PSP2i DLC Item: Item Design Contest

ナハトロータス Nachtlotus (F Clothes/Parts)
 ヴォルデコート WoldeCoat (M Parts)
Free of Charge


Woldecoat changes your cast's head automatically.


聖槍ヴァイスリーリエ Weiss Lillie (Spear: 50% Ice)
ジャガーノート Juggernaut (Knuckles: 50% Ground)
ベルーガ Beluga (Machine Gun 50% Lightning)
シジマアカツキ Shijima Akatsuki (Rod 50% Fire)
Free of Charge


Shijima Akatsuki is a rod that lights up!


When you attack with Juggernaut, sparks fly.


Weiss Lillie is a C Rank Ice Spear.


This is the first volume of the Item Design Contest winners. The second pack will release sometime in the future. This post will update and add the rest of the items at a later time.

Awakened Berserker

In addition, a new Infinity Mission DLC will be distributed at 31 Sega Amusement shops. This Infinity Mission Code is titled, 「覚醒の戦闘狂」"Awakened Berserker" and features Magashi as a boss. It includes mission effects where based on which shop you attend, the weapon element that drops is different. In the future, this Infinity Mission will be delivered at the Playstation Store.

  • Awakened Berserker
    • Relics Area
    • Magashi Boss
    • Stateria Enemies
    • [XXX] Attribute Weapon Drops 80%*
    • Attribute Rate Boost
    • EXP Rate Boost

*The attribute that drops 80% of the time changes based on which shop you download the Infinity Mission from.


You have to download the Club Sega character to receive the mission code.

The Club Sega character is downloaded through friend search and is listed as the original discoverer of the mission code. She will have the same appearance as Segako-chan.

[via pspo2iblog]


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