PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 2 Recap

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Closed Beta Test for Global Version Announced!

  • More details will be announced at the Global site at a later date.


Enemy Types

    • Bujin (Ninja-like enemy. When HP is low, it makes clones)
    • Daityl Sword (Giant, powerful, but slow. The heart is their weakpoint)
    • Formers are enemies that appeared in PSO2.
    • Crag Bear (Does ground punch shockwaves and can jump and grab you)
    • Ard Banser & Ard Banshee (Now has wind howling and wind cutter attacks)
    • Chiacurio (Can buff other enemies)
    • Waulon (Noted for its kick and spin attacks)



32 Man Battle

  • Combat sections can hold up to 8 characters playing together, however, Exploration sections can hold up to 32 characters.
  • Certain enemies will only show up in Exploration sections. Dread enemies are higher level variants of enemies that pose as the boss for that area. Gigantix enemies show up under certain conditions (notably thunderstorms, etc), they have higher levels than Dread enemies, and will leave after a certain amount of time.
  • Exploration sections also have places where you can gather materials.


Character Creation Notes

  • Cast Parts and Outerwear are now ticket based, so now your inventory won't fill up so quickly.
  • Setwears are sort of the "costumes" of NGS, except that they take up the Basewear slot, and you can't use Outerwear with them.
  • Weapon Camos can now be equipped per each weapon category.



  • Sub-Class stats no longer affect the main class
  • All weapons, PA, Techniques that are available for the Sub-Class can be used.
  • Some Class Skills, like those that have an impact on the weapons that can be equipped will apply for the main class.

Other Points

  • Skill points are obtained from Cocoons and Towers.
  • Skill points are account based, so you can immediately use skill points on new characters on your account.
  • Limit Break increases the grind cap. You can strengthen ★1 weapons up to the strength of a ★4 weapon。
  • Battle Power is a calculation of your stats, equipment, and skills. You need to have a certain amount of battle power to participate in Emergency Quests


Weapon Types

  • Each of these weapon types will be available upon the game's official release.



Weapon Category: Partisan

  • With the Class Skill "Volg Raptor," you can hold down the button to unleash photon spears. They will explode either after a certain amount of time, or when you inflict a certain amount of damage.


Weapon Category: Wired Lance

  • Wired Lances have the largest area of normal attack for Hunter weapons.
  • Damage increases when you attack from the correct range.
  • The weapon action "Wired Anchor" allows you to close-in on enemies. As an example strategy, you can use Wired Anchor and then switch to another weapon type under the Multi-Weapon system.


Weapon Category: Launchers

  • Launchers are a bit slow but dish out powerful attacks.
  • The weapon action "Sticky Bomb" will attach a bomb that will detonate after a certain amount of time. Although this does not deal a lot of damage, it will be helpful in restoring PP.


Weapon Category: Twin Daggers

  • Twin Daggers are a close range weapon with high mobility mid-air.
  • Twin Daggers have a Class Skill that rushes you forward by normal attacking after a specific time from a PA.
  • The weapon action "Dagger Spin" allows you to guard and move in emergencies.


Weapon Category: Double Saber

  • Double Sabers hit multiple time in a short timeframe.
  • Using a PA will activate a whirlwind, which strengthens as you hit enemies.
  • The weapon action "Saber Parry" blocks enemy attacks.
  • The class skill, "Deadly Archer," will unleash its attack when you hold down the weapon action button once the whirlwind is at its 2nd strength.


Weapon Category: Talis

  • Talises can unleash Technics like usual, but now you can have the Talis surround your character, releasing attacks all around you.
  • Talises work differently depending on the PA, so it's best to choose the right PA for the situation.
  • After learning the skill "Talis Bloom Revoke," holding down the weapon action will allow the Talis to be retrieved quickly.
  • You can also place a Talis, without using a PA, by using the weapon action button.



Positive Feedback

  • Photon Dash feels good!
  • Attack Actions feel great
  • Issues with PSO2 such as chains have been improved.

