PSO2 Station! Plus #12 Recap

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Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the sekrit phrase below in chat to receive these wonderful items.
  • 祝PSO20周年
    • PSO 20th Anniversary Logo
    • Evo Device / Morolian P
    • Bitten Macaron Set Accessories
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • You have until February 3rd Maintenance to Complete thie Task
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone.



Super PSO2 Day (Feb 2 2021)

  • Double Earned FUN
  • Double Earned  EXP
  • Double Earned Meseta
  • Bonus Quest Earned EXP +200%
  • Login Stamp +2
  • +200% Rare Drop Boost
  • Gathering Fever Occurence Rate +200%
  • 22 SG Ticket x4
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] x2
  • 1 Mil EXP Ticket (x10)
  • Special Ability Transfer Pass x2


PSO2 20th Anniversary Campaigns (Mid Feb)

  • Web Panel Event
    • Collect 2021 Weapon Badges to unlock rewards
  • Individual Point & Ship-Wide Point Rankings
  • Quests Boosts
  • Level-Up Quest Boost
    • +250% EXP Boost


PSO2 20th Anniversary Campaigns (Mid Feb)

  • PSO 20th Anniversary XL Present
    • Special Ability Transfer Pass, Boost Items, and more when you log in!
  • PSO 20th Anniversary Login Campaign
    • Receive Ragol Memory for each day you log in
    • Get a PSO 20th Anniversary Mat when you log in 10 days.
  • Character Contest
    • Exquisite Decorative Skill [Accessory Coordination]
    • The Cutting Edge of Space [Sci-Fi Battlewear Coordination]
  • Screenshot Contest
    • Theme: Phantasy Star Series
    • Those who submit will be randomly drawn to win Star Gems.


PSO 20th Anniversary (Mid Feb)

  • Campaigns for Returning Players will be hosted


Early Feb Update

  • Valentines Lobby
  • Valentines Rare Enemies


Early Feb Update

  • Sweet Memorial Collection
  • Feb 2nd ~ March 3rd


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update (Mid Feb)

  • New Character Creation Features
  • You can put Deuman Horns or Newman Ears on your characters!
  • Some hairstyles will be remade to support the new specs.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update (Mid Feb)

  • There will also be new hairstyles and accessories that support the new spec.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update

  • AC Scratch: Oracle ReNewed Collection
  • With the new specs, PSO2 costumes will be re-released to support finger movement.
  • Outfits remade for this will have an "N" before their name.
  • N versions of the default outfits are available in this scratch.


PSO2 Graphic Engine Update

  • For new accessories, you can choose which color they should sync with from the colors your character is using / wearing.
  • Various character creation stuff will also be available in response to the new specs.


Regarding Scratch Items Released under PSO2:NGS Specs:

  • These will only be sold under "AC Scratch." Due to this, AC Scratch Gold will not be available.
  • You will not be able to use the [AC Scratch Ticket] nor [AC Scratch Gold Ticket].
    • You can continue using "AC Scratch" and "AC Scratch Gold" for PSO2 spec items.

Regarding items with PSO2:NGS Specs

  • Characters who wear PSO2:NGS spec costumes, cast parts, and outfits in PSO2 story event scenes or PSO2es, will appear wearing the default costumes / parts.


PSO: 20th Anniversary Event (Mid February)

  • Rico, Ash, and Kireek will appear in the lobby.
  • You can obtain their partner cards from the client orders.
  • Client Order Rewards Include:
    • *Double Saber Legacy
    • *Soul Banish


Mid Feb Update

  • Mission Pass Season 5
    • *Sweet Jewel
    • *Vulcan Farva
    • *Reed Butterfly
    • Evo Device / Dark Empe
  • Eleph Rappy Will Appear!


Mid February Update

  • Limited Quest: Like a Phantasy (12 Players)
  • Randomly traverse through areas such as the forest and vol. caverns in the first half and Sub. Tunnels and Ruins in the second half.
  • After finishing the first half, you can fight Bal Rodos with 12 players.
  • In the final area, you'll fight a Dark Falz
  • The Trigger Version is for four players and has all 6 areas.


