PSO2 Live Broadcast: TGS 2016 Day 4 Recap

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October 8th Tidbits

Notable tidbits will be added here after October 8th.

There might be some context lost so please bear with us..

  • Around 25% of (active) users have cleared H&H prior to the block's implementation.
  • They plan to increase the number of expert blocks soon!
  • They currently have no plans to have a gathering system for Support Partners.
  • Grind Skip →5 is coming back, but this time in the Treasure Shop.
  • Las Vegas Collection is getting an extension.
  • They are thinking about making an [Evo Device / Stealth] for Mags.
  • Sometime between November and December you'll get a new Solo Extreme Quest.
  • The One More! stream is so full that not even I can watch it.
  • ★12 Unit drop rates are worse than Saiki units.
  • Austere Units aren't dying just yet.

Day 4 Recap


EQ Boost Poll

  • Regiment of the Wicked
  • 200% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • 9/18 22:00 ~ (After Sachiko Concert)




Early October Update

  • Halloween Lobby (~ 11/9)
  • Halloween Bingo (~ 11/9)
  • Franca's Night Cafe (~ 12/7)
    • View fireworks in the shapes of Mascots.



Early October Update

  • Level Up Quests will be added into the Featured Quest lineup.
    • Winged Border Breaker
    • Shironian Pandemonium
    • Chaotic Beguiler
    • Chaotic Darkness
    • Darkness from the Chaos.
  • You can acquire the Queen Rappy Suit from PSO2es Ranking Rewards.
  • In the Beauty Salon, you can now switch outfits stored in Character Storage.
  • You can now place Skill Rings up on the Player Shop market or trade them between players.
  • The number of active A.I.S units will be shown near the side map.
  • The map will display icons for A.I.S.
  • Added more weaponoid potentials.



Early October Update

  • Improved the contents of the Item details page for Units.
  • You can open the storage menu from the Appraisal shop.
  • New Chat Commands will be added.
    • /skillring (/sr) [name] to switch skill rings.
    • /myset (/ms) [#] to switch My Sets.
  • Bulk recycle several rare items (ex: Recycle ★10 ~ 11 Weapons)



Early October Update

  • Volcanic Caverns and Tundra will finally support Gathering Spots.
  • Added new Skill Rings and Cuisines
  • L / Jet Boots Tech Arts SC
    • Reduces charge times when you combo from a PA to a Technic.
  • L / Air Reversal
    • Allows you to perform a reversal in the air.
  • L / Slow Dive Roll
    • Extends the duration by slowing the Dive Roll speed.
  • L / Step Jump
    • Increases movement speed if you jump during the [Step] action.

Even more Skill Rings (From Shougai PSO)

L / Non Weak Bonus

  • Available only to Launchers
  • The skill "Weak Hit Advance" will also apply to Non-Weak Areas.

L / Just Reversal JA Combo

  • Creates a JA ring from a Just Reversal.

R / Just Reversal PP Gain

  • Restores PP after a Just Reversal.

R / Healing Guard

  • Heals both you and nearby players after a Just Guard

R / Wide Support

  • Expands the area of effect for Resta, Shifta, Anti, and Deband.



Early October's PA Customizations

  • Sacrifice Bite Type Zero
    • Quickly absorbs Photon, and makes the photon blade stronger when dishing out normal attacks.
  • Straight Charge Type Zero
    • Hold the button down to charge through enemies.
  • Strike Gust Type Zero
    • Hold the button down to extend the rising portion of the attack.
  • Sharp Bomber Type Zero
    • Makes forward attacks possible. Deals a powerful blow when charged.
  • Parallel Slider Type Zero
    • Allows you to shoot while hovering and moving around.
    • Now you can perform the attack just like Gilliam in the opening cinematic.



Early October's Tech Customization + New Skills

  • Sa Foie Type Zero
    • Makes you approach the target before it activates.
    • Becomes even powerful when charged.
  • Ra Megid Type Zero
    • Orbs which circle your character can damage enemies within its vicinity.
    • Deals damage in shorter intervals when charged.
  • Summoner Skill: Assist Share
    • The previous pet's ability rising effects get handed over even if you switch pets or weapons.
    • For example: Shifta / Deband
  • Summoner Skill: Long Distance Love
    • Pet Sympathy requests can be fulfilled even at long distances.
  • Pet HP and Ability Rising Effects will now display on your palette.



