PSO2 JP: Indirectly Cheating and Scratch Rotation

Sega is carrying out suspensions of those who use cheating programs or deal with any part of the transaction in Real Money Trading. However, they've confirmed that other players are taking advantage of this by staying in the same room for long periods of time with cheaters, so they too can acquire large amounts of EXP, Items, and Meseta. This act promotes cheating and allows you to gain an unfair advantage within the game.

Once they have decided that you have done this intentionally, they will carry account suspensions based on Clause 9 in the Terms of Service. They ask players not to perform these acts, and if you spot any cheaters, you should leave the area immediately and report them.


AC and FUN Scratch Rotation

The following items will be removed in the November 21st, 2012 update.

AC Scratch

  • Autumn Full Moon Scratch

FUN Scratch

  • ヘリパイロットヘルメット HeliPilot Helmet
  • 魔女の付け鼻 Witch Nose
  • フランケンのねじ Frankenstein's Screw
  • 背中のねじ Back Screw
  • トゲトゲのリストバンド Thorny Wristband
  • ハイテクホッケーマスク Hi-Tech Hockey Mask
  • ウィオラキャップ暁茜 Viola Cap Dawn Red
  • ウィオラキャップ美錫 Viola Cap Beautiful Tin
  • 背高帽 鮮柳 Tall Hat Vivid Willow
  • 背高帽 石樺 Tall hat Stone Birch
  • クルーンハット紫黒 Kroon Hat Purple Black
  • クルーンハット雄葵 Kroon Hat Green
  • 追加ロビーアクション03 Extra Lobby Action 03
  • ジャックランタン Jack O Lantern
  • Rise of Nightmares
  • Sabat Ritual
  • Weird Night

New Bugs

Sega confirmed that under certain conditions, you may not be able to see your character's shadow, they plan to correct this later on.

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