PSO2 Live Broadcast #43 Recap

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Odin Phrase

Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase おでんたろう to receive the following prizes
    • Gold Magatsu Bonus Key
    • Ichitaro 2 and 3 Lobby Actions
    • Enomoto 2 and 3 Lobby Actions
  • This phrase can be said at any point in time as long as it is done before June 29th's Maintenance.


EQ Boost Poll June 19

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Mining Base Demise
  • +250% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • June 19th @ 23:00 JST (After Quna's Concert)
  • Get a bonus +10% Boost by attending the Concert.


July Update 1

Early July Update

  • Tanabata Lobby (~7/20)
  • 4th Anniversary Xie with New CO (~8/10)
  • Added Weaponoid Potentials
    • Tenimuso
    • Bio Triner
    • Red Scorpio
    • Kazanoh
  • 4th Anniversary Bingo II (~8/10)
    • Evo Device / Patty & Tiea


FFXIV Costumes List

Early July Update

  • FFXIV Scratch: Eorzea Selection
  • Miqo'te, Healer Repca, Wizard Repca, Temple Repca, Chaos Repca
  • Weapon Camos and Accessories.
  • Moogle items too.


Black Knight

Early July Update

  • Border Roaming Black Knight Limited Quest
  • An All-Star Quest that takes place in the Ruins
  • New ★13 "Aura" Series.
  • Be careful! Recovery Effects are weakened within this quest.
  • Black Knight Collection File (~8/24)


FFXIV Odin Battle

Early July Update

  • Odin will appear as a Boss Battle within the Limited Quest.
  • Zantetsuken Weapon Camo and an Odin Evo Device will drop.
  • All will be annihilated and the quest will fail if Odin completes his Shin-zantetsuken Attack.
  • Odin will also appear on normal fields.


Summer Lobby July

Late July Update

  • Summer Lobby with the Water Slide (~8/10)
  • Summer Rappy (~9/7)
  • Summer Nyau (~9/7)
  • Summer Bingo 2016 (~9/7)
  • A new ★13 weapon will drop from Summer Nyau


New Casino Game July

Late July Update

  • New Casino Game: Arkuma Slots
  • A Game of High Risk & High Return!
  • Win big when you choose the correct Dark Falz. Choosing the wrong one will result in your accumulated CC being reduced to zero and the game ending.
  • Defeat Dark Falz Elder for an even bigger prize.
  • Spend your CC in the Casino Prize Shop to receive Star Gems.
  • There's a limit on the number of times you can play per day.


Anime Chara Again July

Late July Update

  • Last Samurai and Yumiko will appear in the lobby (~8/24)
  • Let's clear their Client Orders!
  • You can also obtain their Partner Cards
  • They can also appear in Emergency Trials.


Shiny AC Scratch

Late July Update

  • AC Scratch: Shiny Summer Days
  • Summerish Casual Wear
  • Casual Gunner Themed Layeredwear and Parts.
  • Watermelon Splitting Lobby Action
  • Samba Accessories in the Bonus Scratch.


Beach Warz 2016

Late July Update

  • EQ: Beach Wars 2016 (~9/7)
  • Use the Dash Panels and rush to the enemy spawning points.
  • The Costume Bonus effect returns when you wear a Swimsuit.
  • See popular characters in swimwear like Itsuki, RINA, Aika, and more.
  • A new ★13 weapon will drop from the Empe Rappy.
  • At the end there's a Gal Gryphon and a new prefix named Chrome Dragon.


PSO2es Update July

PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest for Alonagahda!
  • Receive Star Gems as a Login Bonus.
    • Similarly to the EXP Ticket, you receive it once a day per account.


July PSO2es Chips

PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Elysion
    • T-Yasminikov 2000H
    • Madam's Umbrella
    • Fleetmalinca
    • Bio Beld


Weaponoid Stories July

PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid Side Stories Every Week
    • Red Scorpio (June 22nd)
    • Bio Triner (June 29th)
    • Nasuyoteri (July 6th)
    • H44 Missori T (July 13th)
  • New Weaponoid Potentials Added (July 6th)
    • Kazanoh, Tenimusou, Red Scorpio, Bio Triner


July es Event

PSO2es Update

  • Late July: Weaponoid General Election Special Edition Scratch
  • Chip Illustration Contest Winners coming in August.


PSO2 Animation 6th

PSO2 The Animation Vol 6. DVD/Blu-Ray Bonuses

  • Kid, Silva, and SORO Repca for M&F
  • Kid, Silva, And SORO Voices for M&F.
  • PSO2 Anime Vol 6. Poster
  • Plainclothes Silva R (Costume)
  • Silva R Civilian Clothes
  • Aika Visor
  • Silva R Hair & Aika Hair GV
  • Silva R Tights
  • Tact-NT
  • ★10 Rappy Egg


 Happy Campaign

Happy Rappy Campaign

  • Earn prizes based on your time spent playing in a Net Cafe.
  • The only prizes of note here are the Purple Rappy Suit (20 hrs) and the Rappies Lobby Action (30 Hours).

Secure OTP Service Ending

  • Secure OTP Service will end late September.
  • Please use Google Authenticator instead.


August Live Concert

August Update

  • New Live Concert
  • Earth Goodwill Ambassador, Sachiko Kobayashi, will be performing "Youkoso ARKS" (Welcome ARKS!) in an upcoming August update.


Arks Grand Prix Item Winners

Arks Grand Prix Item Design

  • Items designed by the winners of the ARKS Grand Prix Tournament will be appearing as a reward for the 4th Anniversary Web Event.


PSO2 Las Vegas Field

New Field



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