PSO2 Station #22 Recap

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August 4th Stream

Moai Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below to receive Voice Tickets
  • モアイマスクに似合うボイスちょうだい
  • These tickets are voiced by Moai Iwashita
  • You can pick these items up at the visiphone!

Conqueror's Crest Campaign

  • This campaign will end August 29th's Maintenance.
  • In Mid-October they will make adjustments so that you can obtain them as drops from Bonus Quests and certain Raid quests.

King's Crest Campaign

  • The King's Crests campaign will begin August 29th
  • King's Crests will drop from certain raid quests and [Trigger: Underground Nightmare].
  • The ★14 Weapon lineup will be different.
  • You can convert King's Crest into Conqueror's Crest.

Freezing Lobby Actions

  • You can freeze lobby actions if you're a premium user.
  • This is done through a chat command

Beach Wars

  • Moai Iwashita is in charge of announcements.
  • Nasunakan's E-Trial appears at random.
  • You can get Sweet and Sour Pork with the E-Trial
  • Stats: (30min) ALL + 10 and Rare Drop Rate +50%
  • Navy Rappy Suit Mini can drop in this quest.

Evleda Unit Upgrade

  • Apparently Evleda Units are getting an upgrade but it will take some time for that to come. There was a miscommunication in a previous stream where they said it wasn't getting any upgrades.

Evleda Collection Sheet

  • Evleda Collection Sheets will be revived at some point in the future.

Phantasy Star Zero Collaboration

  • They are planning to have a collaboration to mark PSZero's 10th Anniversary at the end of the year.

First Arts JA Addition & Next Jump Skills

  • They do not consume skill points.

Bouncer Skill: Break SD Bonus

  • This skill will receive a buff balance adjustment in October.

Phobos Potential

  • Phobos pot will receive a buff around September

Ares NT Conversion

  • You will not be able to upgrade Ares OT into Ares NT

Ares NT Potential

  • Power based on the photon blast gauge.
  • In addition to the above, another effect will occur based on the summoned Photon Blast. For example, Helix would be power, while Ketos gives natural PP recovery, etc.

Expert Conditions

  • At the present moment, they do not have plans to update the Expert Player conditions.

Nyau Voice

  • Unfortunately they do not have plans to implement Nyau's voice.



PSO2 x Valkyria Chronicles 4

  • PSO2 will be collaborating with Valkyria Chronicles 4
  • Collaboration planned for Fall 2018
  • A PSO2es Collaboration will also be held.


PSO2 x Soul Reverse Collaboration

  • PSO2 will be collaboration with the Soul Reverse Series
  • Soul Reverse is a mobile & arcade RPG
  • Luce's costumes, hairstyles, and other items will be available.
  • Collaboration planned for Fall 2018


Character Song CD ~ Song Festival 4 ~

  • Mother: Tears of the moon(Mother ver.)
  • Phaleg: アマランスの空
  • Och: 普遍数のlogic
  • Phul: fantastic seeker
  • Och & Phul Duet: エキセントリック・パーフェクト
  • Och, Phul, Phaleg, Mother: Fly me to the moon
  • Pre-Sales: September 20th ~ 23
  • General Sales: September 28th
  • Price: 2800 Yen


Phantasic 3D Live 2018

  • A Live 3DCG event where Quna and Matoi will dance and sing!
  • Characters will sing New Music and wear New Costumes
  • Schedule: October 27th and October 28th
  • Location: Hulic Hall Tokyo


July 24th Stream

Secret Phrase

Say the secret phrase below in chat to receive the following items:

  • 夏休みはナスナカンと海で握手
    • Suwa Dance (Lobby Action
    • 6th Anniversary Badge (x66)
  • You have until August 1st Maintenance to complete this task.
  • Pick up these items at the Visiphone!

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • +200% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • July 24th @ 23:00 (Persona Dancing First)


Idola Tidbit

  • In this game you battle the "Idola"
  • Idola are giant creatures that are regarded as Dark Falz' kin.
  • Ketos (Cetus), pictured above, is one of the weaker types of Idola.


Idola Tidbit

  • The Pre-Registration Campaign will deliver ★5 Quna as a reward if 100,000 people pre-register for the site.
  • Details of these campaigns can be found in the previous post.


Idola Tidbits

  • Quna will have a side story quest.
  • She will also battle as the rare class "Bard"


Early August Update

  • Summer Lobby (~ 9/12)
  • Summer 2018 Bingo (~9/12)
  • Bug-Type Darkers and Omega Apprezina will appear in Enchanted Forest.


Early August Update

  • Mid Summer Wave (AC Scratch)
  • Huey And Stratos Swimwear
  • Gene, Seraphy, Annete's Swimwear from PSO2es Chip Artwork
  • A summer Sailor One-Piece
  • Lobby Actions Dance 53, Swim 2, Marine Pose


Early August Update

  • Battle Arena Weapons
    • Assault Rifle, Talis, and Sword
  • Battle Coin Exchange Shop Updated
    • Gekkou Anbus Crimson / Night
    • Yaten Anbus Crimson / Night
    • Ninja Lobby Action
    • Rear / Yaten Hollow
    • Rear / Gekkou Hollow


Early August Update

  • You can get [Summer Huey]'s Partner Card
  • Beach Wars 2018 (~9/12)
  • Oceanids and Phantoms will appear this year!


