PSO2 Station #26 Recap

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December 1st Livestream

Merry Christmas on Ice

  • It's a similar quest type to Driving Rain.
  • Christmas Umblla will eventually spawn.
  • Afterwards, LV 85 bosses will tend to appear.
  • Christmas Collection contains this year's ★13 seasonals.

Weapon Form Change (Basically the Glamour System)

  • Transform the appearance of your weapon into other weapons.
  • Requires the [base item] and the [design item] to be at max grind. (OT: +10 or NT:+35)
  • The [design item] can be a Weapon Camo if you want.
  • Requires [1 Million Meseta] and a [Weapon Form Change Pass].
  • There's also a Weapon Form Change Voucher
  • These vouchers can be obtained from certain quests or title rewards.
  • Trade in 150 Change Vouchers for a Weapon Form Change Pass.

Special Collection File

  • There is no expiration date.
  • You can hold just one of its sheets at a time.
  • Contains ★14 like Uransara, Powerful Blow, Radius Arca, and more!
  • Premium Users get a gauge accumulation bonus.
  • If the gauge requires a specific EQ, the trigger version will also raise it.
  • Solo Trigger: T:Endless Darkness does not qualify.

Solo Ultimate Quest

  • Can be cleared up to 5 times a day.
  • Scape Dolls and Half Dolls are forbidden.
  • Weapon Form Change Vouchers are given as Title Rewards.
    • Clearing it with two classes should be enough Vouchers for a Change Pass.
  • You can get Class Cubes and EXCubes
  • First Clear rewards include S-Ability Capsules, Accessories, etc.

Next Pet

  • ★14 Redran is on its way for Mid December and getting some PA buffs.

Raid Boss Field

  • The raid boss field is set in the [Arks Fleet] area.

★15 Weapon Category Change

  • The Atra EX and Xion series support this.


★15 Lightstream Xion Weapon Requirements

  • ★14 Celestial Xion +35
  • EXCube x400
  • Amphitrite Stone (Title Reward For Clearing Persona EQ x50)

★14 Celestial Xion Weapon Requirements

  • ★13 Profound Xion +35
  • Any ★13 Detonation +35
  • Any ★13 Clawdem +35
  • Any ★13 Allure +35
  • Any ★13 Chalyra +35
  • Erebos Stone (x150)

Xion Series: Pot and S-Slots

  • PWR UP, fully recovers PP when it falls below a certain amount and Power Up. (Cooldown Can Occur) S1 ~ S3 Supported.

Atra EX

★15 Atra EX Weapon Requirements

  • ★14 Atra +35
  • ★14 Lumiere +35
  • EXCube x400

Atra EX Series: Pot & S-Slot

  • PWR UP. Provides 1 time survival of a Fatal Attack and gradually recovers HP for a limited time afterwards. S1 ~ S4 Supported.


★15 Austere NT Weapon Requirements

  • (★13 Invade-NT+35) OR (★13 Austere OT)
  • ★14 Ares-NT +35
  • ★13 Nemesis-NT +35
  • ★13 Slave-NT +35
  • EXCube x400

Austere-NT Series Pot & S-Slot

The following choices are available and are based on each requirement weapon.

  • A: PWR UP based on PB Gauge and Addt’l Effect based on Photon Blast type.
  • B: PWR UP and forms a barrier that reduces damage for a limited time.
  • C: PWR UP and forms a barrier that reduces reactions for a limited time.
  • Supports S1 ~ S3 Slots

^ Set effects are coming too!

Other Stuff

The Above Mentioned Required Materials

  • They understand that it's quite difficult to obtain the weapons in each of the requirements, so there's going to be campaign quest at the end of the year along with a New Year's event to make it easier for people to get them.

Time Reversal Stone Chronos

  • They have plans to distribute another Chronos Stone through a Title Reward.
  • The Title is based on # of Titles you have.


  • Even though the web panel event ends on Dec 5th, the Monster Hunter Collaboration period is actually set until May 15th, 2019.



