PSO2 Station #26 Recap

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December 1st Livestream

Merry Christmas on Ice

  • It's a similar quest type to Driving Rain.
  • Christmas Umblla will eventually spawn.
  • Afterwards, LV 85 bosses will tend to appear.
  • Christmas Collection contains this year's ★13 seasonals.

Weapon Form Change (Basically the Glamour System)

  • Transform the appearance of your weapon into other weapons.
  • Requires the [base item] and the [design item] to be at max grind. (OT: +10 or NT:+35)
  • The [design item] can be a Weapon Camo if you want.
  • Requires [1 Million Meseta] and a [Weapon Form Change Pass].
  • There's also a Weapon Form Change Voucher
  • These vouchers can be obtained from certain quests or title rewards.
  • Trade in 150 Change Vouchers for a Weapon Form Change Pass.

Special Collection File

  • There is no expiration date.
  • You can hold just one of its sheets at a time.
  • Contains ★14 like Uransara, Powerful Blow, Radius Arca, and more!
  • Premium Users get a gauge accumulation bonus.
  • If the gauge requires a specific EQ, the trigger version will also raise it.
  • Solo Trigger: T:Endless Darkness does not qualify.

Solo Ultimate Quest

  • Can be cleared up to 5 times a day.
  • Scape Dolls and Half Dolls are forbidden.
  • Weapon Form Change Vouchers are given as Title Rewards.
    • Clearing it with two classes should be enough Vouchers for a Change Pass.
  • You can get Class Cubes and EXCubes
  • First Clear rewards include S-Ability Capsules, Accessories, etc.

Next Pet

  • ★14 Redran is on its way for Mid December and getting some PA buffs.

Raid Boss Field

  • The raid boss field is set in the [Arks Fleet] area.

★15 Weapon Category Change

  • The Atra EX and Xion series support this.


★15 Lightstream Xion Weapon Requirements

  • ★14 Celestial Xion +35
  • EXCube x400
  • Amphitrite Stone (Title Reward For Clearing Persona EQ x50)

★14 Celestial Xion Weapon Requirements

  • ★13 Profound Xion +35
  • Any ★13 Detonation +35
  • Any ★13 Clawdem +35
  • Any ★13 Allure +35
  • Any ★13 Chalyra +35
  • Erebos Stone (x150)

Xion Series: Pot and S-Slots

  • PWR UP, fully recovers PP when it falls below a certain amount and Power Up. (Cooldown Can Occur) S1 ~ S3 Supported.

Atra EX

★15 Atra EX Weapon Requirements

  • ★14 Atra +35
  • ★14 Lumiere +35
  • EXCube x400

Atra EX Series: Pot & S-Slot

  • PWR UP. Provides 1 time survival of a Fatal Attack and gradually recovers HP for a limited time afterwards. S1 ~ S4 Supported.


★15 Austere NT Weapon Requirements

  • (★13 Invade-NT+35) OR (★13 Austere OT)
  • ★14 Ares-NT +35
  • ★13 Nemesis-NT +35
  • ★13 Slave-NT +35
  • EXCube x400

Austere-NT Series Pot & S-Slot

The following choices are available and are based on each requirement weapon.

  • A: PWR UP based on PB Gauge and Addt’l Effect based on Photon Blast type.
  • B: PWR UP and forms a barrier that reduces damage for a limited time.
  • C: PWR UP and forms a barrier that reduces reactions for a limited time.
  • Supports S1 ~ S3 Slots

^ Set effects are coming too!

Other Stuff

The Above Mentioned Required Materials

  • They understand that it's quite difficult to obtain the weapons in each of the requirements, so there's going to be campaign quest at the end of the year along with a New Year's event to make it easier for people to get them.

Time Reversal Stone Chronos

  • They have plans to distribute another Chronos Stone through a Title Reward.
  • The Title is based on # of Titles you have.


