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45 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Maintenance (3/1/2017)”

  1. Three weeks without patch, that's pretty rare these last monts. Stilll it's "extended" so I guess they have something to fix somerwhere maybe.

    Oh I'm already fearing the size of next patch 😀

  2. Apparently, SEGA added some new rules:

    Only the person who registered the account is allowed to use it. If you get busted letting someone else use your account, you will get perma banned. Supposedly they did this because people were letting friends beat the Expert Block requirements for them. Figured that was one of the reasons why Expert Block went to shit.

    Also, if you get busted multiple times being an asshole and leeching, you will get perma banned. I wonder how they're going to handle that? I don't want to get banned because some asshole reports me for dancing a few seconds to regenerate PP, despite my topping damage meters.

    1. "figured this was one of the reasons expert block went to shit."

      Thinking thats a factor makes zero sense when anyone on any account can simply pay money to clear it. If you read the post they make it clear its to punish account selling/trading.

      And yeah refer to my previous response to you as to what you were doing wrong there/why that guy thought you were leeching. It's ignorance on your part, not ignorance on his.

    2. There are tons of people who don't want to pay money to clear it. The getting other people to clear stuff for you was something I saw JP people say, I didn't come up with that explanation.

      In regards to the previous thing, I was using Straight Charge 0 on Mother, and there's no point using it when you're not at full PP. Running around trying to punch the arms on Mother to regain PP is obviously not as fast as regenerating with Orbit.

      If I'm topping damage meters and doing my part, why should anyone give a shit if I use lobby actions in battle? What about all the people who are doing almost nothing? They don't get abusive GJs, because nobody can see that they're not doing anything unless they can see damage meters.

    3. what about changing weapon? isn't that put them on sheathed mode too?

      if they complain you for LA then you need find a way to get around it.

      problem with here and there complains
      – you run parse, you justify your action for damage and flame those who already attack fulltime but low total damage (+ instead of helping to get better, bullying). Also flaming people who had difficulty on landing hits and RNG being so mean instead of giving tips (for who knows they may be appreciative, but if they don't, feel free to flame you have the rights)

      – you don't run parse. you justify your contribution by full attacks and uptime and flame those who try to put on downtime on themselves and those with high latency.

      so the biggest problem is people 'thinks' they're doing their part and thinks others aren't (btw, not you)

    4. Yeah, I was just annoyed the guy jumped to conclusions with on proof and abused me. I don't do that kind of thing myself. So I will just have to keep a lower profile.

      I change weapons with right numpad and right hand. Lobby action is easier for me because I just hit alt+A on my left. Also don't like to rely on changing weapons, because sometimes the lag bugs it up, and it doesn't switch.

      I guess my argument is, I think that if people could see the damage, they wouldn't make potentially false accusations. Especially if perma bans are around the corner. I know that they can't actually see the damage right now, so it's unrealistic to expect them to.

      But a big part of my point is, just because a person does a lobby action in battle, or it could be anything really, if you can't see whether someone is actually contributing or not, you'd have to be an asshole to assume, preemptively judge and then send abusive messages, or report them. I wouldn't do that, but that's just me.

      I imagine SEGA gets a lot of reports on possible leechers, and there are likely innocent people who get reported. It sucks to try and contribute to beating a boss quickly, helping the multi, and then get abused, possibly reported and possibly banned. I wouldn't want that to happen to me, or anyone else who doesn't deserve it. There's enough bullshit in the world as it is.

      I've been playing since Open Beta and that was actually the first time I've ever gotten a nasty GJ from Japanese players, as far as I can recall. I've had EN players send abusive GJs accusing the entire multi of sucking. I assume that normally, if a JP person thinks you're a leecher, they will just quietly blacklist you. If you aren't a leecher, then that's their loss. No real harm.

