PSO2 Live Broadcast #41 Recap

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Check out the previous post to learn more information on the April 20th update which was last updated on April 13th.

Other April 20th Updates

  • Arks Grand Prix 2016 Main and Final Quests
    • These will appear in the challenge blocks for a limited time.
  • Magatsu Bonus Quest
    • Boarding the AIS 5 or more times lowers your result.
  • 3 Button Type
    • Supported only through the PC and PS4 versions



Secret Phrase April

Secret Phrase

  • Say ぷれすてよんたろう in chat to receive these candies:
    • Stability Roll
    • 1 Layer Pancake +2
    • Stamina Cookie +2
  • The secret phrase must be said at some point in time, as long as it is done before April 27th's maintenance.


EQ BOost Poll April

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Wild Easter 2016 (+250% EXP Boost / +250% Rare Drop Boost)
  • Extra +10% Boost for attending the Live Event.
  • April 16th @ 23:00 After the Arks Dance Festival


Level Up May

Mid May Update

  • Winged Border Break reappears as a Level Up Quest (~6/8)
  • Gal Gryphon will of course make an appearance.
  • Some of the drops have changed. You can obtain Yozakura weapons.

Winner Des May

Mid May Update

  • Winners Design 3 [Side B]
  • Part 2 of the Item Design Contest 2015 winners.
  • Weapon Camos, Accessories, and Room Items will appear.


Phantom Battleship

Mid May Update

  • Raid Boss: Phantom Battleship Yamato
  • A Pre-scheduled Emergency Quest
  • Advance the frozen ocean and defeat the Phantoms.
  • Dash through the sky with High Boosters
  • Concentrate all your efforts against the largest class boss ever.



Collection File May

Mid May Update

  • Collection File [Steel Prestige Collection] (~ 6/22)
  • Phantom Battleship Yamato and A.I.S themed Weapons appear.
  • New Seiga and Quotz weapons.


Wedding May Update

Late May Update

  • Wedding Lobby (~6/22)
  • Stage Clearing Type Time Attack Quest
  • Clear the three areas and hurry to the boss.
  • 3 Hunars appear at the end.



Airy Elegant

Late May Update

  • New Scratch: Airy Elegant Summer.
  • Klariskrays, Sarah, Casra layered costumes.
  • Light Summer layered costumes.
  • Head Riding Umblla in the Bonus Scratch.
  • Hello Kitty Items will appear in the Recycle Shop.
    • According to the video, the Hello Kitty Basewear T-shirts are 20 AC Scratch items each.


May Story Update

Late May Update

  • Yet another incident happening after Hitsugi returns to Earth.
  • Bethor Zelazny (CV: Ryūsei Nakao, the voice of Freeza)
  • A film director toying with our heroes.
  • You can also receive Aika's Partner Card.


PSO2es Chip Weaponoid May

PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid Side Stories (4/20)
    • If you have the weaponoid chip, you can play through its entire story.
    • If you don't have it, you can only play a part of the story.
    • Clearing a quest with the weaponoid chip equipped will show a gauge that unlocks the 2nd story onward.
    • Clear the complete story to increase your chip's performance (Reduced cost/increased elemental values).
    • You can also receive a present from your weaponoid.


Weaponoid Release Schedule

Weaponoid Side Story Release Schedule

  • April 20th: More & Dragon Slayer
  • April 27th: Psycho Wand
  • May: Rose Flotz, Adaman, Strike Brute


May es Update

PSO2es Update

  • Added [VH] version of Rappy Special Survey.
  • Rappy Special Survey's [N] and [H] drive costs will be adjusted.
  • esTrophies added among the ranking rewards.
  • Auto-Attack Mode added.
  • Voice volume setting added.
  • Balance adjusted for some chips.
    • PA, Technic, and Specializer chip costs lowered and other buffs.


New Chips PSO2es Up

PSO2es New Chips

  • New ★12 Chips: Sacred Duster and Gun Salute Seraphy [Anniversary].
  • Gun Salute Seraphy [Anniversary] will be available for 48 hours starting May 14th @ 10:00 JST.
  • Itsuki, Rina, and Aika will appear as chips.


PSO2es Chips even more

Future PSO2es Chips

  • New Weaponoids and PAs.
  • Tourmalinca, Rock Knuckle, Narl Crescent, Mine Bunker


May Roadmap

Episode 4 Roadmap

  • 4th Anniversary Web Interlocking Event
  • Limited-time Event Quest
  • More PA / Technic Customizations
  • Enhanced versions of Existing Bosses
  • Part 2 of Anime Characters Appearing
  • Story Quest EP4 Chapter 3 Part 2
  • New Collaboration Scratch

Summer Update

  • 4th Anniversary Web Interlocking Event
  • Limited-time Event Quest
  • FFXIV Collaboration Boss:  Odin
  • FFXIV Collaboration Scratch
  • New Casino Content

Summer to Early Fall Update

  • New Story Board Events
  • New Collaboration Lobby
  • New Live Event
  • New Pet
  • Part 3 of Anime Characters Appearing
  • New Field
  • New Enemy and Boss
  • "New Experience" Field Gimmick.
  • PSU 10th Anniversary Content
  • New Time Attack Quest


Blu Ray DVD Part 4

PSO2 The Animation Blu-ray/DVD Vol. 4  Bonuses

  • Costume: †Coa† Repca and Lilika Repca
  • Accessory: Wild Scarf
  • Sticker: Lilika Sticker
  • Voice: †Coa† and Lilika Voices
  • Layered Wear: Seiga Academy Summer Uniform 2 M/F [Ba]
  • Hair: Kota and Mika's Hair
  • Eyebrow: PSO2 Anime Eyebrows B & C
  • Eye: PSO2 Anime Eyes B (Large and Small)
  • Body Paint: Seiga Academy Uniform High Socks B


Dengeki Famitsu Item Codes May

Dengeki & Famitsu Item Codes

  • Receive Item Codes by purchasing specific magazines.
    • Buy the Weekly Famitsu issue going on sale April 21st to receive:
      • *Cursed Mistilteinn
    • Buy the Dengeki PlayStation issue going on sale April 28th to receive:
      • *Sigh of A God (Tact)


PSO2 Anime Drama

PSO2 The Animation Drama CD Announced

  • On Sale: June 8th
  • Comes with Item Codes


June Update

  • Enhanced Profound Darkness
  • Sakura Wars Collaboration


New Lobby Actions

  • Gravure Pose 2
  • Bang Bang
  • Cat Pose
  • Kancho (Reaction Supported)

You can receive these presents from future Publicity Squad broadcasts.


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