  • Even though the web panel event ends on Dec 5th, the Monster Hunter Collaboration period is actually set until May 15th, 2019.



November 20th Livestream

Post Livestream Update

  • November 23rd:
    • Removed the word "Qualifying"
    • Removed quotation marks from Ultimate.
    • Added the other combined skill rings.
    • Added a header to each upgrade series


Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat to receive items
  • エピソード6来春開始
  • Get 1 Elzelion Trigger, 20 Yellow Hunting Stones, 3 Half Dolls.
  • You have until Nov 28th's Maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • November 20th @ 23:00 JST
  • Incarnation of Knowledge (But Quna Concert First)
  • Rare Drop and EXP Boost +200% UP
  • +10% Live Boost If You Attend Concert


PSO2es Annette (Summer Vacation)

  • Price: 12960 Yen
  • Order Date: Until Nov 27th
  • Sales Date: April ~ May 2019


PSO2es Gene (Summer Vacation)

  • Price: 13,800 Yen
  • Order Date: November 20th ~ January 16th
  • Sales Date: June ~ July 2019


PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2017-2018: LEGACY OF OMEGA

  • Sales Date: December 28th
  • Price: TBA
  • Item Codes
    • *Stealth Weapon
    • Photographing Stage (Room Item)
    • Sharp Twin Tail GV
    • Cross Legs (Lobby Action)
    • Color Change Pass
    • Free Salon Pass


Early December Update

  • Christmas Event 2018
  • Christmas Lobby (~12/31 @ 23:59 JST
  • Saint Rappy (~1/9/2019)
  • Noiya Nyai (~1/9/2019)
  • Bingo Reward: Evo Device / St, Rappy
  • Franca's Snow Cafe (~2/06/2019)


Early December Update

  • Christmas Event 2018
  • Hitsugi Kohri and Al Christmas NPCs
  • Do their Client Orders and Get their Partner Cards.
  • Felicetedel Camo Client Order Reward


Early December Update

  • Merry Christmas on Ice (~1/9/2019)
  • This Year's seasonal (Prefixed-Named) Bosses will appear!
  • NPCs will dress up in Christmas Costumes in E-Trials
  • Quest Drop: White Rappy Suit Mini
  • Collection File: Merry Christmas 2018 Collection (~ 1/9/2019)


Early December Update

  • Christmas Fantasy (AC Scratch)
  • Hitsugi , Kohri, RINA, Aika Christmas Costumes
  • RINA, Aika, SORO Black Story Costumes
  • Table Dance Lobby Action


Early December Update

  • Change the Base Weapon to look like the Material Weapon
    • For Example: Change Atra into a ★1 Sword
    • Process requires a [Weapon Form Change Pass].
    • You can find this pass in Solo Ultimate Quest.
  • Special Collection File
    • Contains Seasonal Emergency ★14 Weapons
    • Quelle Glitter, Quelle Neigea, Uranusara, Exium Bunker, and more!
    • Sheets seem to contain Affix Boosters
      (+40% & +30% Affix Success Rates are shown)


Early December Update

  • Solo Ultimate Quest: "The Remains of A Parallel World"
  • A quest where you'll face Omega Masquerade.
  • It starts at Lv.1 but becomes exceptionally stronger as the level rises.
  • Omega Masquerade becomes stronger each time it's killed.


Early December Update

  • SG Scratch: Arks Battlewear Selection II
  • Classic Costumes have become Layered Wear
  • First Klariskrays, Clarissa, Flo & Frau Outfits
  • Good Variation of Dark Falz Costumes
  • Weapon Camos and First KK Pose Lobby Action


