PSO2 Station #5 Recap

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March 4th Tidbits

New Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase 声優界最強サクラエンド in chat to receive Mitsuhiro Ichiki's voice tickets.

Solo Profound Darkness

  • Initially, 45% of players have tried it. 29% have cleared it with 4% S-Ranked.
  • Currently, 45% of players have cleared it. 17% have S-Ranked it.
  • Clear Distribution
    • 1st Place: Bravers
    • 2nd Place: Summoners (That Maron…)
    • 3rd Place: Bouncer
    • Last Place: Techers

TMG Stance Up Ring (Lv. 20)

  • Applies +30% to Ranged and +10% to Striking

Lv 80 Cap (Updated)

  •  You'll receive 5 Class Cubes for capping lv. 80 (More Details)
  • The subclass EXP gaining cap is still set for Level 55.

Shine Units (Battle Coin Exchange Shop)

  • Red focuses on Attack Stats
  • Blue focuses on PP/HP

Battle Arena

  • Blacklisted players won't be matched up, however, this will no longer apply once "Legend" rank is attained.

Arkuma Slots

  • From Stage 1 through Stage 5, you will no longer encounter Falz Arms. It will also be a bit easier to achieve [Completion] earlier on. This is in reference to the bottom panel lighting up.

Atomizer Lovers

  • Atomizer Lovers won't apply to Shiftaride, etc.

Acquiring Doom Break (Special Ability)

  • You'll be able to get them from the Aura weapon revival.

P Weak Bullet

  • Applies weak bullet to the locked-on location.

Party Boost

  • The Party Boost will now apply a +40% Triboost with 4 players in the party.

New Collaboration

  • PSO2 will be collaborating with [Fortune Tellers Academy].
  • The rewards involve Star Gems in PSO2 and Amethysts in Fortune Tellers.

Mining Base Defense: VR

  • Mitsuhiro Ichiki will be in charge of the announcements for a limited time.

Weapon Upgrades (Ex: Ray to Union)

  • Yes, they're thinking about doing more of these in the future.

Battle Arena Changes

  • One Point was determined to be too strong, so they're making some adjustments like upping its PP consumption.

EQ Quitting Penalty Changes

  • There's been a slight change to the EQ Quitting Penalty. The conditions previously mentioned for hitting this penalty will stay the same, but the contents of the penalty itself has changed as of today's broadcast.
  • The server will instead record each instance of players hitting the penalty. Players who get hit with the penalty a certain number of times over a certain period, will see their accounts banned.
  • The penalty will target [Defense] and [Raid Boss] style EQs.
  • The penalty will not apply to people who were kicked by the Party Leader.

PSO2es Visual & Chip Collection

  • A new book containing illustrations and developer interviews from PSO2es.
  • Item Codes include: Bruno, Gene, and Annette's voice tickets.
  • It will go on sale April 3rd for 2750 Yen

More to come..






Post Livestream Update

  • Added PSO2es Update
  • Text Cleanup
  • Fixed text to say R/HP Restorate
  • Expanded more on the Party Boost Buff.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Where's The Chocolate (Appearing After the Dance Festival)
  • Feb 18 @ 22:30 (+214% Rare Drop and EXP Boost)


NieR: Automata Collaboration (Coming March 10th)

  • 2B, 9S, & A2's Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
  • Weapon Camos, Lobby Actions, Music Discs, and a Poster
  • Pod Mag Evolution Device too!



Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase ニーア発売おめでとう in chat to claim the following:

  • Emil Head
  • Free Salon Pass

You have until March 1st's Maintenance to complete this action.


Early March Update

  • Franca's Spring Cafe (~6/7)
  • Spring 2017 Bingo (~5/10)
  • Added Pasta and Three Color Dangos to the table.



Early March Update

  • Faster Slot Machine spins for Rappy Slots.
  • Added Rainbow colored balls to Mesetan Shooter.
  • Arkuma Slots is now easier to play.
  • Li~Li~Roulette gets 2 [Triple Chance] spaces and 1 [CRASH] space.


Early March Update

  • Register up to 50 Shortcut words.
    • You can switch pages with chat commands.
  • Buffed the Party Boost so that it applies a Triboost +%
  • Level Up Quests will also have Weapons Badge 2017 as rewards.
  • Added an option to auto-magnify radar map for Emergency Trials
  • Level Up Quest difficulty adjusts even when there's a few players.


Early March Update

  • NT Weapon Grind Caps are now added up.
    • For example [+32 Ray Sword] + [+32 Ray Sword] = +35
  • ★10 ~ 12 weapons and ★10 ~ 11 units will no longer need a My Shop Purchase Pass.
  • Added an option to automatically acquire ★13 or higher weapons.
  • Added a preview window to Collection Sheets.
  • You can trade in Weapons Badge 2017 at the Badge Exchange Shop.
  • AC Quick Charge feature makes it easy to top-up AC.


Early March Update: PA Customizations

  • Rodeo Drive Type Zero:
    • Hold the PA button to continuously advance while consuming PP.
  • Sakura Endo Type Zero:
    • You can now quickly activate it in the air.
  • Ein Raketen Type Zero
    • You can use it to create a stationary or projectile slash attack.
  • Sacred Skewer Type Zero:
    • Now a chargeable attack that throws the spear linearly.
  • Gi Grants Type Zero:
    • Light blades spin while charging.
    • After it charges, a giant sword of light mows down the enemies.
  • Raging Waltz Type Zero:
    • You can now freely attack towards any direction you choose.
  • Na Barta Type Zero:
    • Generates an ice shield to defend against enemy attacks.
    • It can also deal a counter attack.
  • You can reset Customized PAs by trading in 4 EXcubes.
  • Revolucio Collection 2 will last until March 2nd, 2018!


