime Eyelashes A Black
Eyebrows PSO2アニメまゆ A
PSO2 Anime Eyebrows A
Accessory RINAヘッドギア
RINA Headgear
Sticker RINAステッカー
RINA Sticker
Voice 女性共通RINAボイス
Female Voice – RINA
Weapon *フレイフィオーラ
Frey Fiora

※RINA's cosmetics are primarily included in the EP4 Deluxe Package, with additional items in the Blu-ray/DVD releases of the PSO2 anime.


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
バレンタインイベントの前に Defeat [Kartargot] x2
Defeat [El Ahda] x2
Defeat [Sorza Brahda] x2
Reward: RINA's Partner Card
女の子が皆で頑張る理由 Defeat [Darkers] x99
Reward: RINA's Chocolate
赤い石の行方 Defeat [Drago Deadleon] x1
Reward: *Frey Faegen


PSO2es Chips

Izumi Rina Chip Rina Izumi [Premium]
Attack power increases periodically, becoming tremendous.


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