PSO2 Station #24 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

October 6th Livestream

Do You Want Austere-NT?

  • Well maybe you should keep playing Ultimate Quest! (Hint Hint)
  • +35 (Nemesis-NT & Slave-NT) are required, but you might as well save other things you find…
  • Sorry but Marron And Melon Eggs are NOT required.
  • Of course you'll also need Invade-NT.

Ares-NT Drop Specification

  • Ares-NT is both an Area Drop and a Lv 85 Enemy drop.

Miracle Magic: The Witch Broom Camo

  • It supports Jet Boots and Launcher and other weapon types as well.

Enchanted Forest Update

  • It's getting a boost event.
  • Omega Cockatrice is like a mid-boss and it can drop Jutus

Trick or Treat 2018

  • It's an 8 Player Emergency Quest with some gimmick zone that has seated turrets you can use.

Trick or Treat 2018 Collection

  • Contains confectionery themed weapons.
  • Potential: Power UP + PP Recovery With Attacks + PP Usage Down
  • Factor: Recovers PP when you use Mate Items (Automate Supported)
    • Monomate = 10 / Dimate = 30 / Trimate = 60

Mother Revival Scratch

  • Coming October 17th
  • Contains popular costumes and hairstyles from Mother Cluster Imitation and Ether Mother Hope.

In Regards To Future Things

Solo "Ultimate" Quest

  • Ultimate is in reference to how tough it will be. It's going to have a really powerful boss.
  • You can gather items related to the New Weapon Customization System

A New Solo Trigger like Profound Darkness

  • They have plans for a new Solo Trigger for some boss.

Erythron 14 Stars

  • You can obtain them from XH Free Fields when they get added.

Elzelion Trigger (MHF-Z)

  • Obtained as a reward from Elzelion E-Trials
  • Also obtained as a drop from some enemies.
  • The Trigger Can Be Sold in My Shop

Orbit Weapon Camo

  • They do not have plans for an Orbit Weapon Camo, however, people who like the look of Orbit weapons should maybe check out that New Weapon Customization System!?

Consolidated Skill Rings

  • It wasn't on the road map but these rings should be coming by the end of the year or at least sometime before the year is over.

Homura Revival

  • They might redistribute it through some event in the future.

Leftover ★13 Weapons Collecting Dust

  • They're investigating whether the Recycle Shop should support 13 weapons.

September 23rd Livestream

Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase below in chat to receive prizes:
  • ファンタジック3Dライブもうすぐ開催
  • Reward: Voice Tickets, 3 Triboosters, and 20 Kings Crests.
  • The items can be picked up at the Visiphone.
  • You have until October 3rd's maintenance to complete this task.


PSO2 EQ Poll

  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • Rare Drop +200% and EXP +200%
  • Sept 23rd @ 23:00 JST
  • Quna Concert First!



Arks Autumn Function 2018

  • Mini Costume Request Election
  • Weaponoid Costume Election
  • Arks Quiz Campaign
    • Win Presents Based on Score & Days Participated
  • Daily Quest Clear Campaign
    • Play Specific Quests and Win Items
    • Win Bonus Keys in the future based on Days Participated.
  • Concert & Boost Event
    • Live Boost +30%
    • Affixing Boost Event
  • Emergency Quest Rush Campaign
    • Get Prizes Based on # of certain EQs cleared.
    • Many EQs will occur during the period.