Negative Feedback

  • Difficult to aim at target with close-range weapons.
  • Cancel timing is slow so it's hard to evade
  • Enemy strength and EXP are unbalanced.
  • Most sub-classes don't have useful skills

Changes for Closed Beta Test 2

  • Aim priority improvement when the player chooses target lock-on view
  • Ease the cancel timing of guarding with a sword
  • Increase the HP, ATK, and EXP of all Dread enemies
  • Increase the HP, ATK, and EXP of Pettas Vera


Positive Feedback

  • The characters in PSO2 got upgraded and look pretty.
  • The effects are pretty and battle actions feel nice
  • The scenery is beautiful and it's fun to take screenshots.

Negative Feedback

  • Character faces feel different in the Salon and in the field.
  • I can't make the face that I wanted with the new face patterns
  • Other player's effects are too bright.
  • The screen shakes too much in battle, making it hard to see.
  • It's too dark and hard to see at night.

Changes for Closed Beta Test 2

  • Unify the Character Creation and Salon Screen view
  • Add new Face pattern

Changes for Launch or Shortly After Launch

  • Reduce the effects from other players
  • Reduce screen shake effect
  • Reduce the level of darkness at night.


Positive Feedback

  • Gathering is connected to the weapon grinding cycle.
  • Matchmaking at the location feels like an open world game which is good
  • The seamless and natural matchmaking is great
  • It is fun to travel around with the diverse terrains that have been prepared
  • The world is huge, it's fun being able to go anywhere

Negative Feedback

  • There aren't enough N-Grinders
  • It's hard to know where the different minerals are
  • Matchmaking sometimes failed
  • Party members sometimes wouldn't join matchmaking
  • Inventory quickly fills up.

Changes for Closed Beta 2

  • Increased opportunities to get N-Grinders
  • Adjusted the Mineral Gathering locations
  • Reduced the drop rate of low rarity weapons and armor
  • Added Material Storage

Changes for Launch or Shortly After Launch

  • Make EQ matchmaking easy to understand
  • Revise rules about party members accepting quests
  • Increase information about what kinds of matchmaking outcomes will occur beforehand.


Positive Feedback

  • Traveling with the warp feature is useful
  • The menu items are organized

Negative Feedback

  • Storage UI isn't easy to browse or understand
  • Task-related guides aren't accurate
  • The font is small and hard to see
  • The Mini Map and Radar Map are unclear
  • Level Up notifications and the chat take up a lot of space

Changes For CBT 2

  • Adjust where to send Level Up notifications and its size
  • Adjust the transition switching to and from the main menu

Changes for Launch or Shortly After Launch

  • Improve the Storage UI to be easier to use
  • Strengthen the accuracy of Task-related guides
  • Make the font easier to see
  • Improve the Mini-Map and Radar Map
  • Adjust general chat size


Streaming Content in Let's Plays

  • You can stream while using monetization functions in streaming services like YouTube, Nico Nico, USTREAM, and Twitch.
  • You need to add the copyright "©SEGA" either at the beginning or end of videos or in the thumbnails/description.




PSO2 Station! Plus #12 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say the sekrit phrase below in chat to receive these wonderful items.
  • 祝PSO20周年
    • PSO 20th Anniversary Logo
    • Evo Device / Morolian P
    • Bitten Macaron Set Accessories
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • You have until February 3rd Maintenance to Complete thie Task
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone.



Super PSO2 Day (Feb 2 2021)

  • Double Earned FUN
  • Double Earned  EXP
  • Double Earned Meseta
  • Bonus Quest Earned EXP +200%
  • Login Stamp +2
  • +200% Rare Drop Boost
  • Gathering Fever Occurence Rate +200%
  • 22 SG Ticket x4
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] x2
  • 1 Mil EXP Ticket (x10)
  • Special Ability Transfer Pass x2


PSO2 20th Anniversary Campaigns (Mid Feb)

  • Web Panel Event
    • Collect 2021 Weapon Badges to unlock rewards
  • Individual Point & Ship-Wide Point Rankings
  • Quests Boosts
  • Level-Up Quest Boost
    • +250% EXP Boost


PSO2 20th Anniversary Campaigns (Mid Feb)

  • PSO 20th Anniversary XL Present
    • Special Ability Transfer Pass, Boost Items, and more when you log in!
  • PSO 20th Anniversary Login Campaign
    • Receive Ragol Memory for each day you log in
    • Get a PSO 20th Anniversary Mat when you log in 10 days.
  • Character Contest
    • Exquisite Decorative Skill [Accessory Coordination]
    • The Cutting Edge of Space [Sci-Fi Battlewear Coordination]
  • Screenshot Contest
    • Theme: Phantasy Star Series
    • Those who submit will be randomly drawn to win Star Gems.