Early March Update

  • New Rappy Fever Bonus Quest
  • Can be accessed by obtaining [Bonus Key Rappy F] from Featured Quests.
  • Obtain Gathering materials and weapons attached with Empe Embrace.



Early March Update

  • Dragon Altar and Kuron Gathering Spots
  • You can now unlock the [Gathering Level 25] cap.
  • R / HP Restorate
    • Gradually recovers HP when it's below a certain value.
  • R / Flame Tech S Charge
    • Reduces charging times for Fire Technics
  • L / Atomizer Lovers
    • Speeds up consumption of Atomizer type items.
    • Increases the amount recovered.
  • L / Point Weak Bullet
    • Weak Bullet will hit the target even if the location is obstructed by something.
  • L / Katana Combat Count Up
    • Increases the hit count for Katana Combat.


Early March Update

  • AC Scratch: Automata Replica (Nice Reference)
  • Fundoshi and Dark Coat layered wear.
  • Brick Walls and Open Air Baths
  • Shampoo Style from PSNOVA will be a Scratch Bonus.


Early March Update

  • Battle Arena Lobby will be coming to the Shared Ships.
  • Play [Ranked] Matches for rewards.
  • Play [Password] Matches for casual gameplay with friends.
  • 3 Stages will be selected at random: Forest, Tokyo, and Volcano.
  • Forest: A basic field with a somewhat level terrain.
  • Volcano: A tricky field where your movement becomes limited when the magma rises. Magma = Instant death.
  • Tokyo: A technical field where the terrain has great variations in height.



Early March Update

  • 12 players are randomly separated into 2 teams of 6 people.
  • At the gathering spots, you can randomly acquire a Sword, Assault Rifle, or Rod.
  • Stronger weapons will become available when an [UPDATE] occurs.
  • Earn points by acquiring emblems or defeating enemy players.
  • [Emblem Fevers] will spawn large amounts of rainbow emblems to collect.
  • Once defeated, you'll return to the starting position, and will have to mine for a weapon again.
  • You will only be able to chat with your allies during the match.



Early March Update

  • You will earn [Battle Coins] which can be traded in at a shop.
  • With battle coins you can get items like [Rappy Makeup] and [Arena Boosters].
  • You can use Arena Boosters to unlock potentials on specific weapons.
  • Initially, Arena Boosters will support [Aura] and [Revolucio] weapons.
  • Limited Battle Coin Exchange Shop Listing (until ~9/20/2017)
    • [Battle] Series Weapon Camos
    • [Rapid] Costume Series
    • [Shine] ★12 Unit Series
    • Lobby Action: Winner Dance


Early March Update

  • Regardless of whether you win or lose, you'll receive the opportunity to play the Battle Scratch.
  • You can scratch an additional slot by paying Star Gems.
  • Battle Arena Scratch Contents (Partial List)
    • Battle Coin +%: Boosts Battle Coins earned for the next Battle.
    • Grind Cap+1: Increases the Grind Cap by 1 for NT Weapons.
  • Other rewards include [Girad] Weapon Camo series.


Late March Update

  • Sakura Lobby (~4/5)
  • Sakura Nyau (~4/5)
  • Spring 2017 Bingo Reverse (~5/10)
  • Gene and Bruno from PSO2es will appear! (~6/7)
  • Clear their client orders to receive their partner cards.
  • They'll also appear in Emergency Trials.


Late March Update:

  • Koffie will have client orders set up for each individual class.
  • You'll need to obtain 2 Titles for that particular class to clear its CO.

Title Condition 1

  • Clear your Class Trainer's Skill Point Client Orders [I ~ IV].

Title Condition 2 (Excluding Summoner)

  • Grind a ★13 NT weapon category natively equipped by your class.
  • This ★13 NT weapon must have a grind value of [+35]

Title Condition 2 (Summoner Only)

  • Level up a ★13 Pet to Lv. 120


Late March Update

  • Players who were first to cancel the quest will be penalized only if the max amount of players have joined a specific EQ. In other words, for certain EQs, penalized players will not be able to participate in that quest again.
  • Orbit Collection will be revived until (~5/24)
  • Aura Collection will be revived until (~5/24/2018)
  • Weapon Design General Election winners will be released as Camos.
  • Zieg will have the [Clarissa III] in his exchange shop.



Late March Update

  • Galaxy Star Heroine (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Gene's initial outfit.
  • Bruno's Costume will appear too
  • Contains American Casual and Varsity Jacket layered wear.
  • Scratch Bonuses include:
    • Gene and Annette posters
    • Evo Device / More
    • Lobby Action: Upright Scooter


Late March Update: Mining Base Defense Training: VR 

  • The popular [Necky's Challenge] EQ will be updated into a new EQ
  • ESCA enemies, including the new "ESmoth" will be added into this quest.


PSO2es Update

  • New Story Quest Chapter 9
  • Gene's secret has been finally revealed!
  • What will be the outcome of the final battle with Lord?