Mid October Update

  • Halloween Lobby (~11/17)
  • Latan Rappy & Latan Empe Rappy (~11/7)
  • Halloween Bingo (~11/7)
    • Grim Reaperish Mag Device
  • Franca Night Cafe (~12/5)


Mid October Update

  • Matoi and Xierra Halloween NPCs appear in the Lobby
  • Do the Client Orders and Get a Partner Card
    • Weapon Camo: Miracle Magic (Supports Multiple Weapon Types)


Mid October Update

  • Magic Horror Night (AC Scratch)
  • Halloween Themed Mummy Outfits
  • Xiera Halloween Outfit
  • Devil & Magician Outfits
  • Lobby Actions: Dance 54 & Chair Dance


Mid October Update

  • Toy Darkers and Omega Dourumble appear in Enchanted Forest
  • New Enemy: Omega Cockatrice


Mid October Update

  • Sell Customized Disks in My Shop
  • Use Material Storage When Crafting
  • Choose from 3 Types of Skin Color
  • Premium Set Limited PSO2 Day (Every 22nd)
  • The Light # Will Display On Screen For Custom Light Settings
  • Collection File [ Summoner Support Collection ]
    • The Eggs Will Have A Variety of Candy As the Required Item


Mid October Update

  • Play PSO2 Cloud Without a SEGA ID Registration
    • Purchasing AC Content Requires a SEGA ID
  • Battle Arena Weapon Rotation
    • Assault Rifle / Jet Boots / Knuckles / Talis
  • Cloud Block Boost (EXP +100%)


Mid October Update

  • Dark Blast Double Implemented
    • Fight enemies using comical movements and speed.
    • Color Customization Available
    • You can color the left & right half separately.
    • Transparency Available


Mid October Update

  • Trick or Treat 2018 (Quarry)
  • Chance to Encounter Rare Enemies
  • Final Enemy: Profound Phantasmal Zeta Guranz (Lv 85)


Mid October Update

  • Orange Rappy Suit Mini will drop
  • Trick or Treat Collection
    • Confectionery Weapons
    • Glorious Parfait (WL)
    • Chocolat Du Kuchen (TD)
    • Azucar Drop (GS)
    • Muffisucre (Talis)
  • 14 Star Weapon: Uransara
    • Photon Color Changeable
  • Added Balance Adjustments


Late October Update

  • Legendary Valkyria (AC Scratch)
  • Riley, Crymaria, and Kai Outfits
  • Valkyria 4 Weapon Camos and Hafen Tank Room Item


Late October Update

  • Fantasy Force Outfits & Parts
  • Lobby Actions: Seal Break & Dance 55


Late October Update

  • Episode 5 Chapter 6
  • At Last The Episode 5 Climax
  • What Will Be Alma's Fate?
  • A Giant Black Flower Has Bloomed In Omega!?


Road Map Fall ~ New Years

2018 Fall

  • Halloween Event
  • New Enemy In Enchanted Forest
  • Revival SG Scratch
  • Valkyria Chronicles Scratch
  • EP5 Chapter 6

2018 Fall ~ Winter

  • MHF-Z Collaboration
  • Collab Boss Elzelion
  • MHF-Z Collab Scratch
  • Web Interlocking Event
  • Popular Collaboration Scratch #3
  • Added XH to Some Free Fields

2018 Winter

  • ALL CLASS Level Cap 90
  • 12 Player Raid Boss Added
  • Solo Ultimate Quest Added
  • New Weapon Customization System Added
    • It's not a power-up type customization
  • Christmas Event 2018
  • Battle Arena Weapon Rotation

Early 2019

  • New Year's Web Interlocking Event
  • Limited Quest: 12 Player Quest (x2)
  • New Collaboration Scratch
  • Buffed Raid Boss
  • Valentine Event 2019


PSO2es Update

  • New Quick Search: Phantom Pillar (10/10~)
  • Rewards: Conqueror's Crest, ★14 Kazami-no-tachi, Spread Needle, Eternal Psycho Drive.
  • New Special Quest: Harvest Festival Cat Bells (10/10~10/31)
    • Lavis Blade [Halloween]
  • Clan of Nemesis & Slave Episode 4 (09/26~)


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3: Chapter 2 (10/10)
  • New Character: Falzad


PSO2es Update

  • Astra Reap (10/10)
  • Flotia Orbit (10/10)


PSO2es Update

  • Lavis Blade [Halloween] (10/10)
  • Duel Gaze (10/24)