      Personally, I blacklist people who I see are doing nothing for long periods of time, wearing full rare drop gear the entire battle, and stuff like that. I don't abuse them or report them, because I'm fully aware that there's still the possibility that my judgment was wrong. It's my discretion if I prefer to avoid someone who I THINK is leeching, but I also don't want to block innocent people, so I try to be thorough and fair before I do it. Not that blocking really does anything significant.

      Something else I noticed: that guy's Arks Card listed his birthday as October last year. If that means what I think it does, it's possible he only started playing since then. If that's true, and he's a relatively new player, and if he's using Summoner, it's possible that he isn't aware of the Orbit weapon regen, or how it can be quickly triggered, or doesn't know how other classes play.

      In these kinds of games, it's easy to assume someone else isn't playing properly, especially if you don't really know the other classes in-depth. That's also why I try to reserve judgment before taking any kind of action, because, you know, I might be wrong. Nobody's perfect of course. All I know is I don't abuse others, and I don't think I deserved the abuse.

      I've actually expected someone to accuse me of leeching, that's one of the reasons I use damage meters. I want to know if I'm actually sucking and deserve to be abused or not.

    5. "If I’m topping damage meters and doing my part, why should anyone give a shit if I use lobby actions in battle?"

      This shows why you're just as bad as the people you try to complain about.

      1) because when players see people doing LAs in EQs they'll instantly assume they're being dicks. It sticks out and its something only trolls/leechers do. You put yourself in this position.
      2) if you're "topping damage meters" you'd assume you'd be good enough to know you can cancel LAs the frame they start in order to put your weapon away. Zero need to actually act out an LA or go idle.
      3) like I stated before, using Orbit to recover PP in Mother is insanely counterproductive when the map is so small and you can be attacking to recover PP. No one does this. So yes, you appeared to simply be a leecher who was uneducated and doing nothing.

      For someone who can only manage to whine, you sure do think your doodoo smells like roses.

    6. @ Fael
      I use orbit to regenerate pp in the mid of phantom mother (that doesn't make me a leech, and i dont think it's counterproductive either *esp as a force or techer*). You can say I'm defending TaigaUC on that part but, i also think using orbit to regenerate pp is better than chasing arms.

      That question Taiga said "If im topping damage meters, why … battle?" does not show that she IS just as bad as the people she's complaining about, given the context around it. It does show that players (e.g. you) would THINK she's just as bad as the people she's complaining about.

      Another thing you should consider, we're not talking about a player (e.g. Taiga) who uses lobby actions for no apparent reason/benefit in the midst of a challenging EQ.

      As a close melee class, it's not always easy to stay on top of those hands (why do ppl keep calling them arms?) long enough to get lots of pp off normal attacks. Doable but often tedious.

      All you're telling me in this post is that you're someone who has not tried regenerating pp via 1st orbit potential against falz mother and don't know how effective it is. Needed or not, it's an inevitably useful alternative for getting pp back quickly.

    7. 1) your whole first part just agrees with what I was saying. I was explaining why it LOOKS like malicious behavior because they were ignorant as to the fact you need to cancel your LA. There was zero reason for them to spit venom and vitriol about a player getting mad when they themselves had no idea what they were even doing. I didn't say their intent was to leech or troll, I explained why most any player would assume they were malicious.

      2) Orbit pot 1 regen usually isn't needed because you can simply use an Astra gunslash on any class while in ranged mode. Like I stated before, it's great in EQs where theres a ton of running around but Mother isn't one of those EQs. It simply will not beat out the regen from attacking and my point was its an unusual sight so no one would seeing him standing still or performing LAs and think "OH HES USING ORBIT". They're going to think "ugh this guy is trolling/leeching".

    8. There must be a misunderstanding because what you said before is not the same as what i said before. My first part DOES NOT agree with what you are saying at all.

      Re-read my 2nd paragraph and compare it your 2nd sentence. You're using part of TUC's comment to prove that "TUC is as bad as the people he's complaining about". That's what that 2nd sentence was right there. You DID NOT SAY (not explicitly) that "other players would THINK that he's as bad as the players he's trying to complain about".

