PSO2 Station! Plus #9 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat to receive prizes.
  • 未来創る輝き
  • You have until Sept 16th's maintenance to complete this task
  • Prizes can be claimed at the Visiphone
  • Prizes include: Idol Fan Luther / Idol Fan Xiao / Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Primordial Darkness (Rare Drop +150% / EXP +50%)
  • September 8th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)


Senran Kagura Collaboration!

  • Asuka, Homura, Yumi, Miyabi's outfits, camos, lobby actions, and more will be released in November 2020!


Mid-September Update

  • Franca's Night Cafe (~10/28)
  • ★13 Units Can Be Turned into Excubes
  • ★14 Weapons Can Be Sold In Your Shops
  • Increased the purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units to 99 in the Cobalt Medal Exchange Shop.
  • Added Luminmech Grainne Crystal to the Prize Medal Shop
  • Increased the purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units to 99 in the Prize Medal Shop.
  • Added an Introductory Video for New Players (which I think is in the NA version?)


Mid-September Update

  • Mission Pass is no longer a PSO2Global Exclusive feature!


Mission Pass System

  • Completing certain ARKS Missions will earn you [Stars]!
  • These Missions have a variety of tasks such as, "Clear Emergency Quests 10 times," "Defeat 500 Enemies," "Turn in 30 Client Orders," etc.
  • Collecting Stars will raise your [Tier]
  • Your [Tier] gives you access to rewards shown underneath its Tier number.
  • Rewards in PURPLE can be collected as long as you reach that tier.
  • Rewards in GOLD require a [Mission Pass Gold Ticket] to unlock them for that tier.
  • Mission Pass Season 1 begins September 16th ~ October 14th.

Mission Pass Rewards and Recycle

  • Mission Pass Reward: Evo Device / Chibi Rera
  • Mission Badge Recycle Shop
    • Special Ability Astral S
    • Special Ability Ether F
    • Special Ability Mana Reverie
    • Sage Crest
    • Cobalt Medal
    • Gold Prize Medal
    • Weapons Badge 2020
    • Grind Cap +1
  • You can collect Mission Badges from Mission Pass Tier Rewards.


Mid-September Update

  • PSO2 AC Scratch: Integrate Luster
  • Luster style Layered Wear and Parts
  • Luster Pose LA


Mid-September Update

  • PSO2 AC Scratch: Integrate Luster
  • Gothic style Japanese Outfits.
  • Video Contest Lobby Action: Respect


New Successor Class: Luster

  • Successor Class that specializes in high speed battles.
  • This class only utilizes Gunslashes
  • To unlock, you'll need two classes at level 75+.
  • Three different battle styles based on the weapon's element.

Fomel Style (Fire & Dark)

  • An attack focused style.
  • Become sturdy for a limited time when you perform a PERFECT Just Attack.

Barants Style (Ice & Light)

  • A defense focused style.
  • Produces Guard Points and extends the range of Stay Arts.

Zandis Style (Lightning & Wind)

  • A speed focused style
  • Produces suction effects and evasive attacks.

Photon Art Styles

  • The Photon Art style changes based on whether you tap or hold the PA button.

Smart PA

  • It includes a Smart PA system that automatically activates an appropriate PA.

Weapon Action

  • Long press the weapon action button to activate special moves for each style.

Weapon Action: Evade Shoot

  • An evasive shooting attack


Skill: Luster Time (Main)

  • Provides various BONUS effects for a limited time.
  • Unleashes a finisher when you re-activate it during Luster Time (PP Recovery / Reduced Damage Received)

Skill: Slash Rise (Main)

  • Activates an ascending attack when you jump after an attack.

Skill: Quick Slash (Main)

  • Move at high speed when you perform a normal attack at a certain time.

Skill: Luster Voltage

  • Activates support effects based on the accumulated voltage of attacks hit.


