PSO2 JP: Live Broadcast #20 Recap

It's time for the 20th PSO2 Live Broadcast. You can watch it live on Nico Nico!

Post Broadcast Updates:

  • Changed Momoi to Enomoto.
  • Added character names to Shining Blade.
  • Added information to Arks Ship Competition and PSO2es.
  • Added PSO2 Item Design Contest 2
  • Added Seven Eleven Promotion.
  • Placed Mr. Bowan on Free-Fields.


EQ Poll

Emergency Quest Poll:

  • Players chose [In the Driving Rain 2] which will go up at May 27th 23:00 JST. Currently the boost rate is set at +100% Rare Drop Boost and +100% EXP Boost.
  • With the Rare Drop Boost Day in effect, it will achieve 150%.
  • Ichitaro challenge increased the boost rates even further.
  • Added to the Calendar.


secret phrase juneNew Lobby Actions

Enter the secret phrase つゆたろう in chat sometime after the broadcast through June 4th's maintenance to receive these lobby actions:

  • Ichitaro 2
  • Ichitaro 3
  • Enomoto 2
  • Enomoto 3


 Sega Platinum Selection

Sega Platinum Selection (June 11th)

  • Space Channel 5
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Yakuza Ishin
  • Yakuza 5
  • Sonic Mag


Sega Platinum Selection 2

Sega Platinum Selection (June 11th)

  • Weapon Camos, Room Items, and Music Disks are coming too!


 Craft Update

Craft Update (June 11th)

  • Craft Level 50
  • Technic Customization Recipe Level 3
  • Equipment Extension Reset Recipe


Balance Adjustments June

Balance Adjustments (June 11th)

  • Team Fusion
  • Daily Order Achievement Conditions Relaxed!
  • DF [Colossus] Victory Pose Added!


 2 Year Ann

2nd Anniversary Event (June 11th)

  • Sonic Lobby
  • 2nd Year Anniversary Bingo
  • Interlocking Web Event Rewards!

 2 year ann quest
2nd Anniversary Limited Quest (June 11th)

  • [Chaotic Silence] (Chaos Born In Silence) on the Infested Mothership
  • Level 70 Boss Enemies
  • New Bird Darker


Balance Adjustments June 2

Balance Adjustments

  • Shunka Shunran Nerf
  • Gekka Zakuro Power Buff, PP Consumption becomes 20!
  • Asagiri Rendan Power Buff
  • Sacrifice Bite improved. Lv. 16 Power Buff. Using it on Boss-type enemies that can't be held will apply the effect for 40 seconds.

 Balance adjustments june 3

 Balance Adjustments 2

  • Mag energy drains even while you're logged out. 
    (Does not apply to mags at max level.)
  • [Apos Dorios] Different annihilation rates by quest difficulty.
  • Relaxed Dark Falz Luther's power on Very Hard.
  • Adjusted the point requirements and the amount of times you may use the Burst Barrier and Base Recovery functions in Mining Base Intrusion.
  • PA and Technics that are known for obscuring the screen will have their particle/animation effects adjusted.
    (Probably Il Foie and Cosmos Breaker, etc.)
  • Mr. Bowan will appear on all free-fields.



Arks Ship Vs 

Arks Ship Competition (Late June)

  • All 10 ships are divided into five groups that compete in a large-scale event! [ex. Ship 1 + Ship 2] or whatever ships are paired up.
  • Earn stars by clearing objectives in the morning/evening hours.
    (Example: Defeat a Rockbear).
  • The cumulative score determines the winning group.
  • Earn wonderful rewards by placing in the top results.


  Arks Ship Versus 2

Arks Ship Competition (Late June)

  • New Mascot (?)  "Arkuma"
  • Purchase items with Stars.
  • The 5 Rappies will indicate the current ranking positions.


SHining Heroes

Shining Heroes Scratch (Late June)

  • Rage, Altina, Kerberos, Sakuya ModeC, Misty, Yukihime.
  • Costumes, Weapon Camos, and Voices from these Shining Blade characters.


PSO2es F Continent

PSO2es Updates

  • May 28th: Quna Chips
  • June 11th: Floating Continent quests!
  • June 11th: Push notifications for Emergency Quests
    (15 Minutes advance notice for all users.)
  • Future: Premium Set 1 hour push notifications under construction.


Sega Star Collab

PSO2es Update

  • June 11th: Sega Star Collab: Characters from popular SEGA titles will appear as chips!
  • June 11th: Evasion invincibility times for Hunter and Ranger adjusted.
  • June 11th: Enemy attack frequency adjusted.



Item Design Contest 2

Item Design Contest 2

  • Beginning May 28th!
  • Mag designs welcome!


PSO2 Side Stories novel

PSO2 Side Stories (Novel)

  • Advance copies available on June 15th at the Phantasy Star Festa 2014
  • Available to the general public on June 16th!
  • Contains PSO2 item codes!


Multi copier machine japan

 Seven Eleven Promotion

  • PSO2 concept artwork prints are available from multi-copier machines in Seven Eleven stores across Japan.
  • Available June 15th ~ August 31st.





Mining Base Defense: Despair
Arks Interception Silhouette Mechas
~Coming July~




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