      You made a statement believing it to be true. I made an assumption.

      Furthermore, you're 2nd point does not refute anything i have said regarding how useful the first orbit potential is against mother. As i said earlier "while it isnt needed, it's a useful alternative to regenerating pp". I don't think saying "using normal attacks instead of using orbit pp regen".

      And one more thing, you may not find yourself running a lot during the 2nd phase of that EQ but i do. Maybe what you think is a lot of running and what i think is a lot of running are 2 different ideas.

    9. ????

      Alright then, I just have no idea what you're talking about lol. I was pointing out what they were doing and why it would be viewed as leeching/trolling by other players. I was pointing out for all the spamming they did of "I did the most damage I did the most damage I did the most damage " implying they were better than the other players, then they should know how to cancel a LA and use Orbit potential 1 correctly. Anyone can agree you shouldn't be idle or actually performing a LA, which is what you stated as well.

      He was jumping to conclusions and angrily ranting at the player who reported him, which is exactly what he was complaining the player did regarding him so it was incredibly ironic. That was the entire point of my posts to him, to reiterate.

    10. … no… it was inevitable with both guides telling you to Br/Hu scum as well as scape dolls, the latter being the biggest issue. If En players were suddenly asking all over how to buy AC after everyone else finally made their way to expert blocks a week or so after release, you can imagine the same thought process was going on in JP.

      Plus if people were helping others they would of forced the person asking for help to grind their gear. A good 10* with max element and level 3 pot will still beat out some 13* with 15-20 element and no grinding at all… and I see too many of those around in expert blocks

    11. Yes, scape dolls are a big problem. But not everyone is going to just buy them, especially if there are other ways around it that don't cost money.

      When I saw the "don't let others use your account" thing, I couldn't imagine why they suddenly decided to permaban for that. I didn't remember seeing it in the ToS. Looking back now, it could have been because of people paying others to farm for them.

      The reason I said it's *supposedly* because of people helping them get into Expert Blocks, is because I looked up what JP people were saying, and found a site where they gave that explanation as one of the reasons.

      Here's the link, for proof:

      It makes sense to me, because I was considering doing it for a friend (who is capable of doing it themselves, I just wanted to save them the trouble), but I ended up not doing it because they quit.

      I also said I figured it was ONE of the reasons Expert Blocks have gone to shit, not THE reason. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons, like people cheesing it with Br/Hu as you said, or using full defensive builds. The whole thing is stupid precisely because there are so many ways around it.

    12. You guys really should stop feeding taiga. The reason he post a lot lately is probably because he realized that there's more people here who just being chill and enjoy the game compared to psow who complain all day long. I mean it's not fun if your complain doesn't annoy other people, right? Also at the time of registration it clearly stated in ToS that you're forbidden to disclose your ID and password to other people so i don't know what's so surprising about this "new rule".

    13. You guys really should stop feeding taiga. The reason he post a lot lately is probably because he realized that there's more people here who just being chill and enjoy the game compared to psow who complain all day long. I mean it's not fun if your complain doesn't annoy other people, right? Also at the time of registration it clearly stated in ToS that you're forbidden to disclose your ID and password to other people so i don't know what's so surprising about this "new rule".

    14. What the hell are you talking about? I didn't think people on PSOW complain all day long. The problem I have with PSOW is the same as here: everyone seems really eager to pick apart anything anyone says.

      I complain a lot, but notice I don't attack other people who comment. I don't enjoy "annoying other people" at all. Are you saying you enjoy annoying other people with your comments?? I don't think that way at all. You can all ignore me and not reply if you want. Nobody's making you read my comments, and I've explicitly said that before.

      The reason I started commenting here is because I just wanted to comment about recent developments, and this is a comment section, so I don't feel a need to actively check for responses or reply. I came back to check what people were saying this time, because I wanted to know what people thought about SEGA perm-banning for those reasons.