PSO2es Update

  • Frozen Shooter (9/26)
  • Soul Eater (10/3)
  • Jinrai (10/10)
  • Dual Bird (10/17)
  • Sweet Candy (10/24)
  • Surprise Dunk PA (9/26)


PSO2es Update: Side Stories

  • Blade Stabilizer-NT (9/26)
  • Yasminkov 7000V (10/3)
  • Slave Saber (10/3)
  • Destiny Confronting Gene (10/10)
  • Lavis Blade [Halloween] (10/10)

Weaponoid Potentials (10/10)

  • Lightning Espada-NT / Ark Flan-NT / Blade Stabilizer-NT / Yasminkov 7000V-NT


PSO2es Update

  • Eternal Tower #9 (9/26 ~ 10/10)
  • Eternal Tower #10 (10/24 ~ 11/7)
  • Added ★13 Weapon Drop: Lightning Espada-NT
  • Eternal Tower #10 Ranking Reward: Duel Gaze (Chip)
  • EQ: Noire Draal (10/18 ~ 10/23)
    • Arion and Raete Weapons
    • Chip: Gen Oboroyo


Phantasic 3D Live 2018

  • Attend the Live 3D Concert in Person For Bonuses.
  • Ticket Bonuses (Item Code & Other)
    • 473 [Vo Performance 8]
    • Electronic Drum Set
    • Piano Mat
    • PSO2 The Card Game Card: Phantasic QM


Phantasic 3D LIVE 2018 CD Bonuses

  • Purchase the [Phantasic QM Mini Album] for bonuses.
  • CD Bonuses (Item Codes)
    • CD Package Mat 13
    • 474 [VO Performance 9]
  • Release Date: November 7th


Persona 4 Collaboration

  • Scheduled for November


PSO2 in Monster Hunter Frontier Z

  • Items appearing in MHF-Z


True Dark Falz

~ True Dark Falz ~
~ Arrives December ~


46 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #24 Recap”

  1. Still hope they read my idea regarding dark blast double change and reconsider this retarded looks they showed earlier.

    1. I don't see any problem with it and i kinda love that too
      Aaaaaaand~ they won't read your comment need some reasons?

      1.You are outsider, You are not in japan
      2.Sega not even care about you because obviously They only care about japanese players because
      3.They already decide what they have to do and they only do from their plans

      4.If they listen to player too much what did you expect to happen? they will get distract from their original plans and they have to make players keep playing and enjoy their game *THAT SOME DAYS THOSE PLAYERS MIGHT JUST QUIT THE GAME*

    2. reply to everyone:
      1) Double's never act synchronized while dark blast has 2 mirrored models instead.
      2) Double's main power is their fusion form Dourumble.
      3) SEGA changed Falz Double form compared to Dark/Omega Falz ones and made them smaller [shorter arms and legs] thus their animations look horrible [lot of missing animation frames].
      4) For the last reason, turn on your imagination [if you have it] and imagine the moment when 12 players in EQ transform into DB:D and the whole screen is filled with 24 chibis running around.

      P.S. Well…anyways, not much time left till they end Ep.5 and remove those dark blasts for good. So even if they don't change it, I can sustain the pain of seeing this blast form.
      P.P.S. I'm totally fine with skills cuz they're really fun, what I don't like is the look of those ripped-off doubles that move like 2 perfectly synchronized models mirrored off the center of your screen.

      Believe me or not, lot of people dislike dark blast double look 🙂
      Peace and cookies to everyone.

    3. Oh okay, the fact you said all these Dark Blasts will go away means you're just stupid. Like, holy shit. That is so fucking dumb.

    4. This just makes it funnier
      like more hilarious than all possible cockatrice jokes that have emerged and about to happen during upcoming encounters with the monster.

    5. If you don't see such obvious outcome of EP5 Raxadoo, it only means that you're the stupid one here. Keep on living with your blinkers on.
      Mic drop.

