PSO2: Emergency Quest Cancellation Policy

Starting March 22nd, any account repeatedly engaging in the activity below may be subject to temporary or permanent suspension. This suspension will only apply if the account violated the activity a certain number of times over a certain period.

Violation Activity

  • Being the first to abandon an emergency quest after starting the quest with 12 players.

Targeted Quests

  • Certain Emergency Quests which are highly difficult and have a limited number of runs.

Players can also be caught in violation of the statement above, even from disconnections or game client terminations. They may, however, be excused from hitting a violation, if there was confirmation of a bug that has impeded their progression through the quest. Once the bug has been corrected, the policy will be enforced for the affected Emergency Quest.


107 thoughts to “PSO2: Emergency Quest Cancellation Policy”

  1. I still believe that action should be taken if the player was reported through a system of sorts. In a fully (or even with significant majority) premade group, any player who decides to leave mid-run should have action taken against them by the players themselves (by you guessed it, ostracization from reinviting for further runs or even kick from Team). It would suck if someone in a premade group left due to a real-life emergency which would mean the consent of the group they play with.

    Leeching should be determined by the players*, not by Sega.

    * not the elitist ones

    1. I think in the situation where you are in a fixed MPA and needed to excuse yourself due to an emergency, the easiest solution would be to just AFK in the map (with the consent of your MPA, of course). It's a fixed MPA anyway, it's not like other people will join unless you open your map to public, and you can resume the EQ immediately after you are done with your matter.

    2. Except they monitor that now too, and yup you guessed it. It can possibly result in a ban.

    3. Well the last resort would be to let your party leader kick you. They did mention that the penalty does not affect individuals who are kicked from their parties, but they didn't mention that the party leaders will have to undertake a penalty of some sort for kicking (maybe they will, but let's leave it for another day).

    4. Wouldn't it simply be possible to tell the rest of the multi-party that you have to take a moment away to do something? I mean, the all-chat speak is there for a reason, not just for annoying Auto-Words that people keep putting /a on.

      In other MMOs where you're doing something in a large group, it's customary to tell everyone that you have to be right back for a moment. Otherwise, people would think you're AFK on purpose or are going to be for a really long time. While it's not something we've had to do before here, I don't see what's wrong with having to brb during something like Mining Base if you had to go do something for a moment and I knew about it.

      "Because there are English and Japanese players" isn't a reason, either since if that were the logic, we shouldn't even be here.

      To cut down to the point, I don't see what's wrong with taking a moment to brb if you let everyone know.

    5. The whole nature of this game's social aspect comes down to being introverted, and that's the main problem. People speak so little towards each other outside Party/Team that you might aswell call them NPCs or bots.

      I agree with your statement that it shouldn't hurt to type brb in /a, but sadly I doubt we're ever going to see anyone do that.

    6. Elitist ones are often badly geared players who don't know how to even wb a core(for an example of course). So it's not like anyone good treats them seriously. And really, they need to punish players for not taking the time to prepare and learn. It's not like they have to know the EQ inside and out to do decent damage. Then no one would be leaving EQs unless it's an important reason.

      Still would like to see some kind of "already cleared EQ on a lower difficulty" requirement at some point. Doesn't need to require a S rank or something, could be any rank, since any MPA they join could drag them down. Just something so they're ready when good execution becomes very necessary and they have an idea before entering a less lax situation.

      It would keep the game having a more middle lines approach to difficulty rather than it being too much of either side that is kind of doing massive damage to the game's player count.

    7. Punishing players for not being prepared is already done: you fail the quest. Now the fact that Sega has 60min timers for quests and players expect those runs to be 5 min tops, treating a 6min run is "I was in a group where everyone else had 0 brain function" is another issue. Maybe they could have quests require harder dps checks for that, so that a lot more people fail them? Or maybe they could have soft caps where defeating an objective in lower time grants more rewards? (more exp, more items)

    8. Not really no. Leeching still happens. It still happens a lot. Had that problem in mother, summoner's damage is just so broken when handled right it can make up for many many players.

      Add in another heavy damage class and you can still handled mother in under an hour. This issue is only present on the "didn't katana combat or doll'd" blocks.

      And I am fine with less rewards for taking more time. I don't think it's a good idea for all or nothing. I do feel like they need to disallow campshipping personally. MPAs should feel some pressure. With PBs, Katana combats, and 60 moons and 12 half dolls, I don't think there's really much to fear. Just give people some worry to killing faster to avoid dying more as well as create some tension for things like mum cubes or Loser sword rain.

      Then again free explores need fixing. I would say limited campship returns should be a thing… if not, they might as well remove the "fail on boss if die solo" because that whiplash in difficulty is stupid. I would say alloting "lives" would prevent bosses from being too much of an issue to die solo. And dying too much in the quest being more than a rank issue would make people try a little more, as well as add a "fight of flight" aspect to field boss spawns. Right now it's "toss your body at it till it dies".

      Again, rank means so little there, especially since you only need to max kills to get A rank.

