PSO2 JP: Live Broadcast #20 Recap

It's time for the 20th PSO2 Live Broadcast. You can watch it live on Nico Nico!

Post Broadcast Updates:

  • Changed Momoi to Enomoto.
  • Added character names to Shining Blade.
  • Added information to Arks Ship Competition and PSO2es.
  • Added PSO2 Item Design Contest 2
  • Added Seven Eleven Promotion.
  • Placed Mr. Bowan on Free-Fields.


EQ Poll

Emergency Quest Poll:

  • Players chose [In the Driving Rain 2] which will go up at May 27th 23:00 JST. Currently the boost rate is set at +100% Rare Drop Boost and +100% EXP Boost.
  • With the Rare Drop Boost Day in effect, it will achieve 150%.
  • Ichitaro challenge increased the boost rates even further.
  • Added to the Calendar.


secret phrase juneNew Lobby Actions

Enter the secret phrase つゆたろう in chat sometime after the broadcast through June 4th's maintenance to receive these lobby actions:

  • Ichitaro 2
  • Ichitaro 3
  • Enomoto 2
  • Enomoto 3


 Sega Platinum Selection

Sega Platinum Selection (June 11th)

  • Space Channel 5
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Yakuza Ishin
  • Yakuza 5
  • Sonic Mag


Sega Platinum Selection 2

Sega Platinum Selection (June 11th)

  • Weapon Camos, Room Items, and Music Disks are coming too!


 Craft Update

Craft Update (June 11th)

  • Craft Level 50
  • Technic Customization Recipe Level 3
  • Equipment Extension Reset Recipe


Balance Adjustments June

Balance Adjustments (June 11th)

  • Team Fusion
  • Daily Order Achievement Conditions Relaxed!
  • DF [Colossus] Victory Pose Added!


 2 Year Ann

2nd Anniversary Event (June 11th)

  • Sonic Lobby
  • 2nd Year Anniversary Bingo
  • Interlocking Web Event Rewards!

 2 year ann quest
2nd Anniversary Limited Quest (June 11th)

  • [Chaotic Silence] (Chaos Born In Silence) on the Infested Mothership
  • Level 70 Boss Enemies
  • New Bird Darker


Balance Adjustments June 2

Balance Adjustments

  • Shunka Shunran Nerf
  • Gekka Zakuro Power Buff, PP Consumption becomes 20!
  • Asagiri Rendan Power Buff
  • Sacrifice Bite improved. Lv. 16 Power Buff. Using it on Boss-type enemies that can't be held will apply the effect for 40 seconds.

 Balance adjustments june 3

 Balance Adjustments 2

  • Mag energy drains even while you're logged out. 
    (Does not apply to mags at max level.)
  • [Apos Dorios] Different annihilation rates by quest difficulty.
  • Relaxed Dark Falz Luther's power on Very Hard.
  • Adjusted the point requirements and the amount of times you may use the Burst Barrier and Base Recovery functions in Mining Base Intrusion.
  • PA and Technics that are known for obscuring the screen will have their particle/animation effects adjusted.
    (Probably Il Foie and Cosmos Breaker, etc.)
  • Mr. Bowan will appear on all free-fields.



Arks Ship Vs 

Arks Ship Competition (Late June)

  • All 10 ships are divided into five groups that compete in a large-scale event! [ex. Ship 1 + Ship 2] or whatever ships are paired up.
  • Earn stars by clearing objectives in the morning/evening hours.
    (Example: Defeat a Rockbear).
  • The cumulative score determines the winning group.
  • Earn wonderful rewards by placing in the top results.


  Arks Ship Versus 2

Arks Ship Competition (Late June)

  • New Mascot (?)  "Arkuma"
  • Purchase items with Stars.
  • The 5 Rappies will indicate the current ranking positions.


SHining Heroes

Shining Heroes Scratch (Late June)

  • Rage, Altina, Kerberos, Sakuya ModeC, Misty, Yukihime.
  • Costumes, Weapon Camos, and Voices from these Shining Blade characters.


PSO2es F Continent

PSO2es Updates

  • May 28th: Quna Chips
  • June 11th: Floating Continent quests!
  • June 11th: Push notifications for Emergency Quests
    (15 Minutes advance notice for all users.)
  • Future: Premium Set 1 hour push notifications under construction.