November 20th Livestream

Post Livestream Update

  • November 23rd:
    • Removed the word "Qualifying"
    • Removed quotation marks from Ultimate.
    • Added the other combined skill rings.
    • Added a header to each upgrade series


Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat to receive items
  • エピソード6来春開始
  • Get 1 Elzelion Trigger, 20 Yellow Hunting Stones, 3 Half Dolls.
  • You have until Nov 28th's Maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • November 20th @ 23:00 JST
  • Incarnation of Knowledge (But Quna Concert First)
  • Rare Drop and EXP Boost +200% UP
  • +10% Live Boost If You Attend Concert


PSO2es Annette (Summer Vacation)

  • Price: 12960 Yen
  • Order Date: Until Nov 27th
  • Sales Date: April ~ May 2019


PSO2es Gene (Summer Vacation)

  • Price: 13,800 Yen
  • Order Date: November 20th ~ January 16th
  • Sales Date: June ~ July 2019


PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2017-2018: LEGACY OF OMEGA

  • Sales Date: December 28th
  • Price: TBA
  • Item Codes
    • *Stealth Weapon
    • Photographing Stage (Room Item)
    • Sharp Twin Tail GV
    • Cross Legs (Lobby Action)
    • Color Change Pass
    • Free Salon Pass


Early December Update

  • Christmas Event 2018
  • Christmas Lobby (~12/31 @ 23:59 JST
  • Saint Rappy (~1/9/2019)
  • Noiya Nyai (~1/9/2019)
  • Bingo Reward: Evo Device / St, Rappy
  • Franca's Snow Cafe (~2/06/2019)


Early December Update

  • Christmas Event 2018
  • Hitsugi Kohri and Al Christmas NPCs
  • Do their Client Orders and Get their Partner Cards.
  • Felicetedel Camo Client Order Reward


Early December Update

  • Merry Christmas on Ice (~1/9/2019)
  • This Year's seasonal (Prefixed-Named) Bosses will appear!
  • NPCs will dress up in Christmas Costumes in E-Trials
  • Quest Drop: White Rappy Suit Mini
  • Collection File: Merry Christmas 2018 Collection (~ 1/9/2019)


Early December Update

  • Christmas Fantasy (AC Scratch)
  • Hitsugi , Kohri, RINA, Aika Christmas Costumes
  • RINA, Aika, SORO Black Story Costumes
  • Table Dance Lobby Action


Early December Update

  • Change the Base Weapon to look like the Material Weapon
    • For Example: Change Atra into a ★1 Sword
    • Process requires a [Weapon Form Change Pass].
    • You can find this pass in Solo Ultimate Quest.
  • Special Collection File
    • Contains Seasonal Emergency ★14 Weapons
    • Quelle Glitter, Quelle Neigea, Uranusara, Exium Bunker, and more!
    • Sheets seem to contain Affix Boosters
      (+40% & +30% Affix Success Rates are shown)


Early December Update

  • Solo Ultimate Quest: "The Remains of A Parallel World"
  • A quest where you'll face Omega Masquerade.
  • It starts at Lv.1 but becomes exceptionally stronger as the level rises.
  • Omega Masquerade becomes stronger each time it's killed.


Early December Update

  • SG Scratch: Arks Battlewear Selection II
  • Classic Costumes have become Layered Wear
  • First Klariskrays, Clarissa, Flo & Frau Outfits
  • Good Variation of Dark Falz Costumes
  • Weapon Camos and First KK Pose Lobby Action


Mid December Update

  • All Classes Level 90!
  • Hero Level 90 Cap is Here!
    • Title: Equip ★12 Rear & Leg & Arm Units At +10 Grind.
  • New Hero Skill: Hero Refresh
    • Consumes a half amount of Hero Gear to apply a Hero Will Recovery Effect and more!
  • Redran ★14 Pet
  • Combined Skill Rings
    • L / JG Counter = JG Heavenly F / JG Sonic Arrow / JG Rising F
    • L / Chase W Support = DS Kama-itachi / TD Air Chase / Knuckle Chase
    • L / Brave Power = Katana C Count UP / Bullet Bow Homing
    • L / Time n Roll = Front S Roll / High Time Keep
    • L / Defense Tech = Tech C Parrying / Short Mirage
    • L / Kick n Snatch = DB Snatch / JB Tech Arts SC
    • The material rings need to be at +20 to make the combined ring.