    9. "Still would like to see some kind of “already cleared EQ on a lower difficulty” requirement at some point. Doesn’t need to require a S rank or something, could be any rank,"
      My only concern with that is it would be a nuisance for more experienced late game players as often times significant progress towards 13*s, whether they be CFiles or not, are locked behind XH.
      Two other issues with this is first, it doesn't take into account if a quest has a notable change in difficulty between SH to XH (examples of this would be Loser and PD EQs), other situation is the difficulty jump as of course enemies in XH rock much higher HP pools and damage compared to their SH counterparts. So tactics such as a Popple throwing constant Chasers may work in SH but the significant HP pool change in XH renders this tactic useless.
      Honestly repetition is key, and EQ times in runs DO on average get better as the EQ pops up more over time. Honestly while rewards may be pretty negligible for the most part, Solo PD does a good job at forcing players to get familiar with both Double and PD. I do solo runs of the quest when the EQ first pops up and I get typically pretty really quick runs in terms of PUGs (been noticing a 2 – 3m average for Double and 4 – 5m average for PD for the runs I've been in).

    10. While I do agree with your comments, I feel, personally, that "something is better than nothing", because people will still try to poople chaser regardless in TD XH when they start. However for that, it will give people an idea about waves. My only problem is XH PD changes too much from SH

    11. @ reality check the only elitist players i know have very good gear and know how to get stuff done. what elitists have you been seeing lol. im slightly an elitist myself i affix my gear well and in things like XH i expect others to do the same. going into them with gear that only a lv under 40 should wear is a problem it ruins a run if half the mpa are dying due to low defenses. or killing slowly > bad sub level/ and bad affixes lower the persons overall damage. you may see people as elitist if they expect others in XH to have decent gear but in FF14 you have to have a really high item lv before u even get allowed to look at the higher raids. pso2 is no different. if you want to do XH and not get called scrub then don't join with low end gear.

    12. somehow the elitist i see is

      -have good gears and good runs
      -but socially ruiners
      -tend to give false info for newbs, afraid of being surpassed
      -gives false remark over a good strategy to discourage usage in public and secretly using it themselves
      -lucky bastards (ok, don't mind this although this is a fact)

    13. Giving false info to newbies? That's not an elitist, that's a moron.
      If the elitist expects every run to be good, then why would they harm themselves in the long run by giving false information?

      It's idiots that spread this information and why we have stupid classes like bo/br, su/hu, hu/su and the likes running amok pretty frequently now.

    14. `why would they harm themselves in the long run by giving false information?`

      1. afraid of being surpassed (because they can't improve anymore)
      2. to have some bullying material instead of being bullied for reaching improvement cap (don't forget, they're elitist and needs bullying materials)

    15. I'm fairly sure you're literally the only person who sees those kinds of "elitists".

      As in, they only exist in your head.

    16. Nah, they're just bad. I've seen many many bad players, especially in Magatsu, who will tell you to do it exactly as team MPAs would, not compensating for the MPA's DPS/situation. The standard order was done expecting it's right shoulder to be blown to bits by the time it stands up or at least nearly destroyed. But then you have so many bad RAs who don't know better when the DPS is bad and don't go for the other shoulder were there are more platforms to abuse, or…if the party is really bad, belly only runs.

      No one is flexible if they do know anything at all half the time. They THINK they know the game, but they know nothing…it's just what they've always done and don't understand that it's not always the best.

      Loser comes to mind… So many people zanverse so fast it's sad. It's so easy to keep him stunned if you know what to do…and lo-and behold, the one time people actually follow along with what I do, the EQ ends in under 5 minutes.

      @TK- That's usually the kind of "elite" people I see…but usually they're also the ones who don't play Bo or Su… I was in the awful SHC team on Ship 2 for a while and they seriously though Ilmegid was still amazing at the end of episode 3 :U Custom ragrants had already been out but they never mentioned it

      Mainly because they never played Force and would always try to correct some one who mained it.

      This is why I try to educate myself on all classes, and actually play them. Nothing I say, regardless of right or wrong, has actually come from personal experience. Learning to have Wise Stance ready for things like PD and anything with a red glowy bit attached to their butt makes an insane difference…. and everyone else who played Fi before me told to only do Brave Stance 8D;

    17. Neither of them things lol, I don't think you know what an elitist is.
      An elitist is when a person expects everyone to be high performance even newcomers. By telling a new player that X stupid class is good to trick them, they will trigger a domino effect of information passing, where that newbie will then tell their friends to go that class causing that class to become more and more common, sort of like Hu/Su , Su/Hu and Bo/Br; classes that have 0 synergy.

      Then said elitist will continue to complain that mpas are shit because of bad class combinations. It's really not hard to follow lol.

    18. My previous message was aimed at amateur btw.

      But @Reality check.
      Lol for real?
      Sweet jesus. Loser is definitly still a giant issue I forgot about him, always just have them few people zerg the neck core on first rotation to immediately increase the run length.