Mid December Update

  • All Classes Level 90!
  • Hero Level 90 Cap is Here!
    • Title: Equip ★12 Rear & Leg & Arm Units At +10 Grind.
  • New Hero Skill: Hero Refresh
    • Consumes a half amount of Hero Gear to apply a Hero Will Recovery Effect and more!
  • Redran ★14 Pet
  • Combined Skill Rings
    • L / JG Counter = JG Heavenly F / JG Sonic Arrow / JG Rising F
    • L / Chase W Support = DS Kama-itachi / TD Air Chase / Knuckle Chase
    • L / Brave Power = Katana C Count UP / Bullet Bow Homing
    • L / Time n Roll = Front S Roll / High Time Keep
    • L / Defense Tech = Tech C Parrying / Short Mirage
    • L / Kick n Snatch = DB Snatch / JB Tech Arts SC
    • The material rings need to be at +20 to make the combined ring.


Mid December Update

  • Miyabi Romantica (AC Scratch)
  • Alma and Katori kimonos.
  • Apparition themed outfits and cast parts.
  • Alma Ball and Alma Pose Lobby Action


Mid December Update

  • Phantasy Star Zero Collaboration
  • Get Phantasy Star Zero items from the Exchange Shop
  • Sarisa and Kai Costumes and Accessories.


Mid December Update

  • Easy Login added to PS4 version
  • More entries added to Arks Handbook
  • Premium Features
    • Unlimited Seconds for Lobby Action Freezing
    • 60 Minute Re-editing with Color Change Pass


Mid December Update

  • New Battle Arena Map Added
  • VR Arena: Volcano Night
  • Each Arena Map will have their own set of useable weapon types.


Mid December Update

  • Dark Falz Persona Battle
  • Its attacks change when switching masks.
  • Has a variety of attacks originating from each Dark Falz.
  • Two out of its four forms will appear.


Mid December Update

  • ★15 Weapons Are Finally Here! But first we'll need to make a chart.
  • ★15 Austere-NT Weapon Series will drop!
  • You can upgrade from Invade-NT to Austere-NT too!


The Materials Required For These Exchanges Are Subject To Change

Darkness to Light

Profound Weapon Series (★13 Weapons)

  • Can be upgraded into Celestial Weapons

Celestial Weapon Series (★14 Weapons)

  • Bring Materials to Zieg to upgrade Profound to Celestial.
  • Profound Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Detonation Weapon +35
  • Clawdem Weapon +35
  • Allure Weapon +35
  • Chalyra Weapon +35
  • Erebos Stone (x150) (Drops in Dark Falz Persona EQ)

Lightstream Weapon Series (★15 Weapons)

  • You can suggest a better name.  (光跡)
  • Bring Materials to Zieg to upgrade Celestial to Lightstream.
  • Celestial Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Excube (x400)
  • Amphitrite Stone (Title Reward: Clear DF Persona EQ 50 Times)

Atra EX

ATRA EX Weapon Series (★15 Weapons)

  • Bring the materials to Zieg to upgrade your Atra weapon.
  • Atra Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Lumiere Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
  • Excube (x400)


Austere-NT Weapon Series (★15 Weapons)

  • Bring the materials to Zieg to upgrade your Old-Type Austere or Invade-NT weapon.
  • Old-Type Austere upgrade to Austere-NT:
    • OT Austere (Same Weapon Type)
    • Ares NT Weapon  +35 (Same Weapon Type)
    • Nemesis NT Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
    • Slave NT Weapon +35 (Same Weapon Type)
    • Excube (x400)


PSO2es Update

  • Bio Dogault (12/12)
  • Hitsugi [Merry Christmas] (12/12)


PSO2es Update

  • Goodbye Fire (11/21)
  • Tryvin Orbit (11/28)
  • Holy Ray (12/5)
  • Eightrei Orbit (12/1)


PSO2es Side Stories

  • Space Tuna (11/21)
  • Yasminkov 8000C (11/28)
  • Trident Crusher (12/5)
  • White Dinner (12/12)


PSO2es Update

  • [Launcher Pose] added to the Leisure Coin Shop (12/1)
  • Eternal Tower (11/27 ~ 12/12)
    • Blade Dominacio is obtainable
  • Emergency Quest Mid-December
    • Tranzexia appears
    • Crys Draal appears



~Omega's Nightmare Strikes Oracle~


46 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #26 Recap”

  1. Luther for the… 4th time? Could someone enlighten me what people could be looking on Luther so much that they pass the opportunity to massively harness Exp for Dark Blast from the 300% Exp Boost of the EBQ?