    6. That's an almost impressive degree of complete asspulls leavened with a good dose of rank hubris. You literally made that up and then declared anyone who didn't immediately agree with your say-so "stupid" and "blinkered".

      Sure thing massa, mesa big believe.

    7. Yeah, yeah, sure sure.

      Just like how we never ever went back to Earth after the end of EP4. Never once saw Phantoms again. Never interacted with any Earth people. Don't go back for EQs. Yep, our connection with Earth is entirely 100% over and we cannot ever go back and we cannot accept quests that go there.

      Boy howdy these Apprentice Triggers are going to be weird to do after EP5 is done! Or that Dark Blast training session. Or all those ads showing off DB. Or the entire page on the PSO2 website about DB. Yeah, once the final chapter is up, we instantly lose access to Dark Blast, even if we haven't gotten there yet.

      SEGA sure is weird for making a big deal out of this Double DB that is only going to last for like 3 months. It's like a slightly longer Seasonal EQ!

      It's not at all like you've done nothing to even remotely explain WHY you think this CLEARLY SUPER OBVIOUS OUTCOME TO US MENTALLY CHALLENGED SUB-HUMANS, but instead just belittle me for the piece of pond scum that I obviously am.

      Because clearly the only way this story can end is with us becoming PD full on and just destroying all life everywhere. Can't have DB if we go a step above! Can't have it if there's no game to play! First person to complete the story ends it all for everyone, even if they haven't reached EP5 yet!

      Clearly that's what is going to happen and not us keeping a bunch of dark powers, while the Black Hole fades, leaving Omega just fine and dandy as a new planet.

      Now then, do I need to end all of this with a /s? It's a thing that means "ending sarcasm". I'm not aware if you know what it means, because you are showing an amazing amount of no intelligence.

    8. Really would rather they not waste the time to remove it and instead focus on making not BQ-content to make up for the wasted time on that. DB was a dumb edgelord thing but the aura and transparency made it less awkward at meast.

    9. RANDOM,
      1) It was Roxadoo who called me stupid cuz I said something he disagreed with. Read all messages instead of last one please next time.
      2) I read the story instead of hitting ESC cuz it's untranslated and think over what SEGA spoils us in it as well as connect to what they already showed us much earlier.

      Main point of Ep 5 is saving persona from being stuck in PD revival cycle.
      We've sucked out Dark Falz hosts out of Dark Falzes that appear in Omega [which is nothing more than corrupted history records]. Do you really think they'll keep that nonsense going in Episode 6 wasting time to fix the mess they've made in Ep5 putting another 4 consciousnesses inside out character's head?

      1st possible outcome:
      SEGA either returns previous hosts back as NPCs [Gettemhart,Luther, Aurora and Furo/Frau] or erase them from protagonist's head completely with chapter 6,7 plot twist. And as far as you can guess..they're are the source of DB we obtained,thus without mess in protagonist's head there's no way to use DBs again.

      2nd possible outcome:
      Dark Blasts will get sucked out of protagonist by Persona to form Omega Profound Darkness that can be formed only after all dark falzes fuse in one strong photon carrying host [what originally was Double after in Episode 3: absorb all dark falzes/ inject into Matoi, but resulted in creation of 5th Dark Falz a.k.a. Persona (protagonists stuck in time loop) which had to be absorbed too].

      3rd possible outcome:
      Since we're playing strongest ARKS member and already obtained all Dark Falz powers for us all what's left is adding persona's Dark Falz powers to form new Profound Darkness. And since Persona lose everything that connects it to Dark Falz it will become our protagonist once again.

      couldn't bear the loss of Matoi and became Persona again>returned in time].
      Starting the 2nd half we're playing another variation of our character that defied Persona's plan and did everything to save Matoi, thus Persona [our first protagonist] decided to try it's best too and sucked out Dark Falzes out of Matoi and that's how Profound Darkness's rebirth was completed. And universe got stuck in a loop of Persona going back in time to suck out DF from Matoi and becoming PD again.>

      At the end of ErsArs chapter we see Persona. Coincidence?

