Phantasy Star Online 2 Announced!

Well ya guessed it, and it's here!  A video was uploaded to nico nico as well as on 2ch. But Enjoy! According to the video, it's available for Windows PC!

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Shougai PSO wrote down pretty much every detail they could read from the trailer. Though some of the stuff is blurry, it will give us a glimpse on what to expect for Phantasy Star Online 2.

  • Action RPG
  • Multiple Client Requests (Feature from PSP2 maybe?)
  • Map functions change in real time
  • New Interface for interacting with environment functions
  • Global Development support
  • Races have been thoroughly balanced
  • An event where all users participate
  • Implementing seasonal changes
  • Original Chat System
  • New Mail system
  • A radical revision of the item synthesis system.
  • Expands on your character's upbringing.
  • Event scenes
  • NPC Approach (?)
  • Your silhouette changes based on what add-ons you have.
  • New Photon Art? (Blurry)
  • Support for forming a community (Blurry) (Could mean teams again?)
  • Adding a custom element at the time of character creation.
  •  Weapon training system in every category. (Blurry)
  • Asynchronous communications. (Blurry)
  • New Party System
  • A system where enemies cooperate.
  • An infinite amount of content
  • A new approach to the game client
  • Surprises occur every day.
  • Optimization of the Lobby Feature
  • Trump Card System
  • A function where new users and expert users can mutually interact.

[via shougaipso]

[nico nico]

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