Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity: Nagisa and the Steel Hearts

Still on vacation in a new location! This morning Sakai, our fearless leader, wrote a new post ALL about Nagisa. For now her full name is just Nagisa. You can always click on ALL images to see a larger view.


Nagisa is 18 years old belonging to a new race called the Dumans. She may be polite but she lacks common sense, which can make things go sour unintentionally. It's not that she does this on purpose, she doesn't really mean any harm.  The reason she is this way is because she's been fighting all of her life.

Her purpose is to complete a very big mission, this will be revealed within Story Mode.

Nagisa Design

Nagisa was designed by the talented Mizuno. She had to have three specific characteristics; black hair, a uniform, and eye patch. Her design was meant to use a  monochromatic contrast, given that she has black hair and pale white skin while wearing a white uniform and black leggings.

The Yin and Yang aspects come to play in regards to Nagisa and Emilia. Emilia represents the Yang side of light and positivity. Nagisa represents the Yin side of dark and shadows.


Steel Hearts

Nagisa's sword Steel Hearts

スティールハーツ Steel Hearts is Nagisa's signature sword.  Near the handle there is a trigger which sets off a carousel of photon bullets located at the handle end of the sword. When you pull the trigger, the photon will shoot out like a jet at the bottom. You can see this concept at the bottom right hand corner.  This concept will be shown in a new FMV sequence.

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