Early October Update

  • New AC Scratch: Wonderland Party
  • Fairytail style Layered Wear and Parts.
  • Halloween Accessories and a Evo/Device.
  • Scratch Bonuses include the Selfie Stick and Lillipan lobby actions.



Early October Update

  • Battle Ship Team Room



Early October Update

  • Trick or Treat 2016! Emergency Quest ( ~ 11/9)
  • Phantoms will now join the enemy lineup
  • NPCs with Halloween accessories may show up.
  • A special prefix named Zeta Guranz will appear.
  • A golden new enemy, [Izane Kazuchi] may spawn.
    • There's also an Izane themed weapon camo that supports 4 weapon categories.
  • Trick or Treat 2016 Collection will run until 11/9.
    • An "Ultimate" supported Parfait is available for summoners.
  • New ★13 weapons will also drop.



Episode 4: Chapter 5

  • This time we head to Mother Cluster's Base on the [Moon].
  • Mother's face is finally revealed. (CV: Rina Satō)
  • Face Phul and Och!



Mid October Update

  • Introducing superior types of the three original pets.

Jinga (Wanda's Superior)

  • New PA: Jinga Assault
  • Attacks an even wider range than Wanda Assault.

Aero (Torim's Superior)

  • New PA: Aero Spiral
  • Added a forward shockwave attack during Torim Spiral.

Popple (Cery's Superior)

  • New PA: Popple 'Plode
  • A chargeable attack with a wide area explosion

If you bring the superior version's egg to the Pet Lab, you can rarity evolve your original pet over to its superior type.



Mid October Update

  • New Story Board Events
  • Become reunited with Matoi!
  • Matoi will also appear in the lobby with her new costume.
  • You can also receive her partner card.
  • Matoi can show up in E-Trials.
  • A fight between Phaleg and Huey!?




Mid October Update

  • AC Scratch: Million Arthur Collection
  • Includes a variety of items from Sorcery King Arthur, Diva Arthur, Nimue, Thief Arthur.
  • Weapon Camos are also covered.
  • Huey's Layered Wear will make its appearance.



Mid October Update

  • Ultimate Amduscia is finally here!
  • Features powerful dragonkin aberrations weak to Lightning.
  • Yuga-type Darkers will also appear.
  • Contains field gimmicks described as being vicious.

New Enemies

  • Box Dewbles: Uses both fists while rushing forth in his attacks.
  • Drago Deadlion: Deals damage over an extensive range with its giant sword.



Mid October Update

New Enemies

  • Gruezoras Drago: Watch out for its crystal laser attack.
  • Anga Fundarge: A new form of Anga like we've never seen before. This version is swift in its attacks.



Mid October Update

  • Corruption Amduscia Collection (~ 1/11)
    • Featuring the ★13 weapon series [Gicks].
  • The quest itself also has ★13 weapon drops themed after the enemies.
  • ★12 Units will finally drop, which brings us to a new feature

Unit Skills

  • Only available for ★12 Units!
  • The selected L Ring is consumed and the Ring Skill is added to the Unit.
  • You can add 1 Ring Skill to each individual unit (Rear / Arm / Leg).




PSU Collaboration Part 2 (Nov 2)

  • PSU 10th Anniversary Scratch: Gurhal Collection 2
  • Howzer and Helga Layered Wear!
  • Vivienne's costume debuts!
  • Emilia's Swimsuit and Costume revived!
  • Impressive poses as lobby actions!
  • Scratch also includes makeup, body paint, and accessories.
  • Contains Visual Posters of Box Art and other illustrations.



PSU Collaboration Part 2 (Nov 2)

  • Vivienne and Emilia will appear in the lobby with COs.
  • Clear the COs to receive ★13 weapon rewards!
    • Vivienne
    • Clarita Visas-NT
    • You can even change their photon colors.
  • Vivienne and Emilia partner cards will become available.
  • Newly voiced story events will unfold.



PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest: Chapter 6: The Forgotten Promise
  • This story chapter will take place in a PSO2es original field
  • Here we meet Zackard again in [E.M.A's 2nd Research Facility]



PSO2es Feature Improvements

  • An improved Chip Sorting function.
  • Increased the max chip limit to 600!!
  • You can now buy rings from My Shops
  • Adjusted the conditions that add EQ bonuses
  • The Weaponoid Side Story Unlocking Gauge will now display on the Chip Details screen.
  • Added a new limited time effect that [boosts the Side Story Unlocking Gauge]
  • (Your equipped Weaponoid's Side Story Unlocking Gauge and Present Gauge will have its filling rate doubled)



PSO2es New Chips

  • Shooting Drive
  • Millioblight
  • Flowdia
  • Dio Tigredor
  • Cracker Bullet
  • Na Barta
  • Patty and Tiea [Premium] (AC esScratch Only)



Weaponoid Side Stories

  • Motav Prophecy (9/28)
  • Bluesy Requiem (10/5)
  • Akebono (10/5)
  • Nyoibou (10/5)
  • Salus Panisher (10/12)

New Weaponoid Potentials (10/5)

  • Dies Ryu
  • Shut Rounder
  • Seimei Kikami
  • Motav Prophecy



PSO2es Events

  • Avenger chip is currently available as a reward from the current EQ.
  • Late Septembers Ranking Reward will have the Queen Rappy Suit.
  • If you collect Halloween event items you can trade them in for the Pumpkin Rod chip.
  • Aurora [Halloween] will be available in the mid-October scratch lineup.



3 Huge Game Collaborations

  • Million Arthur in October
  • Gravity Daze 2 in November
  • Persona 5 in Winter



Gravity Daze 2 Collaboration

  • A collaboration that will run on both PSO2 and Gravity Daze 2.
  • PSO2 will receive Kat and Raven costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • GD2 will receive the Crazy Kitten costume.






66 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast: TGS 2016 Day 4 Recap”

  1. "You can now put on costumes stored within your character storage from the Beauty Salon."

    Hooray added convenience \[+]/


      I can also totally see those two developing unhealthy levels of Foe Yay for each other lel

  2. sacbite0 best be adding a -lot- of damage to normals, or I can't see a reason to use it. honestly I'd rather they just let us turn sacbite into a clone of elsword's "armageddon blade" outright. super reach and extra damage for -everything-, wot wot.
    straightcharge0 will be hell on fighter's stances. when are you gonna make them not finicky, sega? overhaul plx.
    gust0… eeh.
    bomber0/parallel0 – years later, ARKS finally developed the moves they showed off in their promotional materials. shame that rifle/launcher/bow are still in "redheaded stepchild" territory thanks to game mechanics becoming increasingly unfriendly to the gameplay style they're expected to follow, with all the holding still and the aiming… that neither of these are going to work well with, anyway.
    safoie 0… have to see it in actual use/testing to decide, though admittedly the base tech is pretty lame and thus easier to improve on.
    ramegid0… is basically the PSU bloc's Foverse, except in dark. extra DEEPS! for solo tectors, not a bad thing, though what TE needs is mobility/superarmor functions for better whacking because TE is… lackluster at techs, after all.
    fixing more of sum'ner's shortfalls, okay. glad they realized having to spend PP recalling a pet so you can spend PP healing/buffing so you can spend PP sending them back out with decent damage did not flow well.
    the new L rings are all things nobody would give up other things for, much like matelovers et al… clearly meant to go with the whole "stick rings in 12 units" bit in the following update… honestly would it have killed them to give us a second ring slot per side or something? I mean… this gives more slots, in theory, but the loss of the ring means that changing things up becomes a time and resource sink for no good reason. unless those units are going to drop like candy in UQamu-amu-amumu, it'll become a nuisance to kit out multiple classes unless you just use general-purpose things. SPEAKING OF WHICH, inb4 UQ amdu gets abandoned in a few months and nobody can get 12* units worth a damn, but everybody insists having them is mandatory due to the ring skill thing and starts dropping rooms over people not having them. (meanwhile, there's still no use for subunits in the wake of set bonuses… now THOSE I could get behind treating as disposable things to install bonuses from, unlike rings with the fuss in maxing them out.)
    liking the cast parts in the wonderland scratch. much better than the so-called "casual tector themed" disasters.
    the fact we can convert existing first gen pets into their evolved forms sounds good… so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and we find out that doing so de-levels/rarity's them or something. neverminding that some folk are still having issues finding 13* eggs that aren't viola. (WHY is that in the vegas RQ pool? SERIOUSLY, WHY.)
    and now the triumphant lobby-and-card return of milkpanda's wife. nice to have her back, but I'm shuddering at negative expectations on what variety of whaling they'll want for her outfit. I've been wanting, but…
    aaand here's hoping huey VS phaleg gets to be more of a thing than a one-off scene. huey being the type he is, he needs more scenes showing off that he's not -really- just a clown.
    fairly "eh" about the million arser collab stuff, it's… there. huey's new duds slipping in close to his reappearance is predictable, and I expect to see dudes mixing it up a fair bit.
    not much to say for UQ amdu beyond wondering how the 13*s will manage to not warrant upgrading to. sega and their desire to keep austere as the "best" after making them obnoxiously grindy to get… (neverminding that I haven't bothered with austere for that reason… I kinda want them to release some 13* that I won't be trying to grind for, 'cause I've already got a lot of that sort of thing eating my budget by now anyway… rather wait for the next major step.)