Other Skills (Not An Exhaustive List)

  • Zandi Shoot Enhance
    • Move Arts V Boost
    • Zandi Dodge Advance
  • Zandi Attack Enhance
  • Fomel Shoot Enhance
    • Enhance Arts V Boost
    • Fomel JA Advance
  • Fomel Attack Enhance
  • Baran Shoot Enhance
    • Stay Arts V Boost
    • Baran JG Advance
  • Baran Attack Enhance
  • Luster Counter
  • Extra Attack
  • Killing Restorate
  • Deband Disorder
  • Tech Arts JA Multi Bonus
  • Gunslash Special Ability Plus
  • Enhance Combo
  • Luster Step Slide
  • Style Purge
  • and more!


Late September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/14)
  • Luna Nyau
  • Weaponoid Costume Election Winners will appear in the lobby.
  • Clear their Client Orders to receive their Partner Cards.


Late September Update

  • Limited Time Ignis Shop
  • Various Character Posters
  • Ignis-NT / Elder Pain-NT / Optreion-NT / Saika Hyouri



Late September Update

  • AC Scratch: Skilled Weaponoid
  • Weaponoid Costume General Election 2019 Winners
  • Weaponoid Pose 8 and 9 Lobby Actions
  • Sorcery Pose 2 (Scratch Bonus)



  • New Emergency Quest: Viva Las Vegas
  • It's an enemy rush style quest
  • A max of 48 enemies can appear simultaneously
  • Rare drop rate increases based on the score.
  • Weaponoid NPCs will appear during the quest.
  • Empe Rappy / Izane Kazuchi can appear.


Late September Update

  • Viva Las Vegas Emergency Quest
  • Viva Las Vegas Weapon & Egg Collection
  • New ★15 Weapon in Special Collection
    • RA Blade
  • New Collection File: [Hr/Ph/Et ★15 Weapon Collection]
    • Adel (Hero Weapon Series)
    • Seiros (Phantom Weapon Series)
    • Fimbul (Etoile Weapon Series)


Early October Update

  • PSO2 The ANIMEtion
  • Outfits from the Anime package bonuses


Early October Update

  • AC Scratch: Earth Collection
  • Hitsugi 2, Aika, and Itsuki / RINA lobby actions.


Early October Update

  • ARKS Support Mission
  • ARKS Support Mission Campaign Reward: *Glauben Ehre
  • ARKS Mission Reward: Evo Device / Pegita


Mid-October Update

  • Wake Up Gridman (AC Scratch)
  • Contains outfits, hairstyles, and accessories  for characters from SSSS.Gridman.
  • Gridman Calibur Weapon Action and Gridman Lobby Action


Mid-October Update

  • Gender Swapped Combat Jacket and Suit Jacket
  • Lobby Action: Assault Rifle / Launcher
  • Sorcery Pose 3 (AC Scratch Bonus)


Mid-October Update

  • New Pet: Vulcan (Advance Pet of Synchro)
  • PAs are strengthened when you link together different PAs.
  • Since the attacks are long, after giving it instructions you can focus on evasion and support.
  • Pietro will of course have new Client Orders


Mid-October Update

  • The Cast Winners of the Character Contest
    • Sighx and Ecru
  • Mission Pass: Season 2
    • Evo Device / Tamahime 2
  • Cras Units at Zieg's Exchange Shop
    • Primordial Darkstone Deimos x50
    • Module / Shiva x20
    • Module / Mitra x25
    • Module / Varuna x25
    • Module / Execour x50
  • Arks Support Mission Part 2


Mid October Update

  • New Emergency Quest: Mourning of Demise (12 Player)
  • Battle against large hostiles in Armada of Demise
  • Once the hordes of enemies are destroyed, you'll move inside a ship.
  • Head to the deepest area to face Shiva and Varuna
  • New ★15 Weapon Drop: Talon Schneidle?