      I try and play every class, I don't have any real entertainment preference for Ranger or Summoner, but what little I do know I'll try and assist with, if I don't know something, I'll refer them to someone who mains said class and who can show that they're not all talk. Wise stance most certainly has it's uses, on Hunter for example when I play it, I like having both brave and wise stance rather than S attack up maxed on the fighter tree, wise stance certainly has it's uses, albeit not too often but for hunter it's definitely valuable; it is fairly niche on fighter though, Elder and UQ amduscia do come to mind however as well as PD and his complete flip flopping of stances, I try to play something like BO for pd, so I can cast Zverse if needed for parts with niren, or to destroy the rear parts of double because of everyone's immediate thought to blitz the frontal part.

      It is pretty cute that them said elitists exists though, not even worth arguing most of the time, just ignore and move on with life.

    19. @tk
      ah nice, you understand that. pretty much being afraid of being surpassed is already the reason they became elitist. mentally unstable beings

    20. knowing quite a few elitists, I have seen very fer ppl like that. Furthermore, the few ppl like that are usually called A$$es, and shunned by the elitist community.

      That community (players who min/max and take the time to deck out their affixes) is very small in this game. Giving newbs accurate information is an important step for an elitist to gain more potential group members, and have less noobs.

      That said, I affix all of my gear 150atk/9pp as a minimum, but most elitists i know of (myself included) do not judge players for having lower stats/less skill. Those players can play casually if that's what they find to be fun. They just shouldn't expect to be join an elitist party without improving first, since it'd ruin the rest of the party's fun.

      casual = ok, elitist = ok, lobby chatterboxes = ok, as long as you're having fun. Just don't expect other ppl to be okay with having their fun interrupted by someone else forcing a different play style on them.

    21. Just having a 13* /= good gear :U

      A lot of them lack proper affixes(almost lacking PP in all cases) and seem to think that running around without maxing element is A-okay. They're quick to call out others and everything but fail to grasp their miserable damage.

    22. its people like you who give mmorpgs a bad name. Don't be a dick. People are new. Okay so what, they try and EQ not knowing what to do. Then they learn. But let me guess your character was created at lvl 75/75 correct? Now granted you make it to XH difficulty then YES you should know what you're doing by then and have the proper gear. Either way calling people scrubs or any name calling is VERY discouraging to new players. I mean technically its bullying. But lower level difficulty up to 70 who gives a shit what anyone does. I'm 2 weeks into the game and I'm 75/75 on my first character with a 13 star +20 weapon not bragging just saying it's not super hard to get the hang of things and by now I know a lot hell for the 1st week I didn't even know skill trees existed. You learn, I learn something new everyday. So with that said help other players and be a part of the solution and not the problem

    23. You sound like a moronic elitist alright, especially with a name like yours. No wonder no one likes you.

      A true professional can will carry lowbies because, well, they're their to grind. What, are you too weak to take up the challenge? Sounds like you weren't able to do Profound Darkness solo and are trying to justify your superiority anyways.

    24. The problem with player reporting is the issue with abuse. It's easy to do, and has been a problem with a lot of other MMORPGs ever since its incarnation. If you think the Japanese netizens won't dog on you, you are surely mistaken.

  2. How about you go fck yourself SEGA

    quiting is a pain but that rarely ever happen anymore thx to Expert Block

    There's a bigger problem that is leech, it will not prevent or might even encourage such behavior

    Go make another expert block sega, hnh 1-5 is way too easy at this point, 2nd expert block with only 2-3 blck with req of PD solo S rank would be nice

    1. You realize that increasing the requirement of the current Expert block or making a new, elevated Expert block is not only redundant- but also completely ineffective and serves to needlessly disperse the player base. It's also really annoying for the majority of players to have to keep jumping hurdles because people using the best min/max classes demand to huddle themselves around other elitists. I'm pretty sure these are the same kind of people who demand a higher level cap for no reason, too.

      Why couldn't someone just make a team with all the 'best' people and call it day if so many of these kinds of people exist? I'm sure those kinds of teams are out there.

      Even if the requirement was higher, that literally only means they need to clear it once, and they can go into the elevated Expert block and stand there all they want. All it does is change the entry requirements, and will do absolutely nothing against leeching. Just because the entry requirement is higher doesn't mean people can't just stand there and leech doing nothing anyway. Anyone can leech, and people will find ways around it- the only variable is how long it will take for them to work their way through.

      What Sega needs is a way to determine whether or not players are actually 'leeching', which is probably one of the hardest things to determine because it's a combination of facts vs opinion and gear vs skill. They can't just wave their hands around and make it happen. This is only one step out of likely many others.

    2. tbh, the higher lvl cap with no accompanying difficulty increase only serves to make the game easier. It's not something the hyper-skilled players would want. Being someone who knows players like that, I can tell you from experience that most of them are pissed about the lvl 80 thing. Their common complaints are "Great… Now all of the no-skill casuals, who never bothered to spec or gear correctly will be rolling content without any real effort… just f***ing wonderful!!!"

      So yea, idk who SEGA was hoping to appease with the lvl cap increase.

  3. Cannot wait to see some of my friends quit due to bad internet / computers, without the ability to fix said issues, 10/10 Sega.

    Time to watch the shitstorm commence, thankfully I brought some popcorn yo.