Early August Update

  • New Mascots [Nasunacan] will appear!?
  • If you clear their E-Trial, you'll receive:
    • [Nasunaka's Special Sweet & Sour Pork]
  • Beach 2018 Collection
    • Calamity Stinger
    • Calamity Smasher
    • Tridia Yart
    • Tridia Isela
    • Vardes Greave
  • 14 Star Drop Quelle Neigea
  • Scorching Heat Aratron Phemut appears at the end!


Late August Update

  • Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl Collaboration #2
  • Gorai (Cast Parts & Suit) FA: Girl
  • Gorai Kai (Cast Parts & Suit) FA: Girl
  • Gorai (Cast Parts & Suit) FA
  • Baselard (Parts & Suit) FA: Girl
  • Baselard (Parts & Suit) FA
  • Blast Shield Accessory
  • Other Accessories
  • Evo Device / Gorai G
  • Evo Device / Baselard G


Late August Update

  • Frame Arms Reload (AC Scratch)
  • Rail Gun Camo
  • Mega Slash Edge Camo (11 Categories)
  • Segment Rifle Camo
  • Lobby Actions: Charging Kun and Flying Base 2
  • Room Items
  • Fantasy Assassin themed outfits.


Late August Update

  • Dark Falz [Double] showing up in Omega!?
  • What was the incident that took place in Es-Ars?


Late August Update

  • Premium Set users can freeze Lobby Actions through a chat command. (/la trance s3.9)
  • S-Class Ability Swapping
  • Team Shop
    • Triboosters
    • Cradle of Darkness Trigger
    • Beckoning Darkness Trigger
    • Bonus Key Tokyo Silver
    • Advance Capsules
    • Extreme Pass
  • The Team Shop has purchase limits somewhat like the Casino.
  • Temporarily turn off Expert Settings to start up quests.


Late August Update

  • Battle Knuckles will appear in the Battle Arena
  • Battle Knuckle (PA: Straight Charge)
    • Has a stun effect when charged
  • Battle Arena Weapons
    • Knuckles, Twin Machine Guns, Rods
  • Battle Arena Scratch Rewards
    • Popular Weapon Camos (Coat Edge/Vilantz Actor)
    • Evolution Devices (Petite Anga)


Late August Update

Added "New" Skills

  • First Arts JA Addition
    • The first attack becomes a Just Attack
  • Next Jump
    • Perform a Double Jump


Late August Update

  • Apprentice Form is finally here!
  • Utilize two types of bugs (Close Range Types) (Support Types)
  • Activate a certain skill to ride aboard a bug.
  • The [Aura] Display mode will also be available.


Late August Update

  • Ultimate Amduscia Renewal
  • Level 85 enemies will appear at random.
  • In addition, enemy stats were adjusted.
  • Ares-NT ★14 Weapon Series can drop!
  • Ares-NT weapon category conversion at Zieg
    • Example of an Ares-NT wpn converting to an Ares-NT Sword
      • Ares NT Weapon (x1)
      • Goldnia (x999)
      • Saphard (x999)
    • Requested materials may be different based on weapon type?
  • The elusive [Dia] weapon series can drop.
  • Maron and Melon ★14 versions will appear.


Late August Update

  • Battle OF Apprentice once again in a 4 Player Trigger Quest
  • According to the video, it has a 15 minute time limit.
  • A weapon camo that supports 17 categories will drop.


PSO2es Lobby Update

  • PSO2es is getting a lobby redesign
    • (Time to redo the entire guide 🙁 )
  • A Quick Menu feature has been implemented, making it easier to move to each screen.

PSO2es Update

  • New feature: esOrders
  • Receive Items and Chips when you clear esOrders.


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es Story Season 3 Chapter 1 begins July 25th
  • New Character:
    • Sorūsh (CV: Taketora) The Big Green Guy


PSO2es Update

  • New Chips
    • Slave Feather (8/22)
    • Bullet Kunai (7/25)
    • Slave Bullet (8/22)

PSO2es Update

  • Cool Breeze Gene (Summer Vacation) (8/1)
  • Blue Sea Annette (Summer Vacation (8/8)


PSO2es Update

  • Bio Glion (8/15)
  • Divine Raikou (Eternal Tower)
  • Shooting Drive (Summer Vacation) (Special Quest)


PSO2es Update (Side Stories)

  • Fighting Beat (7/25)
  • Cool Breeze Gene (8/1)
  • Shooting Drive (Summer Vacation) (8/1)
  • Blue Sea Annette (8/8)
  • Assassin Claw (8/22)


PSO2es Update (Special Quests)

