Phantasy Star Online 2 Trailer in English?

Today at Nico Nico, Game no Jikan, Sakai showed off the previous promo movie that you all saw. Except this time, the text was translated into English. I'm not going to speculate anything at the moment but it was very surprising to see. We'll update the previous PSO2 news information to reflect what's said in this translated trailer.

Star Fleet "ORACLE" voyages through infinite universes

New adventures await players at unknown planets

An invading "evil" fills space.

Confronters, "Arks" is their name

Will the universe be saved? Or be invaded?

Only heroes can prevail their future.

  • Original Combo System
  • Randomly generated fields, always bringing you to unconquered fields.
  • Third Person View
  • New Jump Action
  • Hybrid Customizable Actions
  • Dynamic Weather Change System
  • Abrupt cut-in events, brings you more surprises
  • Infinite Adventures
  • Setting out for endless adventures, again.


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