Revival Scratch

  • Oracle Halloween Collection (Oct 21 ~ Dec 2nd)




New Information about PSO2 New Genesis will be at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. You can watch it on Sega Atlus TV on September 25th @ 21:00 JST


PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 8

  • Release Date: Sept 16th
  • Price: Limited First Edition 7,500 (BR) 6,500 (DVD)


PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 8

  • Contains Item Codes:
    • Soldiers Outerwear and Basewear
    • Eternal F Layer GV
    • EP Oracle 5 Lobby Action
    • EP Oracle Mat
    • Kitty Girl and Shiny Shiny Rainbow music discs



PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 9

  • Release Date: October 21st
  • Price: Limited First Edition 7,500 (BR) 6,500 (DVD)


PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 9

  • Item Codes Include:
    • Idea Cluster (Basewear and Innerwear)
    • Idea Twin Loop GV  (Hairstyle)
    • Idea Hood / Sleeves / Side Shield  (Accessories)
    • Persona's Regular and Cracked Mask (Accessories)



Tokyo Game Show 2020 Merchandise

  • Since TGS will be held online, you can purchase the merchandise straight from the Sega Store site.
  • Reservations: September 24th @ 10 Jst
  • Sales: Mid October to Late October


  • Class Pin Badge: Etoile (815 Yen)
  • Class Pin Badge: Luster (815 Yen)
  • Foldable Eco Bag (1700 Yen)
  • Arks Glasses (1700 Yen)


Tokyo Game Show 2020 Merchandise

  • PSO2/es/Idola Heroine Tapestry (3,100 Yen)
  • PSO2/es/Idola Heroine Clear File 4-Pack (1,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 Chibi Matoi Acrylic Key Holder (900 Yen)
  • PSO2 Chibi Quna Acrylic Key Holder (900 Yen)


Autumn Campaigns

  • Quest Linked Boost (9/30 ~ 10/14)
  • Arks Support Mission Campaign (10/7 ~ 10/28)
    • Receive additional rewards when you clear certain Arks Missions
  • Login Campaign (10/8 ~ 10/20)
    • Login each day to receive prizes.
    • Login 5 days to receive Supervia (Luster Weapon Camo)
  • Level Up Support Boost Event (10/14 ~ 10/21)
    • +200% EXP Boost for All Level Up Quests


ARKS Autumn Function (Sequentially Releasing Oct 21st)

  • Autumn Mission Campaign
    • Get various items such as EX Boosters, Special Ability Transfer Passes, and Tokyo Bonus Keys by clearing Limited Missions
  • Login Campaign
    • Login to receive Boost Items and Bonus Keys that will help you level up.
  • WEB Event
    • Earn points by clearing qualifying quests.
    • Earn rewards from the Web Panels
  • Live Event
    • Attend the Live Concerts for a +75% Live Boost
  • Twitter Screenshot Contest
    • You get Star Gems by posting screenshots with a [Halloween] theme

PSO2 Station! Plus #8 Recap

Secret Phrase

  • Say the Phrase 新クラス名はラスター in-game to receive the following items:
    • Large Sherbet
    • Dome Pool
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Requiem of The Specter's Grudge
  • +250% Rare Drop Rate and EXP
  • Attend the concert beforehand to gain an extra +25% Live Boost


August 12th

  • SG Scratch [Roots of Darkness]
  • Shiva, Mitra, and Varuna costumes
  • The Photoner's Accessories, Hairstyles, etc.


August 12th

  • Acquire Camos of their Weapons
  • Luminmech Sword Camo
  • New lobby actions
  • Shiva's chair as a room good
  • Varuna's Weapon Camo and Lobby Action will be Scratch Bonuses


Late August Update

  • Summer Lobby Returns!
  • Matoi, Hitsugi, and Harriet will appear in the lobby in swimsuits
  • Obtain their partner cards and complete client orders from each of them
  • Obtain the new mag evolution device Occha


Late August Update

  • AC Scratch [Sunshine Summer Resort]
  • Get the swimsuits that the three heroines wear and more!