Sega Star Collab

PSO2es Update

  • June 11th: Sega Star Collab: Characters from popular SEGA titles will appear as chips!
  • June 11th: Evasion invincibility times for Hunter and Ranger adjusted.
  • June 11th: Enemy attack frequency adjusted.



Item Design Contest 2

Item Design Contest 2

  • Beginning May 28th!
  • Mag designs welcome!


PSO2 Side Stories novel

PSO2 Side Stories (Novel)

  • Advance copies available on June 15th at the Phantasy Star Festa 2014
  • Available to the general public on June 16th!
  • Contains PSO2 item codes!


Multi copier machine japan

 Seven Eleven Promotion

  • PSO2 concept artwork prints are available from multi-copier machines in Seven Eleven stores across Japan.
  • Available June 15th ~ August 31st.





Mining Base Defense: Despair
Arks Interception Silhouette Mechas
~Coming July~




49 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Live Broadcast #20 Recap”

  1. The time for Braver to step down is finally here.
    The time for Gunner to slink back into mediocrity is finally here.

  2. Shunka Nerf > time for more "Apos Dorios" to blast the entire arena is come. XD

    Tech Custom Recipe 3 > yay (more ”PA fragment (tech)” to gather) (-w-;)

  3. >sacrifice bite buff
    >L16 only

    godfuckingdamnit sega. what is wrong with you that you fail to recognise that hunter needs help at all levels and not just at the very limit?

    >balance adjustments!
    >only one has anything to do with game balance

    1. Eck. Lvl 16 buff for a SHAQ exclusive drop is a serious sick move. More often then not do you go through runs finding no new discs and then to face the very rare chance to get a lvl 16…

    2. Meant to say Dick move. Sorry for double post.

      Intrested in the new darker enemy..hoping Angel comes as a random encounter boss soon..

    3. and now that I'm fully awake and not purely in rage mode over sega dicking over hunters again. yes, I am fully aware that my rage and grogginess made me parse only the slide mentining team fusion etc as saying "balance" on it.

    1. Butthurt nubs that will try their hardest to find a way to do below-HU level of damage while completely sucking at the game like BR and GU allow them to – or claim FOs are damage classes, rofl.

      Not much to look forward to, otherwise, sadly.

  4. Lol FO is not the damage class, dafuq are u guys talking about. RA has the strongest PA in the game as we speak, without nerfing shunka. As for the game, is rifle getting any new rifle camos? im sick of using the only decent one in the game….

    1. dude, have you seen people owning the whole td with talis and ranked first few times? If you haven't maybe that's because you didn't invest enough to the class, or you lived in the past, before the new PA updates they were weak, but now they're not.

  5. Forces ability to deal large amounts of damage to a single target is very situational. Depending on what elemental tree you have and if the target is weak to that element. Ilbarta can be pretty devastating, and I think most people forget that it doesn't matter if the target is moving at all for the big single target spells. AoEing mobs is still what force does best, but if you think force is weak you've been playing with some really shitty players.

    1. have you tried illmegid? weak element or not it kills mobs like flies as long as it keeps hitting and not end up running to a wall. I'd use a talis with illmegid and ranked top few times in TD even if i sub FO instead of TE.

    2. I have around 2500 of my 3600 hours as force so yeah I have. I can also point out I do 17-18k to an enemy that is weak to dark vs 11-12k to something that isn't weak to dark with Ilmegid. That is a pretty big damage difference and it is the same for all elements. I usually get 1st place in TD but those rankings are mostly kill based and are not 100% accurate. SEGA should have made the TD rankings damage based especially for the bosses.

    3. Hey Videodave, What ship are you on? If you're on ship 2, wanna add me? My player ID is: shane. And my char's name is: windorf.

    4. Or when the claw circling the enemy without touching them till it disappear, or when u throw the Talis too close with some obstacle or floor so the claw disappear from the very beginning.

      about TD, i think the point is distributed by the percentage of the damage you deal to the mobs HP, so if you use Il-Megido and release it when the number of mobs around is great you certainly will get more point then anyone who not using the Il-Megido even without killing a single of them.

      and since you said you kill the mobs i assume that your skill tree must be have at least "Dark Mastery 1" at level 10 or "Seimei Kikami" as your Talis or you have (Soul+Tech3+Ability3+Tech Boost) on your unit because i don`t have that skill and equipment i barely can kill a single "Golrahda" with Il-Megido (lvl 14) on TD.

