Phantasy Star Illustration Contest 2011

A long time ago, Sega announced an illustration contest where the winners would have their artwork shown in the lobby for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. Now with these 10 exceptional artists chosen, all we have to do is wait for the Playstation Network to come  back up to see them.  Also, as for the lack of updates last week, it was Golden Week in Japan, although it appears Sakai was still working.


Phantasy Star Portable 2 i by Jet

It reminds you of the original cover art for the PSO soundtrack. However the Rappy and the Nurse are facing towards you. [+]


Nagisa vs Hyuga by Tsukitsuba

A slightly stylized image featuring the confrontation of two individuals. [+]


Love Infinity by Hyugu

They drew all the rappies from PSO. Both their love and cuteness are infinite. [+]


Duo of Friends by Kimura

This artwork is about Emilia and Lumia's friendship, wondeing whether they are good or bad friends. Of note, Lumia's expression is slightly annoyed. [+]


Voluptuous Fire by Kusa

Shizuru is wearing a Kimono with Yaoroz amongst a fiery background. This image gives off a slight Japanese-like atmosphere. [+]


Welcome to Little Wing by Keko

This is a picture of  Emilia having an innocent smile and Nagisa looking slightly embarrassed. [+]


To Depend on Infinite Bonds by Tomi

My personal favorite. Perhaps it is an image of the artist's character with their friends' characters. Each character pictured shows off their own personality. [+]


Cast Generations by tatsuya

Each Cast is drawn like a bust statue.  These are the highly popular Casts within Phantasy Star. [+]


Nagisa, (she looks) good good (right?) by Ame

Like a painting on a folding screen, Nagisa is drawn within a unique atmosphere. [+]


-Nagisa- by Urei

It could be an image of Chapter 4 Act 2 where Nagisa sits in the sunset. [+]

[via psp2i_il]

Oh you wanted Sakai to talk about Phantasy Star Online 2's  promo video two weeks ago? Well why don't you come back tomorrow…


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