      3) I hope you won't disagree with me that up till Ep5 SEGA didn't screw THAT much about story/non story content like they did in Ep5.
      In story we've always been shown as unique ARKS member. And they said: "2 guardians, Matoi and You".
      Meanwhile EP5 gave us DB form that can be used everywhere outside of Story. Thus everyone is Guardian not just "Matoi and You". Not to mention that when everyone turns into Dark Blast Elder/etc it means at least 12 guardians fought 12 copies of specified Omega Dark Falz. That's the biggest nonsense SEGA created with EP5. That's why they only way fixing it is removing DB in next Episode. Not to mention that EP6 will also get its own lobby like ep4 and 5. And DB menu line will become grayed like Story Board that says [you have to be in Episode 4 to gain access to SB].

      Did I make it out of nothing without any logic in it?

    10. That's alot of paragraph written by someone overthinking this when really it couldb't be more wrong. Even if story wise it this happens it'll probably only lock out DB for one EQ/Story Quest and every other quest will have it as normal. Nobody cares about there being 12 "guardians" in a MPA, because we're probably fending off profound darkness for for the 100th time despite defeating it 99 times before that, it's called "Gameplay-Story Segregation", if our arm was lopped off in a cut scene we'd have it back a second later.

      Sega put too much effort and time into the DB system to cut it out and at worst Sega will just stop adding to it much like they did crafting, OT weapons, and other systems they didn't remove.

    11. … You uhh, do know that there is a difference between gameplay and narrative, right? Like, narrative wise I am the only person who is turning into modified Falzes. (I say I, because you clearly don't deserve the right to be put forward in this scenario.) And soloing everything in Omega. Did you perhaps not see those scenes that basically say that nobody outside of the Bridge knows about Omega? Narrative wise there is only one single person who can possibly be fighting Omega Falz Apprentice in the skies in Loser Form. It's just that for the sake of gameplay that SEGA isn't making people play solo for the entirety of Omega. All those Buster quests, Omega Loser, the Dragon, all of it… is done solo in story.

      I'm bringing it up again but yeah, Omega Falz Apprentice. The fight that LITERALLY REQUIRES THE USE OF DARK BLAST. And the trigger that starts a fight of it.

      Anyway, the take away from all of this is you better be ready for me to constantly be calling you out on literally every post you comment on from now on, because I am not going to let you live this down and going to inform everyone else who may see this that you are clearly deranged.

    12. ROXADOO,
      You can call me insane till end of your life or at least till your fingers fall off. As if your opinion ever matters to me.
      Enga and Earth Guide also know about Omega since they've been abducted as Fake Falz bosses, just reminding. Also in story they mentioned trying to send others to Omega [that,pretty much, explains that not just protagonist fight final Falz form, but also "all ARKS operatives" on Xiao's order].
      I expressed my point of view on story outcome…That's MY point of view, deal with it. If you think everyone should have same point of view as you do,well, go visit a doc to check your own sanity [not to mention your last post about answering my every comment from now on].
      It seems to me now that all of your comments have been written with single purpose, to cause this conflict. Because in discussion people say: "I disagree with you" or "I think otherwise" and tell what they think.Instead, you just make it personal and start insulting,
      Yeah I might be putting too much thought into possible story outcomes but that's my deal. What I really don't understand: why is my point of view bothering you so much? [if that's not just for trolling as I mentioned before]
      I've missed your comment 🙂 I fill surveys in Japanese. And I think, SEGA won't check IP for every survey.

    13. I wonder if he’s figured out more than Rox is “finding faults” (putting it too lightly…)with their logic.

      Even if we were to suddenly lose the falz hosts inhabitting the protag’s body, they would find a narrative reason to keep it.