Late August Update

  • The "Rappy Mimicry" outfit returns from PS Nova
  • Variety of Acessories and Lobby Actions


Late August Update

  • Beach Wars return as a point collection EQ, defeat enemies around the map to gain more points
  • Matoi, Hitsugi, and Harriet will show up during emergency trials
  • New 15* Gunslash drop "Lumigny"


Late August Update

  • Revival Scratch [Oracle Collection 3]
  • Costumes from Episode 1-3 NPCs will return
  • Lobby actions "Katori Pose" and "Yucreta Pose" will also be available


Early September Update

  • AC Scratch [Arks Last Stand]
  • Costumes from the latest story update will appear


Early September Update

  • Eastern style outfits for both men and women
  • Sword/Partizan Lobby action


Early September Update

  • The final results of a story 8 years in the making
  • See the thoughts and feelings of everyone after the fighting has ended


Early September Update

  • New EQ "Primordial Glare of the Void"
  • The largest boss in all of PSO2!
  • Deal damage to its arms to drive it further down
  • Avoid attacks heading straight for the platform to avoid being instantly downed
  • What lies beyond the Profound Darkness…?


Early September Update

  • New ★15 series [Ayer]
  • You can also obtain the Ayer series by exchanging materials with Zieg
  • You can also upgrade Ayer weapons into the Cras series!
  • New ★13 unit series [Cras]


Oracle Moonlight Collection 9/9 – 10/21

  • Outfits just right for Autumn
  • Shrine Maiden and Gene Bunny Girl outfits will reappear in this scratch


SSSS.Gridman Collaboration!

  • Planned for October release
  • Items based off of the main characters will show up in game
  • Lobby actions based off of Gridman will also appear


New Successor Class [Luster]


  • The name of the Gunslash only class is [Luster]!


What is "Luster?"

  • The 4th Successor Class is a high speed action class that utilizes Gunslashes
  • Does not have access to techniques, however it will have support techs through special actions and class skills
  • Has three different battle styles. You can change to one one of those styles based on the weapon's element.
  • When used as a subclass, it enhances regular Gunslash combat


The Three Styles of Combat!

  • Fomel Style
    • A short range combat style with emphasis on offense.
    • When Just Attacking quickly, gain a sturdy effect for a limited time. (JA Advance)
  • Zandi Style
    • A speed oriented style
    • Increases certain PA's attack speed (Move Arts Enhanced)
    • Evading an attack will cause PAs to perform a chase attack (Dodge Advance)
  • Baran Style
    • A more defensive style
    • Enhanced guard points and range on certain PAs.
    • Successful Just Guards will decrease received damage and strengthen normal attacks (JG Advance)


Changing Styles Influences The Power of PAs

  • Baran Style
    • Enhanced PA range and guard points for Stay Arts
    • Gain +1 Voltage when Stay Arts hit.
  • Zandi Style
    • Move Arts attack speed increased
    • Gain +1 Voltage when Move Arts hit.
  • Fomel Style
    • Gain +1 Voltage when the supplemental attacks hit.


Class Skills

  • Luster Voltage
    • Gain voltage when attacks hit.
    • According to the amount of voltage you have, you'll activate various effects such as shifta and deband, increased attack power, and other effects.
  • Nonelement
    • Convert your elemental damage into R-ATK based damage
  • Weapon Resist Rule Out
    • Ignore enemy weapon resistances for certain enemies that have weapon resistances.
  • Sub Luster Gunslash Boost
    • Increases Gunslash power when Luster is used as a subclass. The power increase is based on the main class.


More Details…

  • Luster will only be able to use Gunslashes. It has access to three different battle styles, based on the weapon's element.
  • Luster cannot use techniques. Certain techniques can be cast from special weapon actions/skills.
  • Even when used as a subclass, the support effects from "Luster Voltage" will still apply to Gunslash.
  • "Sub Luster GS Boost" will also further enhance Gunslash gameplay when Luster is used as a sub
  • Luster will not have a class instructor nor will it have a training quest.
  • A class explanation, along with level cap and skill point orders can be found at Koffie.
  • Will feature a "Smart PA" system to assist you while playing.