Mid December Update

  • Miyabi Romantica (AC Scratch)
  • Alma and Katori kimonos.
  • Apparition themed outfits and cast parts.
  • Alma Ball and Alma Pose Lobby Action


Mid December Update

  • Phantasy Star Zero Collaboration
  • Get Phantasy Star Zero items from the Exchange Shop
  • Sarisa and Kai Costumes and Accessories.


Mid December Update

  • Easy Login added to PS4 version
  • More entries added to Arks Handbook
  • Premium Features
    • Unlimited Seconds for Lobby Action Freezing
    • 60 Minute Re-editing with Color Change Pass


Mid December Update

  • New Battle Arena Map Added
  • VR Arena: Volcano Night
  • Each Arena Map will have their own set of useable weapon types.


Mid December Update

  • Dark Falz Persona Battle
  • Its attacks change when switching masks.
  • Has a variety of attacks originating from each Dark Falz.
  • Two out of its four forms will appear.


Mid December Update

  • ★15 Weapons Are Finally Here! But first we'll need to make a chart.
  • ★15 Austere-NT Weapon Series will drop!
  • You can upgrade from Invade-NT to Austere-NT too!


The Materials Required For These Exchanges Are Subject To Change

Darkness to Light

Profound Weapon Series (★13 Weapons)

  • Can be upgraded into Celestial Weapons

Celestial Weapon Series (★14 Weapons)

  • Bring Materials to Zieg to upgrade Profound to Celestial.
  • Profound Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Detonation Weapon +35
  • Clawdem Weapon +35
  • Allure Weapon +35
  • Chalyra Weapon +35
  • Erebos Stone (x150) (Drops in Dark Falz Persona EQ)

Lightstream Weapon Series (★15 Weapons)

  • You can suggest a better name.  (光跡)
  • Bring Materials to Zieg to upgrade Celestial to Lightstream.
  • Celestial Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Excube (x400)
  • Amphitrite Stone (Title Reward: Clear DF Persona EQ 50 Times)

Atra EX

ATRA EX Weapon Series (★15 Weapons)

  • Bring the materials to Zieg to upgrade your Atra weapon.
  • Atra Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Lumiere Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Excube (x400)


Austere-NT Weapon Series (★15 Weapons)

  • Bring the materials to Zieg to upgrade your Old-Type Austere or Invade-NT weapon.
  • Old-Type Austere upgrade to Austere-NT:
    • OT Austere (Same Weapon Type)
    • Ares NT Weapon  +35 (Same Weapon Type)
    • Nemesis NT Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
    • Slave NT Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
    • Excube (x400)


PSO2es Update

  • Bio Dogault (12/12)
  • Hitsugi [Merry Christmas] (12/12)


PSO2es Update

  • Goodbye Fire (11/21)
  • Tryvin Orbit (11/28)
  • Holy Ray (12/5)
  • Eightrei Orbit (12/1)


PSO2es Side Stories

  • Space Tuna (11/21)
  • Yasminkov 8000C (11/28)
  • Trident Crusher (12/5)
  • White Dinner (12/12)


PSO2es Update

  • [Launcher Pose] added to the Leisure Coin Shop (12/1)
  • Eternal Tower (11/27 ~ 12/12)
    • Blade Dominacio is obtainable
  • Emergency Quest Mid-December
    • Tranzexia appears
    • Crys Draal appears



~Omega's Nightmare Strikes Oracle~


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