    Whats his deal really? 4000FJ? Motav Prophecy? Sock Puppets? Or just running his camo prices to the ground?

    1. While most of us here are at "Expert" already, we still have alot of people that doesn't have it, that also means alot of people experienced EBQ2 to be hard, and lose most of the time, which encourages Loser being boosted more……

    2. Probably the *14 drops. Most of them is top of the pack for unique *14 weapons. EBQ on the other hand already spammed so much from scheduled EQ for the past weeks so a lot of people already sitting at lv85 all class, heck even max leveled the Double DB.

    3. Well…Luther's drops are better than EBQ's:
      – Drops best 14* in their categories;
      – All items are 10*+ .so U get ~30 excubes compared to 80% 9* trash mixed with 3 types of boosters for Zieg upgrades from EBQ;
      – No 14* Maron/Meron spam, as well as less variety of 13* trash drops too [we can't recycle them anyway].
      On top of that for EBQ it's best to use boosters from start or at least after 1st attack phase ends to get max rolls for boss enemies from 2 tries.
      As for Luther we can activate them right after xiera says that it's almost dead [~3%HP left] and then go for another EQ with those 29min booster we got left after Luther (^^)
      And, I agree…he's easiest of all EQs [tho, sometimes people do some insane trash things even fighting Luther…speaking of non Expert matching rn] 😀

    1. Yes, I have yet to drop a Jutus Wand although my hope will be that 15* Atra will be able to form change like the 14* one so I could use a janky +35 Memeslash.

    2. You know, it's like drugs, need to increase doses so that it becomes interesting, PSO2 is the same, I already predicted the 14* collection file since last year, always more boost, more everything … they chosen this path and therefore if they want to keep attendance, they have no choice.
      This logic does not give me any desire to replay at pso2, maybe Xh for all fields, it can be funny for a while …

    3. Seriously? !4 star weapons have been out for over 2 years. OH, I get it, you were one of the "lucky" few to get your 14 star after they broke the drop rates and you thought that your 14 star would stay relevant?

      Got my first 14 star back in feb of 2017. Not mad about 15's because I WASN'T a sucker for broken drop rates.

    4. Good for you m8. But I think more people would agree that 14* were so rare they might as well not exist for the majority of the playerbase while 13* were much easier to access from day one.

  2. The "new" SG scratch preview looks really bad, especially considering that we already had a few items as a part of AC scratch/events.

    1. Im not even sure whats the difference between Alma AC and Alma SG. They already were layered so wtf. Not gonna complain because that means I can hoard SG again until a good scratch comes around.

    1. It will be on the 5th for the Seasonal/Bingo/Lobby/Etc, December 12th for the SG scratch and December 19th for Persona EQ.

  3. "Change the Base Weapon’s to look like the Material Weapon."

    So, can use old/new weapon as material to customize weapon's cameo looks? Some old weapon from 12* 13* design are really cool. Can't wait for that. And RIP Coat Edge cameo price

    1. From the looks of it, yes.
      They used a 1* sword on Atra so that means that it isn't even reduced to rare drops only, any weapon can.

    2. The downside is probably cannot edit weapon color, but whatever. Can change to cool coat edge sword with cheap method 8* is find too.

    3. Updated: The stream shows change Atra to 1* sword cameo cost need 1m meseta. Fair enough compare buying a rare cameo with 80m+ coat edge cameo

  4. I watched the stream about 13* exchange to 15*, replay few times and pause it and search the material need, and found a shocking info.

