PSO2 JP: ARKS Christmas Party Live Broadcast #15 Schedule

The program will be broadcasting live from the ARKS X-mas Party! You can watch it live on Nico Nico on Saturday, December 14th at 15 ~ 17:00 JST.

Live Broadcast Topics

  • Information about the December Update.
  • Unveiling of the Item Customization System and the first half of the 2014 Road Map!
  • PSO2es Follow-up Report!
  • Our hosts and attendees challenge the new Mining Base Emergency Quest.
  • Sega Lucky Kuji information.
  • Win presents by typing in a special phrase.

Other things

  • Added a new campaign to the maintenance post.
  • Added more information for Gordrahdas on the Christmas post.
  • A SEGA ID Maintenance will be held on December 10th from 2 ~ 7:00 JST. This only affects the login servers, so you can continue playing the game if you're already logged in.

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