PSO2 Live Broadcast #43 Recap

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Odin Phrase

Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase おでんたろう to receive the following prizes
    • Gold Magatsu Bonus Key
    • Ichitaro 2 and 3 Lobby Actions
    • Enomoto 2 and 3 Lobby Actions
  • This phrase can be said at any point in time as long as it is done before June 29th's Maintenance.


EQ Boost Poll June 19

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Mining Base Demise
  • +250% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • June 19th @ 23:00 JST (After Quna's Concert)
  • Get a bonus +10% Boost by attending the Concert.


July Update 1

Early July Update

  • Tanabata Lobby (~7/20)
  • 4th Anniversary Xie with New CO (~8/10)
  • Added Weaponoid Potentials
    • Tenimuso
    • Bio Triner
    • Red Scorpio
    • Kazanoh
  • 4th Anniversary Bingo II (~8/10)
    • Evo Device / Patty & Tiea


FFXIV Costumes List

Early July Update

  • FFXIV Scratch: Eorzea Selection
  • Miqo'te, Healer Repca, Wizard Repca, Temple Repca, Chaos Repca
  • Weapon Camos and Accessories.
  • Moogle items too.


Black Knight

Early July Update

  • Border Roaming Black Knight Limited Quest
  • An All-Star Quest that takes place in the Ruins
  • New ★13 "Aura" Series.
  • Be careful! Recovery Effects are weakened within this quest.
  • Black Knight Collection File (~8/24)


FFXIV Odin Battle

Early July Update

  • Odin will appear as a Boss Battle within the Limited Quest.
  • Zantetsuken Weapon Camo and an Odin Evo Device will drop.
  • All will be annihilated and the quest will fail if Odin completes his Shin-zantetsuken Attack.
  • Odin will also appear on normal fields.


Summer Lobby July

Late July Update

  • Summer Lobby with the Water Slide (~8/10)
  • Summer Rappy (~9/7)
  • Summer Nyau (~9/7)
  • Summer Bingo 2016 (~9/7)
  • A new ★13 weapon will drop from Summer Nyau


New Casino Game July

Late July Update

  • New Casino Game: Arkuma Slots
  • A Game of High Risk & High Return!
  • Win big when you choose the correct Dark Falz. Choosing the wrong one will result in your accumulated CC being reduced to zero and the game ending.
  • Defeat Dark Falz Elder for an even bigger prize.
  • Spend your CC in the Casino Prize Shop to receive Star Gems.
  • There's a limit on the number of times you can play per day.


Anime Chara Again July

Late July Update

  • Last Samurai and Yumiko will appear in the lobby (~8/24)
  • Let's clear their Client Orders!
  • You can also obtain their Partner Cards
  • They can also appear in Emergency Trials.


Shiny AC Scratch

Late July Update

  • AC Scratch: Shiny Summer Days
  • Summerish Casual Wear
  • Casual Gunner Themed Layeredwear and Parts.
  • Watermelon Splitting Lobby Action
  • Samba Accessories in the Bonus Scratch.


Beach Warz 2016

Late July Update

  • EQ: Beach Wars 2016 (~9/7)
  • Use the Dash Panels and rush to the enemy spawning points.
  • The Costume Bonus effect returns when you wear a Swimsuit.
  • See popular characters in swimwear like Itsuki, RINA, Aika, and more.
  • A new ★13 weapon will drop from the Empe Rappy.
  • At the end there's a Gal Gryphon and a new prefix named Chrome Dragon.


PSO2es Update July

PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest for Alonagahda!
  • Receive Star Gems as a Login Bonus.
    • Similarly to the EXP Ticket, you receive it once a day per account.


July PSO2es Chips

PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Elysion
    • T-Yasminikov 2000H
    • Madam's Umbrella
    • Fleetmalinca
    • Bio Beld


Weaponoid Stories July

PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid Side Stories Every Week
    • Red Scorpio (June 22nd)
    • Bio Triner (June 29th)
    • Nasuyoteri (July 6th)
    • H44 Missori T (July 13th)
  • New Weaponoid Potentials Added (July 6th)
    • Kazanoh, Tenimusou, Red Scorpio, Bio Triner


July es Event

PSO2es Update

  • Late July: Weaponoid General Election Special Edition Scratch
  • Chip Illustration Contest Winners coming in August.


PSO2 Animation 6th

PSO2 The Animation Vol 6. DVD/Blu-Ray Bonuses

  • Kid, Silva, and SORO Repca for M&F
  • Kid, Silva, And SORO Voices for M&F.
  • PSO2 Anime Vol 6. Poster
  • Plainclothes Silva R (Costume)
  • Silva R Civilian Clothes
  • Aika Visor
  • Silva R Hair & Aika Hair GV
  • Silva R Tights
  • Tact-NT
  • ★10 Rappy Egg


 Happy Campaign

Happy Rappy Campaign

  • Earn prizes based on your time spent playing in a Net Cafe.
  • The only prizes of note here are the Purple Rappy Suit (20 hrs) and the Rappies Lobby Action (30 Hours).