    1. If you had poor internet playing a multi-play oriented MMO, you technically shouldn't even be playing until you resolve the issues or else you become a liability to everyone around you. Raid boss type EQs don't even take that long to complete, so if your internet dies or something during the 5-15 minutes it takes to complete, that's pretty unlucky. Mining bases are another story, though.

      Anyway, if you look at it in another way, if you played World of Warcraft or something where each party member is valuable and had constant disconnections or lag due to bad internet, nobody would want you playing anyway.

      The game doesn't demand a super-strong computer but it isn't that hard to get a decent internet connection.

    2. When I know I'm going to have internet issues (i.e. a lot of disconnects or lags before the EQ even starts), I usually end up passing on the quest even if it turns out I don't disconnect. Thankfully (and this was literally why we were having slower/bad internet) we got our squirrel chewed line at the back of the house replaced and our ISP has never been better, although we may be switching providers soon due to rising prices so I'm hoping the new ISP will at least be stable enough for me to play.

      As far as people leaving EQs, I'm not sure if it's partly due to this or what but for the longest time I thought that if you raised to the ship after dying you'd be locked out of going back down. I think that if more people knew or realized that you can go back up to the ship (when you die and it looks like nobody is using a moon on you) and quickly restock on items (at least in some EQs) and head right back down then maybe they wouldn't be so quick to leave in some cases.

    3. You could be rocking an ISP who are completely unreliable with no way to tell if a DC will happen. My friend for instance runs comcast and on the occasion will just randomly dc, his friend has it even worse; this banning issue essentially puts paranoia on their head in regards to 'will my internet dc today?'.

      Another one of my friends recently had to move location in order to support his financial gain from work, this put him with internet that isn't entirely stable on the occasion again, without any real indication when it will play up, this rule yet again basically excludes him from being able to attends such eqs.

      There's also the case of wi-fi, not all buildings can support ethernet cables going through walls / upstairs, or costs alot to get implemented, wi-fi is very.. fragile shall we say the least, doesnt matter what country you are from it is generally always the same, fragile. It can be disrupted very easily.

      Sega quite frankly need to think of some way to determine an illegal disconnect and one that cannot be avoided.

    4. Everyone's ISP can break down anytime lol. Try finding one that has perfect track record of never having any downtime. If that's the case won't everyone be paranoid because they don't know when they are going to DC?

      To be honest, I don't play MMOs when I know my internet connection is really bad as well. At least for me, bad connection = delays = bad gaming experience. If I'm going to be pissed off half the time while playing because I'm having bad delays and constantly getting myself killed/end up being a liability to my team/people flaming me because I'm not contributing as much, I'd rather not play the game.

      As for Boss Raid EQs, I think it used to be the case where you'd get locked out of the quest after returning to the Gateship when incapacitated, DFE or DFL I believe? I remember there was once where I was in a Team MPA when DFL was first out: We were about to retake the map because it didn't seem like we'll be able to kill Loser, but one of the parties wasn't able to take the map anymore because by some stroke of luck, all the members within the same party returned to Gateship at the same time (Party leader didn't abandon the quest) and so they received the notification that they failed the EQ. I'm not sure if that is still the case for those 2 EQs now, since they have a smaller HP pool as compared to the later bosses so I don't really see people returning back to the Gateship.

      But for PD and ESCA you are allowed to return to the Gateship, restock, and resume the quest, regardless if you are in the map as a solo player or in a party. On top of that the time limit is 60 minutes, as compared to the 30 minutes limit given to the former 2 (DFE/DFL). I haven't personally experienced it myself, but I've heard of friends being in Public MPAs with EQ leavers when they are unable to clear ESCA at the 17-20 minute mark in an Expert Block. I think they leave not because they don't know that they can return to the Gateship, but because they think clearing the Boss Raid EQ is a waste of their time/boost/effort/whatever because the DPS is lacking.

    5. Well, I recently had a few power outages. So people have to take weather into account also.

  4. How great. Have a bad network during EQ time? Just avoid it and don't even try to do it if you don't want to be kicked forever.

    Well done SEGA. That's the first time I think you REALLY have serious problems in some of your decisions… I never quit an EQ except if we finish 5 or less/12 but nobody's every away from the risk of DC…

    1. Yeah getting band from a disconnection is pretty retarded, Sega would only be screwing their own self's over if there dedicated hard working players ended getting banned just because of a network issue. They could at least add a timer for those who stay in the Camp Ship and at the teleporter area so that when they exceed that time, they automatically get kicked, now is that so hard?

      But then again too, it is still early this month and the 22nd is still a ways off, so they may make some changes to those decisions, maybe. We'll just have to wait and see.

    2. I do think that they need to have some way to tell if the player consciously left the game or if they disconnected, but I think unfortunately those that disconnect or shut off their internet and then log back in during a critical quest could end up using that as an advantage to beat the penalty. I think it was WoW where some people would purposely disconnect during a raid and then later claim "Bad Internet" when they return. Naturally, if someone has bad internet then they probably shouldn't be playing an MMO though. I guess everyone just needs to ideally have a good connection, or at least one that's stable.