PSO2es Update

  • The final stage of the Bonus Scratch has changed from STAGE 5 to STAGE 9. The amount of points consumed for STAGE 6 onward will gradually increase.
  • The chip cap will increase to 700.
  • Your Weapon:Chip Palettes will increase from 3 to 6.
  • You can now register your favorite items from the Chip or Item details screen.
  • Chip Library and Weaponoid Presents will now be sent to your Reception Box.
  • Removed the pausing that occurs when using Active Chips
  •  [Rare Chip Rate UP] has changed to [Rare Drop Rate Up], which will therefore target the Arion weapon series in addition to rare chips. \
  • UI and System Improvements


PSO2es Update

  • Guld Milla Chip (3/8~)
  • Luther [White Day] (3/8 ~ 3/15)
  • RINA & Aika [Premium] (3/8~)


PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Rig Gavel
    • Cardesta
    • Fradoll
    • Windmill
  • Il Grants Chip


PSO2es Update

  • EQ Ranking Event: Banther Ong & Org Keratos (Early March)
  • More Arion weapons
  • Queen Viera [High Ranking Reward]



~ Phantom God: DEUS ESCA ~
~ Coming Late April ~

74 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #5 Recap”

  1. I can't believe it. I get something I've always wanted. =) Another fire tech charge reduction bonus, in the form a ring. That is just too good. Easy under 1s charge time il foie or if i'm not using a fire force skill tree then an easy to work with il foie. Hmmm … I'm gonna bet there's a catch … don't know when or how but there might be a catch …

  2. You missed Sacred Skewer, Ricardo.
    Unless that Sakura End type0 receive a boost in damage i don't think it will replace Guren spam with an animation that slow. That na barta type0 also consumes pp way too fast while gi grants looks like will be a good tech to charge compund tech.

    1. I don't think nabarta type-0 rapid pp consumption is an issue given how it's supposed to be used. If anything you can use it like you would just guard and anticipate an attack before you're hit. A very interesting technique.

    2. @Ricardo
      Whoopsie. I tought you're already moved on to new section 😛

      Yeah i know lol. With that much pp drain, unless the pp used for activation is low it still better to just use charge guard ring.

    1. Phantom Mother voice in the EQ is distorted, the actual voice is used in the story quest fight with her.

      The one in the EQ is a copy of mother (she's dead by that point) so the voice is distorted

    2. Is that right? I haven't gotten very far with EP4 so this is pretty interesting to know.

  3. Just gonna rant about all the awful problems I see in this update. Don't read it if you hate negativity.

    Battle Arena already sounds awful. Run around 3 maps collecting crap, over and over and over, while fighting with other players using only 3 randomized weapon types that, for some ridiculous reason, you must Gather with a PickAxe for a new one, everytime you die.

    Was it too hard to spawn the player with a new weapon?? It's as if they looked at everybody's feedback of Gathering being shit, and this is their response. "You don't like Gathering? GATHER THIS!!" and obnoxiously shoving it into Battle Arena. They even filled the Battle lottery with Gathering crap. Hint: shoving Gathering items onto people doesn't make Gathering any less shitty.

    Tokyo Arena having "great variations in height" already sounds like Rifle and Rod will dominate, and Sword will be near-useless there. Similarly, Amduscia having ground death traps also sounds like another ranged weapon advantage. Woe be to you if you're unlucky enough to "pick" yourself a Sword. Pun intended. You may as well suicide and hope for better RNG. That's going to be real fun. Until they start adding penalties to ban you from Battle Arena if you suicide. Can't wait!

    I expected the +1 grind limit to require several 13 stars of the same weapon type or something along those lines, but I guess that's too logical. You have to play the Battle Gathering lottery for a supe rare chance to get one, huh? That's essentially locking level 80 behind a lottery that requires doing a specific mode that looks like it'll get old real fast.

    And look, more "limited time only" items. Not only does it force people to burn themselves out on quickly-boring content, it lets them make people redo the same content just for new limited time only items, and on top of that, when the items people want are no longer available, the content will be virtually dead.

    When people get bored of Battle Arena, you can kiss goodbye to any chance of a +1 limit, until SEGA realizes they have to make it available elsewhere. Although, it sounds like if you really just want the lottery, you could start runs with friends and sit there doing nothing until time runs out, then everybody gets to try lottery once. Pay Star Gems for more attempts, of course. Battle Arena is boring? Just pay Star Gems to skip it! Episode 4 is so fun!!

    Shampoo style as a scratch bonus only. Not that I care about that outfit in particular, but it's going to suck when stuff people do care more about, ends up being exclusively scratch bonus.

    Hate the Ring system. It's shitty design to lock basic abilities/skills behind grinding/farming shit, super rare unit drops, etc. Yes, I've been running the new content with 350%+ boost since 12 star units were implemented, and I still only have mostly 12 stars arms (two rears) that aren't better than Saiki/Brisa/Austere sets. Even the Union units are a ridiculously miniscule upgrade over Ray units. Something like +25 HP per piece, +2% to each resist depending on piece, +5 to all armor. Big whoop. That's not worth 5 Union Boosters, ie. running Solo PD 3-5 times.

    Custom PA system is ass, because it's always just another balance fix we have to work for. I don't get why they keep adding custom PAs for PAs that are already fine and used pretty often. What about all the other completely useless shit that nobody ever uses? And when are they going to add NEW PAs??

    That first to leave/leave on first run (not sure how it should be translated) penalty sounds very badly thought out. Actually, you can tell they didn't think about it. There are times people get disconnected by 630 error, or the game crashes when you leave the campship. Maybe they should fix that shit first? But no, if the game screws you over, you will no longer be able to participate in the entire EQ. Real smart. Couple that with their shitty "disabling the Boost Ticket requires a drink you can't undo" system, and you better be real careful when you drink.

