Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Announced for PC / XBOX 1


In celebration of Phantasy Star Online's 20th Anniversary, a new title for the series was announced. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis updates PSO2's game and graphic engine. In addition, they plan to release this update on a global scale through North America and Japan. The platform support for the game is different depending on which language version you are playing.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis North America

  • XBOX 1
  • XBOX Series X
  • Windows 10

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis  Japan

  • PS4
  • PC
  • Cloud (Nintendo Switch / PC)

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis plans to release in 2021.

PSO2: New Genesis Screenshots

26 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Announced for PC / XBOX 1”

  1. So is this the not episode 7 thing they announced earlier in pso station plus? i dont mind starting from 0 but if i can keep my characters that would be nice XD they have tonnes of expensive items/gear i would rather not have to affix again XD

    1. Good news! While not everything Transfers over you CAN keep your Character!

  2. Sega.. You.. You.. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MESETA! Hyped! This is is more like it then a fashion show pso2 became. WANT! NOW!

  3. Is this an update to PSO2 or is this a brand new title? I just don't want to lose my beautiful costumes and items 🙁

    1. The JP trailers say 新作 which basicaly means New Title, the pinned tweet on the PSO2NA tweeter also says New Title, but the wording on the english announcement is all over the place so we'll have to wait for the PSO2 Station to get more info on wether this is an actual update or a new release

    2. It's both actually. They didn't put enough of an effort to make that clear though. Imagine if PSUAotI was a free update instead of an expansalone (PC/PS2)/expansion (360). That's what this is.

    3. So this is basically more like a standalone spin off, is that what you're saying?
      Like, it's PSO2 but independent from it?

  4. Gonna assume it's a continuation that keeps your character, since it'd be kinda shitty to erase the progress of people who started this year in NA. Though that does mean I'll continue to hide away on the JP server instead of start over. C'est la vie.

    1. Not exactly, Things like Cosmetics etc … will Transfer but level for example will not. Things like Mags also change as they won't give Stats anymore. It do seems we get to keep our shiny Weapons since they say that we probably won't be able to use our old Equipment right away.
      It will run together with Normal PSO2 (which also will receive a graphical update to match).

  5. Its gonna be fun when youu play and there NPC approach you and suddenly call you "Partner" again then you know that he son of retired Hunter named Zeno.

  6. Now that my brain had time to soak this up, I'm gonna be that ignorant dick and say the vita was really holding back progress on this project. And since we can transfer characters into this, makes it worth while; but the question remains, WHAT else transfers?

    Personally, I hope it's a back to basics update where ACTUAL content rolls out that we can play, not just look at, comes out at a decent clip. Content drops in pso2 brings in players, but they leave fast because, what else is there to do but fashion chase? And where's our PS5 version at??

    Hopefully, it's backwards compatible. Even playing with nothing but Japanese text on ps4, I'll enjoy the fuck outta this.

    1. How is that being an "ignorant d!ck"? It's the truth.

      Vita was holding the game back, always has been. You ever notice how PSU had parties with six members plus an additional slot for partner machines but PSO2 hard caps at 4? Ever wondered WHY that change was made in spite of it being an obvious downgrade?

  7. To any who are still confused, this IS a NEW game! This is NOT PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2!! If you watch the trailer at an insanely close look and pay very close attention to Ash's HANDS, you will see they are fully rigged and functioning in animation. As of this moment, PSO2 has no such rigging except for very, very few characters in very, very few minute moments in very, very few cutscenes. Alma, Shiva, etc. It's rare and may even be done using hand-swaps like SEGA did with older Sonic titles rather than actual animation in some cases. To re-rig every SINGLE outfit in PSO2 to fit the new bones for the hands would be an astronomical undertaking that would've taken years behind the scenes. This isn't a PSO2 expansion.

    1. You do realize there are many ways to automate and transfer rigging, right? Most of those hands will be the same mesh, too. Meaning minimal clean-up.

    2. @thermalpulse
      Pro tip: this is not an entirely new game but an overhaul of the current game, if both Sega NA/JP descriptions weren't enough to give this away, idk what to tell you besides stop spreading misinfo that this an entirely new game/spinoff etc when it's not that at all. and yes, you can basically call it an expansion at this point since more content is going to obviously be added on

    3. There's a Reddit Post going into Detail. This technically IS a new game but our existing Characters will transfer over. We do start at Lvl 1 but we keep things like Cosmetics etc …
      Also due to changes of the System some things won't work the same, we keep our Mag Skins for example but Mag actually give no stats now.
      Old PSO2 will continue to run and get a Graphic update to match.

  8. This looks like free exploration open world game. It even has day/night icon on the top left, and enemies name on the top of the enemies.

  9. Upgraded Rappy models…oh my heart…my heart…

    There's been some updates posted to address some initial questions.

    Looks like a NT weapon situation, where both versions will run side by side, then eventually vanilla will be phased out. Was bound to happen eventually I reckon.

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