    3. Yes… And I was thinking too, we don't know how many times qualify a ban now. I guess that will be their way to know who to kick or not (but that's not that safe too, heh…)

      What I find "fun" is the part "even from disconnections or game client termination".

      Hello we know our thing is not perfect but that's too bad for you! And sorry for the AC you've spent waiting for you ~

      Aah seriously… ^^'

    4. You have to consider that they can't excuse disconnections. If they excused disconnections as part of the rule, people who wanted to leave would simply unplug their ethernet cables or disconnect their wi-fi, etc, and get away with it scot-free.

      Personally, I haven't disconnected at random from an EQ in maybe a year or two now. The only times that it would disconnect are if my internet went out for some specific reason, but EQs only take at most 10 minutes or so to complete- so if your internet goes out in that 10 minutes, that's pretty unlucky. I guess the player load could be a factor but, eh I don't know.

      This rule doesn't seem to include things such as White Day, etc, since I don't think they would be considered 'difficult' or 'raid-bossy'. So that at the least is something I'm glad is (hopefully) an exception.

    5. The fact they can't excuse disconnections if they're gonna follow through is part of the problem though. It's kind of placing those who just happen to disconnect(kind of an issue at times with how the servers have been in episode 4 …) in the same spot as those who leave…

      Which also shows how little they understand of the issues going on of those who leave the EQ. They leave because of bad players who are not equipped for the task at hand. Something that shouldn't really be an issue in XH. No one wants to be dragged down and waste their time with a bad MPA and people leaving is a good way for people to understand that they're doing something wrong. Yes, some people are gonna be blind to the reality that they're not doing what they should be while lacking gear they should have, but others might pick up on it.

      Plus I learned that bad players rarely seem to leave MPAs .w.; Not till they're the last ones there.

    6. Unless there was a way to discern true disconnections versus intentional disconnections (which as far as I know, no game has ever done), this is probably the way it's going to stay and for the better. As much as I'd like them to be able to tell, I like their approach prioritizing cracking down on the people who leave intentionally. If they left out disconnections entirely, leaving is as easy as disconnecting your internet without turning off the game.

      People complained that others are leaving intentionally because EQs aren't going fast enough for their taste, which end up making EQs for the remaining 11 take even longer- so just don't let them leave, Sega said. I can't sympathize with someone who uses the logic that they should leave because they aren't satisfied and make it even slower for the rest of the people who may/may not already know it might be going slower than average.

      Expert blocks exist to whittle down the number of poorly equipped players, and I know that poorly equipped players do slide through oftentimes, but it's rare for a party to be made up so many poorly equipped players that it destroys a run's time. More often than not, everyone I've seen is decently/well (not poorly) equipped, and the party becomes 11/12 anyway because the player skill level rather than the gear isn't good enough for them.

      All these complaints are basically a battle between casual and hardcore players, because PSO2 is a pretty damn casual game with a couple louder voices demanding more hardcore features.

      The only parties I've left are Magatsu parties that clearly weren't going to clear the mission- and that's it, because early Magatsu back in the day was one of the EQs people didn't figure out yet and actually lost a good chunk of the time.

    7. one way to differentiate connection issue and deliberated disconnection is to have the application to log our network connection activity (up to RTO, unplug, flushing ip, etc that's on similar level) and send it to server on the next login with corresponding ID. But i don't know if it's counted as privacy breach or not.

      they could've implemented different punishment for different EQ though
      – for EQ with more than 1 clear limit, abandon counted as cleared
      – for EQ with 1 clear limit, abandon will deny your CF and *10 and up drops on re-run for the session.

    8. @Amateur

      even if they implemented such a feature, people could simply get around it by turning off their router instead. we have to face the truth: if any exceptions are made, there will be people who will abuse those exceptions to keep on abandoning EQs unpunished. because of this, the correct answer isn't to try and distinguish between intentional and accidental leavers, but to give considerable leeway to those who do disconnect, regardless of the cause

      in doing so, they're virtually guaranteed to put an end to the leaver problem: they'll catch both the offenders which are leaving on purpose, and those that do so due to terrible connection but still trigger the system from repeatedly leaving, meaning that they refused to stop ruining people's EQs by not participating in them even though they know it keeps happening

      the only question is whether this "considerable leeway" will exist or not, because it's sega we're talking about. but I'm not that worried

    9. Sega could've just implemented a proper RECONNECTION code in case of dc and this wouldn't be a problem…

  5. >leechers then

    "huh? why the numbers dropping now 10/12? oh no better report to sega about this!"

    >leechers now

    "haha! you cant cancel these quests now or 816 lololololol carry us till finish!"


  6. "Players can also be caught in violation of the statement above, even from disconnections or game client terminations." Now that's just ludicrous. I seriously hope they set it up so the rule does not apply to players who dc due to bad server connection. The part re excusing the violation due to bugs sounds like they'll only let things slide if they feel it's their fault. I don't think bad server connection would fall into that category. =/ Oh well.

  7. what about bad luck dc then?

    no one is stupid enough to dc right on boss dying/ before crystal breaking

    1. If someone had that kind of bad luck to DC during EQs like maybe 5-10 times (just assuming that might be the limit) within like a period of a month to a few months (again, I'm just assuming the period of time), I'd be surprised they haven't gotten struck by lightning.