Secure OTP Service Ending

  • Secure OTP Service will end late September.
  • Please use Google Authenticator instead.


August Live Concert

August Update

  • New Live Concert
  • Earth Goodwill Ambassador, Sachiko Kobayashi, will be performing "Youkoso ARKS" (Welcome ARKS!) in an upcoming August update.


Arks Grand Prix Item Winners

Arks Grand Prix Item Design

  • Items designed by the winners of the ARKS Grand Prix Tournament will be appearing as a reward for the 4th Anniversary Web Event.


PSO2 Las Vegas Field

New Field



30 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #43 Recap”

  1. >heals are gimped in odin quest
    that's stupid, but I'm not suprised. everything I've gathered associated with XIV is stupid.

    and do note: they made a point of recreating the brokenness of odin "correctly", which is to say that when he force-instagibs the room it's quest fail, with no recourse.
    time to see if they're stupid enough to leave him doing that nonsense when they spawn him in normal missions so he can kill people across the map for no reason.


      when I do not have something I'm grousing about, I'm busy enjoying the game. grow up. people like you who ignore positive comments when they occur have no business shooting your mouths off about other people's views.

    2. >positive comments

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtflol. When was the last time YOU posted one, pray tell? There's a reason your name is mentally flagged as "that one compulsive whiner" you know…

    3. If I could ignore you massive wall rant from the last live broadcast recap, I would. Instead, it's only flagged you in my mind as someone who hates everything and is needlessly pedantic.

      How about this for positive comments? I'm HAPPY about the FF14 stuff, I play a Miqo'te over there, the "discount catgirl" as you call it, yet they are probably the LEAST annoying of that type because they don't act constantly like cats! While I would have preferred more from what they brought over, and I'm at least not one of those who thinks Odin having an MPA instant kill DPS check is a bad thing!

    4. Let's be real, XIV is shit. It's only around now because it's called "Final Fantasy", his comment was perfectly fine. I don't mine Odin's instant kill, it fits Odin as per FF design, but it's a legit comment about killing people across the map, which I admit will be freaking hilarious.

    5. Excuse me.. your comment is full of ingnorance. Matter a fact, when PSO2 gets a 24 man raid holla at me. Oh and sub jobs? Sounds like that was taken from FF11. Gurl keep it cute or put it on mute..

    6. You know, it's not because Final Fantasy did that it's an exclusivity. I'm not sure Subclasses are only in FF and PSO… xl

    7. Never said it was… I'm only stating, this game isn't as perfect. To then call FFXIV shit(when its far from it) no reasons or facts to say why its shit, just unnecessary bashing.

      I adore FFXIV and PSO2. Glad they are very different but don't start the "PSO2 is better than everything" bullshit.

    8. Generally I only do that when people start "FF XIV is better than everything". ^^ Everyone have his preferences. I don't, personnally, know if XIV is shit or not 'cause I hadn't play it and I'm not interested. But, I guess if the two of them are collaborating this summer there is a reason. (Well we know it anyway)

    9. Exactly, I'm hype for the PSO2 cross over. I hope it's Dar Falls, and the starter outfits.

    10. Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida stated that they plan to work on their side of the collaboration when their schedule permits it. [Source]

    11. Ouch as if an official English subtitle release for the anime wasn't already a big enough slap in the face for western Phantasy Star fans still waiting for a western release.

      As for me, hopefully a trial account will be able to do whatever they're planning…

    12. It's possible that it might be a Japan only event, there are Japan only events in FFXIV. They had a 7-11 collaboration like PSO2 does, but it was only on Japanese servers. They said they wanted to bring it over but they have to get a deal worked out with 7-11 to allow it in the west.

    13. 7-11 has a different international corporate structure than Sega does. If that was the only thing preventing them from bringing that to the west, I'm certain that it's it's practically a non-issue in Sega's case.

    14. watch them have to rework odin the same way they did when guar zigmorde was released.

  2. >A new ★13 weapon will drop from Summer Nyau.
    There is a few months left, before we can get 13* in Storyboard… Thanks, SEGA.

  3. late july scratch plz. even with the ERF FASHUNZ they need to give a rest, it's still looking better than the XIV junk. (and even if the "casual gunner" themed things don't look very gunner-y. but they have a running hiccup with that, don't they. the F cast "casual fighter" style looked more FO-friendly, and the "casual FO" cast stuff looked more fighter-y because :chinese martial arts:)

    also holy bleem those GP winner-designed weapon camos. gimme gimme gimme.

    >last samurai/bowgirl lobby visit
    reminds me that I'm waiting for the next BD to come out so I can attempt to snag the red duman lines off the market. foxgirl support partner needs red markings. east asian spirit foxes only come in "god-colored" and "more god-colored", after all. she's got the white, she needs the red.

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