PSO2es: Link Slots Explanation

Link Slots Primer

Now you can link your character or weaponoid chip to other chips for bonuses and extra effects. Within this slot you can equip a specific chip that activates under certain conditions. Chips that you attach beneath the main chip will be known from here-out as the [Link Chip].


Link Bonus and Link Skill TL:DR

[Link Bonus]

  • Provides a bonus that increases a portion of the stats that are taken from the Linked Chip.
  • Stats could be HP / CP / Element, etc.

[Link Skill]

  • A special skill from the [Linked Chip] that performs certain effects.
  • Link Skills activate when the element for the [Linked Chip] and [Main Chip] match.


Tap the [リンクスロット装備] button (highlighted in red) to access the Link Slot Equipping screen.


Weaponoid, Character, Photon Arts, and Technic chips have spaces for [Link Slots]. Touch the empty space (highlighted in red) to add a chip into the Link Slot.


In the [Linked Chip Selection Screen], certain chips will have flashing blue text stating its リンクスキル (Link Skill) is compatible. Recall that Link Skills only activate if the [Linked Chip] element matches the [Main Chip]. This is not the same as a [Link Bonus] which can apply even if the elements do not match.


Link Bonus Details

Press the tiny blue button [切替2/2] to switch pages. This will show the Link Bonus of the selected chip.

リンクボーナス (Link Bonus)

  • パラメータアップ (Parameter UP)
  • Increases CP / HP / Elemental Value


Link Skill Details

Press the tiny blue button [切替1/2] to switch pages. This will show the Link Skill page. Each Link Skill activates when the [Linked Chip] matches the element of the [Equipped Chip]. Zeno's Linked Skill increases the equipped chip's Fire stats by 10%.

リンクスキル (Link Skill)

  • Aside from increasing chip stats, some will decrease CP consumption, or increase the activation rate.


Equipping a Link Chip

Once you are finished, press the [装備する] button to equip the chip to the Link Slot.


Link Cost Explanation

Each Linked Chip has a リンクコスト (Link Cost) which limits the amount of chips you can equip. If the Link Cost icon is gold, then it fills up 1 Link Cost slot. If the Link Cost icon is grey, then it fills up no link cost slots.


You can only equip up to 5 gold link cost slots.


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