    I still think my idea to fix the EQ system would be better: extend EQ time to 1-2 hours and give people a number of "EQ tickets" like PSO2ES, that allow players to repeat any EQ a specified number of times, as long as it's within the time limit. Then there'd be less need to rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. Of course, they'd also need to fix the shitty boost ticket system that also encourages rushing.

    And I honestly think Deus Esca looks like ass, because to me, it doesn't look like something that belongs in the Phantasy Star universe, and it looks like they're trying to make it cooler than it really is, by filling the screen with bright effects. Mother is already blindingly blue enough.

    The Episode 4 story still gives me a very strong impression that the writer asshole just lifted something from another anime that he likes, again. Yes, he is well-known in Japan for doing that. They even have a Wiki dedicated to covering his crappiness.

    On the positive side… well, they are still fixing shit that shouldn't have been broken to begin with, like the NT limit not adding up. Shame I already wasted several 13 star rare drops on that, with no compensation. I'm surprised they added auto-acquire 13 stars, something I've always thought should have been in there to begin with (like most of PSO2's updates). Nier Automata stuff looks okay. Was kind of hoping 2b's outfit would be layerwear, but of course, it's not. The other new costumes all look crappy to me. But that's not positive.

    Still waiting for them to tell us what their new fashion system/feature is. Can't imagine it to be anything other than being able to swap shoes/bottoms.

    1. as a monhun vet I have no problem with gathering -itself-, but I'll give you the point that sega copied it poorly. I think I know exactly who to blame for it.

      and unrelated to your post, I'd like for everyone to step back and laugh, at sega considering something PVP (even partygame-ified, 'cause just look at smash brothers.) to be "casual" content. aren't PVPers usually the least "casual" in their gaming habits out of most anyone?

    2. I'd like to make a prediction. During the livestream, it was clear people really wanted to do Mother, so they can complete their Astra weapons. SEGA will probably see that as a profitable opportunity, and possibly reduce Mother EQs, while likely introducing a Mother EQ trigger.

      I don't recall any other game where I disliked gathering anywhere near as much as PSO2's. I think it's because in other games, it's more like, you're wandering around a nice environment, exploring, and then you find a mining vein or something, and it feels like you've discovered something.

      In PSO2, it's more like, "I just want the damn materials to make the damn ring ASAP! Where's the nearest gathering spot?! Why doesn't it give me the mats I need?! Stop giving me tomatoes, dammit!!!" and that's not fun.

      Especially when they keep making rings increasingly necessary for effectiveness, it really puts pressure on the player. And that's their goal, because they want to torment people into caving in and spending Star Gems to save time.

      Episode 4 has been increasingly and intentionally designed like that, and it's destroying the game. They don't care about the widening gap in strength and conflits it creates between players, because it brings in massive profits. But those profits clearly aren't being reflected in the quality of the game itself, which keeps dropping.

    3. Theres multiple ways to make gathering easier on yourself. Stamina potions, using SG from costumes and casino since its simply 10 SG to reset stamina to full and don't forget the most important factor, ALL your characters have their own gathering stamina.

      You can gather from the moment you have a free field, no matter the level. When your gathering is at level 1, you level up very quick during gathering, resetting your stamina. With all these things combined, you can complete rings very quickly without the need to spend any money whatsoever.

    4. Forgot to reply to your PvP comment. I think SEGA is trying to make a PvP that casuals can "get into" without being competitive. But that probably takes away the whole point of PvP, and it'll likely be mindless and dull. I really cringe at imagining how repetitive it's going to get. SEGA's new content almost always gets repetitive really, really fast.

      The other thing I get from their PvP is I think they used the popularity of Splatoon as a base, and wanted to do something similar. You can already tell that's falling flat on their face. They obviously don't have the technical or design capabilities to successfully achieve such a goal.

    5. You didn't even get to the good part of battle arena, which is ping, latency, people leaving due to dc's and homing techs like megid and zonde. Also cannot wait for magatsu to be a complete chore if there is no weak bullet present.

    6. Good point. Latency issue isn't as bad currently because the client still handles combat between player and AI, and player interaction is limited. It's going to be really bad when it's player server player. Maybe even for Japanese players, because the ones I talk to keep complaining about shitty lag. I hope they don't use it as an excuse to kick us foreigners out.

    7. All i can say to this is, while I would love for them to add new PAs entirely, I find what you say about custom PAs highly subjective. Not all of the PAs are great/effective, in fact i find some are obsolete or rarely used.

      I think custom PAs are cool in that they could turn a PA w. hassle into something players can more reliably use (e.g. straight charge vs type-0).

    8. More like most weapons have maybe 3-6 PAs tops that actually see regular use while the rest get barely a second look, something the crowd clamoring for new ones likes to willfully ignore…

      I'd consider the custom PA thing one of SEGA's better ideas as the type-0 versions are generally at least worth consideration and usually manage to "refurbish" a marginal move into something at least situationally useful.

    9. If Sega wants us to use more PAs, maybe they should make them more situational, or give them cooldowns or synergies. What's the poitn of using a 2nd PA if my first one is the best DPS/DP(PP) and I can passively recover (or with autoattacks) enough PP to keep spamming it ad infinitum?

    10. More situational, cooldowns? That sounds like a bad idea. That sounds like taking already good PAs and making them worse so the rarely used PAs have purpose. =/ We don't want overly situational PAs; what we want are PAs that shine in certain areas (that means a few do it adequately, but 1 does it best.)

      Let me set an example w. techniques. Take fire techniques for example: every fire technique, while some forces and techers may not use all fire techs, can be effectively used in its own right.

