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Mags are artificial life forms that assist you during quests by occasionally attacking enemies, providing support effects, and most importantly raising your stats.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Your First Mag
2. Mag Menu
3. Raising a Mag
4. Using Mag Devices
5. Photon Blasts


Getting Your First Mag


In order to acquire a Mag, a character must reach level 5 and complete the Mag License Client Order given by Koffie. She is located at one of the Quest Counters in the Gate Area lobby.



The マグライセンス授与申請試練 (Mag License Application) order will unlock at level 5. Click on the left button in the popup message after selecting the order to accept it.



Fangulf are the bigger wolves of the forest.

The objective of this client order is to deliver one [フォンガルフの頭角] item. These can be dropped by Fangulfs upon defeat, which are primarily located in the Forest field of planet Naberius. Upon completion of the order, return to Koffie to receive experience points and your very first Mag!

Additional Mags cost ARKS Cash and can be purchased from the AC Store.

Item Pass マグ獲得チケット
Additional Mag Ticket
300 AC


Mag Menu

Mag Menu

The Mag Menu can be accessed by pressing the [Y] key on your keyboard (by default). Alternatively you can press [ESC] and select the first icon for the item pack, and then the third entry.

Mag Menu

  • アイテムを与える ║ Give Items
  • デバイスを使う ║ Use Device
  • 装備を外す ║ Unequip (or Equip)
  • マグ形態変更パスを使う ║ Use Mag Form Change Pass
  • トリガーアクション優先度  ║ Trigger Action Priority
  • アクション確認 ║ Check Actions


Raising a Mag


Feeding and Leveling

In order to grow your Mag, you'll need to feed it various items. As you feed it, its stats will grow depending on the type and rarity of the item. Your Mag's stats add to your own, and can be crucial for equipping higher level equipment. Many players suggest raising a "pure" Mag, focusing solely on a single ATK stat. The Braver and Bouncer classes — being a mix of two ATK types — primarily depend on the DEX stat, however.

For example, a striking weapon will raise the Mag's striking and dexterity stats. To avoid leveling dexterity, you'll need to find an item that will lower dexterity while raising striking. A simple Monomate will do the trick in this case. Dimates and Trimates will work with ranged and tech, though there are more potent items.

If you accidentally level the wrong skill, don't fret too much. There is a Mag Level Down Device at the EXCube Exchange Shop that will lower a skill by one level. The price is steep, however, at 50 EXCubes. Otherwise you can purchase a reset device from the AC Store.



The Mag's overall level will raise with each stat level gain, up to a maximum of 200. At certain levels, your Mag will evolve, taking on a new appearance. The form it takes depends on its highest stat, and affects the type of attack it uses in battle and its Photon Blast. But more on those later.

The first evolution takes place at level 30, with four possible variations. The second evolution occurs at level 100, with three to four variations for each of the first evolution's.

Click below to see all the evolution possibilities and what they require.

View the Mag Evolution Chart




Mags need energy to perform actions during quests, indicated by a percentage bar on its stats screen. You'll need to feed the Mag in order to raise its energy level. Up to three items can be fed at 0% to fill the bar. You won't be able to feed the Mag again until its energy drops below a certain percentage. The energy level will gradually decrease over time, even while you're offline. However, at level 200 a Mag's energy will not decrease unless you're logged in.



When choosing an item to feed your Mag, you can see how it will affect its stats by hovering over the item. As mentioned before, your Mag's stats will also affect your character's stats.

  • 打撃支援 ║ Striking Support (S-ATK)
  • 射撃支援 ║ Range Support (R-ATK)
  • 法撃支援 ║ Tech Support (T-ATK)
  • 技量支援 ║ Ability Support (DEX)
  • 打撃防御支援 ║ Striking Defense Support (S-DEF)
  • 射撃防御支援 ║ Range Defense Support (R-DEF)
  • 法撃防御支援 ║ Tech Defense Support (T-DEF)


Auto Action

An Auto Action is unlocked when your Mag reaches its second form. These are the attacks a Mag will perform automatically during battle. The action it learns is dependent on the form it takes. There are many different actions available, covering striking, ranged, and tech attacks. Auto Actions can be changed with special devices you can trade for at the EXCube Exchange Shop.


Once your Mag has reached level 200, it will unlock an SP Auto Action. These special moves will only activate when a boss enemy is nearby. There are four SP Auto Actions, including:

  • SP Striking / Clobber: Performs a series of slashes that surround the player.
  • SP Ranged / Vulcan: Rapidly fires multiple shots at an enemy.
  • SP Tech / Focus: Reduces the player’s Technic charging times.
  • SP Dexterity / Iron Wall: Summons a shield that reduces damage from enemies.

These can also be swapped with devices available at the EXCube Exchange Shop.


