PSO2 Live Broadcast #41 Recap

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Check out the previous post to learn more information on the April 20th update which was last updated on April 13th.

Other April 20th Updates

  • Arks Grand Prix 2016 Main and Final Quests
    • These will appear in the challenge blocks for a limited time.
  • Magatsu Bonus Quest
    • Boarding the AIS 5 or more times lowers your result.
  • 3 Button Type
    • Supported only through the PC and PS4 versions



Secret Phrase April

Secret Phrase

  • Say ぷれすてよんたろう in chat to receive these candies:
    • Stability Roll
    • 1 Layer Pancake +2
    • Stamina Cookie +2
  • The secret phrase must be said at some point in time, as long as it is done before April 27th's maintenance.


EQ BOost Poll April

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Wild Easter 2016 (+250% EXP Boost / +250% Rare Drop Boost)
  • Extra +10% Boost for attending the Live Event.
  • April 16th @ 23:00 After the Arks Dance Festival


Level Up May

Mid May Update

  • Winged Border Break reappears as a Level Up Quest (~6/8)
  • Gal Gryphon will of course make an appearance.
  • Some of the drops have changed. You can obtain Yozakura weapons.

Winner Des May

Mid May Update

  • Winners Design 3 [Side B]
  • Part 2 of the Item Design Contest 2015 winners.
  • Weapon Camos, Accessories, and Room Items will appear.


Phantom Battleship

Mid May Update

  • Raid Boss: Phantom Battleship Yamato
  • A Pre-scheduled Emergency Quest
  • Advance the frozen ocean and defeat the Phantoms.
  • Dash through the sky with High Boosters
  • Concentrate all your efforts against the largest class boss ever.



Collection File May

Mid May Update

  • Collection File [Steel Prestige Collection] (~ 6/22)
  • Phantom Battleship Yamato and A.I.S themed Weapons appear.
  • New Seiga and Quotz weapons.


Wedding May Update

Late May Update

  • Wedding Lobby (~6/22)
  • Stage Clearing Type Time Attack Quest
  • Clear the three areas and hurry to the boss.
  • 3 Hunars appear at the end.



Airy Elegant

Late May Update

  • New Scratch: Airy Elegant Summer.
  • Klariskrays, Sarah, Casra layered costumes.
  • Light Summer layered costumes.
  • Head Riding Umblla in the Bonus Scratch.
  • Hello Kitty Items will appear in the Recycle Shop.
    • According to the video, the Hello Kitty Basewear T-shirts are 20 AC Scratch items each.


May Story Update

Late May Update

  • Yet another incident happening after Hitsugi returns to Earth.
  • Bethor Zelazny (CV: Ryūsei Nakao, the voice of Freeza)
  • A film director toying with our heroes.
  • You can also receive Aika's Partner Card.


PSO2es Chip Weaponoid May

PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid Side Stories (4/20)
    • If you have the weaponoid chip, you can play through its entire story.
    • If you don't have it, you can only play a part of the story.
    • Clearing a quest with the weaponoid chip equipped will show a gauge that unlocks the 2nd story onward.
    • Clear the complete story to increase your chip's performance (Reduced cost/increased elemental values).
    • You can also receive a present from your weaponoid.


Weaponoid Release Schedule

Weaponoid Side Story Release Schedule

  • April 20th: More & Dragon Slayer
  • April 27th: Psycho Wand
  • May: Rose Flotz, Adaman, Strike Brute


May es Update

PSO2es Update

  • Added [VH] version of Rappy Special Survey.
  • Rappy Special Survey's [N] and [H] drive costs will be adjusted.
  • esTrophies added among the ranking rewards.
  • Auto-Attack Mode added.
  • Voice volume setting added.
  • Balance adjusted for some chips.
    • PA, Technic, and Specializer chip costs lowered and other buffs.


New Chips PSO2es Up

PSO2es New Chips

  • New ★12 Chips: Sacred Duster and Gun Salute Seraphy [Anniversary].
  • Gun Salute Seraphy [Anniversary] will be available for 48 hours starting May 14th @ 10:00 JST.
  • Itsuki, Rina, and Aika will appear as chips.


PSO2es Chips even more

Future PSO2es Chips

  • New Weaponoids and PAs.
  • Tourmalinca, Rock Knuckle, Narl Crescent, Mine Bunker


May Roadmap

Episode 4 Roadmap

  • 4th Anniversary Web Interlocking Event
  • Limited-time Event Quest
  • More PA / Technic Customizations
  • Enhanced versions of Existing Bosses
  • Part 2 of Anime Characters Appearing
  • Story Quest EP4 Chapter 3 Part 2
  • New Collaboration Scratch

Summer Update

  • 4th Anniversary Web Interlocking Event
  • Limited-time Event Quest
  • FFXIV Collaboration Boss:  Odin
  • FFXIV Collaboration Scratch
  • New Casino Content

Summer to Early Fall Update

  • New Story Board Events
  • New Collaboration Lobby
  • New Live Event
  • New Pet
  • Part 3 of Anime Characters Appearing
  • New Field
  • New Enemy and Boss
  • "New Experience" Field Gimmick.
  • PSU 10th Anniversary Content
  • New Time Attack Quest