    helga/howzer outfits are kinda "why", but whatevs. I am pleasantly suprised at the choice to do a proper sidestory thing with emilia and vivian; I wonder if it took them this long to figure out how to work sidestories in with the way the storyboard works. 😛

    1. I start to sometime, then realize it's not worth reading and skip to see him being shit on in the replies.

    2. and I wonder if people with attention spans too short for a pile of commentary can manage to focus on an MMO for more than a day and a half.

    3. Don't expect people to bother trudging through your tedious, rambling bullshit when you can't even be arsed to format it decently. Seriously, the signal-to-noise ratio is appalling and the criminally bad presentation doesn't help one bit.

      Plus I'm pretty sure all the "regulars" here have, by now, are rather good idea of what the general tone of your textual diarrheas is like and plain aren't interested in your whining.

    4. what's the point of formatting it if my "whining" as you put it (because if you don't like it, it's whining, of course) isn't going to be read because it's "too long" (because the twitter generation can't handle posts longer than five lines)?

      anyone who's going to read what I have to say will, anyone who isn't, isn't. far be it from me to expect that people who have nothing better to do that vomit "tl;dr"-isms at people are going to care about what anyone besides themselves has to say.

    5. If you're not going to go into the trouble of making it legible, don't expect other people to go into the trouble of reading it. (And that includes keeping the length tolerable and sticking to a topic, not vomiting endless unedited stream-of-consciousness into the post; conciseness is a virtue.)

      Doubly so as ANYTHING you write has preciously few selling points to begin with by default. In the case you haven't realised your nick isn't exactly associated with generally worthwhile reading these days.

  3. I take pride knowing i didnt allow myself to be the first person to reply to -Z-'s comments (some of which can easily be refuted). I had something ELSE to say but it would be scarcely relevant and needlessly offensive. Not like this post which is just scarcely relevant.

    1. "I take pride in thinking I'm better than someone because I disagree with them", you say.

      hardly a good use for pride, but that's your problem, not mine.

    2. While i am/was being the bigger person I'mh not saying im better than others.

      The only person calling it a problem is you.

      You're the last person who should be talking about problems. Being renown for pointless walls of text is a problem in of itself. Apparently you lose brain cells every month because you haven't figured that out yet.

    1. I'm frankly not really seeing the use, Bo not exactly being a "caster" class. Re-setting element after Vinto is just about the only thing that comes to mind and that's pretty niche use for a ring slot…

    2. Will see if it worthy or not after release since the ring named with "SC", maybe the maxed level of it will completely remove charging like the "TMG-Art_S_Charge" skill of gunner, don't know if it work that way but if it is, imagine the amount of combo that can be done with it just because my JB bo always sub with Te or just Te/Bo
      GranWave > Zondel > Strike Gust+Shift > Zonde type 0 > Moment Gale+Shift > Elemental_Burst.
      but if its not remove charging completely then have charging reduction is always great

  4. Sorry if this is an old and overused question (I've been away from the game for far too long). Do Jet Boots PAs like Strike Gust use S-ATK or T-ATK? Or maybe both at the same time in a single equation?

    1. Other way around actually, Jet boots go off T attack, but with Striking multipliers. The skill in question is switch strike and makes Jet boots go off s-attack and still with striking multipliers.

    2. So basically my Jet Boots PAs (not Technics) will benefit from those stance skills that increase S-ATK multipliers?

    3. Those are not "S-Atk" multipliers, but "Strike Power" multipliers. The distinction may seem subtle but it's real and important – case in point, things like Fury Stance affect JB attacks whether you have Switch Strike active or not.

  5. >only around 25% of the userbase can go into the dickwaver blocks
    >reports suggest that a lot of people in those blocks aren't even good
    >but they want to add more!!
    por que?