PSO 20th Anniversary (Mid Feb)

  • Campaigns for Returning Players will be hosted


Early Feb Update

  • Valentines Lobby
  • Valentines Rare Enemies


Early Feb Update

  • Sweet Memorial Collection
  • Feb 2nd ~ March 3rd


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update (Mid Feb)

  • New Character Creation Features
  • You can put Deuman Horns or Newman Ears on your characters!
  • Some hairstyles will be remade to support the new specs.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update (Mid Feb)

  • There will also be new hairstyles and accessories that support the new spec.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update

  • AC Scratch: Oracle ReNewed Collection
  • With the new specs, PSO2 costumes will be re-released to support finger movement.
  • Outfits remade for this will have an "N" before their name.
  • N versions of the default outfits are available in this scratch.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update

  • For new accessories, you can choose which color they should sync with from the colors your character is using / wearing.
  • Various character creation stuff will also be available in response to the new specs.


Regarding Scratch Items Released under PSO2:NGS Specs:

  • These will only be sold under "AC Scratch." Due to this, AC Scratch Gold will not be available.
  • You will not be able to use the [AC Scratch Ticket] nor [AC Scratch Gold Ticket].
    • You can continue using "AC Scratch" and "AC Scratch Gold" for PSO2 spec items.

Regarding items with PSO2:NGS Specs

  • Characters who wear PSO2:NGS spec costumes, cast parts, and outfits in PSO2 story event scenes or PSO2es, will appear wearing the default costumes / parts.


PSO: 20th Anniversary Event (Mid February)

  • Rico, Ash, and Kireek will appear in the lobby.
  • You can obtain their partner cards from the client orders.
  • Client Order Rewards Include:
    • *Double Saber Legacy
    • *Soul Banish


Mid Feb Update

  • Mission Pass Season 5
    • *Sweet Jewel
    • *Vulcan Farva
    • *Reed Butterfly
    • Evo Device / Dark Empe
  • Eleph Rappy Will Appear!


Mid February Update

  • Limited Quest: Like a Phantasy (12 Players)
  • Randomly traverse through areas such as the forest and vol. caverns in the first half and Sub. Tunnels and Ruins in the second half.
  • After finishing the first half, you can fight Bal Rodos with 12 players.
  • In the final area, you'll fight a Dark Falz
  • The Trigger Version is for four players and has all 6 areas.


Mid February Update

  • Trade in Weapons Badge 2021 for various Items
    • *Nova Stream
    • *LInd Exceed
    • *Solite Weihen
    • *Sound of Rock
    • Limited Items
      • Ragol Memory
      • Liberate Unlocker
      • Divine Eyestone Graeae
      • Luminmech Grainne Crystal
      • And More…
    • Enomoto, Momoi, Ichitaro Lobby Actions
    • A variety of Parfaits
    • A variety of S-Ability Capsules
      • Raising Pursuit
      • Pursuing Radiance
      • Anthesis Cultivation
      • Calming Expanse
      • And Others
    • 15 Star Rinza Series


Feb 24 Update

  • Gurhal Memorial Collection Revival Scratch
  • Nova Memorial Collection Revival Scratch


March 3rd Update

  • Shining Collection Revival Scratch


Late February Update

  • Introducing the SCREENSHOT STUDIO
  • Here you can take screenshots from a variety of areas within the game, including lobbies and areas only shown in cutscenes.


Screenshot Studio

  • Inside each area is a Studio Terminal which can change certain aspects of the area (if applicable). For example, if you're in a lobby, you can make it show the red Emergency Quest banners.


