Phantasy Star Online 2: Icon Changes

Sakai updated this morning with the third revolution for Phantasy Star Online 2, which is its ultimate character creation! But instead of going through the whole thing, lets jump to the important parts highlighted in the post.


Phantasy Star Online 2 characters have a one piece suit, stats are no longer tied to the outfit like in the first alpha test. Instead, units, which you attach to your arm, back, and legs, will improve the defensive stats for the character. If you like the unit's stats but you aren't so happy with the way it looks on your character, you can turn off the graphics displaying your units.

Cast bodies consist of their Head, Arm, Torso, and Legs, and you can now change each part through morphing which was a feature the first alpha test did not have.


Alpha Test 2 Iconography

Today's porori images are the improvements to the icons which were a big complaint in the first alpha test. He'll only show a small portion of the changes for today.

The icons in the first alpha test were difficult to understand and identify from one another. They changed the icons by removing the weapon abbreviation, then made the backgrounds more simplistic so you can see the icon's representation more clearly. The icons for weapons, units, costumes, etc, were all redesigned to make them more distinct in each category.


They made it so you can tell each weapon's fighting style more clearly by changing the brilliance of the color on the icon. You can see that there is an orange glow for striking weapons, blue for ranged weapons, and yellow for force weapons. (This color brilliance is also applied to the drop icons.)

Photon arts, skills, and consumption item icons are now redesigned to be closer in direction towards Phantasy Star Online.


You can feel the presence of PSO in these icons.


Photon Arts Icons

By giving the icons a more simplistic style, you can easily point out the photon art's effect and what weapon category they each belong to. Ranged weapon photon arts like the "Grenade Shell" in the screenshot above have a blue background on them. Skills that you can add to the sub-palette are now more distinct from photon arts, in that, skill icons will have a brighter background.


Die-Cast Metal Elenor

A brand new Die-Cast Metal Elenor toy has been announced and will be displayed at Bandai's Tamashii Nation 2011 event. This is only a prototype model.


This Elenor has different accessories and mags too.


Saber and Red Handgun, item box and even meseta.


And look a chat box!

It is a different molded approach from the Ver. APSY models. The model and the accessories may go under some revisions before its public release.

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