  8. hii ya.. i would like to see the one sugested and implemented this ban thing got struct by thunder 5 times and DC + perma banned,

  9. This decision will discourage many players, me included.
    I have many roomates who use same connection as me, and ofc i can't restrict them or control them for using it because we have an equal footing there. Sometimes when the internet usage on the peak i will dc (usually when more than 3 roomates using youtube) and its random.

    Nowadays i only do EQs in pso but if this decision implemented as this, idk what i will do later.

  10. if have bad connection the only you can do is go EQ with pt not more than 11. since it only say
    Violation Activity

    – Being the first to abandon an emergency quest after starting the quest with 12 players.

    though I dont know it will work or not. how you guys think ?

    1. I'm sure that will work… but the question is: why would you?

      In the first place the policy is already targeted at "difficult to win" quests, no one will want to start the teleporter unless its 12/12 because of the high HP pool and every damage counts… unless you are somehow able to find 10 other people who have high DPS and bad connection and make an MPA by yourselves.

      …Which then again is weird, because why would you risk getting people DC'ed all over the place and constantly retry the EQ?

  11. Well this happened i bet because from the pressure from this "Elitist" players.
    If only this implemented only in this "ELITIST BLOCK", i think this ll be a win-win solution.

    Don't be wrong i already finished all solo EQs and PD (although i can't S rank solo PD) so you can say I'm geared and a veteran too, but nowadays i more enjoy casual play.
    Well we don't want sacrifice many players just for thirst of this "Elitist" players.
    I more prefer a half hour PD with beginners than 7 mins PD with the risk of banned.

    1. Actually if i remember correctly I think it mostly came from necky, where players would leave the eq after gal due to his very valuable unit drops (power 3 8slot for example).

    2. Welcome everyone, to this week's round of "SEGA KILLED THE GAME" or as many call it "GOOD JOB SEGA NO WONDER YOUR GAME IS FAILING"

      Tune in as 3/4 of the game's population magically gets banned for no reason! Watch as Sega loses all of their money and the game closes down just like the last 50 times they killed the game!

    3. It has nothing to do with "elitists" unless they're the bad players who think they're good.

      This has everything to do with bad players whining about good players leaving because they don't wanna deal with a slim chance at succeeding at a TD or a 40 minute mother because no one else came prepared.

    4. yeah that a possibility too but the problem we got here is the harsh punishment we ll get from it.

      i just think a solution like make some special expert blocks which this ll be implemented, so anyone who go to this block know the consequence for leaving. and we can do some survey too, how popular this block will be.

      By the way from many possibilities of the punishments, why sega choose suspension way? Suspension is like killing your own consument. are they not like their consument now who spent many AC?
      If its me i ll choose a punishment like "Once you dc/quit a EQ, you ll out from EQ this round". This ll make players who quit/dc cant join that EQ again this round.

      The players who dc and cant join the EQ this round will say "unlucky me". Instead of "bastard you sega", when they suspend them because of this.

    5. Expert Blocks were supposed to be the go-to block for players who didn't want to have to deal with the bad players you mention. If the problem persists, then it means that:
      1) Bad players found an exploit and gained access to Expert Blocks when their actual skill should not allow it (somewhat confirmed by having "friends" do the hard part)
      2) The requirement for Expert Blocks is set too low (this should be determined by % of players who attempted and succeeded)
      3) The good players (and not the bad) are the ones who complain and leave when they see that a run may take 1 minute longer than the current world record.

      The problem is Sega's approach to this issue. They have given players a few tools to cope with this issue of leeching via group formation, open/close group, password-lock, but instead of forcing players to use those, they decide to go the other route and act as if every single player joins entirely solo with open group on B-001. Instead of giving players the choice of whether they want to play with someone or not (and give additional tools to scan player equipment and prevent grouping with undesirable players), they go the way of "I decide who plays and who doesn't based on criteria that I choose without consulting players". Basically they try to create World of Warcraft's LFR group formation on Mythic difficulty without player input.

  12. @TK You really haven't been around the social side of things, have you?(PSO-World is a good sign of elitists who are awful at the game.) There's a ton of bad players who think they're doing the world a favor. I know exactly what an elitist is…it has nothing to with whether or not they're aware if they're doing good. They always think they're doing amazing, regardless if they are or not.

    They also think they know everything. Which was the point i was trying to stress.

    1. Indeed! I have not been around the social side other than helping a few newer players on reddit, hence why I was baffled why anyone would advice a poor class combo when it'd bite them in the ass later.

      I don't use Psow for that reason actually, always heard it was just full of complaining players.

  13. >sega put all these efforts to cater players with special needs
    >somehow pso2 models still have frozen fingers


  14. Since i basically TLDR the comments. could someone help me understand the meaning of the second violation? I read it and it makes little to no sense to me. is there a piece i'm missing or am i just not understanding the words?