Late February Update

  • EQ: Arks Ship Fire Swirl Renewal
  • Added Ultra Hard Difficulty
  • Extinguish the fires and rescue the people around the city.
  • The BGM will randomly use one of the three versions of Burning Hearts



Late February Update

  • White Day Lobby
  • Lovey Rappy


Late February Update

  • AC Scratch: Oracle ReNewed Collection 2
  • More "N" versions of previous outfits.
  • New Accessories.


Late February Update

  • Oracle ReNewed Collection 2
  • New lobby actions, three of which support finger movement.


Mid March Update

  • Revival Scratch (Hyper Dimension Game)


March 1st Update (until March 31st)

  • Snow Thawing SG Support Item Selection
  • Scratch for a variety of special ability items, including (Exceed Receptor), (Mark Receptor), (Divine Receptor), (M Joyo), (M Couragena) (M Anger), etc..


Graphics Update

Graphic Options Update

  • Graphic options can now be changed in game.
  • You can choose among the the six tiers of graphic quality options.


Graphic Options Update

  • Effect Distortion Expression
  • Fur Expression
    • Improves quality of Fur on some characters
  • Anti-Aliasing [FXAA] [TAA+FXAA]
  • Specular Anti-Aliasing
  • Maximum Frame Rate [30] [60] [90] [120] [144] [165] [Unlim]
  • Anisotropic filtering
  • V-Sync

Please keep in mind that some effects won't be applied until after you re-login.


Graphic Engine Update

  • Slide to see the differences between the NGS and PSO2 versions of the default outfit.


Accessory Slots

  • Accessories will use the cost-based system so you can put on up to 18 "points" of accessories.


Question Corner

  • Masquerade and Sodam Quests are being considered to have an increased amount of clears per day.
  • Screenshot Studio will have a Green Screen Room.
  • Some Units are planned to be turned into Accessories.
  • About 600 OT Weapons are planned to be added to an exchange costing SP Weapon Badges.




  • New PSO2-themed Merch available on
  • Puso-Ni Comi Bowl (2,500 Yen)
  • Puso-NI Comi Hand Towel (1,000 Yen)
  • Rappy, Lillipan, and Arkuma Purse Pouch (1,800 Yen)


PSO2 Song Festival VI

  • Release Date: January 27th, 2021
  • Cost: Normal 2,800 / Deluxe 3,700 Yen
  • Normal Item Code:
    • 730 [Vo Performance 11] (Which has moving fingers in NGS costumes)
    • Female Harriet Voice
    • CD Mat 22
  • Deluxe Item Code:
    • Female Margareta Voice
    • CD Mat 23
    • (And everything from the Normal Item Code)




PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 1 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.



  • Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS is scheduled for release in 2021!


Quick Recap

  • NGS takes place 1000 years after PSO2 with a renewed graphics engine and huge open fields. You can switch between PSO2 and NGS using the same character.


Special Features

  • NGS and PSO2 will allow your character to play both worlds freely.


Update Trailer

  • The visuals have been updated from the previous trailer based on feedback. The theme song now has vocals.


The Main Visual

  • The stream revealed the main visual for PSO2: New Genesis!


New Genesis Story

  • The ARKS appear in New Genesis, but this time they are defending a planet called HALPHA from the DOLLS. The battle against the DOLLS has been going on for decades, but nobody knows where they come from or why they're attacking.
  • The ARKS consist of the Halphanian people, but there are other individuals arriving to the planet. These mysterious people are known as Meteorn, and they arrive from outer space through pods.
  • The Meteorn have no memory of their life before they arrived, and no one knows where they come from.
  • Many of the Meteorn have decided to join sides with the ARKS to fight against the DOLLS.



  • We introduced the first three classes in the previous recap, but this time they revealed Fighter, Gunner, and Techer!
  • Fighters are good at close range combat. They use Knuckles which can hit the enemy in quick succession. They can also sway to dodge attacks.




  • Gunners return with the stylish roll and chaining system with Twin Machine Guns.