      Foie: Long range fire tech that strikes enemies down the line. 2nd highest dmging of the long range fire techs.

      Gifoie: Close range fire techs capable of overwhelming enemies. Notorious for stunlocking, higher damage than rafoie and foie.

      Rafoie: Long range fire tech. Easiest tech to land hits with, excellent splash damage making it effective close range, potential for high burn rate to drain hp of lv80/ult mobs.

      Safoie: Close range fire tech, better dmg/pp than gifoie, higher dps than gifoie, hits mobs in a wide arc.

      Nafoie: Mid range, single target, fire tech. High dmg correlating to higher dps than all other fire techs mentioned before. (As a caster i don't use nafoie at all but it's still an effective technique)

      Il foie: Long range, multi-target, high damage fire tech. Can deal a deadly blow to many mobs with practice, with the added bonus of knocking down most struck targets.

      We shouldn't be looking for situational PAs or to make PAs "more situational", we should be asking that PAs (ones that are too much work for not enough damage) be made into something where players can say "This is effective! This works! This is good at what it does! This PA isn't obsolete!"

      Everything I'm saying here is based off my assumption that if players were to bring up a PA (e.g. rodeo drive), then whoever likes playing that class the PA comes from would rather use something else.

    11. Current day the amount of viable PAs per weapon is actually pretty wide, you're usually going to be using all 5 of your PA/tech buttons. EP2 was truly when every class had basically one PA to spam and nothing else.

      The only class right now you can play effectively with one PA is Katana BR which has always been kind of a braindead boring class. Even the best BR players generally refer to guren tessen as a meme in how head and shoulders it is above most anything but hatou on long enemies.

      Almost every weapon type now has at LEAST a damage, area, movement, ranged and support/situational PA. EP4 came with a ton of PA balancing which a lot of people actively forget in favor of just whining about the plot and content. They've been furthering viable use with more customs and rings as well.

    12. Its funny because cat throwing is still the to-go move on summoners, up to the point no one uses any other move or pet at all, and neither situational or cooling down factors made people use other pets.

      Anyway, 3 button control eliminated the huge part of this issue, as you don't have to make consecutive palettes of 3 same PA, because you didn't want movement/utility skill to break the dps surge.

      "sega" doesn't "want" you to use everything in equal proportion. I don't know where the requirement to use everything even comes from. What matters is playstyle variety, which seems fine to me so far, outside of WL (very clunky to use against mobile enemies), Katana (guren too easy to use over anything else) and summoner (maron only does everything).

    13. @spacex You pretty much said the exact same thing as I regarding "situational". When ActionA is better than ActionB at something but not everything, it's situational. It becomes tricky when, for example, ActionA is like 50% or 100% or 200% more effective than ActionB. When this happens, ActionB is (by defintion of player majority) ****, and ActionA is meta and go-to.

      At the same time, if using every single PA/Tech to the max potential yields just a 10% or 20% performance boost over pure spamming ActionA over and over, then again why bother "learning how to play"? So that I have 2mins more to afk at the lobby?

      The game needs more enemies with switching resistances / weak elements / weak weapons like Anga.

    14. @Echinda I'll give Maron Strike SOME credit in that it needs a degree of set up. You'll need at least three and you'll need to spend the necessary meseta to properly fill out a candy box and level the pets up. Fatten up your potato, get your buffs on and (build chain if you're Su/Gu) and then chuck the potato cat.

      While it is disheartening to see that burst head and shoulders above everything else, there's SOME effort at least. It's a difference between 700k damage and 6mil (the highest I've seen so far).

      @DARK MITS

      "The game needs more enemies with switching resistances / weak elements / weak weapons like Anga."

      While I agree to some degree, this….has nothing to do with PAs? I mean it can tie into weapon resistances, but that's about it.

    15. @ dark mits – that last part you said about "The game needs more enemies with switching resistances / weak elements / weak weapons like Anga." I would love that very much.

      Ok, maybe that's what you meant but it didn't come off that way to me. And ill repeat, i want w.e PAs that are added to be clearly effective and not tedious (e.g. rodeo drive, fake silhouette, scar fugre). When i think situational it means it's only good for 1 situation and completely useless in any other situation. It sounds like you see "situational" as good in some areas, best in 1 area.

      @ fael I don't think you quite get what dark mits and i are trying to saying. Referring to guren-tessen doesn't really prove anything. All you're saying is that guren-tessen can be used on any enemy. While true there are some Katana PAs that would work better than guren-tessen. Guren-tessen is overused because it has everything a player wants but there are still PAs that would clearly work better than tessen.

      If you compared guren-tessen to asigiri-redan and said the former makes the latter useless then that would like you're making a strong point.

      @echidna – What i'm saying does not mean every PA should be used in every situation. And to support that statement, as a gunner i dont use messiah time (i think its effective at what it does) but i dont use it. As a force i dont use nafoie or gigrants at all despite them being effective). As a ranger i dont use sphere eraser. As a braver I dont use gravity point (it can be effectively used). And if you're so concerned about playstyle variety, I think making every PA effective somewhere, even if it works almost like another PA (e.g. raging waltz and symphonic drive, shoot polka and quick march, one point and parallel slider type-0, dead approach and grim barrage), would increase that.

      I am simply saying, if a PA is made/added it effectiveness should be evident. While not needed or not used it shouldn't feel obsolete in every fight (e.g. fake silhouette). Rifles, TMGs, and bows are good examples.

      I'm not looking for every PA to on every wep to be used at some point everytime a player plays, but rather a PA that players can say "I dont use it but, it's good at this."