    1. violation -> the 1st to leave in 12/12 mpa
      what quest qualifies the violation
      – Difficult to win quest
      – Limited run quest

      Mother, PD, Magatsu, Yamato, TD (putting 3, 4, Necky. Still not sure bout 1 & 2 from SEGA side)

  15. So, some mpa does fine, then some dude in it cucks the raid to 11/12 by disconnecting, because he thought he is entitled to play multiplayer game with his awful internet.
    Tell me he doesn't deserve a ban.

    You got a clear warning before ep3 started that you're not welcomed in the game, you got another warning in ep4, now they have moved on ultimatum. Either you're quitting yourself, or you will have to be dealt with.

    1. I think that if you aren't using English patch (which is technically a violation of TOS) and you are a premium user then you should be treated fairly regardless.

      It's fine to get an attitude about stuff if you're dealing with free players but when money is involved then you are doing bad business to exclude a person from a game from a disconnect or two. I don't care if you're Blizzard with WOW, you don't ban players for a simple disconnect. Especially not paying players.

      Look at online games in America. Ever been DC'd? Yes, yes you have. And your internet wasn't even awful at the time either. If it hasn't happened to you personally I'm sure you've at least heard a story or two. You've probably heard the popular phrase "Comcast sucks".

      Internet Service Providers (or ISPs) are not perfect. Not even fucking close, it is a strangled technology due to monopolization of region's, they rarely get any better.

      Thankfully we are beginning to expand with the advent of Fiber Optics and the upcoming 5G internet. The former is just a thousand times faster and more stable and the latter will probably be more affordable so long as you have a plan. Cable internet providers will finally have to get their act together!

    2. As harsh as it may be, this is true.
      I haven't browsed any forums for thoughts on this from the Japanese players' side of things, but there are an awful lot of concerns around here with disconnecting and it makes me wonder how often people actually do disconnect.

      It's not like disconnecting once will cause you to be banned immediately. If someone disconnects from an EQ a bunch of times within a few months, that's kind of a problem and a liability for the other players also doing the EQ. I wouldn't want to be in a multi-party with someone who I knew had frequent connection issues.

      I know some people really like the game but can't help but have finicky internet due to circumstances, but constant disconnections causing EQ multiparties to become 11/12 is kind of irritating.

      And again, yes. This is a server in Japan we're connecting to, and some people are using a VPN/proxy service as well. Chances are that if there are disconnections, it is not Sega's fault and they really don't have to take any responsibility for it. The only time I've seen mass player disconnect is when the PSO2 Proxy went down that one time ages ago, and that has nothing to do with Sega.

    3. ^ Exactly. I wouldn't go so far to say that the person who disconnected deserves a ban, but there is definitely a different in damage output when it comes to 12/12 or 11/12. Also, yes we are connected to the game via proxy/vpn: if we disconnect, so be it. The issue is that people are thinking of re-connecting right after they DC, so they are worried that if a DC streak occurs, that would get them the penalties. Just leave the computer and go get some fresh air, you would've already missed out on all those rares if you didn't DC so might as well.

      So far looking at some retweets on Twitter and blog comments, it seems like JP base is more concerned about disconnections happening mainly when they have fixed MPA or when there is mutual agreement to abandon quest in a fixed MPA (for aug hunting, etc.). Being in a JP team myself, I really haven't seen players complain about this policy (mainly because our online members are usually not enough to do fixed MPA), but neither have I seen them disconnect that often. At the very most, they do experience massive delays in Boss Raid EQs at times, but that wasn't even enough to get them disconnected from the game.

  16. You guys forgot that this is a japanese game.
    You're connecting to the servers in japan

    If you lose connection, I WONDER WHY?

    1. A lot of people seem to forget this.

      I'm more than certain that disconnections happen significantly less in Japan purely due to proximity to the servers, and a lot of people here are not Sega's responsibility.

      Unless Sega's servers go down, or the game is known to frequently crash (during EQs, in particular too) for a concerning number of people, there isn't 'technically' anything wrong with this rule.

      I'm getting tired of entering parties that are doing just fine with a decent time on an EQ, but a speedrunner decides that it isn't 30 seconds fast enough for them and leaves. One player does make a difference and these people don't care about what happen to the other 11- who will either be forced to tread through an even longer EQ or all disband and disperse into other multi-parties.

      I've found the average Expert block clear times to be pretty darn fast in comparison to the groups on the Extra Hard blocks, so the Expert blocks are getting the job done even if it has imperfections. Sega's just taking one step at a time to figure out what works and what doesn't.

      I don't think Sega would have made the decision to apply this policy if they were getting loads of disconnection reports, which means they probably weren't.

  17. Glad I already hit 70 this week. lol I was planning playing on avoiding EQs anyway. All I want to do is collect weapons and clothes. Too bad about LQs though. The Vegas one was pretty fun. I'll just have to solo the current one on a lower level and grind out my EXP slowly to 75.

  18. Thankfully the only time I d/c is when my modem on rare occasions decides to reboot itself. So I do feel sorry for those who have shit connections. Feels like the ppl it's gonna hurt is those individuals with poor connection to the game. cuz the try hards gonna find a loophole with that and still leave w/o penalty lol.