      I did a brief check to see if the ToS said that you're not allowed to let anyone else use your account, but I couldn't find anything from a quick search. So I assumed it was new, because I saw some JP people describe the new stuff as "SEGA added it today". I didn't check the latest ToS, because even if I did, there's no way of telling if the account stuff was already on there.

    15. To be clear, I don't mind if you point out that I'm wrong about something. By all means, please do so. But it's different if you're implying that I only post because I "enjoy annoy others", as if my posts are purely troll posts with no valid points.

      That's what I mean by picking apart others' posts. There's a difference between having a discussion, and simply dismissing other people completely. If I enjoyed annoying others, I could achieve that by writing complete nonsense, couldn't I? But I don't do that.

      I posted about the perma-ban stuff because nobody else seemed to be talking about it, and I wanted to know what other people thought about it. I saw people here complaining about leechers, so I thought there might be some interesting thoughts on the anti-leecher perma-ban.

      I guess I shouldn't waste time commenting here anymore, since people seem to think I'm just trolling. What a world this is, where a person can't express concerns or negativity without being accused of "enjoying annoying others".

    16. You've started posts with "don't read if you dislike complaining". It's been pointed out by tons of people now that your posts lack any substance and are usually personal ragings/ventings. If you liked posting here or had information/insight to provide I'd assume you'd have chilled out a bit.

      It's like calling out something on twitter then going "DON'T @ ME" when you get backlash.

  3. I'm curious to know what they consider as leeching. 'cause, I mean, … I don't wanna be banned by doing something I didn't even know it wasn't good to do in > their < idea. x)

    1. Leeching is probably defined differently between players and developers. Heck, it's probably defined differently amongst players too. Probably someone here would think that someone who deals 8% of total damage in a XH event is leeching, because 100% / 12 = 8.25% and anything below that is leeching.

      The problem with countering/disencourage leeching is that there is absolutely no way to determine who is leeching on purpose unless you are sitting next to them to monitor their actions.
      – Having lower damage dealt than expected doesn't mean you leech, it could mean you are not as geared as the rest or not as skilled
      – Having lower activity doesn't mean you leech, it could mean you have lower reflexes or higher latency.

      Sega can keep implementing more restrictions to enforce anti-leeching; players will either find ways to circumvent them or they will complain that these new rules are discouraging group play and/or inventive play:
      – We already have some XH events require 75 for both main and sub, to avoid having players "leech" for sub exp. They could require that both main and sub also have Perfect IV completed to discourage even less.
      – They could require that all pallette slots have 13* weapons grinded to +35 & max element in order to accept a quest, and they could prevent adding/removing weapons on the pallette while a quest is accepted. Similarily for units and rings.

      But let's think from the other side of the coin too: What if I'm part of a group where the leader has agreed and wants to boost some other players/friends? Should this player or the boostees be punished when engaging in an activity currently permitted by the game with full consent of every single player in the group, just because someone else who plays the game and is not related to this group doesn't want people "who don't deserve it" experience content?

    2. Yeah, agreed. I notice a lot of leechers seem to be in groups. I assumed it was random leechers looking for parties to join, but people helping friends is also a likely possibility.

      I think that if SEGA tracks damage meters and crystal gathering, they can root out people who do absolutely nothing. That's a start, at least. But beyond that, it gets pretty muddy. That's why I'm concerned, because permabans are a little too harsh for something that's so difficult to accurately determine.

    3. Permabans will be handed out to cases where it's 100% proven that someone broke the ToS (which includes account trading). For example, if they see you login from the same IP in 99% of your logins, then from a different IP just once, during which login you acquired Expert Block clearance, then they will flag your account for investigation (but not outright permaban).

      Also, playing to less than 100% of theoretical max output isn't against the ToS. Because if it were, 100% of the playerbase would be permabanned. It's possible they can monitor player activity. For example, if they see someone go afk seconds after a boss starts, then suddenly return when the loot crystal appears, that's suspicious.