Mid February Update

  • Trade in Weapons Badge 2021 for various Items
    • *Nova Stream
    • *LInd Exceed
    • *Solite Weihen
    • *Sound of Rock
    • Limited Items
      • Ragol Memory
      • Liberate Unlocker
      • Divine Eyestone Graeae
      • Luminmech Grainne Crystal
      • And More…
    • Enomoto, Momoi, Ichitaro Lobby Actions
    • A variety of Parfaits
    • A variety of S-Ability Capsules
      • Raising Pursuit
      • Pursuing Radiance
      • Anthesis Cultivation
      • Calming Expanse
      • And Others
    • 15 Star Rinza Series


Feb 24 Update

  • Gurhal Memorial Collection Revival Scratch
  • Nova Memorial Collection Revival Scratch


March 3rd Update

  • Shining Collection Revival Scratch


Late February Update

  • Introducing the SCREENSHOT STUDIO
  • Here you can take screenshots from a variety of areas within the game, including lobbies and areas only shown in cutscenes.


Screenshot Studio

  • Inside each area is a Studio Terminal which can change certain aspects of the area (if applicable). For example, if you're in a lobby, you can make it show the red Emergency Quest banners.


Late February Update

  • EQ: Arks Ship Fire Swirl Renewal
  • Added Ultra Hard Difficulty
  • Extinguish the fires and rescue the people around the city.
  • The BGM will randomly use one of the three versions of Burning Hearts



Late February Update

  • White Day Lobby
  • Lovey Rappy


Late February Update

  • AC Scratch: Oracle ReNewed Collection 2
  • More "N" versions of previous outfits.
  • New Accessories.


Late February Update

  • Oracle ReNewed Collection 2
  • New lobby actions, three of which support finger movement.


Mid March Update

  • Revival Scratch (Hyper Dimension Game)


March 1st Update (until March 31st)

  • Snow Thawing SG Support Item Selection
  • Scratch for a variety of special ability items, including (Exceed Receptor), (Mark Receptor), (Divine Receptor), (M Joyo), (M Couragena) (M Anger), etc..


Graphics Update

Graphic Options Update

  • Graphic options can now be changed in game.
  • You can choose among the the six tiers of graphic quality options.


Graphic Options Update

  • Effect Distortion Expression
  • Fur Expression
    • Improves quality of Fur on some characters
  • Anti-Aliasing [FXAA] [TAA+FXAA]
  • Specular Anti-Aliasing
  • Maximum Frame Rate [30] [60] [90] [120] [144] [165] [Unlim]
  • Anisotropic filtering
  • V-Sync

Please keep in mind that some effects won't be applied until after you re-login.


Graphic Engine Update

  • Slide to see the differences between the NGS and PSO2 versions of the default outfit.


Accessory Slots

  • Accessories will use the cost-based system so you can put on up to 18 "points" of accessories.


Question Corner

  • Masquerade and Sodam Quests are being considered to have an increased amount of clears per day.
  • Screenshot Studio will have a Green Screen Room.
  • Some Units are planned to be turned into Accessories.
  • About 600 OT Weapons are planned to be added to an exchange costing SP Weapon Badges.




  • New PSO2-themed Merch available on
  • Puso-Ni Comi Bowl (2,500 Yen)
  • Puso-NI Comi Hand Towel (1,000 Yen)
  • Rappy, Lillipan, and Arkuma Purse Pouch (1,800 Yen)


PSO2 Song Festival VI

  • Release Date: January 27th, 2021
  • Cost: Normal 2,800 / Deluxe 3,700 Yen
  • Normal Item Code:
    • 730 [Vo Performance 11] (Which has moving fingers in NGS costumes)
    • Female Harriet Voice
    • CD Mat 22
  • Deluxe Item Code:
    • Female Margareta Voice
    • CD Mat 23
    • (And everything from the Normal Item Code)




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