  19. So, what happens if your running a EQ, and a blackout occurs? Not saying this happens all the time or a lot. But it does happen.

    1. Assuming that a blackout occurs once per week, I'm pretty sure that 4 times in a month does not warrant for a penalty. If the blackout frequency is more than that, I would've just taken a break from the game and continue when service is more stable. I wouldn't want to deal with my own rage issues just because I keep disconnecting and the thought of getting a ban would keep me awake all night.

  20. That's it I quit! Don't want to play in a game that can ban me due to my internet connection! Why permanent ban? Can they just ban someone from doing EQ for a week or month instead for permanent account ban.

    1. They know whether or not you terminated client or if the internet cuts out. I'm pretty sure cord pullers will make it so legitimate disconnects are penalized too.

  21. Like, just how often are y'all disconnecting anyway? Are you disconnecting every hour?? Once a day? Do you dc often during EQs?

    "What about a blackout?" If you're gonna have a blackout during every scheduled EQ (and there's at least 5-8 a day) you have a lot bigger problems than an online game.

    It's not like you dc once and you're done forever. Or twice. Or three times. It's gotta be habitual.

    1. You're talking like people are psychic and fortune teller.
      Yesterday my connection is "normal", got no DC'ed.
      No one know about today.

    2. I'm talking that no one is THAT unlucky that they ONLY get DC'd during EQs and not just being on the game in general.

      And again, a few accidental dc's won't get you banned unless life is that bad where it happens only in EQs and in every EQ. In which case how do you ever finish an EQ then if you get dc'd from every run?

    3. I guess I am THAT unlucky since I only DC during major EQs xD
      Only time I get to join EQs safely is during the morning in Japan time
      I never DC in normal quests though

    4. DC on major EQ, during the boss nearly die phase or crystal breaking phase
      Welcome to the bad luck club where lucky people won't understand

      and also, you can't exactly predict disconnections anyway. Too many factors to consider and a slight change thought can change the whole events. They happened too naturally for people to understand.

    5. The thing is the people who DC most often are ones who use the proxy to bypass the SEA IP block, Sega isn't going to have their concerns in mind when they make decisions, obviously. Also you have to DC multiple times within a short time. Also if you ARE banned its not a perma ban unless its a repeat offense. Also theres an appeal form for banned accounts where you can explain the details of what happened if it was disconnections or bugs or whatnot.

      Native Japanese players have multiple ways to avoid being banned IF for whatever reason they find themselves on the end of one. Its only going to threaten people who already jump through a plethora of hoops to play. If anyone is to be mad at, its playpark for hosting such a garbage SEA server, not Sega.

    6. Nope. SEA ARKS in the team have the same amount of disconnects as everyone else, if sega wanted SEA ARKS ded they'd get them but currently they are enforcing it enough for SEA management to fuck off legally.
      Natives will have to deal with tech support and no one likes that, they will lose people if it comes to it too. Most likely the ban threshold and whatever sega planned won't be severe and will probably affect only raging quitters while keeping everyone else on toes, probably…

    7. well I dunno what to tell you, seeing as anyone who doesn't use the proxy in our team has a stable connection. The proxy users are the ones getting DCed or the ones from SEA that have very slow connections anyway.

      Factually people behind a public VPN are at a much higher risk of DCing or having poor speeds.

    8. As a player from SEA I can tell you that I do not experience a lot of DC instances. Same goes for my friends from the region who uses a different proxy other than the one provided by tweaker. The only times I experience 630 is when my router acts up, other than that its just occasional hiccups from my VPN but that does not happen very often either.

    9. I do. Their disconnect rate in EQs is fairly low or they don't even make it INTO the EQ. Most of their drops occur during TAs or AQs.

      They may dc often but the dc's aren't that often during EQs.

  22. Lets just face it, you gaijins from SEA and whoever who use VPN with bad internet cause a lagfest that affects Sega servers and as a entertainment corp they have to deal with it, aka "fixing", and to maintain the quality of game play considering the condescending rude attitudes of some who go to lengths of public chat in languages or manners that aren't always welcome in the JP community, its a JP game, learn how to respect or learn nothing and get patted out of the game. this was as expected, a method to get rid of people who make other players game experience crappy and leave mpa's hopeless and in dire situations when people dc due to bad ping or power cuts every few hours?(wtf?). lastly am a blunt person i rarely comment but when i do, i point out the facts point blank and simple, how would you feel if the positions were reversed.

    1. Obviously they're not doing it SPECIFICALLY to target foreign players, that's an insanely extremist view. Foreign players have nothing to do with the decision. Its simply that they aren't concerned over what happens to foreign players. They don't even think of it.

  23. If you read above, please note it says, "REPEATEDLY".

    Therefore, if you did Disconnect due to bag internet, you would not be banned. Not unless you did it say… 10 times in a day?

    And if you disconnected from EQs that often due to bad connection, well, you should not be in high level EQ where that can mean win or lose for the rest of the players~ Be considerate!

    I think this new rule is mainly aimed at TROLLS. Those people who just join difficult EQs simply to leave– In order to screw everyone else who joined over and waste time.

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