New Pet

~ Coming October ~


New 12-player Emergency Quest

~ Coming October ~


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest Improvements
    • Added an [EH Trigger] exchange to the EQ Quest selection screen
    • Added SH Trigger and EH Trigger to VH EQ Rewards.
    • No OP will be consumed on your first participation in EQ requests from N~SH.
  • Side Story Quest Released
    • Kazami no Tachi (9/2)


PSO2es Update

  • Harriet [Summer Vacation] (8/19)
  • Matoi [Summer Vacation] (8/26)
  • Cursed Slayer Gaen (9/2)
  • Hyper Sunlight (8/12)


PSO2es Update

  • Tranzexia EQ (8/27 ~ 9/01)
    • Receive 14* Aletheia and 13* Rate & Arion Series
  • Summer Special Quest Event (08/19 ~ 09/16)
    • Rewards include Bluesy Requiem [Summer Vacation] & Shooting Drive [Summer Vacation]



Premium Set Purchase Campaign 7/21 – 8/19

  • If you purchase a 90 Day Premium Set with AC you will receive the following items:
    • Sage's Crest (x50)
    • +150% TRI Boost (x3)
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
    • Lobby Action 607 [Clock Pose]


Road to Luster Campaign

  • Summer Login Campaign
    • From 8/20 – 9/1
    • Login to PSO2 everyday to receive boost items
    • After 5 logins receive a Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • Quest Link Boost
    • From 8/19 – 9/2
    • Clear the campaign quest to receive points and level up your quest boost
    • The linked quest will then receive a rare drop rate boost according to the boost level
  • Twitter Campaign
    • From 8/19 – 9/16
    • Based on the number of retweets on the campaign tweet, receive Luster's iconic weapon camo and various boost items


Road to Luster Campaign: Part 2

  • From 8/26 – 9/30
  • Clear ARKs missions to receive various materials to create rare items
  • Materials for "Lightstream Intenxion" and "Liberate Slash"
  • Materials for the "Liberate" series units
  • Login during this period to also receive a Tokyo Bonus Key Rainbow, EXP Gain +100%, and more!

What are your plans to buff Hero?

  • Hero Boost will receive a variety of buffs. Power will be increased to cap at 80%, the Damage Loss will be reduced to 20%, and Hero Counter will now recovery 20% power back.
  • Weak Critical will also be increased

Does breaking Execour's parts increase Module drop rate?

  • No

What of Emers and Grainnes?

  • There will be more ways to get them.


PSO2 Station! Plus #7 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

 Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase PSO2祝8周年 in chat to win several prizes.
  • Prizes include:
    • Female [EX] Voice A35
    • Female [EX] Voice A36
    • Female [EX] Voice A37
    • Male [EX] Voice A26
    • Puso Ni Comic Memory 3 (x1)
  • You have until July 1st @ 11:00
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone.


Sonic The Movie Campaign

  • Say the Secret Phrase in Chat to receive a variety of Sonic items.
    • Sonic Knuckle Camo
    • Sonic Room Item
    • Amy Room Item
    • Chao Mask
    • Station Square Music Disc
  • Campaign begins June 26th. We'll talk about it more in Maintenance Posts.


July 1st ~ July 15th Maintenance

Grind Campaign

  • Grind Boost Campaign
    • +5% Grind  Success Rate (OT / Unit / Ring)
    • +5% Affixing Success Rate (NT / OT / Unit)
    • +15% NT EXP
    • +25% NT Great Success Rate.
  • Zero Grind Cost Campaign
    • Qualifying Services
      • NT Grind
      • OT Grind
      • Unit Grind
      • Skill Ring Grind
      • Ability Affix (Weapon, Unit)
      • Ability Transfer (Weapon, Unit)
      • Old-Type Potential Unlocking
      • Potential Switching
      • Candy Compressor
    • We'll talk more detail about what this is in a future maintenance post.


Early July Update

Early July Update

  • View wishes from PSO2 and Puso Ni Comic characters and even PSO2 Station members
  • Franca's Ocean Cafe


Early July Update

  • Yes, there's a Side C to the Winners Design Scratch!
  • The Chokers on the right are Scratch Bonuses.


Early July Update

  • Winners Design 7 Side C Hairstyles, Accessories, and camos.


Early July Update

  • Outside the contest are new eye patterns, Henna Tattoos, and Athletic and Dance 59.