      But again, as mentioned in my previous post, all these cases need to be reported by the playerbase. If I have 2 accounts and I boost my 2nd account with my primary one without impacting other players during this, that's not leeching.

    4. As someone who decided to go against the braindead "DPS race" norm and play a tank build, I get this, but here's another perspective. I do quite a few things that shitty elitists would dismiss as retarded without any analysis. I play Hu/Su, believe it or not, which is a very typical red flag right off the bat. they only think of DPS, so they just go "wtf", but a Hunter built defensively has amazing synergy with a Summoner subclass due to the HP regen and the stat boost skills that give high base stats (especially with defense) for greater effect from Deband and Shifta. We don't need any stances for dmg and instead get a constant dmg boost of 1.21x, with it being 1.45x after a Just Guard. Small, but effective when you're a class who isn't built for dmg. Our role is to ensure party survival by taking pressure off. We use War Cry to aggro whatever we can (especially in TD when a tower is on its last legs and needs a cushion) and Just Guard to block off attacks from the squishy mages. When the boss does large wipe attacks, we get back up and revive the others. Sometimes, I actually top the damage meters too. Why? Simply put, there are times when, while other players have to be busy dodging or timing i-frames, I can keep attacking without a care in the world, assured by my heavy defenses and high HP regen. However, if you take any single damage value I do, it's low compared to others who use the same PA ( I spam Over-End with Guilty Break for Approach). In situations where the party seems especially squishy, I slip on my Heal Share Ring and pull out my pimped out Chainsawd to become a fountain of youth. Instead of dedicating my skill to staying alive through dodging and timing i-frames, I dedicate it to maximizing dmg. In all, I help the party deal more DMG than an extra DPS, because everyone has the safety needed to focus on just piling their DPS on. And it's a very powerful feeling when you take 17% of the dmg from a striking attack a regular player would, not including your higher S-Def, but it's discouraging when people just want you to puke out massive numbers and then go about your business. Not everyone who isn't dropping 6 digits is a leech. (However, I don't agree with your idea on having all players in need of 13*s, but a 10* minimum rarity with all other grind and element requirements in place would be acceptable. Plz bro, my beloved Chainsawd, lmao)

    5. 10/10 TL;DR there bruh, ever heard of line breaks?

      Seems like an excessively verbose and self-righteous declaration of willful leeching to me tho.

    6. The problem with that is, while thats all true, the way the game currently is you can just do all those same things with Fury Stance, Automate, Massive Hunter and Flash Guard/Tech Guard as a subclass and you'll do far more damage while doing so. Theres no enemies in the game that call for that kind of tanking unless you want to be SUPER safe in a solo ExQ.

      Anyone who wants to play a tank should look into maining TE because they'll absolutely never die (heck you can even go TE/HU and use War Cry and Guard Stance if you so desire) while still being able to support with insane damage (Zanverse is always the party MVP).

      It ain't leeching, it's just not very good compared to all other options. The ONLY definition of leeching is someone who is purposely doing nothing. Anyone else who says otherwise is simply being an elitist.

    7. @FAEL – Good god, no. I can't be a mage. I can understand you may have a gaming mentality where "what works, works, and you go with that", but some people (like me) pick classes based on their playstyle, not their stats or so. Yours is a more direct level of efficiency, mine isn't so. Simply put, I suck at playing mage and squishy DPS classes, so what I did was create a combination where I, personally, could maximize. If, as an example, Hunter did more DPS than a Ranger, but a person simply sucks at playing melee classes, I say let them be Ranger. Practice may help, but sometimes it's more about talent than skill. My talent isn't dodging and zipping around attacks, like a protagonist, mine is knowing when to defend, who to defend, what to aggro, and when I need to take the pressure off someone so they don't die and leave us with 0 DPS. And, yes, Techers do die sometimes, lol.

