PSO2 Station! Plus #12 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the sekrit phrase below in chat to receive these wonderful items.
  • 祝PSO20周年
    • PSO 20th Anniversary Logo
    • Evo Device / Morolian P
    • Bitten Macaron Set Accessories
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • You have until February 3rd Maintenance to Complete thie Task
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone.



Super PSO2 Day (Feb 2 2021)

  • Double Earned FUN
  • Double Earned  EXP
  • Double Earned Meseta
  • Bonus Quest Earned EXP +200%
  • Login Stamp +2
  • +200% Rare Drop Boost
  • Gathering Fever Occurence Rate +200%
  • 22 SG Ticket x4
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] x2
  • 1 Mil EXP Ticket (x10)
  • Special Ability Transfer Pass x2


PSO2 20th Anniversary Campaigns (Mid Feb)

  • Web Panel Event
    • Collect 2021 Weapon Badges to unlock rewards
  • Individual Point & Ship-Wide Point Rankings
  • Quests Boosts
  • Level-Up Quest Boost
    • +250% EXP Boost


PSO2 20th Anniversary Campaigns (Mid Feb)

  • PSO 20th Anniversary XL Present
    • Special Ability Transfer Pass, Boost Items, and more when you log in!
  • PSO 20th Anniversary Login Campaign
    • Receive Ragol Memory for each day you log in
    • Get a PSO 20th Anniversary Mat when you log in 10 days.
  • Character Contest
    • Exquisite Decorative Skill [Accessory Coordination]
    • The Cutting Edge of Space [Sci-Fi Battlewear Coordination]
  • Screenshot Contest
    • Theme: Phantasy Star Series
    • Those who submit will be randomly drawn to win Star Gems.


PSO 20th Anniversary (Mid Feb)

  • Campaigns for Returning Players will be hosted


Early Feb Update

  • Valentines Lobby
  • Valentines Rare Enemies


Early Feb Update

  • Sweet Memorial Collection
  • Feb 2nd ~ March 3rd


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update (Mid Feb)

  • New Character Creation Features
  • You can put Deuman Horns or Newman Ears on your characters!
  • Some hairstyles will be remade to support the new specs.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update (Mid Feb)

  • There will also be new hairstyles and accessories that support the new spec.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update

  • AC Scratch: Oracle ReNewed Collection
  • With the new specs, PSO2 costumes will be re-released to support finger movement.
  • Outfits remade for this will have an "N" before their name.
  • N versions of the default outfits are available in this scratch.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update

  • For new accessories, you can choose which color they should sync with from the colors your character is using / wearing.
  • Various character creation stuff will also be available in response to the new specs.


Regarding Scratch Items Released under PSO2:NGS Specs:

  • These will only be sold under "AC Scratch." Due to this, AC Scratch Gold will not be available.
  • You will not be able to use the [AC Scratch Ticket] nor [AC Scratch Gold Ticket].
    • You can continue using "AC Scratch" and "AC Scratch Gold" for PSO2 spec items.

Regarding items with PSO2:NGS Specs

  • Characters who wear PSO2:NGS spec costumes, cast parts, and outfits in PSO2 story event scenes or PSO2es, will appear wearing the default costumes / parts.


PSO: 20th Anniversary Event (Mid February)

  • Rico, Ash, and Kireek will appear in the lobby.
  • You can obtain their partner cards from the client orders.
  • Client Order Rewards Include:
    • *Double Saber Legacy
    • *Soul Banish


Mid Feb Update

  • Mission Pass Season 5
    • *Sweet Jewel
    • *Vulcan Farva
    • *Reed Butterfly
    • Evo Device / Dark Empe
  • Eleph Rappy Will Appear!


Mid February Update

  • Limited Quest: Like a Phantasy (12 Players)
  • Randomly traverse through areas such as the forest and vol. caverns in the first half and Sub. Tunnels and Ruins in the second half.
  • After finishing the first half, you can fight Bal Rodos with 12 players.
  • In the final area, you'll fight a Dark Falz
  • The Trigger Version is for four players and has all 6 areas.


Mid February Update

  • Trade in Weapons Badge 2021 for various Items
    • *Nova Stream
    • *LInd Exceed
    • *Solite Weihen
    • *Sound of Rock
    • Limited Items
      • Ragol Memory
      • Liberate Unlocker
      • Divine Eyestone Graeae
      • Luminmech Grainne Crystal
      • And More…
    • Enomoto, Momoi, Ichitaro Lobby Actions
    • A variety of Parfaits
    • A variety of S-Ability Capsules
      • Raising Pursuit
      • Pursuing Radiance
      • Anthesis Cultivation
      • Calming Expanse
      • And Others
    • 15 Star Rinza Series


Feb 24 Update

  • Gurhal Memorial Collection Revival Scratch
  • Nova Memorial Collection Revival Scratch


March 3rd Update

  • Shining Collection Revival Scratch


Late February Update

  • Introducing the SCREENSHOT STUDIO
  • Here you can take screenshots from a variety of areas within the game, including lobbies and areas only shown in cutscenes.


Screenshot Studio

  • Inside each area is a Studio Terminal which can change certain aspects of the area (if applicable). For example, if you're in a lobby, you can make it show the red Emergency Quest banners.


Late February Update

  • EQ: Arks Ship Fire Swirl Renewal
  • Added Ultra Hard Difficulty
  • Extinguish the fires and rescue the people around the city.
  • The BGM will randomly use one of the three versions of Burning Hearts



Late February Update

  • White Day Lobby
  • Lovey Rappy


Late February Update

  • AC Scratch: Oracle ReNewed Collection 2
  • More "N" versions of previous outfits.
  • New Accessories.