Early July Update

  • 8th Anniversary Event: ARKS Connect Memories
  • 8th Anniversary Badge Exchange Shop
    • [Million] Weapon Series
    • Liberate Unlocker (Limited Of Course)
  • Ranking Event Is now for 24 hours. (718 ~7/19)


Early July Update

  • Special Training: Episode 6 [Limited Quest]
  • The First half is divided into two.
    • Some support will occur based on the number of players.
  • Weapons and S1~S5 Abilities, ★13 Parfait will drop


Early July Update

  • At the end will be Shiva and Varuna.
  • Drops include the ★15 Krisa Weapon series, and *Coat Verge and *Coat Glide
  • There's also a 4 Player Trigger Version.


July 15th Update

  • 8th Anniversary Accessory Selection 2020
    • Popular Hairstyles, Lobby Actions, etc.
  • 8th Anniversary Mystery Bag G 2020
    • Popular Costumes and Layered Wear


Late July Update

Late July Update

  • Ritual Marriage (AC Scratch)
  • New layered wear for Margaretha, Priest, Nun, and Bride outfits.


Late July Update

  • Ritual Marriage (AC Scratch)
  • Weapon Camos, Accessories, and lobby Actions
  • Bullet Bow Pose LA


Late July Update

  • The lobby with the annoying music and bells is back!
  • Ranking Event (8/1 ~ 8/2)
  • Individual Point Ranking Rewards Update
  • 8th Anniversary Badge Exchange Shop Part 2
    • Variety of S2 Guard Capsules  (Flaming, Freezing, etc.)
      • 8th Anniversary Badge x100 (Limit 1 each)
    • Spirited Response S2 Capsule
      • 8th Anniversary Badge x150 (Limit 1 each)
    • Photon Reduction S3 Capsule
      • 8th Anniversary Badge x150 (Limit 1)


Late July Update

  • Enemy Battleship Infiltration: Enhancer [Limited Quest] (12 Players)
  • Conquer 3 areas selected at random.
  • Mainly Units and S6~S8 are available.
  • At the end is Grav Execour
  • There's also going to be a Trigger quest.


Late July Update

  • Dark Falz [Persona] Ultra Hard
  • A new pattern will only appear in Ultra Hard
  • New ★13 Xion Units
  • There's also a Trigger Version
  • ★12 Units Can Now Be Sold in Player Shops


July 29th Update

  • Oracle Summer Collection (AC Scratch)
  • A Revival Scratch of Summer Themed items!


Early August Update

Early August Update (The Profound Darkness, The Great Light) (Part 1)

  • Cyber Punk and Sexy Japanese Style outfits.


Early August Update

  • Exotic Revelry (AC Scratch)
  • Gender Swap Costume Request Outfits!
    • Gothic Maid Dress M
    • Noble Long Coat F
  • Furthermore new accessories and lobby actions
    • Jet Boots Pose LA


Early August Update

  • Episode 6's Final Chapter
  • The final decisive battle with the Photoners is approaching!
  • Will the ARKS break through the powerful opposing force?


2020 Roadmap

PSO2 2020 Roadmap


  • ARKS Connect Memories  8th Anniversary Event

August ~ September

  • EP6 Final Chapter
  • New Raid Boss and New Raid Quest
  • Summer Event

September ~ October

  • Fourth Successor (Scion) Class
  • New 12 Player Emergency Quest
  • New Advanced Pet

October ~ November

  • New Extreme Quest
  • Highly Difficult Solo Quest
  • Divide Quest Expansion


  • Instead of a new episode, we'll have a Gigantic New Update



The Final Battle

~ Coming September ~





  • Lockingham finally appears before Giselle and the New Protagonist.
  • Clearing this gives the new protagonist +1 Limit Break



  • Rosalinde, the newly crowned empress will have the Arch Leo Idola



  • Nadia EX
  • Promoted to 5 star while remaining Water Element
  • Can be strengthened by Limited Doll



  • Quna Reappears
  • The first of the [Idol] series.



  • Strongly supports the party with an Elemental Blast best in class recovery and natural healing effects.