Phantasy Star Online 2 Global Concerns + Alpha Test Status Report

Alpha Test Status Report (NEW!)

Bonko didn't really sound so happy about yesterday's test. There was a high load on the server which caused considerable lag. Because of this they are not considering adding new participants to the 23rd test at this time. This only leaves those who were not selected to wait until the 26th and 27th to participate. 

 Relay updated below in Orange Text.

Previous Information

Earlier this morning Bonkohara, the assistant producer answered questions regarding if there is going to be a Global / English release of the game. Since her text was translated from Japanese to Engrish, we have rewritten the Q&A to a proper format.

Q: IS PSO2 going to be released in every country?

A: We would like to release the game all over the world but we have not decided on a schedule

Q: Are you not making an English page?

A: There are no plans right now for making an English page.

Q: Why doesn't the PSO2 Facebook page post English updates often?

A: We would like to do it but the Staff is sometimes not good enough to fully understand English. We will try our best to post a status update in English.


Hello Facebook friends! I am Bonko :)! Now it is 6PM and the second day for the alpha test has just started now! Well, actually I was playing the game last night with everyone! 😀 Hiding from the eyes of the producer Sakai! Haha!

I am so busy tonight, but if I have a chance, I would like to play the game. Even if you can not receive an alpha test invite, you still have a chance to receive additional announcements if the α test goes well. I will update report of the alpha test at twitter. please follow us!

[Thanks TierrenZX]

Alpha Test Status Report

So what's going on in the alpha test? Well Bonkohara tweeted that there has been lag when users are connected to certain blocks in Ship 1 (Server). If you experience lag in picking up items and such you should move to another block.

In another tweet, she reports the number of simultaneous connections to PSO2 has crossed over 2,200.

In another tweet, she wrote the server will be extended by two hours today. So it will start from 5 AM to 12 PM EST instead of 5AM to 10AM EST. There's also going to be maintenance at 8 AM to 8:10AM EST.


Today's Relay

  • Ranger Skill Tree
    • Dive Roll >  Dive Roll Advance
    • Weak Bullet > Bind Bullet
    • Tool Mastery > Poison Trap > Poison Trap Custom
    • Ability Up 1 > Ability Up 2 > Ability Up 3 > Reaction Up 1
  • Ranger Gameplay
    • Rangers utilize Assault Rifle to fire rapid fire shots. They also have something like a burst shot for their PA button.
    • Assault Rifle also has a heavy burst like shot, it has a blast similar to a grenade explosion. In the same video the "Grenade Shell" PA was spotted in the log. Most likely that is the name of the PA.
    • In a ranger video, at the end the player reaches to the next block that says "Multi Party Area" (As the official site shows, there's a Multiparty area and a Multiparty Quest. So we wonder how multi party areas sync up.)
  • Force Skill Tree
    • Flame Mastery > Photon Flare > Flame Tech S Charge >  Flame Mastery 2
    • Mirage Escape
    • Ice Mastery > Freeze Ignition > Ice Mastery 2 > Freeze Tech Boost
    • Bolt Mastery >PP Convert > Bolt Mastery 2 > Bolt Tech PP Save
    • PP Up 1 > Tech Up 1 > Mind Up 1 > PP Up 2 > PP Regenerate
  • Item Menu
    • 倉庫へ送る (Send to Storage) You can send items to storage while you are in the field.
  • Items Listed
    • Monomate 
    • Dimate
    • Trimate
    • Moon Atomizer
    • Star Atomizer
    • Telepipe
    • Photon Drop
    • Anti
    • Sub / Ad Wall
    • Sub / Saquinde ?
    • Gunslashes: Gun Slash |  Alva Slash
    • Assault Rifles: Rifle |  Alva Rifle
  • Weapons
    • Any weapon of any type can have elements attached.  For example there were several swords, one had Dark 18 attached. A wired lance had 27 fire. A Rifle had 21 dark attached.
  • Player
    • When a player dies they can choose to return to the start point. (In a demonstration they returned to Camp Ship)
  • Enemy
    • Enemies will pursue you, if you run away and jump on a high ledge, they will also try to jump and reach you.
    • Burned Enemies turn orange.
    • Underneath the enemy's name is the kanji for 弱点 weak point. Most enemies in the forest show the fire icon, but the icon is way off to the right.
  • HUD
    • When your character's HP is low, your screen turns red and an audible warning is heard.
    • When you target another player you can see their Actual HP / Max HP
  • Settings Screen
    • Language Settings Spotted. Right now currently selected as Nihongo (Japanese) 
  • Controller Support
    • A play tester linked from 2ch said the game worked very well with the Xbox 360 controller (for windows). Though for other controllers  button placement wasn't very intuitive.


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