PSO2: New Genesis JP Announcement Campaign

PSO2 New Genesis Campaign (JP)

To kick off the announcement of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, Sega of Japan will be giving out items for both new and returning PSO2 players.

Campaign Period: July 25th ~ August 19th

Task Reward
Login to PSO2 JP during the campaign period.

Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] x1
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] x3
Tri Boost +150% x5
EX Tri Boost +100% x5
136 "Air Guitar" x1

Login each day during the campaign period. 1,000,000 EXP Ticket (up to 10 max)

Prize distributed upon meeting the conditions.



Returning Players

If you let someone classified as a "Returning Player" join your team, you and all your team members will receive items.

Task Reward
Have a "Returning Player" belong to your team during the campaign period by August 19th's maintenance.
Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
Tri Boost +150%
Ex Tri Boost +100%
130 "Terminal Operation"

Prize distributed mid September.

18 thoughts to “PSO2: New Genesis JP Announcement Campaign”

  1. Only if everything gets carried over , I will play it. I'm getting burned of online games, it was fun to play with some of you if we had ever crossed paths.

    1. Thats the million dollar question, right?

      To be honest, I’d happily drop PSO2 regardless of whether my things gets carried over or not as the game has hit a brick wall in its current state anyway.

      However since I’ve been playing PSO2 regularly since Ep1-3, it would be nice to have some clarity on whether I can go into early retirement now or if I should continue playing so my progress from this point onward gets carried over to NG when its released.

      I’d imagine a lot of players will probably stop playing or caring about PSO2 if it turns out that NG is standalone, so this might not be something SEGA will clarify any day soon.

  2. I guess everyone who complained that PSO2 wasn't making new content feels pretty damn stupid right now.

    1. I sort of saw this coming as soon as they announced they were dropping Vita support. What I did NOT expect was it to be a side game that has greatly altered graphics, gameplay mechanics and UI. I was expecting it to merely be an update with overhaul of the existing gameplay engine.

  3. So they're releasing New Genesis for both regions but the campaign is Japan exclusive? I mean obviously they'd need different rewards as NA doesn't have BoQs yet but come on…

  4. its same game but rebranded name title and updated graphical engine, so everything wont be lost. Basically a huge update, at least 50GB worth maybe?

    1. It's not, the clarified recently.
      It's a New Title that will run together with PSO2 but Characters mostly Transfer over. You do start from lvl1 at least. There's a post at Reddit going into detail.
      On a Side note Normal PSO2 will also get some upgraded graphics.

  5. "If you let someone classified as a "Returning Player" join your team, you and all your team members will receive items."

    what if I have a player in team already that didnt login for year+
    and if they log-in…will it count for campaign or not? or should they leave my team and then join?

    1. If they are on your team currently and they return, you will get rewards. Don't need to rejoin team.

    1. I mean, we're close to killing Profound Darkness (Shiva) once and for all, so…

  6. A correction… rewards will not be delivered in mid-August, but in mid-September (2020年9月中旬を予定).

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