    >12* units will have utter dogshit drop rates
    why advertise something as a central big deal of an update if the majority of the playerbase isn't going to get them even if they live in the required content long enough that the items in question will be obsoleted…?
    despite my spamming of things with ol' gigglegundam and wasting tons of boosters, I didn't get a single saiki untill bonus quests came, with their noticably higher rate of dropping them. never seen an orbit or invade unit pop, either. so uh… worse rates? for what porpoise?

    it's kind of insulting to be told that the New Big Thing You Will Be Expected To Use is something you won't be getting, purely because RNGesus is the only one who can give it to you.

    >austere units aren't dying yet!
    he thinks people use them when he's gone out of his way to keep saiki as king of the metagame since ep3 started… that's almost cute.
    of course, it assumes PD gives you invade units in the first place, and uh… market prices tell me that I'm not the only one who hasn't seen a single one pop since PD was implemented.

    1. such grapes
      much sour

      I'll take that to mean you've yet to GitGud(tm) enuff to clear the first half of H&H then.
      Can vouch for expert-block PUGs being freaking good actually, haven't yet seen a single bad one. Hell – I'm probably the relative deadweight in most…

    2. Too much assumptions, sarcasm, and abhorrent cynicism were made in this guy's post.

      My argument will be solely based on my player observations and communications on ship 9 (both English and Japanese demographic), so take this response with an informative mindset:

      When PD was first implemented, units were dropping at a decent rate. In fact, the units were at 2~3mil at a time. The price only increased as soon as PD became inactive and people start trading the units for austere versions. (Funfact: I recently obtained a rear piece last PD with 30% daily boost, 250% R, and 100% tri)

      Expert blocks ACTUALLY have decent players. There are absolutely no dead weights when I ran EQ's with them since everyone pulls their own weight instead of running around aimlessly and dying. Comparing these blocks to the rest, I can definitely say that their skills and coordination are uncanny.

      The implementation of these blocks, I believe, were meant to differentiate between serious and casual players (Where the latter can mostly be seen occupying some blocks by being 'dead weight' themselves). However, this doesn't stop other 'expert' players from helping casual blocks from completing challenging EQ's, so all is well.

      Lastly, 12* units are there as a goal for those who WANT them. By saying that they have worse rates than Saiki, players (mostly hardcore) can take a guess at how many runs it may take to get them (with or without boosts) and it's up to them to see to it that they obtain them. To be honest, I only see that remark as a jab at the community (both EN and JP) complaining about Saiki drop rates. It's pretty funny if you ask me.

      I can probably see why you cater so much on complaining like an entitled millennial though. And I don't mean to take an educated guess, but I think it's probably because you fail to see the bigger picture and understand the 'bigger picture'. So, to compensate for your sodium diet, you come to these types of communities and write what comes out of that that dry head of yours.

      I commend you for staying consistent with it though. Nobody's THAT salty over the course of a 4-year old game. Most of them would've quit by now, but you sir, you're something else.

    3. The comment about the 12* units is very true. It's not meant for "casuals" and the like to get. The reality of the matter is stuff like this is meant for people who are really into the game and give them some kind of goal and reason to keep at it.

      It honestly sounds like this player wants everything for nothing. Sadly, a situation that happens too often on the non-elite blocks… Which is why the elite blocks came to be in the first place.

      No one wants others to gain the same rewards when the others are not doing any work. That's not equality it's the total opposite.

    4. Hahahah, "Dickwaver Blocks".

      Because Heaven and Hell is worth Dick Waving over. Sorry you can't beat Rock-Bear-Level-Nerfed End Game Bosses. Especially with all the Cheesy ways this game gives you to completely nerf damage across all the classes and the 13*'s that are handed out like candy.

      Can't beat 9 month old content? Sad day for you.

    5. could you cry any more, you don't even have a citation for your claim regarding the players in the blocks not being good, they might not be the absolute best players but they certainly care enough about the game to be able to clear H&H, which is good enough to be called an expert in this game's community with how much it is filled with players like you who do nothing but complain

      if you want to be good at the game then actually play it, don't expect everything to be handed to you or dumbed down for you, it's not like you even have to play this game that much to clear something like heaven or hell

      you're like a small child mad your parents aren't giving you what you want, except you're actually 20 something years old and should be getting it yourself

      grow up

    6. This has happened sooner than I expected. and YES i was expecting this. I see -Z-'s paltry wall of text being bombarded by over 5 extensive comments. Now im just sure that half the reason -Z- posts AT ALL is just to show off his vocabulary and troll other players. And the other half is because there's not much stopping him (how unfortunate).