    Remember the CF from Omega Elder, Loser, Apprentice and Double EQ ago? 13* exchange to 14* need :
    150 stone, probably from next month Omega Persona EQ
    1 13* 35+ weapon from next month Omega Persona EQ
    4 different 13* 35+ represent each Omega Falz weapon

    14* to 15* is simple, only need the 14* you just exchange with 1 new title stone and 400 X-cube. So good luck standby these Omega weapon

    1. Updated: these exchange is for next month EQ weapon, not exchange for Austere
      From video stream, 15* lightstream Coat Edge Sword stats is 2494

    2. That's quite stronger than Austere NT Sword 2303 S-ATK
      I think it's safe to assume Lightrace will lack S-Ability slots.

  5. Something like "Glimmer" or any synonym for a faint light like that could work, although it might not be the right aesthetic to aim for, especially after "astroseismic"

    1. Google Translate says "Light trace". So it's not something that races at the speed of light (or whatever), rather it's something that "follows the path of the light". If suggestions for a better name are still up, I suggest to just add a 2nd 't' in there: Lighttrace.

    2. When I read "trace" I thought they meant it more in the sense of remnants or ruins (my original suggestion worked off of that, a remnant of light) but you're right it could be tracks or a path or trail too

      "Stream" might be a bit much? Maybe not. I think they're closer in meaning but something like ripple or wave doesn't feel quite right either

  6. I'm confused, where are these items from?Qualifying Detonation Weapon +35
    Qualifying Clawdem Weapon +35
    Qualifying Allure Weapon +35
    Qualifying Chalyra Weapon +35

    1. Those were Released alongside Dark Blasts throughout EP5.
      Detonation is Elder themed
      Clawdem is Loser themed
      Personally I hope they'll add a shop where we can exchange DB EXP for those weapons since once you max level a DB the EXP it obtains is basically useless.

  7. I know that *15 exchange supposed to be hard, but seriously? Ares, Slave, Nemesis and Lumiere? All of them is drop only for god sake. i need at least 2 drops of the same weapon to get +35 60 ele, while none of them ever drop for me. I guesss i'll just be a casul with 1 lighstream for my main class and *14 for others.

  8. Um, I wrote it on psow ….. but, here's the ring listed from video (just in case, it kinda buried) …..
    Note : not 100% sure the exact English word for this, feel free to fix it 😡

    – L / JG Counter
    JG Sonic Arrow + JG Heavenly Fall + JG Raising Flag

    – L / Chase W Support
    DS Kamaitachi + TD Air Chase + Knuckle Chase

    – L / Time And Roll
    Front S Roll + High Time Keep

    – L / Defense Tech
    Tech C Parrying + Short Mirage

    – L / Brave Power
    Bullet Bow Homing + Katana C Counter Up

    – L / Kick And Snatch
    DB Snatch + JB Tech Arts SC

  9. The ONLY way I'll be fine with 15 stars is if they are the final rarity (which I doubt) but like what color can you make your special star ratings after RAINBOWS to indicate muh speshul drops? And those requirements are ridiculous but again I'll play ball if its the end all be all.

    1. Well PS never went above 15* rarity so this might be the final rarity. which would be weird since the game still has 3 and a half year of support left unless Sega wants to end it after EP6 and work on the next project while keeping PSO2 in life support mode.

  10. 13/14/15 upgrade series name suggestion:
    Series name:
    14* Nebula (direct translation of 星雲)
    15* Locus (translated from 軌跡)
    Also the individual weapon / unit name should end with "xion", not "tion" or "sion" by following reason:
    These names ends with シオン and the Amphitrite stone looks similar with the planet Xion and the description mentions "infinite knowledge".

  11. Those Austere-NT requirements are ridiculous.
    I guess I stick to my Atra until something similarly sensible to acquire crops up.

  12. Sega posted ☆15 weapon stat + pot (some doesn't have exact %) on official site if people want to check it out ……

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