Phantasy Star Zero Classes: A Glimpse

Sega has updated their Tokyo Game Show page with a new image of the 14 classes you'll be able to play as in Phantasy Star Zero. These classes will be familiar to Phantasy Star Online players, with the addition of two new classes, HUmarl and HUnewm.

Phantasy Star Zero Class List


hucaseal and hucast

  • HUcaseal:
    • High attack power. High defense. Good for close range combat.
    • Cannot use techs.
  • Hucast:
    • Highest HP.  Highest attack power. Cannot use techs.

racaseal and racast

  • RAcast:
    • Top class gunner. Extremely high accuracy. Balanced power.
    • Cannot use techs.
  • RAcaseal:
    • Highest Accuracy in any class. Cannot use techs.

ramar and ramarl

  • RAmar:
    • Excells with projectile weapons. Mid range class. Can use limited techs.
  • RAmarl:
    • Skilled with projectile weapons. Top accuracy. Can use few limited techs.

humar and humarl

  • HUmar:
    • Focuses on striking weapons, can use techs.
    • Well balanced class.
  • HUmarl:
    • Little less power than Humar, can use techs, has high accuracy.
    • Multipurpose class.

FOmar and FOMarl

  • FOmar:
    • High tech attack power, at higher levels he becomes proficient in close range combat.
  • FOmarl:
    • Strongest Tech User, can use every tech in the game.
    • Not suited for close range combat.

hunewm and hunewearl

  • HUnewm:
    • Great evasion and technical skills.
    • Great in close and distanced combat.
    • Has very low HP.
  • HUnewearl:
    • Highest evasion, balanced techs and power.


  • FOnewm
    • Low defense, good tech attack. Can use all techs in the game.
  • FOnewearl
    • Low defense, not suited for close range combat.
    • Has high tech attack, making this class the tech expert.


Technique Usage

The following classes can use the techniques listed below them up to the specified level.

  • HUmar, HUmarl, HUnewm, HUnewearl:
    • LV10: Foie Rafoie Zonde Razonde Barta Rabarta.
    • LV10: Resta Alresta Anti Alanti.
    • LV10: Shifta Alshifta Deband Aldeband.
  • RAmar, RAmarl:
    • LV10: Foie Rafoie Zonde Razonde Barta Rabarta.
    • LV10: Resta Alresta Anti Alanti.
    • LV10: Jellen Aljellen Zalure Alzalure.
  • FOmar, FOmarl, FOnewm, FOnewearl:
    • LV15: Foie Rafoie Zonde Razonde Barta Rabarta.
    • LV15: Grants Gigrants Megid Gimegid.
    • LV15: Resta Alresta Anti Alanti.
    • LV15: Shifta Alshifta Deband Aldeband.
    • LV15: Jellen Aljellen Zalure Alzalure.

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