PSO2 JP: Livestream #23 Recap

Post Livestream Updates / Notes

  • For the time being, we're going to call the White Titans on Planet Harukotan, "Shirokotans" and the Black Titans "Kurokotans."
  • Decided upon a name for the new field, but it might change again later.
  • The livestream's description was written in English for Non-Japanese viewers.
  • Removed E.Q Poll.
  • Added extra note for secret phrase.
  • Added PSO2es information.


Special Phrase 23b

Say the secret phrase みんなおめたろう in chat sometime between now through August 27th's maintenance to receive:

  • Dudu Sandbag (Room Item)
  • Dudu Chain (Accessory)
  • Grind Skip (→7)

Items are distributed at an unspecified maintenance in the future. 



~ Ascended Facility & Ultimate Quests ~

Episode 3 Info

  • Braver's Combat Escape becomes main class only.
  • Matoi has been officially added to the ARKS.
  • PlayStation Vita will be given a 5GB patch which will compress everything down to about 8GBs.
  • New Wopal field, [Ascended Facility], coming this fall!
  • Ultimate Quests will launch in the winter.


Gold Rush Fever

Gold Rush Fever Scratch

  • But there's a slight delay, it releases August 29th @ 14:00 JST
  • Episode 3 is still slated for August 27th, 2014.
  • Bouncer themed Costume and Parts
  • Casino Dealer Costumes


~ Mission: Episode 3's Otsukimi Update ~


Otsukimi Event

September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (until 10/8)
  • Otsukimi Bingo and Xie
  • Bingo and Client Order Rewards shown towards the right.



mistic moon

September's AC Scratch (Mystic Moon)

  • 2nd Generation Clariskrays costume.
  • Luther costume.
  • Shinto Priest style costumes.


New Time Attack

September Update

  • New Time Attack Quest. "Marathon Practice: Wopal"
  • Org Blanc and Biol Meduna appears.


 Harukotan EQ

 September Update

  • New Harukotan Emergency Quest!
  • Stop the Pajadurin, and extinguish the lanterns.
  • The miasma enveloping the field will increase the Kurokotans' power!


~ Quna's New Song "Neverending Story" ~

 Quna Live Event

September Update

  • Quna sings a new song, "Neverending Story" live!
  • Encore Function added!


Episode 3 Roadmap

Episode 3 Roadmap

Late Summer

  • New Emergency Quest
  • New Time Attack Quest
  • New Live Concert for Quna
  • Arks Ship Competition Part 2


  • New Field
  • New Enemies and Bosses
  • New Story Quest
  • Mag Level Cap Raised
  • Timed Abilities Level Cap Raised
  • Arks Ship Competition Part 3

Autumn ~ Winter

  • Level Cap Raised
  • New PAs and Technics
  • New Quest Type
  • New Enemies and Bosses
  • Phantasy Star Nova Releases
  • 12 Player Boss Quest
  • New Difficulty for some Emergency Quests
  • New Collab Scratch
  • More Equipment Extend Recipes


Pso2es episode 3

PSO2es Episode 3

  • New Class: Bouncer
  • New Weapon Category: Jet Boots / Dual Blads
  • Reception Counter: Get Extreme Passes and Casino Coin Passes
  • Login Screen and Lobby Screen Updated.
  • Simpler character switching.
  • Clariskrays chip coming to the Recycle Shop.


Emergency Quest

PSO2es Emergency Quests

  • Coming September 3rd, 2014.
  • At specific dates and times, you can go up against a rare boss.
  • Rare Bosses have lots and lots of HP.
  • Shave off their HP in 1 minute intervals.
  • Request assistance with up to 10 allies.
  • Once defeated, you get a chance to receive a rare item.


PSO2 Soundtrack Vol 3

PSO2 Soundtrack Vol.3 Announced!

  • Releases December 24th, 2014
  • 4 CD Set
  • 5000 Yen
  • 3rd Opening and Mining Base Defense included!


Echo Afin Zeno Appear in PSNova

PSNova x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Zeno, Afin, and Echo will appear in Phantasy Star Nova as NPCs, if you have PSO2 game data on your Playstation Vita.


Phantasy Star Nova Initial Perks!

  • PSNova Product Code 1
    • (Two) Costume Recipes
    • (Ten) EXP Boost 2X Recipes
  • PSNova Product Code 2 (Friend Referral)
    • Friends get 30% off the purchase of Phantasy Star Nova.
  • PSO2 Item Codes
    • Lutina and Seil's Costumes
    • PSNova Main Theme (BGM)
    • Jukebox
    • Color Change Pass
    • +100% Tribooster
    • 1000 FUN Ticket


New Gigantes

Phantasy Star Nova Playable at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show!

  • Two new quests available!
  • (Battle Quest 1) Fight a different Gigantes not featured in the demo!
  • (Battle Quest 2) Face a powerful Gigantes: Agrios.



Danbo Collab

~ Tokyo 8/16 ~
ダンボースーツ (Danbo Suit)
進化デバイス/ダンボー (Evo. Device / Danbo)


Some of the Bouncer skills were shown in the trailer. Keep in mind that some of the skills are blurry or obscured by other text.

  • Shifta Air Attack Boost
  • Rapid Boost
  • Rapid Boost JA Bonus
  • Photon Blade Escape
  • Jet Boots Strike
  • Elemental Burst
  • Photon Blade Fever Up
  • Dual Blade Gear
  • Jet Boots Gear
  • Elemental PP Restorate F
  • Elemental Stance
  • Elemental Stance Up 1
  • Elemental S Critical
  • Break Stance
  • Break Stance Up
  • Break S Critical
  • Heal Bonus


Burning Hearts Live!



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