    16. @DARK MITS
      Well, the enemies like guwonda or toyhouse are generally very audibly hated by players, but general variety seems fine to me, theres flying enemies, non-weakpoint enemies etc. Most of ep4 enemies are quite vicious.

      And they have the "dps rush" theme forcing itself even more due to how Ether enemies in general work, and its being multiplied because of HP buff on XH – so enemies have, say, 80 billion health, they open up for 1.5 seconds and then keep flying invulnerable or protected for some time. You're kinda expected to build yourself around preparation and discharge attacks.

      Imagine if Double castle, train or illusia also had ele switch or some other fancy dynamic stuff overlapping the fact that they're being vulnerable only 10% of its uptime, while player builds are already so much forced to do nuke on cooldown or ele match.
      I'm glad there's no next difficulty in foreseeable future, because XH is plenty as of now for anyone who is not awfully stacked.

    17. @SPACEX
      Well, messiah kinda lost competition to shift period and IF t0, that are simply faster and more powerful, so this is what I was talking about – IF slowly went out of use, they rebalanced it, and so it quickly pushed out other similar skills, even competing with sataim by the end.

      They seem to be focusing on making the class work at all. That involves changing some PAs, if they're integral to playstyle, but they aren't going to remodel every PA as soon as it starts deprecating.
      But at the same time, silhouette was never really changed since its conception, despite that some meaningful distraction would be really useful for ranger.

      Surely the talk about that stuff on Arks Live, but I'm far from understanding Kimura, as he talks incredibly fast.

    18. Talk about IF type 0, they made it nicely.

      need resist -> yes. i wanna see people using gunslash when their meta weapon being resisted. ohoho

      just dont make sega think about resisting most used PA

    19. @Amateur
      Have you tried soloing the new LQ? The first time i tried, Anga on last area resisted DB and JB i had to use +0 ver2 GS on my inventory (which luckily deals a bit more damage than resisted DB/JB).

    20. @THK: My bad, I missed pointing that out. I meant that some enemies could have a unique mechanic that works like inverse Fighter's JA PA/Tech bonus: Getting hit by the same PA/Tech from the same player in succession reduces effectiveness of the 2nd ability by 25%.

      @ECHIDNA: Enemies having billions of HP is direct result of this "dps zerg phase" design. Bosses are designed to have a certain duration, so Sega adjusts their hp accordingly. Don't forget that the dps zerg mentality is player-imposed and is prevalent in the vast majority of games; Sega just listened to the demands. Why else would they make criticals appear more prominent? Because players feel good dealing large numbers.

      And this is also the reason why people hate the toy house. Because instead of "OMG BIG NUMBAZ" you see small 3-4 digit numbers when not hitting their weak spot. They could make an enemy have just 10000hp and inherent 99% damage reduction, players would hate it because they wouldn't be seeing 5-6 digit numbers.

    21. @HikomR
      mine is worse, it resist DB, JB, GS on 2nd resist phase. Umbla rod is my only weapon left. but i ever get JB+DB resist on UQ amd. ungrinded *12 NT GS still deal more than resisted weapons if they have ult buster attached (with kreischenschlag PA)

      yeah, big numbers is the problem. i like how bamco made God Eater Burst without damage numbers (why they made resurrection got numbers…)

      also, what they often see is just a single big number, which is bad. constant medium to high damage is still better than having a single big number with long time of low damage

    22. prob would have been hilariously unbalanced or something, but I think pvp should have just been a toggle option (b4 entering a mpa field (+level barriers maybe)) or just a lobby filled with creatable and auto ready made rooms (so nobody is host) with all the different maps to choose from and everyone can just slaughter each other / relax together with different modes & such

    23. I got the grind cap item after 5 days of playing about 8 hours a day. Totally worth it.

  4. It's good to see measures taken for leavers, it will finally make Magatsu more bearable. I still would like to have something to do about leachers that just stand around and don't do anything.

    1. as far as i can see, this banning is 2 edged sword (well, i think almost everything they do is 2 edged since they can't satisfy 2 polar opposite sides)
      – it's both encouragement and punishment for those complaining they always need to carry 11 people. 'go organize mpa or deal with it'
      – it's a punishment for those who can't keep up
      – it makes disadvantage for those who dc unless they make an unabuseable workaround (like how dc in trigger works maybe)
      – 'oh shoot, wrong tonic/tree buff' = RIP, deal with it (i know that feel since i experienced this a lot)

    1. Only thing I see it being popular for is a carrot on a stick Orbit that they refuse to put on CFile listings twice. Probably because they know everyone, both Japanese and foreign, will want it without a second though for literally all classes.

    2. Yes, it was well received. I personally enjoyed it because it was actual content that made you use your brain and was a challenge unlike everything else in EP4 so far.

  5. Its funny a lot of people are mentioning its pointless to make PVP "casual". When the Japanese playerbase was first presented with the option of PVP, they absolutely hated it because of course when you think of PVP you think of a hardcore aspect of a game.

    Now that they made it so its a level playing field for everyone and its randomized, the reaction has been much more positive. Obviously their approach was much better received than the first time they presented the option, so the way in which they went about this is much more catered towards Japanese players in general.

    1. yep, since their main subject is Japanese players
      sometimes we need to realize where we're standing

      well, i hope the scratch thingy RNG have some mercy on us

  6. PvP "finally" made it in huh….? wow, okay. This now shows I need to watch where my meseta goes and finally learn the use of "private" option on settings, and measure how big the blacklist can grow, I hope there's no limit to the BL. X_X

    1. Obviously PvP mode discards whatever gear and levels you might have, as well as being in separate lobby. It's just like challenge mode, it might as well not exist if you don't specifically look for it.

