Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Official Site Opens

Official Site

The official site is now open with a new logo and 6 videos. The 6 videos aren't particularly showing anything new except for the Dumans. Most of the footage was taken from PSPo2, including scenes from its story mode and party list. So far these videos are for users to catch up to speed with PSP2's mechanics and universe.


The Infinity Blog

The PSPo2 blog has now upgraded to Infinity and will be covering information regarding the game. So far Rapiko made a somewhat cryptic blog post about the new information.

Rapiko says Friend Search is the THIRD network function among Multiplayer Mode and Online Multiplayer Mode. It requires your PSP to come in contact with another PSP. During this mode, data will be transmitted. Rapiko also says Infinity presents itself with the concept of breaking limits. Where one can play this game endlessly. (I'm sure this is referring to Reincarnation.)



New Lobby where online players meet up!


A Duman using the Infinity Blast


Duman close up!



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