PSP2i DLC MIssion: Festival + GBR August 2011

This morning Sakai updated the details of the GBR for the new few months and a new mission featuring Yaoroz and an extremely long title which we'll shorten to Ceremony of God (If you want to suggest something better comment away). Yes, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity still exists! Don't give up!

  • Name: 神宴狂瀾の超星霊祭
  • Date: 7/29/2011
  • Mode: Internet Multimode and Multimode

This Super Light Ceremony of the dead is held once every 100 years in Neudaiz. In this mission, you collect as many holy light stones as you can. Hey you may even receive a holy light gift. There is also going to be special bonuses applied like; Drop Rate x2.0 and EXP x1.5. PSST there's a rumor going around that there may or may not be a secret route where a certain man could appear. Hmm.


 Battle with Yaoroz


May the Holy Light bring you these rewards


Maybe you'll get this weapon.

GBR August 2011

  • 7/29 ~ 8/10 蒼海の巨殻 Blue Water Beast C ~ Infinity
  • 8/10 ~ 8/17 星の傷跡 Scared Planet
  • 8/17 ~ 8/24 太古からの侵略者 Ancient Invader
  • 8/24 ~ 8/31 狂う珍獣 Mad Beast

Same bonuses applied, 2x Everything.


PSO2 Followup

Now you can download the pamphlet, Sakai previously blurred, as a wallpaper, if you look closely you can see the concept character artwork! This week every game magazine will have an interview with Sakai. The Alpha test will begin sometime in the middle of August. The details will be posted at the official site, please wait a bit longer.

Now you can breathe in the PSO2 Environment (via DarK-SuN)

PSO2 will also be playable at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. It looks as if the Official Site will update on August 1st, and most likely detail some of the features stated in the new Concept Movie.

Will add more stuff to the previous Phantasy Star Online 2 post once I'm able to.

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