Toro And Kuro Weapons for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity has just announced their newest collaboration with Toro Station. This time Toro and Kuro will be available as weapons which you can obtain in a collaboration mission. The room items will be available through new passwords you can input at the VisiPhone.


The Nyackles

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Nyackle (Knuckle)

Nyackle: This weapon imitates the stars of the Weekly Toro Station. "Nya" a graceful beat! While attacking with this weapon, you will hear the sounds of Toro And Kuro!


Terebi-san's Grenade

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Terebi-san Grenade (Grenade)

Terebi-san Grenade: The well known Terebi-san basin gun was recreated. Terebi-san appears in the Weekly Toro Station. Terebi means Television in Japanese. When you attack, Terebi-san will spit out wash basins from the sky.


Look It's Terebi-san

Terebi-san (Room Item)

Terebi-san: By inputting a password you can place this Terebi-san in your room.

Naturally the previous Toro and Kuro Adventure Diary DLC mission for Phantasy Star Portable 2 will now be included on the game disk for Infinity. With that mission, you can obtain the partner cards for Toro and Kuro (aka White Cat and Black Cat in English version.)


  •  Toro and Kuro Mission
    • ニャックル Nyackle (Knuckle)
    • テレビさん Terebi-san (Grenade)
  • Password Item
    • トロステ・テレビさん Torostation Terebi-San (Room Item)

[via pspo2i + 4gamer]

  • Tomorrow there will be an announcement on Nico Nico Live: Game No Jikan. (May have to do with the password items according to Rapico's tweet)

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