PSO2 JP: 2013 Christmas Update Part 1 (12/11/2013)

Christmas Lobby

  • Now until December 31st at 23:59 JST

Christmas Event (~until Jan. 15th 2014)

  • Merry Christmas on Ice 2 氷上のメリークリスマス2
  • Christmas Xie
  • Christmas Bingo

New Interrupt Event, Client Orders, and Items


Holly Tree

ホーリーツリー Holly Tree (Sword)


Gift Sack

ギフトサック Gift Sack (Talis)


Latent Abilities

  • Added new Latent Abilities
  • Added Latent Abilities to some weapons.

Character Deletion Process

  • When requesting to delete a character, it will now take 24 hours to complete the process.
  • You can cancel the deletion process within those times.
  • You can not recreate that character during the deletion process.

AC Shop Update

  • オーダー受注上限拡張30日 (Client Order Cap Expansion 30 Day)
  • オーダー受注上限拡張90日 (Client Order Cap Expansion 90 Day)

Activating these items will allow you to hold 20 additional client orders for a limited time. Premium Set users will be able to hold a total of 60 Client Orders.

My Room Shop Update

Other Changes

  • Direct Chat will be turned off temporarily when the Item Trading Password Menu is open. (PC.ver.)
  • PSO2's Third Opening Movie Added
  • When giving an item to a mag that reached the level cap. only the energy level will increase, the stat gauges will no longer change.
  • Increased the amount of daily orders from 5 to 8
  • Adjusted the window's position for the "Free Field Selection" menu.
  • Photon Blast, PA, and Technic AutoWords are now available separately.
  • Added an "Invited to Party" Auto Word. This autoword is also triggered when someone invites your friend partner to the party.
  • Made it easier to know which Bingo goal you achieved in the message that displays for the Arks Bingo Card.
  • The names that display in Team Chat and Whisper chat can be changed in options to display their character names or player IDs.
  • Some weather effects in Dragon Altar have been changed to make it easier to see.
  • Prevented some items purchased directly with AC from being sold to the NPC.
  • Added "Several Category Types" to the Weapon Camo subcategory in My Shop Search.
  • Oza, Risa, and Marlur (Fighter, Gunner, Techer) Class Recommendation client orders are now available at class level 25.
  • Persona will drop items more often.
  • Adjusted the aircraft's behavior and made the battle easier for the "Destroy the Infected Aircraft" Emergency Trial.
  • For support partner emergency trials, a support partner's friendship rating will increase even further when you defeat the boss that appears for the changeover code.
  • Buffed the effects for "Meteor Victory," "Aurora Victory," "Instigator," and "Determination" potentials.
  • In PSE Bursts, enemies spawn closer, and their spawning times have been improved.
  • You'll earn team points when forming a party and clearing a quest with team members.

Character Name Player Id

Name Display Settings for Team and Whisper Chat

  • Top: Player ID Name
  • Bottom: Character Name

Advance Capsules

  • 10 a, b, and c capsules can be picked up at the VisiPhone to accompany the Advance Quest Boost Event this Friday (or Thursday EST)


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