PSO2 JP: Beyond the Ruins

ファルス・ヒューナル Falz Hunar

Well after that uh.. "subclass system" we now move onwards to THE NEXT STAGE of Phantasy Star Online 2. 

Last night, Sakai and Kimura had a talk show where they answered questions from Japanese media outlets. We were introduced to a new trailer featuring the new field with the Halloween lobby and costumes and even Gettemhart's outfit. But what's this?


ファルス・ヒューナル Falz Hunar

Is this a reference to Humar? If you checked the PSO2 roadmap, you may have noted that this other area is the last thing we should be getting before the end of the year. We'll probably learn more about it in the future. It appears the Naura Cake Sisters will wear Halloween outfits and sell Pumpkin Pie.


The Ruins Area

Famitsu and 4Gamer did yet another recap of information from both presentations. The article mentions a few tidbits about this ruins area in the mountains of Naberius. This area is described as the "Darker's Den" and has both insect and marine type Darkers.

They also introduced a new Darker called サイクロネーダ Cycloneda (Cyclonerda). Though it moves slowly, it uses a morning star for long range attacks.

ゼッシュレイダ Zeshreida

At the end they fought against the boss Zeshreida, who has high stats all around, described to be one of the "strongest class Darkers."

When Sakai was asked about how much space PS Vita version takes up, he said it was roughly half the size of the PC version. They are also currently investigating how 3G will pan out, we'll probably have more details about it later down the road.

Just to recap, the subclass system lets you play two class combinations.  You will have access to the subclass' photon arts, technics, and skills and it will apply 20% of its stats to your main class. However, you are restricted to using weapon types of your main class. The only way around this is to find weapons that can be used by all classes like the  "Mic Stand" rod Michaela gives out until September 26th. When asked about recommended class combinations, Kimura answered with "Fighter/Gunner" and Sakai recommended "Hunter/Fighter."

We also learned the name for the Smartphone version of the game is actually "Phantasy Star Online 2 Essential" but was shortened to "es" for the title.


It also appears the PlayStation Vita version will also have costumes from Phantasy Star Portable 2.


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