Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Announced with Bouncer Class

Earlier today in the PSO2 Live Broadcast, SEGA announced the arrival of Episode 3. This episode is expected to launch late August with a new class, new planet, new weapon categories, new enemies, and a complete overhaul to the Arks Lobby!

This update will introduce a new class called "Bouncer." This class excels at striking and tech in two new weapon categories known as "Jet Boots" and "Dual Blades."


Dual Blades 1

Dual Blades are striking weapons comprised within the sword art of Nito-Ryo. Utilizing the "Photon Blades" it stabs enemies and absorbs PP.


Jet Boots 2
You can perform a double jump with Jet Boots!

Jet Boots are weapons that can perform various kicks and have the power to fire off technics as well. During the heat of battle, it can automatically trigger support effects.


Planet Harukotan

Planet Harukotan

This planet inhabited by Titans, consists of two opposing nations: "Black" and "White." The enemies and atmosphere are reminiscent of Japanese-style folklore. Starting off in the “White Lands" you'll see new characters like Kotoshiro (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) and Sukunahime (CV: Yui Horie).


Arks Lobby: Casino

PSO2 Casino Theme Park

In addition to an overhaul to the entire ARKS Lobby, players can enter the Casino and earn "Casino Coins."  Not many details were revealed so far, but we do know that it's set up like a theme park where you can play the attractions with your friends.


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PSO2 Episode 3 Rundown

  • Launches: Late August 2014
  • New Class: バウンサー Bouncer
  • New Weapon Category:  デュアルブレード Dual Blades
  • New Weapon Category: ジェットブーツ Jet Boots
  • New Planet: Harukotan (Japanese-themed Planet)
  • New Lobby: Casino
  • Arks Lobby Renewal
  • Recommended Quests
  • Matter Board Improvements
  • Rare Enemy Triggering (Forces a rare enemy to appear.)
  • Edit the placement of accessories.
  • Accessory slot 4
  • Balance Adjustments to All Classes
  • New Skills
  • Player movement speed increased
  • Better EXP Bonuses when playing in a Party.
  • EXP Rewards for Team Orders
  • Photon Tree balance adjustments
  • PSE Effect balance adjustments.
  • Some interface improvements.
  • Client Order unlocking conditions relaxed.

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