  7. Playing on ship 10 and ship 2 is like night and day. Im sad to say this but the English community on ship 2 lacks etiquette compared to ship 10. my English experience there wasn't very pleasant. Its not that i offended by casual players every has to lean and grow. but an example of a ship 2 mpa. make sure you have a decent+ gear party or some to pick you up or buy Scape dolls cause most likely you have to wait sometime for someone to pick you up .I consistently run out of moons which makes me upset but on ship 10 the whole mpa pays attention so no worries also most of also my friends have to use vpn so they get stuck behind so before everyone loads in someone breaks the boss crystal before everyone has. a chance to get their umbrella sticks out. I do see some leechers but not many. It is sad cause I see most good players leave because of this.

  8. "The server will instead record each instance of players hitting the penalty. Players who get hit with the penalty a certain number of times over a certain period, will see their accounts banned."

    Damn this goes too far SEGA… I hope you're able to make difference between "leaving" and "being kicked from servers"… x/

    Uh anyway, no new Storyboard for PC? or I missed it?

    1. While it sucks for everyone who has to use a proxy, it can't be said its "going too far" because obviously they have no reason to think about the safety of player accounts that are normally IP blocked. Obviously they don't want those players connecting to their servers anyway so it kills two birds with one stone for them as a company.

      I just hope people who need to use proxy to connect can find a way to be as stable as possible :/

    2. new storyboard is likely in the april batch together with raid boss.
      battle arena batch is only two updates

    3. Thanks. Like some others, I'm curious about the relation between Phaleg and Ardem.

      Fael: I hope Arks-Layer won't move things to the Tweaker to help those people and that will make the Tweaker impossible to use to those who don't need proxy 😀
      More seriously, after all there's a difference between "leaving a quest" and "being DC by servers" 'cause you don't go to the "same place" too… They just have to look a little what happens and if they just use a stupid filter without taking care, people will just have to be careful and say goodbye to some queststhat make them DC too much..

      Who's the guy we can thank for all of that? 😀 >_<

  9. “The server will instead record each instance of players hitting the penalty. Players who get hit with the penalty a certain number of times over a certain period, will see their accounts banned.”

    I… I don't think they thought this through like at all. Every bit of the shitstorm they get from their Japanese users they absolutely deserve.

    Some user's have awful internet, some users have awful PCs, both of which it isn't uncommon to dc in certain eqs, for example the graphical shitshow which is mother, I've known people both eng and JP to dc in this eq due to connectivity and bad PCs, does this mean they are gonna inevitably get banned at some point due to not having the money or location on earth to get better equipment? Seems like it.

    Let's also not forget on the rare occasion sega's servers go apeshit and dc everyone willy nilly, anyone remember the great block purge of 2015, when blocks up to b21 suddenly vanished dcing everyone in them, whilst an eq was active? Or maybe when like 20% of users dc'd usually after about 10-20mins last year about a month after yamato came out, that was fun too.

    I guess it's time to watch the fireworks from this.

    1. Oh I had this kind of things when everyone is DC all of a sudden some days ago. My network was awful this day and lag so much I didn't even see anyone moving in a 12ppl EQ (that was a random one, when we go to the Ship with the "EXPLOJUUUN" E-Trial).

      All of a sudden my attacks worked again but there was nobody around. I pushed the Esc button to open the menu and… "1/12" what? Everyone had been thrown away from the Quest. I had no choice but to leave it too because I didn't want to do everything all alone. x)

    2. This is just my own speculation, but I'm guessing SEGA might try to differentiate between EQ leavers and those who DC'ed from the EQ. Maybe there is some way they can do it, for example accessing connection logs to check if those users received a 630 code in-game or whatnot. (And of course if this is possible, it's highly likely that this will be exploited in the future)

      Also, if the DC reason is due to SEGA's servers, they can't say that the fault lies with the users and give everyone a penalty point because I'm pretty sure the Japanese base will raise hell.

      On a side note, I personally think that people using the proxy from tweaker might have to source for another alternative proxy soon before the penalty starts kicking in. I had to use the tweaker proxy last saturday due to some issues from my usual vpn, and it wasn't a fun experience during Yamato EQ: I just lagged all the way until the quest ended, and even in the congratulations screenshot I'm the only one in it because everyone already looted their stuff and left for the 2nd run.

    3. EDIT: Right after I commented Ricardo posted the notice about this issue, which has already disproved what I said about the possibility of SEGA trying to differentiate between EQ leavers and poor DC souls. Its too bad but I guess we just have to suck thumb. Maybe this policy will get reviewed if complains flood in but we'll see about that. But at least its seems like they are willing to give chance in the situation where there are "bugs", even though I'm not sure what do they exactly mean.

    4. Can't say.

      Somehow I think it's a good idea to punish goners that just take advantage of what the others do and leave, but in some other way it's so STUPID. I mean, when you're against a Falz and the second message about it's HP haven't popped yet but there's just 5 minutes left you already know it's totally useless to conrinue. Why punishing people not to want to loose even 5 minutes?