  • Techers can perform their usual wand elemental explosions. In addition, Techers can even block attacks!


The Six Classes

  • Each class will be able to equip two to three types of weapons.
  • However, during the closed beta, they will only be able to equip one weapon type.
  • Announcements for new weapon types will be revealed at later dates.



  • You can once again select a sub-class, allowing you to use weapons from another class.


Multi-Weapon System

  • With the Multi-Weapon System, you can put the actions and photon arts of another weapon type into your main weapon. For example, you can switch freely between sword and assault rifle, or even wand and knuckles without changing the weapon palette.


Wall Kick

  • This lets you automatically jump up from obstacles or walls.



  • Woah! What's This! You can now swim in New Genesis!


MAGS in New Genesis

  • Mags are quite different from their PSO2 counterparts because they no longer support you in battle. In New Genesis, they act more like a helpful partner who becomes a portable terminal in the story. In addition, they react to new facilities in the open fields as you approach them. 



  • The Ryuker Device allows you to teleport to far away locations.
  • You can also teleport to a visited Ryuker Device from the main menu while you're out on the field.



  • Scattered across the field are Cocoons. These allow you to participate in Instanced Quests, which you can perform solo or with a party.
  • These quests appear to have various objectives designated under "Main Missions" and "Side Missions." For example, while the Main Mission wants you to reach the end, the side missions will task you with challenges such as clearing it within 5 or 10 minutes, or receiving less than 10 hits, etc.
  • The Training Cocoon showed during the demonstration appears to present a reward of 1 Skill Point.



Emergency Trials

  • Emergency Trials can occur randomly just like in PSO2.
  • Two new trials revealed today showcase the ARKS intercepting the DOLLS Control Aircraft, and the clearing out of a Assembly Point.



Region Mags

  • This gigantic mag will give a boost to all players on a Ship. Everyone can participate by feeding it various materials to increase the boost rate. There appears to be a "Social Boost" and a "Personal Boost." For example, the Social Boost increased the EXP rate by +10%, and the Personal Boost increased the Rare Drop Rate by +10%.



Emergency Quests

  • These quests can occur randomly at certain areas in the field.


Central City

  • This city serves as the base of operations for the ARKS. As a lobby, it can hold up to 100 players in the same instance. Here you can chat and use the facilities around the city.


Feature: Tasks

  • NPCs will provide you with various tasks to complete. These will net you rewards like EXP and Items, etc.


Feature: Food Stand

  • You can create various food that provide boosts such as 「ATK UP」 and 「PP UP」.
  • Materials can be gathered from trees and wild animals.


Feature: Item Enhancement

  • The Item Lab so far has the following features:
    • Item Grinding
    • Limit Breaking
    • Ability Affixing
    • Potential Unlocking
    • Multi-Weapon
  • You can grind your items to make them stronger. The demonstration appears to be using the NT grinding system.
  • Special Ability Affixing lets you add effects onto your weapon. In the demonstration, they affixed a sword by supplying it with 10x 「C/Power I」 and 10x 「C/Forms Soul I」 capsules. This led to success rates of 100% for 「Power I」 and 90% for 「Forms Soul I」.
  • It appears each capsule adds a success rate for their specific abilities:
    • One 「C/Power I」 = +10% Power 1 success
    • One 「C/Forms Soul I」 = +9% Forms Soul I success


Feature: Multi-Weapon

  • First you select your base weapon, then add the weapon that will be used as the material.
  • Once complete, your base weapon will gain access to the second weapon's category.


Finger Movement

  • Your fingers can now move in Lobby Actions!



  • Shortcut Words, Group Chats, Auto Words, and Symbol Arts will continue to be available in NGS. In addition to this will be Stamps as another form of communication you can use.


Switching between PSO2 and NGS

  • At the character login screen you can select whether you want to log into PSO2 or NGS.
  • In addition, the block changer in PSO2 allows you to switch to NGS.
  • The Ryuker Device in NGS lets you switch back to PSO2.



PSO2 Graphics Engine Update

  • PSO2 will acquire a graphics engine update.
  • This feature is scheduled to be released in February.