      “Xion created a way to access dark blast for all arks by creating some device”

      “We absorbed True Dark Falz which holds all the powers but it was purified by photoner technology”

      “Our memories allow us to bring out the power still”

      Or, just, ya know

      “It’s photons, I ain’t gotta explain s***”

      There’s all these possibilities if they feel the need to explain it. And now I feel silly for wasting my time

  2. So much stuff for PSO2es, but it still plays like crappy rhythm game.
    Would it kill them to revamp it into something like Phantasy Star Portable? Modern phones are much more powerful than PSP and touch controls work relativeky well for it if ppsspp is any indication, so that wouldn't even affect the player base.

    1. It's because it was initially designed to be "low spec" for quick play, it makes 1000000x more sense to Japanese mobile gaming scene. Remember, unless you're in Japan you technically shouldn't even be playing PSO2 let alone PSO2es.

      Not saying that in a "oh gtfo" kind of way, just saying the design fits the mobile culture of the region it's officially supported in. I'd prefer a full on mobile game, but ES is more of a companion app to PSO2 than anything, they just fleshed it out more than other MMOs.

    2. PSO2es are design for all player that own a System for those players that owned
      High spec mobile or low spec one.
      and japanese mostly owned a mid spec but also there are some players that doesn't care that much about phone spec so they made it that way i can tell cause i once have learned in japan High school and University for 6 years
      (I don't know what you guys call a mid spec or common spec)
      And high spec phone is also has a high price for japanese people so why not?

    3. I'd hate it if PSO2es controlled like PSP on the PPSSPP emulator. I find these games downright unplayable without a controller.

    4. On screen analog is a cancer, well, at least for me. The only action game that i played on my phone is Alice Gear Aegis because the control is like a pseudo Virtual On. I don't need to keep holding my finger on the screen to move around unless i need finer control to graze enemies' bullets curtain.

    5. Not really. I'd take es over on-screen analog anyday. The chips getting too cluttered so i stopped playing it tho.

    6. The fact that you need to obstruct part of a screen with your fingers brings down any possible value of touch controlled device.
      Experience will differ for every other device.
      And yes, it would actually literally kill you if you'd suddenly decide to turn inside out entire game by changing its core element.

    1. That sucks though. Even ep 4 is like 8 or 9 chapters. Looks like each episode is getting shorter.

    2. Yeah but Matter board made first three episode feel longer, because it gave you something to do in between story pieces (even if it was boring). In ep 4-5 you just blazing through the story cutscenes like there's no tomorrow.

  3. noire draal, you're lookin' kinda blanc.

    >select skin pallete
    makes me wish I could racelift my support partner. I made her deuman because I couldn't get her pale enough as a newman, but there's no way to give her the smol pointy ears she's supposed to have.

  4. I just PSO2 game EP1-3 story but i don't understand why PSO2 have EP4? I did watch PSO2 EP4 and EP5 story.

    I remember on last EP3 story when i playing EQ is Profound Darkness, you see this Youtube when done kill 'Profound Darkness' this , but is NOT over, impossible is just "Profound Darkness". I know why this PSO2 have EP4 and EP5? Reason Darker and Dark falz haven't end yet.

    Finally I watch up bump site this EP5 last chapter 6…. They find up a "True Dark Falz", maybe will THE END of PSO2 story.

    I really want to see EP5 chapter 6 when PSO2 update at October…..

  5. >Austere NT need Nemesis/Slave NT at +35
    Well, i guess i'm fine without it then. Both shits never dropped on me and i'm not gonna waste my time on pure RNG.

    1. Upgrading OT Austere into NT while keeping affixes and maybe grind level equalized? Yes please.

  6. Too bad it's extremely rng dependant for Slave / Nemesis …..
    Well, want or not, will have to wait after seeing the stats of Austere …..

    Also, I'll just hope the drop rate of material for weapon customization isn't bad or way too grindy.

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