      Being totally honest, yes, I want to be SUPER safe, lol. I apologize, but I don't agree with your statement that you can do those same things, because in the team I'm in, the leader uses that same build (with Iron Will too, I believe) but still dies in critical EQs, like PD and TD4. Still, I don't dismiss your statement, I really am using an extreme tank build. Admittedly, it's because sometimes I like to solo or 4-man some things that tend to require a full 12-man party, just for some idle fun when bored, like UQs. As anyone can guess, Hu/Su is a powerful soloing build in comparison to other classes.

      The damage also isn't 1.45x all the time, since I can use Point Assist and get a 1.26x boost for a total multiplier of over 1.8x, and there's also Hunter Gear + Boost for my Over-Ending. Let's not include Shifta, since any MPA with brains keeps that up at all times, lol. I also use the Gix Sword, and can maintain the max potential boost at all times once it charges, since my automate pretty much never gets triggered. That's 2.16x DMG without Shifta or max Sword Gear, on a class combo that isn't even meant for DMG in the first place.

      What I like to consider is, the gain in defense, compared to the loss in DPS, is grossly disproportionate, because it seems SEGA themselves have disregarded the stat and have failed to balance it. While the DMG I do is one thing (this will probably never happen due to the DPS race style, but just to give a perspective), the maximum amount of damage I can tank in a single blow, and live, without triggering Iron Will, is an S-Atk from a Darker for 16,000+. That is freaking ludicrous, and more if I can block it but don't JG it. My damage mitigation can reduce incoming S-Atks to a whopping 7.776% at max (I'm not sure how rounding off works in the game) without blocking and that is total bullshit when you ratio it against the max DMG output any single class combo can give. The fact that I could gain 2.16x DMG at all while still maintaining such batshit defense seems broken to me, tbh. I'm not even affixed for S-Atk and have 3.2k without Shifta (I'm affixed for resist (not defense), hence the crazy DMG mitigation)

      That's why I actually can top DMG charts oftentimes. I just have to throw Over-End at the weakspot. No stopping me, not for healing, dodging, blocking, starting up i-frames, and certainly not death. Any class can boast 50% more DMG over me per PA, but I'm still hitting 50% more often than them. Essentially, when one person dies, they slow the party down because we have to stop and revive them.

      Most importantly, I am NOT saying everyone should hop onto Hu/Su, like idiots, that'd just turn the DPS race in the opposite direction and leave us with the opposite problem. What we need is for players to understand that having different roles is more efficient than everyone just pushing for the same one. That's the whole point of having different classes. And, sadly, even SEGA itself seems to have forgotten that.

    8. I only suggested TE because thats simply the actual tank class people play. Not squishy by any means, also not a caster in how it deals damage. It has so many ways to boost its own damage reduction that its never going to die.

      my HU sub for all melee classes that I play maxes all the Fury Stance damage passives, automate, flash guard and the tech flash guard. With only 1200 or so HP I don't think I've died in an EQ in forever, aside from like extremely slow cube phases where Mother will do a million damage. Add in the super armor level 200 mag skill and its truly REALLY hard to die as purely offense.

      That even includes attacks like boosted Gurazora's t-atk offense and Deadleon's t-atk offense which do absurd damage. I'd say about a year ago a lot of players were running tank affixes on their gear (tons of HP, all resist on everything) but its really died out.

      It's cool if you want to play how you want to play, not trying to stop you. Just saying its entirely possibly to obtain the same results while doing more damage.

    9. And these two people who joined my Party while I didn't even know them a bit then left without a word after I made them earn 10 levels during a Raging Dark Arms can be considered as leechers? >< Well that's not an easy question and that's why I wonder what Sega team really thinks about that. I guess all we can do is to keep "doing our best" as before…

      … But when we really think of it, "permanent ban" is really cool (or not) but it's also a way to loose money that could eventually go in their pockets if they didn't ban. So I think they think of it carefully and not do that for "nothing"… Or their game will sink faster than expected.

