PSO2 JP: September 4th Maintenance Compensation

Players will receive the following items as compensation for the hard drive wiping bug that led to the extension of the September 4th maintenance.

All players who logged into the game between 7/17 ~ 9/4/2013 will receive:

  • Grind Success (100%) [x1]
  • +100% Triboost [x2]
  • Extreme Pass [x1]

Players with active premium sets when September 4th's maintenance began will receive:

  • 1 Day Premium Set [x1]
  • +100% Triboost [x2]

(Meaning you must have premium set active right when maintenance started.)

These items will be delivered to the Visiphone on September 18th.

If you were affected by the Hard Drive wiping bug, you must submit a separate bug report form to receive the 10,000 AC or 5000 Yen compensation. Read this post for details.

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