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Well this "expansion" came as a shock as how PSP2 isn't out yet in America. For me this announcement means I won't be getting any sleep at all thanks to 2ch. So without further ado, we present the first scan [via videogamerx]

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The way we do things here with scans, (especially the very blurry ones) is that we update information periodically taken from Japanese Official sites, Japanese Bloggers, and 2channel.

Updates 8/27:
+Added Rapiko's description of Friend Search
+Changing 絡みます from argue to entangled as it fits more with famitsu website description of Nagisa

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity
    • New Scenario "Episode 2"
    • Degree of Difficulty "Infinity" added.
    • All existing races Default characters have been redesigned.
    • There will be a "HUGE CONNECTION" with this game and PSO.
    • Game is currently 50% finished.
  • The Dumans
    • Dumans are now the 5th race.
    • Dumans are mutated humans. Their mutation is thought to be related to the SEED attacks 3 years ago. The power of darkness is hidden within their eyes, and are overwhelmingly more  aggressive than the other races. They are noted for their pale skin and eye patch.
    • The female design suggests a flamenco dancer, while the male is that of a bullfighter.
    • Dumans have an ability called Infinity Blast which shoots a huge laser beam.
    • Dumans are proficient with Hunter and force weapons.
    • They seem to be very weak. (Glass Cannons I bet)
  • Infinity Blast
    • Usable by Dumans.
    • A new blast that can only be used for a limited time.
    • If you want to use it longer, you need to attack enemies continuously.
    • (Basically keep on attacking to extend the blast)
    • The blast alters the aura of the weapon's attack (not sure what this means yet.)
    • You can also charge the attack.
    • There are 4 kinds of different effects which are based on your battle type.
  • Story Mode
    • 1.5 times the length of Episode 1.
    • Story takes place after the end of final mission of Episode 1.
    • An epilogue will be shown explaining what happens 1 year after Episode 1.
    • Episode 2 story will be told during the events of 1 year. Sakai calls this a "blank 1year story"
    • New Character. "Nagisa", story is centered around her.
    • Nagisa is voiced by "Nana Mizuki"
    • Nagisa is 18 years old.
    • She belongs to a new race known as the デューマン "Dewman".
    • She has a eye patch on her right eye. She carries a HUGE SWORD.
    • She is wandering around Gurhal for some reason.
    • Nagisa joins up with Little Wing becomes entangled with the main staff.
    • At the beginning it will be hard to know whether Nagisa is a friend or an enemy.
    • But she will go through her own character development.
  • Visual Lobby
    • Shougai PSO's speculations came true!
    • A new visual lobby!
    • The number of people who can join a lobby is the same as PSO's
    • (This would be 100 people in a block, 12 people in a lobby…)
    • (Adding that this number may change in the final version)
    • You can chat with others and recruit people to your party.
  • Enemies
    • From PSO Ruins: Chaos Bringer
    • From PSO Mines: Garanz
    • From PSOe2: Olga Flow. (Yah he'll probably be called Orga Flow)
    • There is expected to be many more monsters than portable 2.
  • Camera
    • Take Screenshots
    • You can take screenshot by holding the Select button.
  • Reincarnation/Limit Break 
    • The type counter has a new feature called Reincarnation "転生"
    • The feature for reincarnation is enabled at Level 50 
    • When you are reincarnating, you apply "bonus points" to your character.
    • These points could be stats like (HP/PP/ATK/etc)
    • The bonus points you can apply to your reincarnated character is based in proportion to your current level.
    • When you reincarnate you return to level 1 with the bonus stats.
    • You can reincarnate your character a number of times but we are unsure by how much.
    • Reaching level 200 will be much easier to get to.
    • (In Scan #5, there is a counter where you spend points to keep some HP/PP/ATK/etc..)
    • (So essentially you would store these parameters and reincarnate as a level 1)
    • (It seems as if you are limited in which and the amount of parameters you decide to transfer over.)
    • (When you reach to Level 200, you would have over the max stats)
    • (Shougai says Reincarnation concept is somewhat similar to Extend Codes)
    • The maximum level is still Level 200.
  • Communication
    • New feature Text input will be similar to that of a Mobile Phone. (This means nothing to us non Japanese people…)
  • Friend Search
    • When you pass by another player, you can exchange your character and mission code.
    • Friend Search is a third network function among Internet Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer
    • (Data is transferred between two or more PSPs in close proximity with each other.)
    • (This means your friend's character's data is in your game.)
    • (Essentially you and your friend can join missions together. )
    • (Your friend will become an NPC you can add to parties.)
    • Mission codes allow you and your friend to do missions where the rare drop rate has significantly increased.
  • Import PSP2 Save
    • You can transfer your previous character's level and items.
  • Satoshi Sakai Producer
    • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is not just a mere upgraded version.
    • The game's title refers to how it will "break limits"
    • The game itself will have 50% more story than psp2 itself.
    • The game will make an appearance at this years Tokyo Game Show.
  • Release Information
    • Platform: Sony PSP
    • Release Date:  2/24/11
    • Price: Not Announced.
  • General Observations
    • There appears to be a new lobby, it looks like another section of Clad 6.
    • The Little Wing logo can be seen on the wall.
    • Some have noticed Olga Flow's sword in the upper left hand corner.

[via 2ch, shougai] [thanks yuki for translation help]

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