Omega Cockatrice Enters The Battle!

~ October 10th, 2018 ~


Enchanted Forest Update

The Enchanted Forest has been updated with even more enemies and bosses to entice players. Joining the fray this time is the fiendish fowl, Omega Cockatrice. Avert the gaze of its petrifying eyes and rout this foe for a chance at a ★13 Jutus weapon drop.


Omega Dourumble and their Toy Darker minions have come out to play as well. Put an end to Dourumble's childish antics for a shot at weapon drops of the ★14 [Boots of Djibril] or [Daggers of Djibril].



Trick or Treat 2018

The Halloween festivities will once again be held in the Quarry. Take on a spooktacular assortment of Darker and Mech enemies in this 8-player Emergency Quest. A dramatic overhaul has befallen the quest this year, with some enemies boasting higher HP. Along the quest you'll find seated turrets and energy tanks to blast enemies en masse.


At the end of the quest awaits a prefixed-named Zeta Guranz. You may even spot Empe Rappy or Izane Kazuchi as well. Put on your best Halloween themed ensemble during the quest to experience a PSE effect that slightly increases the Rare Drop and EXP rates.


The ★14 Uransara wand, first appearing in PSU, will also drop in this quest.


Double Dark Blast

The Double Dark Blast is here! This whimsical new form specializes in assailing groups of adversaries with a well-rounded set of PAs! Pound a mighty hammer into the ground with "Surprise Hammer," rapidly fire stars in a straight line with "Happy Bazooka," and transform into a speedy go-kart of destruction with "Waku Waku Go-Kart."

Let's not forget about the new skills. The [Delicious Lunch] skill recovers HP & PP as nearby enemies are defeated. [High Tension] provides a bonus to damage when attacks hit an enemy.


Collection Files

Trick or Treat 2018 Collection

A concoction of confectionery themed weapons are sprinkled throughout the latest Collection File. Summoners can delight at the inclusion of a new [Light and Dark Parfait].


Summoner Support Collection

Obtain a variety of ★13 Eggs from the [Summoner Support Collection]. Useful Candy will also be obtainable from the Collection Files!


Xiera (Halloween)

Xiera and Matoi can be found in the Shop Area for a limited time in their Halloween costumes! Complete their Client Orders for their Halloween partner cards and the [*Miracle Magic] camo!


*Miracle Magic


Halloween Bingo 2018

This year's Halloween Bingo will reward players with Leontina's Certificate and the Jack Ignis weapon camo.


Battle Arena

It's time for yet another weapon rotation in the Battle Arena. Combatants can now wield Jet Boots (Gran Wave), Knuckles (Straight Charge), Rifle (One-Point), and Talis (Nagrants).


General Improvements

Camera / Lighting

View the Camera Angle or Lighting Setting you are using in the top left of the screen.


PSO2 Premium Day (22nd)

Premium Set users can experience an extra PSO2 Day on the 22nd of every month! Premium Users logged in on that day will experience the following:

  • 2x Earned FUN
  • +100% EXP Boost
  • +100% RDR Boost
  • Login Stamp +1 Bonus
  • Gathering Fever Occ. Rate +100%
  • 22 SG Ticket (x2) and Tokyo Bonus Key [Gold]


Material Storage

Use Materials from the Material Storage to Craft the following:

  • Extend Equipment
  • PA Customization
  • Technic Customization
  • Install Timed Ability


My Shop / Crafting

Customized Photon Arts and Technics can now be sold in the Player Shops. Customized Disks that were "very successful" will have their values show up in yellow. If they happen to attain the max value, then the color will display in orange.


Character Customization

Now your character can use skin color types from other races!

※A (Free/SG/Regular) Salon Pass is consumed when changing your character's skin color.
※For Female Casts, a Color Change Pass is consumed when changing the skin color.


Balance Changes

Peruse the balance adjustments for Standard Classes in the link below.

Balance Adjustments


PSO2 Cloud

PSO2 Cloud's new [Easy Login] feature will allow you to play PSO2 on the Nintendo Switch without the need of a SEGA ID.

※Certain features may be unusable without a SEGA ID!

In addition, parties running on the Cloud Shared blocks will experience a [Cloud Party Boost] of +100% EXP.


Magic Horror Night (AC Scratch)

Expand your wardrobe of Halloween habiliments and personate the likes of mummies, devils, and magicians!


フロリックポプシー[Ou][Ba][In] | Frolic Popsy [Ou][Ba][In]
ラミュロスシルエット [Ou][Ba] | Lamyros Silhouette [Ou][Ba]
イービルテラー [Ou][Ba][In] | Evil Terror [Ou][Ba][In]
アルカナスピリカル [Ou][Ba] | Arcana Spirical [Ou][Ba]
アルカナエレメタル [Ou][Ba] | Arcana Elemetal [Ou][Ba]
フェスティヴマミーF [Ba] | Festive Mummy F [Ba]
フェスティヴマミーM [Ba] | Festive Mummy M [Ba]

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