Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Screenshots

Sega released several screenshots for Famitsu, though personally I'm waiting until 4gamer gets a hold of them. This is a rehash of information posted in the scan post, though Famitsu's website does leave a lot of the intricate details out… (Mainly those details came from Sakai's interview in the sidebar) At least I can make a few corrections.



Nagisa the Duman!

"Episode 2" is centered around a lonely girl named Nagisa, who is 18 years old. She's comes from a new race called the Dewmans. She is seen wandering around Gurhal for some reason. She's polite but one side of her doesn't know much common sense.



The Dumans

The game features a brand new race.  The Duman's gene structure has been changed from humans. A mighty powerful darkness is hidden within the eyes. They are very aggressive and can overpower the other races. As for the birth of this race, it is thought that they may have been some type of connection with the SEED  who were sealed 3 years ago.


PSO 10th Anniversary

It has been 10 years since Phantasy Star Online. Contents in this game will commemorate PSO. One such thing will be the Visual Lobby feature as well as monsters who appeared in PSO.

Chat up and meet with Players! (literally…)

In PSP2 players could only join a party by selecting one from a list. In this game the players can chat and recruit other players in a visual lobby.

The story of Episode 2 will feature a huge relationship with PSO. (details withheld)


Infinity Rank

Bruce's Dungeon on Infinity?

The mission difficulty of "Infinity" ∞ is added to the game.



The reincarnation feature allows one to reincarnate their character of the same race. Parameters can be set to strengthen a character from level 1. Though the level cap is still 200, this feature enables one to train a stronger character. Please note the above screenshot does not reflect the final version.


Friend Search

You can exchange your "character" and "mission code". When you obtain a character, you can go on a mission together. When you obtain a mission code, you can participate in a special mission.



Take a screenshot of the game by holding down the select button.


Phantasy Star Portable 2 will be available this Winter!


Additional Comments:

Boy some things were left out, well aside from that, the game is expected to come out in 2011 Winter, which means January – February. This is according to an advertisement Shougai PSO found where it states you can transfer your PSP2 Item and Level data over to Infinity.

In the Friend Data screenshot you can see it lists "Cream" stats, including her weapon palette. It calls this a "Friend Partner" and since you can go on missions together, this seems like friends will become partner characters. But we'll see.

[via famitsu]


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