    5. To answer your question I have a level 15 Ilmegid with the power craft recipe 2, and yes I use the talis with the dark damage boost. For armor I'm wearing the folly set with heiremjees arm unit affixed with Elder soul tech III stamina III stamina boost. I have a skill tree setup for every element, so dark mastery 1 and 2 check. As for the TD point system it's pretty obvious they only reward kills and not damage dealt. I have on countless occasions had another player swoop in and land the killing hit (most noticeably on bosses), and at the end of the round ended up with few points.

    6. Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to say how frustrating it can be when the mob you target with Ilmegid dies before the hand reaches it. Ilmegid will fly off in a straight line if it doesn't contact an enemy. -35 pp S!? AMAZING!!!

  6. So thsese are mobile suits and not Cast parts XD. About Shunka nerf it depends if my hybrid build suffers greatly because of this. if I tale too long to kill mobs then it on itself create unbalance. They will need to add Braver MAG bonus or something.

    1. Are you seriously saying its unbalance just cause they are nerfing shunka?…. Someone here is too dependent on that 1 skill…. BRs can still do a good decent amount of damage with some of the other PAs.

    2. Or that someone doesn't want to properly learn how to play using katanas. Just yesterday I was doing TACOs with random JP players. They barely used Shunka and still owned everything instantly. Seriously, I've never thought katanas were more OP than ever before. Nerfing Shunka does nearly nothing to negate how OP katana bravers are in my opinion.

    3. Have to say I disagree. I've been playing BR for nearly a year now and I can tell you that before shunka was released katana BR was being mocked constantly to the point that other players wouldn't even party with me just because of the low DPS BR had at that point.

      That one PA completely changed everyones opinion from "OMG katana is shit!" to "Holy shit shunka OP!" in less than 2 weeks. Shortly after they cried for it to be nerfed and here we are.

      Although they did make a few changes to the class since then. Hopefully the buffs to the other PAs is good enough to even out the DPS drop to a least keep katana BR on par with other classes. Otherwise it's gonna go right back to the way it was before Shunka was released and everyone will drop BR for GU again.

      This is exactly the same thing that happened last year with FO, everyone complained it was weak then they buffed zonde. Suddenly FO is top DPS everyone jumps to FO, then zonde is nerfed, suddenly everyone mocks it again.
      Hell even GU's SA roll was buffed because GU was too weak as well, and SEGA still hasn't nerfed it yet. HU RA and TE still haven't been on par with the newer classes in some time. Honestly when is this roller-coaster gonna end?

    4. When will the roller-coaster end? Easy. When the try-harding ends, that's when. When everyone stops playing the most obviously broken class just because it's most obviously broken at least at that point in time, then this madness will end. Except, you know, the spirit of wanting to show off large e-peen just doesn't die off like that. So there's your answer.

      Meanwhile, the class loyalists will stick to their favored class regardless, and continue to remain in the minority for zomg wanting to enjoy an obviously non-PvP game for gasp non PvP-ish purposes. Don't even bother bringing up Interrupt Rankings; anyone who thinks those qualify as PvP are probably call Hello Kitty Online hardcore.

    5. Indeed, it doesn't. For as long as XX/Hu remains a viable option for all melee and ranged classes because of Fury. Not that I'm complaining.

      Kanran alone will let me destroy, in one hit, anything and everything in my attack radius that isn't at least a miniboss. And that radius happens to be deliciously wide.

      Also, there's always Hatou. That at least takes a tiny bit of skill to pull off, but it's what we were all using before Shunkadunka.

      And when all else fails… woop, 20 second invulnerability why hello.

    6. No, what I'm saying is that they should not nerf it so much that hybrid builds using Braver MAG suffers. But on equal proportion if it's neffed that much power-wise then they should lower the PP requirement.

      Also they should lower Fodou ridiculous PP requierement. Why a PA that only stuns use that much PP? Else it would be the perfect PA to use before Shunka.

  7. Hey there Ricardo, as always, thanks for the amazing job!
    like last time for the crafting guide, i translated this article in french, i hope you dont mind, credits have been given to your site 😉 if it is a problem, feel free to tell me and i'll remove the translation asap



  8. Of all the mecha in the world you pick Gundam just because it's what every kid knows? You could have said Armored Core and you would have been a whole lot fucking closer because of the torso design, movement, and attack patterns.

    What should have been more immediately obvious to you is that these things look straight out of another franchise SEGA owns: Border Break. FFS stop vanilla descriptioning everything just because it's the closest/most recent thing you saw.

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