      I can understand players complaining a little about preferences in this game because it can show their passion for the game but … -Z- is something else … something … omg … words cannot fully describe how ridiculous his walls of text are … someone else do it for me …

    7. Ofc you wouldn't. That's what im getting at. As you already know, regardless of what ppl say about -Z-'s comments -Z- hasn't gotten the message. I have noticed this long before i started commenting on this site.

    8. He is just a parody on a collective consciousness, because every next gripe contradicts a few made previously.
      -we demand elite blocks- / -elite blocks are pointless-
      -we demand guaranteed drops- / -rare hunt is insulting-
      -why nothing beats saiki and austere yet- / -we hate how new stuff forces us to grind-

      Really looking forward mental gymnastics about next dengeki TD and NT/untek system changes.

  6. While I agree that @ -z- his spewing is not penetrating the developers ears cuz what? they speak and read only jp huh? fuck my dog shit he forgets this is not run by greedy corporate American bastards this is run by poorly funded foreign dictators! lol pun… Seriously though there's higher priorities that need attention that could threaten our way of English gaming like AC benefits, rather then grinding as an angry hippie, not as an oriental of the east, for they have different policies and limits thnx to the recent Sega treaty that was broken by M$oft!

    If you haven't notice the special rewards are getting tougher to obtain by other means, like #ac scratch campaigns or twitter campaigns. Why cant we follow a unified path of obtaining "fun stuff" if pso2 is collab through many different devices, that are all pointing towards a singularity network. If not singularization prizes how could/would we balance the irl trade market that Sega started?

  7. >People thinking that HxH xq is hard enough to filter casual and muh elite sekrit club
    >What is Braver
    >what is Guren

  8. "Austere Units aren’t dying just yet."
    What does that mean? Are they planning to remove them from Zieg's shop at some point?

    1. It just means that they are still viable units or still good units to be used (they mean dying as if they will be so outdated that they wont be useful anymore)

    2. Given that Saiki is, if anything, *better* than Austere? Duh.

      Plus you need to be wearing SOMETHING while working on your new fancy 12*s anyway.

    3. I believe Austere is better tbh

      In terms of PP and Dex Saiki is better but in terms of overall stats i believe austere is better.

    4. PP >>>> mere stats, as more PAs/techs inside same timeframe equals better DPS *and* utility. (Nobody cares about Dex, which is useless and terrible.)

    5. I agree with you for the most part, though I really think austere units > saiki for fighter, with the extra bulk you can basically pop LB off CD and PP becomes less of a problem then.

    6. I like saiki for the pp bonuses; because it means i dont have to worry about adding pp affixes.

      @ random I'd have to disagree with pp being more important than all other stats. For one that's completely subjective and depends on the player/class being played. Also, I myself rarely put pp affixes and it doesn't really hinder my dps (coming from someone who has no more than 155pp on almost all classes played). I have to wonder: what would you consider "enough pp" for any class? This question is if you had to have a standard.

      Assuming Ultimate Amdusica is about as tough as the other 2 ultimate quests, saiki units (and definitely austere units) should be great (at the very least adequate, given that saiki units have been around since before ultimate quests were added.

      I feel like the amount of pp needed varies among players. I'd like to have say "enough pp to use overend 3x in a row". Aside from that there's always something else that makes it easy for me to get pp back quickly or make more attacks before running out.

    7. I'm wondering more if they plan on doing something to increase its rarity or something because otherwise, it still seems dead with the 12* benefits.

    8. The 12*s will, like all units, ultimately sink or swim on the basis of their hidden and set effects of which nothing is yet known; the ring infusion isn't really that big of a deal in comparison.

      That statement would appear to imply those effects are not so substantially stronger to render the current endgame sets obsolete out of hand.

    9. Not really necessary since you can now use quickword chat commands to switch both weapon and ring on the fly.

      Personally I suspect the convenience/support type rings – Mate Lovers, Air Rev, Step Jump – will be the most sensible choices to put into the units, as the more weapon and class-specific ones are more practical in the actual "finger" slots already for versatility.

    10. Ring slots on units may not feel necessary to you but i'd rather have those than have to type a command to switch skill rings or setup commands in shortcuts. I'm just lazy that way.

    11. Skill rings themselves aren't terribly *necessary*, more like "nice to have". Infusing them into units so you can have more active at once is, naturally, doubly so.

      And personally I already change my weapons through quickwords because that lets you use more than one camo too so slapping ring switch commands to the end isn't exactly a biggie…

    12. 3 rings would be beneficial for any class considering they can and usually are 20 atk each when fully grinded

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