Trigger Action

Trigger Actions are supportive abilities that a Mag performs under certain circumstances. They can heal the player, provide invincibility, produce healing items, and even revive you. Each type of Mag starts off with a different action. Mags begin with three slots for Trigger Actions, and can obtain up to eight through leveling and unlocking them with a special device.

The fourth slot is unlocked at level 30, and the fifth at level 100. Slots six through eight require the Mag Support Extend Device, available only through the AC Scratch.


Using Mag Devices

Mag Devices are special items that can serve to speed up the feeding process, change auto/trigger actions and the Photon Blast, or even transform the appearance of a Mag! Devices can be acquired from the AC Scratch, exchange shops, or Emergency Trial clear rewards.

There are five main categories of Mag Devices: Evolution, Support, Food, Action, and Photon Blast.

  • Evolution Device: Transforms the appearance of a Mag.
  • Support Device: Teaches a Trigger Action to a Mag.
  • Food Device: Increases the stats of a Mag.
  • Action Device: Changes the Auto Action of a Mag.
  • Photon Blast Device: Changes the Photon Blast of a Mag.

Click below for a listing of these devices and the effects they provide.

View the Mag Device Library


Evolution Device

Evo Device Knight Gear

Evolution devices are purely cosmetic in nature, allowing you to transform the appearance of your Mag — once they've reached level 100 — to better suit your style. There are many types to choose from and are regularly released in AC Scratches and as event rewards. Several can be found across the game's various shops.


Mag Form Change Pass Menu

PSO2 keeps track of any evolution devices you've used on a Mag, allowing you to revert back to them using the Mag Form Change Pass available at the Recycle Shop. This saves you the trouble of having to acquire the potentially costly device again. This does not include the default Mag forms, however, so be warned.

To use the pass, click on the Use Mag Form Change Pass option in the Mag Menu. Choose the form you'd like to change to and select the first option in the popup. You can mark your favorites while you're at it with the second option.

Click below for a complete listing of all the Evolution Devices available.

View the Evolution Device Database


Photon Blasts

photon blast

Photon Blasts are powerful summons that unlock once your Mag reaches its second form (Lv.30). They must be added to the sub-palette in order to use them during quests. Just click on an empty area in the palette, and select the second tab to add a button that triggers your Photon Blast.


The Photon Blast can't be activated right away, however. You must wait for the PB Gauge to fill. Once it's ready, you'll notice the sphere beside your HP bar begin glowing.


There are five types of Photon Blasts, each with three different forms. These are indicated by the suffixes, "Proi, Imera, and Nifta." Each of these sub types behaves differently when summoned. The blast you initially receive depends on the type of Mag you've raised. If you're unhappy with the Photon Blast you've been given, you can replace it using one of the PB Devices available at the EXCube Shop.



Icon Name Description
Helix Proi ヘリクス・プロイ
Helix Proi
Charges forward, piercing through enemy lines.
Helix Imera ヘリクス・イメラ
Helix Imera
Stomps the ground, unleashes a power shockwave around itself.
Helix Nifta ヘリクス・ニフタ
Helix Nifta
Leaps forward and slashes foes with its horn, following it with a final stomp.
Ajax Proi アイアス・プロイ
Ajax Proi
Fires a series of energy blasts towards enemies.
Ajax Imera アイアス・イメラ
Ajax Imera
Fires a blast into the sky and damages enemies with pillars of energy.
Ajax Nifta アイアス・ニフタ
Ajax Nifta
Fires several enemy tracking lasers from its raised appendages.
Ketos Proi ケートス・プロイ
Ketos Proi
Swirls around the player, increasing the PP restoration rate of any players in range.
Ketos Imera ケートス・イメラ
Ketos Imera
Charges and fires a large beam through enemies.
Ketos Nifta ケートス・ニフタ
Ketos Nifta
Generates a large, rotating storm of lightning.
Julius Proi ユリウス・プロイ
Julius Proi
Teleports towards enemies and unleashes a barrage of blows with its many arms.
Julius Imera ユリウス・イメラ
Julius Imera
Showers enemies with needle-like lasers.
Julius Nifta ユリウス・ニフタ
Julius Nifta
Creates a concentrated series of explosions around an enemy.
Ilios Proi イリオス・プロイ
Ilios Proi
Follows the player, slashing their targeted foe with its large energy sword.
Ilios Imera イリオス・イメラ
Ilios Imera
Sends energy waves from its sword towards the player's targeted enemy.
Ilios Nifta イリオス・ニフタ
Ilios Nifta
Slams enemies targeted by the player with a blast of energy, affecting a large area.


Chaining Photon Blasts

PB Chain

When multiple players trigger a Photon Blast in close proximity, they will create a PB Chain. The range of your blast is indicated by a glowing blue ring around your character. In order to chain, the other rings must overlap with at least one other. Be sure to hold down the Photon Blast button to allow other players adequate time to chain. A successful chain will increase the power of each blast, and allow them to remain on the field for a longer period.



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