PSPo2: Goodbye Unit Slots, Difficulty Boost, Line Shields, and more.

Dragon Sakai answered questions today. So we shall quickly cover the main points he laid out. Shougai PSO also updated and we will add that information into this post.

  • Line Shield Modifications
    • You can switch line shields from the Action Palette System.
    • You may only equip up to 6 line shields at a time.
    • Head / Body / Arm / Extra unit slots are gone!
    • They are replaced with "Free Slots"
    • Now you can equip multiple units of the same type.
      For ex. You can equip an  SUV and an Extra unit at the same time!
    • Each Lineshield has different amount of available  Free Slots.
  • Difficulty Boost
    • Scape Dolls are no longer purchasable in the store
    • Scape Dolls are rare drops now.
    • The amount of scape dolls you can carry will be severely reduced.
    • You can obtain them by exchanging something for them.
      (side note: Shougai PSO comments how it may be a Photon Drop.)
    • Enemies in Multi-mode will become more difficult.
    • It will be very hard to play multi-mode solo.
      Sakai describes it like "Hell!"
    • It will be a little easier if you play with 4 people.
    • There is also a "slight change" towards enemies
      (Shougai PSO speculates it may be a stat boost.)
  • Weapon Modifications
    • Guns and Technic casting weapons now have elemental attributes attached.
      Previously, only striking weapons had elemental attributes.
    • For Technic weapons, you can boost the element's effect by attaching the same element as the weapon itself.
    • There will also be rare Technic weapons with boosted Technic power.
      Shougai PSO gives examples of this from Phantasy Star Online:
      PSO Weapon: Mace of Adaman will boost barta to a total of 140%
    • "Bullets" are no longer elemental.
      Bullets  Photon Arts now focus on "Power Shot" "Hit (Accuracy) Shot" "Range Shot" and more.


L0w HP


A flashing red border was added to show low HP.

[via pspo:2]

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