  • Summer Break! Beachside Clubhouse (8/1 ~ 8/15)
  • AAF General Election: Seaside Soldier (8/1 ~ 8/22)
    • Obtain Shooting Drive (Summer Vacation)


PSO2es Update

  • The 8th Eternal Tower (8/8 ~ 8/22)
    • Divine Raikou Chip
    • Spear Dominacio (Partisan)
  • EQ: Tranzexia and Rigshrayda (8/2 ~ 8/7)
    • Arion Series / Raete Series
    • Gen Oboroyo Chip

Dengeki G's Comic Item Codes

  • In the October issue of Dengeki G's Comic, which goes on sale August 30th, you can receive item codes for [Love Yakan Memories].
  • You can trade in these Memories for items such as the Love "Yakan" lobby action and mats, as well as a Weapono Memory.


Come Back Arks Campaign

AC Scratch Ticket Present (August 2nd ~ August 31st)

  • Those who login with a character that's level 60 or above, will receive an AC Scratch ticket for each day they login during the campaign period. You can receive a maximum of 30 AC Scratch Tickets if you diligently log in each day.

Bonus Key Present (July 25th ~ August 1st) (August 22nd ~ August 31st)

  • Those who login during the campaign period will receive items based on the day they logged in.
  • Monday ~ Friday: Bonus Key Tokyo Silver & Bonus Key Magatsu Silver
  • Saturday: Bonus Key Tokyo Gold
  • Sunday: Bonus Key Magatsu Gold

Boost Item Present (August 15th ~ August 21st)

  • Receive Boost Items based on the date you login during the campaign period.

Returning Player Friendship

  • Friends of [Returning Players] will receive the following items
    • Conquerer's Crest x 100
    • Bonus Key Tokyo Gold
    • Bonus Key Magatsu Gold
    • Bonus Key Rappy F
  • You need to be a friend of a [Returning Player] at August 1st's maintenance.
  • You need to be a friend of a [Returning Player] at September 5th's maintenance.
  • Rewards are distributed in the future.

We will talk about these campaigns in detail during maintenance posts in the future.





Monster Hunter Frontier Z Collab

Monster Hunter Frontier Z x Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration

  • The Tower from MHF-Z will appear in PSO2
  • A collaboration boss from MHF-Z will also appear in PSO2.
  • Coming Fall 2018


Emergency Buster Quest

~ New Devil Castle: Buster Vales ~
~ The Games Begin [September] ~




9 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #22 Recap”

  1. I don't remember when was the last time PSO2 had good OC male cast sets. Train-themed one? God bless Frame Arms and collaboration with it.

  2. Hero gets dethroned late august! But… what about Br snatch step and JB doublejump? Also, Hr will become the only user of snatch step ring after that.

    1. Snatch step is gonna get replaced by the new free Skill and that 1SP refunded. I also don't think that Snatch step Ring will continue to exist. Sega already announced that every skill ring that they're gonna add onto the Skill Tree will be compensated somehow.

  3. huzzah on the inclusion of zulfiqar along with baselard – meh on the FA:G anime original stuff (charger stickmen, homemade upgrade gourai). yay for mega slash edge – unite sword next time, pls: never enough hilariously huge pigstickers.
    half suprised they're doing gené's first swimsuit and not the second, timingwise, but not fighting it either way. nice to see seraphy get some appreciation, too.
    ugh at the unfunny manzai dweebs getting ingame counterparts, but at least they'll go away untill next year, after the seasonal goes out of rotation – speaking of which, I guess drop-only stuff will be the only point of note for beach wars this year. RIP
    I eagerly await my airhike and pseudo-firstblood.
    wonder which monster we'll be facing atop the tower.
    they're really, really dragging it out RE: apprentice blast. it'll be what, two months between our getting it in-story and it's actual implementation…? >realize everyone who wants to use it will have the associated duration-extension weapons before they can even use them
    new EBQ looks like it's got high potential to get annoying because pubbies are pubbies. of course, if they haven't lined things up to put double blast's extension weapons behind it I'd be suprised.
    >meanwhile in an interview they've declared they have no plans to update regular BQ…

    1. A real shame that they don't update the regular BQ anymore. I actually liked it it's just that the "content updates" it did receive were fuggin garbage. if BQ launched on EP5 day one and a few months later BQ2 would look like this up above a lot more people would be on board with them. If only EBQ dropped Buster Medals >-<

    2. Actually BQ might suffer from the fact that its 24/7 accessible quest. It would be just fine being an emergency only thing,
      They would need to do some real big work to update BQ out of its discount TD1 shape and into something that could be at least not painful to play constantly.

  4. phantasy star zero collab? that makes ZERO sense. bad puns aside seriously what the fuck that's like saying "sonic adventure 2 getting sonic adventure 1 things" its more of a content from one of their own games the funniest part being pso2 was pitched as a game more like phantasy star zero, that didn't happen lol it was more like "oh have some phantasy star universe with some pso sprinkled on it. not even phantasy star portable 2 infinity that was more pso then pso2 XD

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