      Seriously who's the stupid who had this idea? x)

    5. To be honest, that's just really one of the most minor issues: The fact that Profound Darkness and ESCA Falz is set to be 60 minutes is kind of like a giveaway in my opinion. So far I've only been in an MPA once which took 50+ minutes to clear PD (and miraculously all 12 actually stayed to finish off the boss despite the fact that majority of the players had to run back to the Gateship multiple times to restock Moon Atomizers lol). If you are talking about pre-EP3 era then yeah, this policy might have been a little tough because DFE and DFL have tight time limits (I still remember when my MPA constantly failed DFL due to time limit over when it was first out), but now that is not very common because there will definitely be someone in the MPA who can help dish out massive DPS, plus there are much better weapons out there now as compared to then.

      Surprisingly I find myself being able to understand their rationality in one way or another: In some ways they are kind of like trying to enforce harmony within gaming (or what they call good gaming etiquette), which explains why they only give a penalty to the very first person who leaves the EQ, instead of punishing every single person that left the MPA. This is due to the fact when 1 person starts to leave because they think the boss fight is dragging too long/DPS is too weak in the MPA, it is highly likely that people will start to follow suit. You know, Japan always had a thing against people who sort of disrupt their "harmonious atmosphere". I can't help but think that this policy and its guidelines are pretty Japan-like: Those that go against the flow needs receive their appropriate punishment (or so they say).

      (I'm sorry, I can't help but start analyzing this whole policy thing as someone who majored in Japanese Studies lol)

  10. Just commenting on a few things. Not that I expect anybody to care, I just wanted to say some stuff. Not intended to "annoy" anybody, obviously. Don't read if you think you might get annoyed for whatever reason.

    Leaving penalty sounds better now, if it's based on leaving too many times in a short period instead of just one disconnection/leaving. That's more like what I would have done, but banning still seems kind of harsh. Blocking from that EQ for a short period, and then a temp ban for repeated offenses, would probably be better.

    Going from the results SEGA posted, it looks like I was correct in that you can estimate the clear distribution classes from the quest drop log, thanks to the class weapon drop system. When I looked at the log, if I remember right, Braver Ray weapons were dropping the most, followed by Bouncer. I figured "casual" players would be the majority (55%), but I was expecting a larger number, like 70%.

    I'm thinking the whole solo PD thing was a test to see how many players are "more serious" players. I'm worried they won't put in more content like the 1-4 person limited quest, because not many people are doing it. I think not many people are doing it because the current one isn't designed very well. It's especially bad when you end up with a group whose weapons are all resisted by Anga. Makes me think they didn't really put much time into that quest. They could easily have limited Anga's resist like they do in some other parts of the game.

    Gunner ring seems like a really shitty way of fixing Gunner balance issues. Could easily have been a skill instead. It's not even about balance via ring limit, because you can get 12 star units to circumvent that. It's just another fix we have to work for. It's almost like they are intentionally trying to route new content through Star Gems when they can. I'd be interested to know how much they are earning from Star Gem purchases.

    Did they cover how much EXP is needed to get class cubes at level 80? Will it give one class cube or two?

    Glad they at least noticed One Point is too strong for Battle Arena. Just looking at what they showed of Battle Arena, it was pretty obvious Rifle would dominate if left as is.

    One last thing I wanted to say, and I think this will be the last thing I'll ever write on this site, or any PSO2 site, because I'm beyond tired of how PSO2 communities seem to largely consist of people primarily looking for others to beat in arguments:

    I did some testing yesterday, just to make sure I'm not insane and didn't get myself into a pointless habit (I've been LA cancelling for years), and confirmed that lobby action cancel does indeed allow for earlier Orbit PP regen. It's the same with other stuff that can be cancelled with lobby actions – you can cancel out of animations before they finish. Example: Guren -> LA -> Guren.

    Changing a weapon in mid-animation still requires the animation to end before the weapon switches, meaning Orbit PP regen won't kick in until after the animation finishes. Lobby action lets you cancel animation early, resulting in earlier regeneration. You can also use this just to switch weapons more quickly. Note that Orbit regen also kicks in during consumable use (eg. healing potions). I don't know how much of all this is affected by varying lag.

    I've been paying more attention to when I use LA cancels (I've been doing it without really thinking) and noticed it's only when I'm trying to get as much damage as possible and need the regen ASAP (eg. Solo PD, trying to top damage meters). When I'm tired or lazy, I just weapon switch and wait for the regen to kick in. So… it's not necessary unless you want or need to be on top of your game.

    1. No one will miss you, stay gone.

      Go find another game where you can steal and google translate guides from a japanese source and then claim you wrote them yourself.

    2. "I’m thinking the whole solo PD thing was a test to see how many players are “more serious” players."

      Personally, I haven't done solo PD because I don't see the point? Ray reboot came so soon after Astra that I already have my +35 super weapon. What do I earn from fighting solo PD?

    3. people do it mostly to make units, but that requires the luck of finding ray units as drops lol

  11. so apparently in the arkslive crap, kimura asserted that disconnects are purely user-end problems and that the servers never have anything to do with it.

    I'm not sure what amazes me more about him saying this.
    that he's stupid enough to say it at all,
    or that he's stupid enough to say it in the wake of the whole "zigmorde getting her instakill off disconnected everyone on the same block" bug they had in ep3, that resulted in their flat out disabling that attack for months while they tried to figure out how they caused it.

    the stupid lies that man tells himself to justify forcing stupid things…

    1. Lmao, you just reminded me of that one time in 2015 where blocks from Block 1 to 20 slowly got purged out of existence for a few hours.

    2. well, if the problem is mass DC then that's the server fault and probably they also give an exception for that case. But if only just 1 person DC'ed in 12 persons mpa while doing raid quest…well, who's fault is that?? of course the users is to blame first…. and their crappy ISP, you can't blame SEGA server for that.

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