Blu Ray DVD Part 4

PSO2 The Animation Blu-ray/DVD Vol. 4  Bonuses

  • Costume: †Coa† Repca and Lilika Repca
  • Accessory: Wild Scarf
  • Sticker: Lilika Sticker
  • Voice: †Coa† and Lilika Voices
  • Layered Wear: Seiga Academy Summer Uniform 2 M/F [Ba]
  • Hair: Kota and Mika's Hair
  • Eyebrow: PSO2 Anime Eyebrows B & C
  • Eye: PSO2 Anime Eyes B (Large and Small)
  • Body Paint: Seiga Academy Uniform High Socks B


Dengeki Famitsu Item Codes May

Dengeki & Famitsu Item Codes

  • Receive Item Codes by purchasing specific magazines.
    • Buy the Weekly Famitsu issue going on sale April 21st to receive:
      • *Cursed Mistilteinn
    • Buy the Dengeki PlayStation issue going on sale April 28th to receive:
      • *Sigh of A God (Tact)


PSO2 Anime Drama

PSO2 The Animation Drama CD Announced

  • On Sale: June 8th
  • Comes with Item Codes


June Update

  • Enhanced Profound Darkness
  • Sakura Wars Collaboration


New Lobby Actions

  • Gravure Pose 2
  • Bang Bang
  • Cat Pose
  • Kancho (Reaction Supported)

You can receive these presents from future Publicity Squad broadcasts.


37 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #41 Recap”

    1. yes, the yamato themed weapons leave riggings on your back when in use. the machineguns' rigging even has a :3 face on it kinda like rensouhou-chan. (admittedly it's more like what some of the chinese kancolle knockoff's girls have going on with their gear…)

      they're killin' me here. evil yamato clone that needs to be sunk, weapons that come with riggings, we have an admiral outfit, sega has the kancolle license because of the arcade game, and they're dittering around with sakura taisen (which despite it's fans' interest has basically been dead for eight years now… I hope they're using it to build hype for a new sequel because goddamn that's some horrid c***tease to that fandom if not.) and FFXIV crap.

      SEGA. Y U NO KANCOLLE COLLAB. hell, sakai could have more school uniforms to beat off to as part of the deal.

    2. Sakai must of became too salty from not getting Yamato from LSC. Tanaka's power over RNG is too much for Sakai.

      But seriously. SEGA needs to up its game on the Kancolle cashing; all the convenience stores, chain restaurants, etc know where the money is at. Although if I were them, I'd wait for the Kancolle movie and release stuff around then.

  1. >AIS sword for player use
    maidoll's comic came true…!

    it's not bad to see them grabbing at the Project Cute stuff again, but it's burnin' my ass that the racequeen outfit STILL hasn't been brought along.
    contrast -yet more- realworld fashion, the stuff that hasn't been selling well. someone's missing the point in that department.

    zelazny's appearance explains why the area boss for tokyo is an in-universe movie monster when the guy seemingly behind most of the trouble in the tokyo was a .mil otaku. makes you wonder what else we're going to find with regard to all that. of course, you wonder as well why hitsugi is stopping by her apartment without backup, when mother cluster wants her head and knew quite well where she lived. on the ship we see her ducking behind planters in hopes of not being seen by MC members, and then she goes home alone? c'mon girl.

    aaand I have to grump about it again because people seem like they're not noticing it: all these collect file things have end dates, meaning they go into "and now you pray for drops" territory like so many other things after that point. kinda completely misses the idea of replacing the eight million pyroxenes, if they're gonna take the less miserable option away. the stones may be an inventory space waster but at least they remain so that if your lowbie alt or some new player should happen to want something associated with them, they can earn it. making the ability to earn stuff a time-limited thing is going to get really bloody irritating.

    1. MOST people seem like they know better than to go on whine binges based on extremely scant evidence.

      Also, "kill X of Critter A" =/= "sacrifice barnyard animals to RNGesus in hopes of drops" last I checked.

  2. when i run tweaker is says do not detect me gameguard the tweaker work before update now i cant play so what am i doing wrong

    1. some great ARKS was posting in this site chat, about his personal PSO2 launcher "mock2launcher", you can try that.. it works for me.

  3. I wonder if they're updating overall boss behavior, or adding separate enhanced versions. Update emblem contains amduscia bosses, so it wouldn't be limited to emergency quest bosses.

    1. His name is Bethor Zelazny. Surname suggest that he is polack, and name was taken from the roster of olympian spirits, just like Hagito.

  4. remember dark falz? remember when pso was cool? you know laser swords and space mages? REMEMBER ULTIMATE MODE BEING FUN AND DIFFICULT AND CHALLENGING?

  5. So… collection files will have end dates, after all, as well as cooldowns. What this adds up to is more of Sega insisting we play on their schedule, not our own, just like the whole EQ system itself.

    Oh, well, not like I have ever cared about having the most powerful stuff in the game. It's not like you actually need it anyway.

  6. are those A.I.S and Yamato collection is going to be a weapon, or camo? 'coz I like the A.I.S ones /o/

    1. "•Phantom Battleship Yamato and A.I.S themed *Weapons* appear." (emphasis added)


  7. Hi, Kenneth or anyway who might know, if i buy the April 21, 2016 famitsu weekly but it ships and arrives after the 28th… will the item code still be valid to use? Any insight is appreciated… I just want to get it in time… also is the 'tact' in the 2nd camo mean takuto aka baton?

    1. You typically have over a year from the time of release before an item code expires.

      The [*Sigh of A God ] is indeed a camo for the Summoner's tact (baton) weapon.

  8. Anyone here can help me where could I find the item code for the PSO2 Animation Guide Book No.1? I recently bought that magazine and I've been trying to look for the code in the book. Does it had some special ticket being placed inside the book that has those codes?

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