PSO2 JP: Christmas Bingo (2013)

Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo
(Dec 11th ~ Jan 15th)


A:1| Destroy a Yellow Container

A:2| Defeat LV20+ Malmoth

A:3| Clear Xie's CO "クリスマスのお邪魔虫" Christmas Nuisance.

A:4| Defeat LV18+ Kartagot

A:5| Play FUN Scratch

B:1| Clear Dark Arms on any difficulty.

B:2| Destroy a Red Container

B:3| Defeat LV20+ Fangulful

B:4|Affix an Ability

B:5| Defeat LV20+ Yede

C:1| Experience a PSE Burst

C:2| Defeat a Dagan

C:3| Free Space

C:4| Defeat LV18+ El Ahda

C:5| Defeat LV18+ Krahda

D:1| Observe Diamond Dust weather. [Tundra or Merry Christmas on Ice 2]

D:2| Grind an Item

D:3| Clear Merry Christmas on Ice 2

D:4| Destroy a Blue Container

D:5| Clear "Protect the Naura Cake Shop" Emergency Trial

E:1| Attribute Grind an Item

E:2| Send a Good Job

E:3| Clear Xie's Client Order クリスマスのお手伝い! Christmas Helper.

E:4| Defeat LV18+ Breeahda

E:5| Destroy a Green Container



(1) Two +50% EXP Boosters
(2) 500 FUN Ticket
(3) Three +75% EXP Boosters
(4) Christmas Present
(5) NiGHTS
(8) Affix Success +10%
(C) +100% Tribooster



Christmas Bingo [REVERSE]

A:1| Defeat LV38+ Gul Solda

A:2| Clear the E-Trial "Wopalian Close Call"

A:3| Clear "デコル・マリューダの弱点は!?" Decol Maluda's Weakpoint!?"  from Lubert

A:4| Clear "Deep Snow Survey" Client Order  from Amelin

A:5| Clear "Seabed Exploration" on Hard or Higher.

B:1| Defeat LV38+ Sevanian

B:2| Defeat Lv65+ Dark Vibrace

B:3| Defeat LV28+ Talobecko

B:4| Clear Hans Client Order "凍土の新たな試練" New Tundra Trial.

B:5| Defeat LV38+ Falcabone

C:1| Clear "Storm's Present" Emergency Trial

C:2| Defeat Lv 20+ Goldrahda


C:4| Clear Mining Base Defense: Invasion 採掘基地防衛戦:襲来

C:5| LV28+ Blu Torbon


D:1| Defeat LV38+ Tag Sevanian

D:2| Clear Marathon Practice Naberius II on Super Hard or Higher.

D:3| Defeat Lv55+ Persona

D:4| Clear Lottie's Client Order "実地研修に付き合ってください" Please Go Training With Me.

D:5| Defeat Lv38+ Vid Gilos

E:1| Clear "Subdue Decol Maluda" on Hard or Higher.

E:2| Obtain Episode 2's Third Matter Board

E:3| Defeat LV53+ Biol Meduna

E:4| Clear Kressida's C.O. "ちゃちゃっと海底地域生態調査" Quick Seabed Ecological Survey.

E:5| Defeat LV38+ Due Solda


Bingo Rewards

(1) Evo. Device / Caribou
(2) Dreams Dreams (Kids Ver)(3) 250% Rare Drop Boosters
(4) Rappy Sack
(5) EXCube x2
(8) Extrme Pass x5
(C) +100% Tribooster

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