Late February Update

  • Oracle ReNewed Collection 2
  • New lobby actions, three of which support finger movement.


Mid March Update

  • Revival Scratch (Hyper Dimension Game)


March 1st Update (until March 31st)

  • Snow Thawing SG Support Item Selection
  • Scratch for a variety of special ability items, including (Exceed Receptor), (Mark Receptor), (Divine Receptor), (M Joyo), (M Couragena) (M Anger), etc..


Graphics Update

Graphic Options Update

  • Graphic options can now be changed in game.
  • You can choose among the the six tiers of graphic quality options.


Graphic Options Update

  • Effect Distortion Expression
  • Fur Expression
    • Improves quality of Fur on some characters
  • Anti-Aliasing [FXAA] [TAA+FXAA]
  • Specular Anti-Aliasing
  • Maximum Frame Rate [30] [60] [90] [120] [144] [165] [Unlim]
  • Anisotropic filtering
  • V-Sync

Please keep in mind that some effects won't be applied until after you re-login.


Graphic Engine Update

  • Slide to see the differences between the NGS and PSO2 versions of the default outfit.


Accessory Slots

  • Accessories will use the cost-based system so you can put on up to 18 "points" of accessories.


Question Corner

  • Masquerade and Sodam Quests are being considered to have an increased amount of clears per day.
  • Screenshot Studio will have a Green Screen Room.
  • Some Units are planned to be turned into Accessories.
  • About 600 OT Weapons are planned to be added to an exchange costing SP Weapon Badges.




  • New PSO2-themed Merch available on
  • Puso-Ni Comi Bowl (2,500 Yen)
  • Puso-NI Comi Hand Towel (1,000 Yen)
  • Rappy, Lillipan, and Arkuma Purse Pouch (1,800 Yen)


PSO2 Song Festival VI

  • Release Date: January 27th, 2021
  • Cost: Normal 2,800 / Deluxe 3,700 Yen
  • Normal Item Code:
    • 730 [Vo Performance 11] (Which has moving fingers in NGS costumes)
    • Female Harriet Voice
    • CD Mat 22
  • Deluxe Item Code:
    • Female Margareta Voice
    • CD Mat 23
    • (And everything from the Normal Item Code)




22 thoughts to “PSO2 Station! Plus #12 Recap”

  1. Did they mention if status differences would be gone between races? Since I can put Newman ears on a non-Newman character, there won't be any reason other than higher T-atk status to choose Newman as the race of your character, and I ended up playing Etoile with my Newman, so if she can have extra S-atk points after this update while keeping Newman ears it would be nice.

    1. They will be gone in PSO2 NGS I believe, however, PSO2 will still use the same game mechanic system, so I don't think it will change.

    1. As long as you're on JP servers, you just say that phrase in open chat/party chat and it should instantly show up on your visiphone mailbox.

    2. Just COPY the phrase above and PASTE. You probably typed 'PSO20' letters as single byte characters. The phrase is only valid in two-byte (like other kanji).

  2. Are … are they really trying to sell default 'character creator' costumes through a scratch? Who cares if they have finger movement now, you get them literally for free!

    *shakes head*

    Guess they'll load as much junk as they can into new scratches so we can have LAs that cost 500 million.

    1. people spent so much time spazzing over >MUH FINGER MOVEMENT that the execs concluded it to be a thing they could exploit. Should have seen this coming when one of their big "selling points" about NGS, from the first announcement, was >LOOK GUYS, FINGER MOVEMENT!

      Don't you especially love how they're making it clear that if they DO update to NGS's spec you'll have to shell out for it again, in an age of an economy crumbling from inflation? If marketing hadn't decided to insist NGS be bolted onto pso2, it would at least have escaped that (and felt less scummy) to have such throwback outfits in scratch in NGS… and people with outdated rigs could still play pso2 through it's sunset

    2. *if they do update [your favorite outfit here] to…
      Used the wrong brackets there, page ate that phrase on me. Oops.

    3. I hope you realize that old costumes wont support the new fingers emotes. Only the 'N' labeled outfits/clothings

    4. Well we can always buy the LAs and updated outfits with meseta. There's always going to be people who will buy scratches no matter how much we complain about them, so there's really nothing else we can do.

      Or did you mean 500mil meseta? Actually I really hope you did because of the implications if you did not…

  3. Yeah there we go NGS-supported cosmetics.
    It's great that they decided to port at least some of the old costumes into it.

    1. I was wondering that too. The December stream did say that graphics update was going to be feb, but that stream was translated and there has been no announcement of the update for NA since. (or at least none i saw)


      Found this not to long ago. Looking at character creation stuff is nice and all.. But goosebumps came around seeing PSO, PSU, PSP 1/2, Psp2i, and PS Nova Npc references. Tugging at my damn robotic heart strings! Grew up with this series and knowing most of the old crew brought back in higher quality almost made me cry.

  4. Loving that pso 20 anni login + npc currency turn in for free ragol memory XD now i can get my ramar headgear and finish my male force look 😀

    1. Unfortunately it's not a joke, and it seems the only thing that can be obtained from it is a DB camo? I'll give this EQ 1 week or at most 2 for people to stop playing it, heck, TD3/TD4 or Buster Quest EQ would've been much better choices to "ultralize" them.

    2. It's still a shame for people who work in video games, not to know what gamers like, and I'm afraid it's the same shit in NGS.

  5. equipping up to 18 accessories, oh boy, that's WAY more than I could possibly ask for. As for reselling "N'ed" costumes of previous years, this will be a test to pick our truly favorite costumes. Well played sega, the player market is already bad enough as it is and this will break it even more I can already see POPULAR/lewd costumes for 100M

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