    10. I think SEGA's post said if you're repeatedly not fighting, or being a nuisance to others. I don't know how they would even detect if you're not fighting. I'd assume they'd have to reply on player reports. And that's what has me worried, because it's easy for people to assume you aren't contributing, even if you are.

      Like that guy who abused me. Regardless of who is "ignorant", the fact is the two of us were the top two contributors in that multi by far, not counting the Zanverse guy because he relied on our damage. I could see the damage, but the others couldn't. There were plenty of people who did almost nothing, but if anyone decides to report, it'll likely be me, just because I used a lobby action in battle.

      If SEGA listens to random people sending reports of people they THINK are leeching, it probably won't be good.

    11. adding for leeching judgement

      – on DF Double fight, low output could be due to the core exposing leg moved just right after you reached it (it happened to me the whole fight)
      – also when RNG is being so mean to you. You got thrown, get close only to be thrown again. Or you just reversal, got thrown again. When you're able to get stable output, the fight ended.

    12. Good point, I didn't think of that. Sometimes I get bad luck on bosses too, and can barely contribute. It also depends on class makeup. If you have a bunch of Forces and Maron Strikes in the multi, they will likely kill bosses before any other class can decently contribute. I see that in the damage meters, strong Maron Strike users makes everyone else look really weak.

      I guess we'll just have to see how SEGA handles things. If they do start handing out perma-bans that affect innocents, people will get upset and they'll probably end up reversing them.

    13. indeed, that's what i get when i simulate myself and some others improving their dps in mpa, hard hitters will have their output go down since total damage is fixed (this explanation should help if hard hitters think their damage dropped when others are improving)

      so i also wonder if people out there who always complain are bashing to prevent people lowering their meters or really telling them to get good? i think it's the matter of comfort zone

  4. But hum…

    > I don't move during an EQ and just take EXP, I'm a leecher…
    > I don't succeed reaching enemies quick (example of DFDouble and their weak spots moving often), I'm a leechere?
    > I don't wanna be a pain or a trouble for the others because I don't touch enemies as fast or do as enough damages so I decide to leave, I receive a "punishment" for leaving the quest?

    Were are we going now? I guess they'll think of it carefully but they'd better put the rules on the table for anyone to know what they have to wait for, or else people will get bored and maybe leave… Or just do as usual. I totally agree that those guys who stay without moving and take EXP and leave shouldn't be here (that's "anti-game"…), but I hope this won't go too far.

    Anyways, maybe it's a stupid idea but am I alone to think they maybe just use… A Parser? x) It can tell them a lot of things about who does what too after all.

    1. I'm sure their staff has plenty of tools to get information and data from the server lol including several things to parse with. Basically if you're not a problematic player there is zero reason to worry, normal players will be fine.

    2. you know what

      they should fix their RNG system to help low geared people instead of helping lucky bastards (we know some out there has big luck but never helps and always complain) instead of making double edged sword…

      with the exception of *14 RNG of course

    3. Collection Files and "welfare 13*" from 300 mob kills exist for this very reason. Yes, you need RNG to get the absolute best, but if RNG hates you, you can still get equipment that is still more than sufficient to do the job.

    4. Agreed. Honestly when it comes to top gear its mostly min-maxing. As long as you have a 60 element, +30 13* with a decent potential you're going to do decent. There's almost always an event throwing out random 13*s for you in addition to some pretty easy CFs that give some of the best weapons.

      12* units on the other hand, you're gonna need that luck.

    5. indeed, collection and COs leave us only play schedule to take care of

      *made me remember those who complained bout the existence of CF*

  5. Just a heads up, news article mentions ingame pestering as in "deliberately and purposefully refraining from fighting" and "stopping or preventing others from fighting".

    This rule was there in this state all the time. Your mental diarrhea about "leeching" or "lack of dps" is completely unnecessary there.

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