PSO2 JP: Special Maintenance (4/28/2014)

Game Server Connection Issues

  • They are currently investigating an issue where players were unable to connect to the server.

4/28/2014 Special maintenance

Maintenance Contents

  • Correction of the bug where some of the EXP drops down for characters linked with PSO2es.
  • Maintenance is scheduled to end around 13:00 JST, but it may end earlier or later depending on the situation.
  • They plan to distribute some form of compensation for this issue. Details will be revealed at a later time.
  • They also have plans to reschedule the emergency quests affected by this maintenance, which will be posted at a later time.

Emergency Quest Rescheduling

  • Wild Easter will now occur at 4/29 @ 15:00 JST
  • Mining Base Defense will now occur at 4/30 @ 15:00 JST
  • These will be added to the calendar.

PSO2 Taiwan

  • Sizustar linked to the video showcasing PSO2 Taiwan's exclusive content.

May 7th Dark Falz

  • A new Dark Falz battle will be arriving in the May 7th update.
  • The new Dark Falz has two phases similar to the Falz Arms and Elder battles. The first quest, [The Cunning Ebon-Winged Vanguard] lets you face a new boss known as "アポス・ドリオス" Apos Dorios! Apos Dorios is a wing-type Darker magician who can manipulate three elements; fire, ice, and lightning. It can summon pillars on the field that will eventually lead to a powerful attack. You can intercept this attack by destroying the pillars.
  • The new Dark Falz can drop Red Scorpio, Caduceus, Edel Arrow, Gal Wind, Lavis Blade, Meteor Cudgel, Berdysh, and Judgement Hearts.

Thanks Sizustar.

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